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Found 113 results

  1. Cannot figure out why this error is appearing and ill link screenshots of each layer and its properties and if anyone can figure this out you'll be a lifesaver, thanks!
  2. Alright, so I know there aren't alot of AW2 fans out there (Maybe theres more than I imagined), but i want to try a few things. First off, is it possible to text edit in a ROM? For example, changing every mention of yellow comet to black hole and vice versa? Also, is it possible to inject maps into the ROM as well? Like changing every map that has Yellow comet, to be replaced by Black hole along with units as well? Third, how hard would it be to inject a ROM into a physical cartage? because it'd be fun to play that with the changes I made with some friends of mine
  3. This isn't a LP of the original FE6 but of a patch called redux hack. It fixed some issues from the main game like balancing the stats and growthrates of most units and improving axes, lances and bows and make them as accurate as in other games. That means that no one should be disqualified in this game anymore. Units like Gonzales, Sophia and Wendy should be seriously usable now. However I have to say it's also the first time that I ever will play this hack; it's just what I expect. I'll mention some differences of the party members between the original game and this patch. Difficulty: hard These units have to be used in each chapter after they joined and must be kept alive. Maggy Lewd: Fae, Gonzales Glaceon Mage: Wolt, Tate FrostyFireMage: Sue, Zeiss Sophia: Sophia, Cecilia Claimed supports: A: Roy x Wolt B: Roy x Cecilia A: Elphin x Cecilia A: Fae x Sophia B: Sue x Wolt (if possible)
  4. Hi everyone, so I'm new to the hacking stuff, but I've been able to get through most of it with the numerous tutorials that I have found. However, I can't seem to find the answer to a few questions regarding FE7. 1.) In Chapter 1 Map, there's a glitch. Wil seems to show up for some reason, twice and very glitchy. The UPS patch can be found attached. 2.) Is there a way to make the game 1 story-line instead of the three original ones? destiny.ups
  5. Hello! I'm currently working on a hack of FE6 that's still is VERY early in development. I have a story outlined and some characters already implemented. I plan on having the cast be a mixture of fan favorites and fan hated characters. (It would fit it in with the story, but I don't want to release that quite yet). It would be really great if this poll I created could be filled out so I can start fleshing out my story and implement these characters. (You can take it as many times as you want to) Also, the characters must be playable, ( battle sprites, ect). Villains can be used. Thanks!~~ Poll is here! UPDATE Characters Already (or now) Confirmed Roy Eliwood Hector Lyn Erika Ephraim Lute Lugh Lilina Nino Kishuna Lucius Wendy Florina *And some surprise guests*
  6. I'm just starting out on hacking FE8, and I'm trying to use Nightmare. Everything runs smoothly in the application, and it saves correctly, but whenever I open my ROM nothing has changed. I know I'm editing the right ROM, and that I'm saving it because whenever I open Nightmare and the modules, the settings I changed are saved there. I don't really know why none of my changes are going into the game (changing portraits, base states, ect.). If anyone knows how I could fix it, that would be great.
  7. This is a small tool help you to preview the character portrait without needing to import it into the FE4 rom. Just open the Preview.html and select your portraits, I've included some samples. Preview.zip
  8. This is a small hack for the old game Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War. You can apply the patch FE4 Real Survival Mode.ips to a clean FE4 rom with header. In this hack, all of the units/characters/enemies only have 1 HP, whoever gets hit first will die. Ambush always actives, so Arden/Lex/Johan/Hannibal will have a chance to kill their enemies beforehand. Casual Mode added, unit dies in previous chapter can still fight in the next chapter, except for Sigurd/Celice/Cuan/Ethlyn/Fin. FE4 Real Survival Mode.zip
  9. I've been wanting to do a hack of Fire Emblem GBA to follow the storyline and characters of Sword Art Online, which is one om my favorite animes. But I, sadly, have no skill (yet) in rom hacking whatsoever. So it would be much appreciated if anyone could help me get this under way.
