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Found 3 results

  1. 1. The vampire leak was false, I knew that women weren't to be trusted after all! 2. It's ripping off Harry Potter 3. The protagonist looks like a birth child of Berkut and Almond 4. It uses Fire Emblem Warriors's engine, and that game was horrible! And the most important thing: 5. This game rips of Final Fantasy Tictacs's plot!
  2. Fuck that punk ass bitch with the lame ass pony tail. I have been trying to get through this motherfucking chapter 5 mother fucking times now and that son of whore can eat a DICK! Choke on the bitch for all I care. Hating ass bitch mad I keep trying to kidnap rally man not once, not twice, but 4 motherfucking times now due to his cheating lunging ass units. He don't even know what the fuck to do with rally man except be a bitch. And for what? I'm trying to save the world and shit and this motherfucker wants to sit on his wall and be a hater. "oh look at me, I'm fucking takumi and I'm mad because you killed my mom." fuck you takumi, that wasn't even your mother, that was corrin's mom motherfucker. Didn't even like her and he sure as hell didn't like corrin but now he want to be humpty dumpty with a mother fucking attitude. Once I get past his cheating ass army, Imma make him like the real humpty and knock his ass off so he can splatter his hating ass all over the wall. Fuck that piece of shit. and you know what? fuck his bitch oboro too, that bitch needs to get off my nuts with all that nohrian hate bullshit. making me solo with corrin wasting precious already limited experience. Also, this slow ass hinata. Don't think I forgot your stupid ass. sitting there trying to turtle me using rallies and shit. you lucky I want to steal your rally boyz otherwise I would just leave your ass there. Fuck Intelligent Systems too, misleading with false advertising and not letting me start a real conquest because I want to burn hoshido to the motherfucking ground just to send takumi a message! Sorry for the rant and swear words but I am so fucking mad right now. phew. Ok I feel better. time to get back and DO THIS!
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