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Found 15 results

  1. Name's Kaiden I am a user of discord and a Member of Markyjoe And Mang's Channel. I hope that I have a great time. Also to anybody who sees this Hello there!
  2. Uhm, hey, new here. This is innocentmask. Im pretty much new here to the forums and series as well. Playing Fire emblem blazing sword and Sacred stones.
  3. Hello everybody! I am a new member to these forums and a somewhat new player to fire emblem. I've only played awakening and fates but ive played the sh** out of both of those. I'm a self admitted casual who spends too much time grinding EXPonenential Growth, Boo Camp, Vanguard Dawn and Ghostly Gold. I am also a genetic engineer and enjoy pairing different characters up to get different combinations of skills on kids and etc. I hope to make a lot of new friends and engage in some good conversation on the game.
  4. Bakafishy


    Hello there, everyone! I myself can be considered really new to the FE series as a whole, having only started carrying a greater interest in the series just around the release of Fire Emblem Heroes. With games I have played recently, I can't help but imagine how I could design original game concepts, including original characters, into said games' universes. The same applied to FEH, and what attracted me to this site was the Create-A-Hero Thread, an OC/fan unit designing thread about said game. If you are wondering about my icon, it's cropped from an original character design I completed recently and plan to use for the above mentioned design thread (I consider myself decent at drawing, although always with room to improve). I feel that I have not had nearly enough exposure to the Fire Emblem series as a whole to designate a particular favorite yet, and I currently have a lack of video game consoles to play on (mostly use PCs these days). Nonetheless, I look forward to good experiences with these forums!
  5. Like nearly 2 Million people world wide, I became an FE fan through Awakening. Before then, I've not really gotten into strategy games. As of right now, I'm only eyeing at Fates and Echoes, and I've only been introduced to another FE game called Path of Radiance through the security question required to create an account. Can someone give me the breakdown on that?
  6. (D'aw shoot, accidentally double posted.)
  7. Hello, They call me Jibbston on the interwebs and I'm finally making an account here. I thought I had one already but I suppose I never made one. I've been a fan of the series ever since I picked up FE7 at my local Wal Mart 10+ years ago. SInce I've played every western released game and FE6 of course. I'm currently playing through my favorites in the series; FE7, and Sacred Stones on my YouTube. Anywho, I've heard a lot about the site and I'm excited to see what's in store!
  8. Something something, generic greeting. I knew this place existed for about two years or less, I was just too lazy to create an account. Since I was bored I decided it was about time I made one, hopefully I won't bother you or disturb you. If I do end up causing a disturbance, please stop me before I make the situation worse, especially if I get any info wrong. I guess I'll answer some questions if you do end up having some, I highly doubt it though since you have no reason to get to know me... Then again, I have no real reason to make an account here, huh? Would this be some level of hypocrisy? Whatever... Hopefully we'll be and remain acquaintances and not enemies. Something something, generic goodbye.
  9. Hello everyone! I just made an account 2 days ago. I hope to upload a lot of my thoughts on the game and to answer some of your questions out there. Feel free to friend me and ask questions.
  10. Im Metal Mario and I have decided to join this community for some time ago. My first experience with Fire Emblem was back from Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl when I saw Marth, Roy and Ike and I found them very interesting and wanted to know more from them, Then in 2012 I recieved Fire Emblem: The sacred Stones from the ambassor program on my first 3DS, I gave it a try and greatly enjoyed everything the game showed me, the characters, the story, the gameplay, EVERYTHING. Then I looked at the other games of the series and was interested even more in the series, this was back when Awakening was know as Kakusei and it was unknown if it was gonna make it to the west,I was also interested in it at that time.Then some time later when Fates was announced I did my research on the series and all its games and thats when my love for Fire Emblem became definitive and wanted to play all its games and enjoy them. Now here I am and I got Awakening which will be the second game I will play fully. I havent played and completed it but I plan on doing so soon, Im so excited and I think I will also enjoy it. Im pretty sure I will like this place.
  11. The Blue flame has arrived for Real! Really though I have used this web site Many times as a resource, so I am no stranger. However, I am new in the forums. I have played several FE games but not the real old ones like Akaneia Saga or any older ones. I have played FE Awakening and have liked it pretty well, however dislike the casual mode. However, my heart will always be with The Tellius series with IKE! I am not very good with intros but, I hope that all of us can get along and help each other.
  12. Greetings everyone, I'm TheOncomingStorm, and here is an introduction template thing that I shamelessly copied from another introduction topic. Online name: I chose TheOncomingStorm because I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. It's my second-favorite show of all time behind LOST. Real name: Eh, I'd rather not say. Favourite FE Game: Blazing Sword, but that's only because I haven't played the others. Favourite Game (other than FE): Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Heck, if it hadn't been for that game I would've never attempted to play a FE game. Favourite FE Character: Wil, Florina, Hector, Lyn, Rebecca, Raven, Sain, Kent, the list goes on. Least Favourite game: Sonic and the Secret Rings. Oh god, the control. Sports: I play a mean game of Four-Square. Country: 'Murica. Hobbies: Gaming (both virtual and tabletop), writing, Piano.
  13. Hi everyone! I've lurked here for a while and finally decided to make an account with some help I'm needing for a few things. The first of which is to match up remaining pairings for my hard run through, as I am taking a break from the stress that is a first time Lunatic run through and not having DLC. Here is what I have planned thus far I've already hooked up - ChromxSumia - SullyxVaike - MU(+mag-str)xLissa In this run through, I wanted to try to veer away from CordiliaxStahl, FredrickxCherche, TharjaxGaius, Lon'quxMaribelle, and GregorxPanne, (just wanting to try new things this runthrough). I regret not pairing SullyxDonnel to try something new, but SullyxVaike made them much more sturdy when going through the story against units that make it past my MU. I'm willing to grind, and I just gained access to buying master seals, (MU has been making me loads of Bullion with Despoil), and I now have all but Ricken and Miriel promoted. All comments and advice is appreciated!
  14. I don't see many people keen with the idea of having a Gen III Morgan, but y'know. It seems to be an interesting topic, though, so let's discuss.
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