  10. Here's the first hack which I'm currently working on. For simplicity, I decided to start with a difficulty hack to improve the gameplay of FE8. The aim of the hack is to ramp up Sacred Stone's difficulty via map design changes and enemy weapon/stat upgrades. In particular: -Enemy weapons scale very quickly -Enemies have high offensive stats -Weapon hit rates in general have been greatly improved (Hard mode enemies also get bonus +15 Hit) -Enemy AI/placement changes to prevent bait and kill tactics in some maps -Anti-turtling added to some maps in the form of thieves w/ chests/villages and reinforcement spawning (no ambush) -Player units also have their bases and growth rates buffed (except for Seth, who got a nerf to his bases but a buff to his growths nonetheless) -Better weapons are made available to the players a lot earlier via shop updates -All promotion item drops have been replaced with Master Seals -More stat boosters are dropped, obtained in the early game Hard mode is recommended. Though there do exist some differences between Normal and Hard (i.e. reinforcement timings and additional enemies on Hard), Normal is not properly balanced right now since some chapters are the same as Hard while others, especially the first few chapters, are a lot easier (also Normal was not tested). Dropbox Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/djolyst8u86t2gr/AACpWjp2tcQzKswGBg542ttMa Apply the patch to an English FE8 ROM. Change log is provided for download in the link above. Sample Gameplay (Prologue ~ Chapter 1): Some small features added to the hack: -Addition of weapon rank bonus (thanks to Vennobennu's patch) -Hard mode enemy Hit bonus (Vennobennu's patch) -DS style supports - bonuses are added once at the beginning of the chapter - see change log for the chapters required to build support rank (thanks again to Vennobennu) -Fixed enemy stationary range display (credit to circleseverywhere) -Danger zone toggle, use select key by default (credit to circleseverywhere) Current progress: Prologue ~ Chapter 8 has been done Have a try and please leave a feedback :) Also, feel free to suggest a name for this hack! I'm very uncreative :( Screenshots:
  11. A few months ago I had an idea to add the MC from Persona 3 into Fire Emblem 7. I had a perfect image of how he would play in my head. He was like Robin in Awakening. He would have the player's in game name and act on the player's behalf as the leader of the squad just like in the game he was initially from, and he would've used both swords and spells and his spell use animation would be him summoning Orpheus. This all sounded amazing in my head, but I came back down to earth after realizing I don't know anything about rom hacking. I tried messing around with some in game sprites, but that didn't end up working out well. I'm putting this out because I'm hoping that some talented individual or group who loves both franchises will attempt to combine them in anyway. It doesn't have to be simply adding a character, it could be a whole new game that is a TRUE Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover. If anyone is interested please ask around and comment on this!
  12. Any chance someone has created a mod/hack that imports Roy from fe6 into fe8? Roy is one of my favorite characters and i would love to see this sort of minor hack. If something like this already exists I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction. Thanks!
  13. I've looked through dozens of forum posts on several websites, but I can't find the sanswer to a specific question. I want to test some simple cheats in Fire Emblem Fates, nothing to extreme, just some simple convoy editing since grinding and forging weapons in the game is bullshit (Maybe also make some units into funny classes for a short bit). However, I got confused as I looked into the "Shadowban Checklist". If I, for example, had Forrest as a Witch or Subaki as a Wolfskin, would I get shadowbanned if they weren't in my street pass team? Does having them as those classes AT ALL get me shadowbanned?
  14. So , here is a hack i made . it's a very quickly made hack i made to test if it was possible to do a "Fire emblem versus" So you got two teams . seems like a normal and boring battle , heh? But in reality You switch team every turn , which basically result in some sort of "fire emblem Multiplayer" It's for fire emblem 7 Link to the patch : http://www.mediafire.com/file/ceo961bil033kae/FireEmblemVersus%28Beta%29.ups Screenshot: [spoiler={option}]
  15. I am extremely unfamiliar with any sort of graphics-related hacking beyond simple palette swaps, so apologies if I do not provide enough information to work with. Basically, I would like to have an additional animation sequence for the Pupil sprite (Ewan) which is used for activating a Staff-class weapon. This would use the same progression of frames as the class's normal casting animation sequence, except that a vertically-oriented Staff graphic would float in front of the Pupil (visually reminiscent of the way this is handled with the Druid class). In fact, said Staff graphic would probably just be copied from the Druid, though it would probably need to be re-pixeled to properly inherit the Pupil's sprite palette. My main problems would be inserting this new sequence into the ROM, getting it pointered so that it played whenever the Pupil used an appropriate Staff, and timing the sequence so that it terminates at the correct moment after the attendant spell animation is finished playing. I'd also have a hard time getting the staff to 'float' convincingly from frame to frame, but that's minor compared to the other listed issues. I'm comfortable with using Nightmare and am quite willing to use other utilities, but might there be a pre-made sprite sequence that addresses something this specific, or an easier way to insert and pointer the result? If not, what are some tutorials you would recommend that might help me in trying this out? Thank you very much for any assistance provided in advance.
