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  1. I can just not get to Zephiel on time before he gets utterly destroyed by the fighters with Swordreavers. I'm using my fastest units along with Ninian and others for added muscle to plow through. How am I supposed to get through this all?
  2. So FE7 was my first FE game and I played it when I was around 13 or so and I sucked at it. I did beat it on Normal and went on to beat it on Hector's normal mode but after that I was kinda burnt out. Now from what I understand HHM is punishingly difficult. I didn't know how much so until I saw this video browsing through youtube. Skip to 11:26 for the actual level he mentions some others though in the begining. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnZulWumiig&spfreload=10 Good god thats horrible. I remember it being hard enough on normal mode. Granted I know that FE is a series known for its difficulty but damn guess I underestimated it.
  3. As stated in my previous PMU post, I'm doing a FE7 run, and since I like reading other people's LPs, why not try one myself. The Lyn mode stuff will just be levels and a few random things because its Lyn mode. Since this is my first one, go easy on me. Here is the team from PMU post (in no order): 1. Kent 2. Wallace 3. Guy 4. Lucius 5. Matthew 6. Bartre 7. Serra 8. Heath 9. Vaida 10. the lords obviously 11. Sain 12. Nino EDIT: 13. Karla (I'll see if I can work her in at the end) [spoiler=Prologue through Ch4 AKA The Great Bandit Massacres]The journey begins... Lyn with a nice first level up and I might be reconsidering being OK with Kent Lyn continues to win my heart as Kent continues to dissapoint. Hard to go wrong with Sex Panther, my super lame set up for defense, and Kent continuing to show me why no one likes him. I let Will and Florina do stuff just to make Lyn mode go faster, they will be benched in HHM. Also, Lyn is too good. Lyn continues to down the HGH and crits the boss on the first strike to gain some strength. Kent.............. -_- Next we should get Serra and Lucius (wooh) and hopefully finish LHM. (Sorry pretty dry read LHM is boring.)
  4. What the title says. I used to believe for a long time that Marcus was superior to Paladin!Sain. However, I've recently considered that Sain might be able to reach reasonably high levels and weapon ranks in Lyn Mode (I've seen people reaching Lv20, B Swords, B Lances in Lyn Mode). Both of them compete for experience when both exist, and Sain requires less resources to reach important parameters than Marcus due to better growths overall, particularly speed. Who do you believe is the better unit, and why? Is Marcus's availability more important than Sain's less resource necessity for speed benchmarks (14 AS)?
  5. Hey all, longtime lurker and VERY occasional poster here, doing an FE7 THWOMP run in HHM for your enjoyment. I calculated the THWOMPness of all the FE7 characters based on the simple formula of HP + Def + Res - Spd. I wasn't sure how to include base stats without skewing in favour of prepromotes, but here's the top 10 THWOMP units based on the calculation (and who I will likely be using): (145) Oswin (130) Hector, Lowen (120) Wallace (115) Ninils (105) Eliwood, Canas (100) Dorcas, Bartre (95) Harken Extremely good earlygame, but no healer until promoted Canas. For your perusal, here's the rest of the list: (90) Kent, Marcus, Fiora, Jaffar (85) Lucius, Heath, Geitz, Farina, Renault (80) Sain, Wil, Serra, Raven, Hawkeye (75) Erk, Merlinus, Pent (70) Priscilla, Isadora, Louise (65) Rath (60) Lyn, Nino, Vaida (55) Florina (50) Matthew, Legault (45) Rebecca, Guy, Dart, Karel, Karla I feel like it's a good list, all things considering. I'll be doing a screenshot LP, so hopefully this will be fun for both you guys and me. As an aside, an FE8 THWOMP would probably fun if you exclude Seth (who would undoubtedly make the list given his crazy growths). I was also considering an Anti-THWOMP playthrough using the bottom ten on the list, but that would mean Ch11 would require Hector use for the boss, and Ch12 would be a Matthew + Rebecca solo, which sounds like way too much hassle to me. Here's the first chapter, feedback is appreciated: Again, feedback is appreciated! As an aside, how do you guys want me to play? Should I play draft-style where I cannot use any of the other characters? Or should I be allowed thieves and clerics? I'll leave it up to you guys to let me know in your posts
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