  16. So I was bored one day, and remembered that I use to play some pokemon hacks, and I wanted to see if I could find another game. So I started looking into Fire emblem hacks. I saw there weren't a lot of them, that were complete. So I figured I try to make one. Thought i need some help. I'm looking for someone who can help with Animators Characters Music, And Maps.
  17. I messed around with the _ter.cmb files in Fire Emblem 12 when I found out that each item sold in the shop is labeled by name in HxD when checking the right column in the editor (text column), each entry was separated by a 00 byte and each item is labeled by name. For example, Iron Bow is "IID_IRONBOW", Javelin is "IID_HANDSPEAR" and Blizzard is "IID_BRIZZAR". Any other leads? I haven't messed around with this data yet.
  18. I recently made a set of character mugs, however I cut them somewhat sloppily out of Lexou's Master sheet. So in preparation for having to back to all of them adjust their hack boxes for speech frames, I just wanted to confirm the precise dimensions a hackbox should be when using it. By my estimate, it is 128x112 px, with some empty space beneath the lowest speech frames, and some to the right of the chibi mug. Is this correct? My second question is in regards to the position of the portrait itself. It's my understanding it has to be adjacent to the speech frames, but I don't know where I need to place it horizontally. Here is an example of what I have.
  19. My first playthrough of Lunatic Conquest really put me on edge. I had to lower it to casual mode after a while. I know Xander joins late but upon recruiting him I want to see how well he handles the last half of lunatic conquest by himself...after applying enemy only skills. This isn't for online play obviously as enemy only skills will just result in me getting shadowbanned but I really want to mess around with ridiculous hacks. I'm not entirely too sure what other skills to throw on him besides dragonskin and immune status (for those pesky staff users). What other ridiculous skills should I throw on him? And what about his stats? Ridiculous stats sound fun but maybe not too overboard? Maybe I should only give his speed a "boost" just so he can hit things better. Or perhaps he shouldn't even be a paladin. And his weapons I'm unsure about as well. I guess I'm really just asking for help picking a ridiculous Xander to solo the ending half of Lunatic Conquest.
  20. After learning how to create dynamic new blocks that mean we do not have to edit GameData, I now bring you, the Conquest recruitment swap! What does this do? Simple, you get Hoshidans while playing through Conquest! Download HERE; (This will most likely not work if Conquest was downloaded as DLC, feel free to try it though) NOTE: This is NOT a story swap, it just swaps who you get with their Hoshidan counterpart, so some cutscenes will make no sense (or function properly), also note that for European versions, this was only done in English language, so on some other languages characters will have the incorrect portraits and voice clips during their join dialogue. By default, Hoshidans cannot support in Conquest and Vice versa, I have included a GameData.bin file with the support lock patched out, but if you run another patch that patches this out and allows everyone to support on any route (Such as UnassumingVenusaur Expanded Same Sex Marriage hack) then you don't need the GameData file provided with this patch.
  21. Hello all! It's been quite a while! I'm glad to be back. I'd been working on something for quite some time, and then had a major set back. My old dinosaur computer finally crashed, and then almost caught fire, so naturally I lost all my work, every sprite I'd ever made, and years of writing work. So, naturally, this discouraged Fire Emblem hacking for quite some time for me. However, thanks to my lovely boyfriend, I managed to get all that work back. By the time I got it, though, I'd already grown pretty disinterested in my original ideas for a hack, but I still had a lot of stuff piled up, so I figured I might as well put it to good use. So, I'm making a new hack, Fire Emblem ~ Maiden of Darkness! Yes, that is the FE6 Beta name. No, this hack will not have anything to do with FE6. I'm not remaking FE6 because I'm not talented enough. Though, I promise, the title will be relevant to the plot, which is heavily lightly inspired by Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis, Diablo 3, and a few other games I've played in the past few months. The Story will take place in the country of Advhen, a highly religious island country, whose church and military are heavily interwoven, and ruled by the aging and devout King Gabrian, and his Holy Knights, each of whom governs a major city of Advhen. Due to the King's negligence, and the cruel, and dogmatic laws of the Holy Knights, a peasant uprising has begun, throwing Adhen into turmoil. The first few chapters will detail the Prince of Advhen's escape from one of the major cities, while it is being attacked by the rebels, while he seeks refuge with one of the Holy Knights, and then leads his own counter-attack on the rebellion. As he ventures on, certain truths that were hidden from him became clear, such as the Holy Knights hidden motives, and the true nature of the rebellion. A side plot (Chapter 5x) will focus on a young female commander in the rebellion, and her assault on an Advhen controlled fortress, sneaking in during the night in an attempt to get the drop on their forces. Debates will be had on the morality of some war crimes, such as taking hostages, betrayal, and killing civilians and gentry who are trying to keep out of the civil war. And that's all of the plot I'm going to put here! But I will also put my notes on some of my ideas, and the changes I'll be making from the vanilla Sacred Stones, below. A word of caution, I make my concept notes in all caps, with lots of curse words. It makes it more exciting, and keeps me on track. Character Replacements General Class Changes Item Changes Screen Shots ...Now, be aware, I've little experience with map creation/insertion, and even less with event hacking. And though there's been some advances on it recently, there's still not a whole lot in the way of FE8 hacking documentation, so this isn't going to be something super awesome and amazing. My talents mainly lie in writing, with a minor talent in spiriting, so that's what I'll be focusing on. However, if anyone would like to contribute anything (maps, hacking help, characters, sprites, etc), please just let me know! I'm unlikely to turn down any help, especially with maps or event hacking. However, I'm at least a moderately skilled spriter, and so I will be a bit picky when it comes to any character mugs from others I'm going to put in here. I'm not expecting anything super fancy (I'm actually not expecting anything at all), just so long as it looks clean, and has a nice palette. That's all for the moment. I'm not on my desktop, so I don't have any images to add to this at the moment, but I'll throw them on here as they're brought into existence. Any thoughts, ideas, or criticisms are appreciated! Thanks, ~Eldritch Abomination
  22. Hey guys, So I wanted to put on some emulator on my old 3DS (I foolishly upgraded to 10.5), so I searched for a tutoriall on how to put Homebrew Launcher; I did everything sey said I should, but when I launch the browser as indicated, the bottom screen freezes on orange and then it closes ("An error has occuerd. Please save tour data in any software currently in use, then restart the system."). Morover I once got the homebrew launcher with anither method (using Youtube for 3DS) but it no longer works :/. Please help!
  23. I changed Seth's class to Archer (F) and made him female in both his recruitment AND his character, but he's still a paladin? His stats changed (I changed them) and he did get the bow I gave him, but he has his other weapons and his weapon ranks (in addition to a bow rank I gave him). Do I need to do more? Thanks!
  24. This is my first hack so, I'm looking for feedback on it. What I did right, what I did wrong, stuff you liked, stuff you hated, anything like that. Features: -1 Chapter/Prologue -Custom Dialogue -Original Map -Terrible Writing/Story -Bad Jokes (And not the good kind of bad jokes) -And less RNG based combat (See more details below) All in all, it's mostly just an interactive Fanfic. Screenshots: There are some known issues that I'll probably fix if this project is ever updated/expanded, but they mostly seemed like minor issues that wouldn't cause too many problems while playing this one chapter hack. Known Issues: -Yes/No answer box is completely broken. Appearance wise and functionally. -Ballista can cause issues on the first turn you enter it, if you choose not to attack. More about combat changes: Weapons have been edited to be indestructible, always hit, and never crit. My hope is this will create a different type of strategic gameplay that relies more on the player's ability to strategize, predict, and learn verses a dice roll. Because of this though, I'm expecting replay value to be very poor compared to other FE games and hacks. Oh, and unfortunately I have no idea how to do set growth rates, so there is still that aspect of RNG. I tried to make this chapter challenging, but not too difficult or dull. Despite having an indestructible staff, enemies come at you fast and can overwhelm you if you play too defensively. Please let me know what you think. I'm eager to hear peoples opinions on the changes to weapons, map design, and enemy placement. The story is just something to get the action going, but feel free to give feedback on that too. I haven't really decided if I'm going to continue this project or not yet, but I had had lots of fun making it, so I'll probably do some more hacking in the future. Thanks for playing!
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