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Found 5 results

  1. So I went to my first (and last) high school prom last weekend. No dates for me, but I had a fun time with my friends and such, who did. The only problem was that a thunderstorm came in around two hours in as some of us were walking on the red carpet for an event (the prom’s theme was vintage 50s Hollywood). I was able to walk the carpet alone and stuff, and enough people liked me to not make it feel bad. None of this was as bad to me as it sounds. So, what experiences do you guys have with prom?
  2. ...I did it......I finally did! I AM FINALLY GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL!!! THANK YOU GOD, I FINALLY MADE IT!!! I am soooooo happy right now that I can barely contain it! My happiness could probably light a dark room! ...Well, to be more accurate, I'm both happy and anxious(for my future. Considering most of life at this point, most choices were made for me, and pretty much anyone, like school and a few other stuff. Now I have to make my own big decisions for my life. It's gonna take a bit of time to adjust to, but I know I'll manage). All I need to do now is wait for my graduation, get my diploma, and I am completely free as a bird! If there are any other 2016 graduates out there( even if it isn't from high school, or even if you are graduating much later this year, as long as it's before December 31, 11:59:59 P.M. of this year) congrats to you as well! Now that summer is here......IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!! (...not that I go out that much, but I'm most definitely celebrating this one way or another!)
  3. DISCLAIMER: Even though this roleplay has started, feel free to sign up and join late! Welcome to the Magic Valley High School You have been recognized for having an exceptional aptitude for magic and are now given the opportunity to attend the most prestigious magic school of your generation. Please fill out the student application card below: [spoiler=student application card] Name: Gender: Age: Race: Element: Dream for the future: Greatest fear: Personality: Back story: Please attach a picture of yourself: Thank You, Headmaster Barron About the world; [spoiler=Races] Elves - highly intelligent, but weak physical stature. - excels in ranged and elemental magic, but does poorly in close combat situations - are born pure of heart and take on a more human appearance, if corrupted they take on a more demonic appearance - are considered to be the nobles of the magic world Humans - highly varied intelligence and strength - neither excels or fails in any school of magic - the most wide emotional range of all the races - often seen as weak by the other races because of their attachment to each other Fairies - small and speedy with average intelligence - excels magic involving trickery, stealth and healing - they share a strong bond with animals and nature - close allies of the elves, look higher upon than humans but less than of the elves Giants - below average intelligence and extremely strong physically - excels in magic that enhances physical strength - wanders and often travels alone, a less populace race - regarded as outcasts, more allied with the humans than the fairies or the elves [spoiler=Elements] Fire - weak to water, strong against air Water - weak to earth, strong against fire Earth - weakt to air, strong against water Air - weak to fire, strong against earth Light - weak defensively to shadow, but strong offensively to shadow Shadow - weak defensively to light, but strong offensively to light [spoiler=Rules] NO MARY/GARY SUES/STUS No controlling the actions of any character but your own Keep a primary focus and give slower posters the time to catch up and reply If you want to drop-out of the RP write a death scene Please post all OOC comments in this thread and leave only rp posts in the rp thread Use common sense *If rules are broken multiple times the RP Master will kill your character off*
  4. Welcome to the Magic Valley High School You have been recognized for having an exceptional aptitude for magic and are now given the opportunity to attend the most prestigious magic school of your generation. Please go to your assigned room: [spoiler=assigned rooms] Room 1: Esmund and Faenor Room 2: Soles and Cindy Room 3: Athena and Carter Room 4: Aleksander and Sonny Room 5: Felina and Chris Room 6: Aria Room 7: Rikku Thank You, Headmaster Barron [spoiler=students] Esmund, Human, Male, 17, Air Soles, Fairy, Female, 17, Light Athena, Elf, Female, 18, Shadow Feanor, Elf, Male, 16, Fire Aleksander, Human, Male, 17, Fire Cindy, Human, Female, 16, Water Chris, Human, Male, 17, Air Carter, Human, Female, 14, Water Sonny, Giant, Male, 18, Earth Felina, Human, Female, 18, Air Aria, Human, Female, 16, Air Rikku, Elf, Male,17, Earth On each of the student's beds, there is an ID card with their picture on the front and a number on the back in big black text. [spoiler=Girls] Soles: 3 Cindy: 4 Athena: 1 Carter: 5 Felina: 2 Aria: 6 [spoiler=Boys] Chris: 5 Aleksander: 2 Sonny: 4 Esmund: 3 Faenor: 1 "Please wait in your rooms until further instruction" is heard over the loudspeaker.
  5. With X and Y coming out officially tomorrow, and it being Friday, I thought I'd share something funny with you guys. My old high school runs a broadcasting channel with a show called TGIF (or Thank God It's Friday), which is a show run by the students, for the students, and played every Friday morning. Long story short, several years ago when I was either a freshman or sophomore (can't remember), they decided to do a spoof on pokemon, and parodied the trainer's journey in Kanto which spanned over a few airings. They filmed in and around our high school area, putting together this parody with help from volunteer teachers and students. I recently rediscovered the parody on youtube, so I thought I'd post them here for anyone that would appreciate both humor and a good throwback to the days of Red, Blue, and Yellow. It's pretty amateur and silly, but I remember laughing my butt off when I first saw it in school, so I applaud the team that put this together, considering they probably didn't have the best filming and editing equipment available. I hope you have a laugh or two! Happy pre-launch Friday!!! ^_^ Unnecessary fun facts about my high school: 1. The person playing Professor Oak was my English Literature teacher, and my favorite teacher in high school. And yes, he really is named Lance. ^^ 2. The Carrmander joke refers to Mrs. Carr, the director of the ADV Dept, notorious for her death stare. 3. My old high school locker is one of the many visible in the Vermillion Gym scene. Not really important, but hey. All the videos are in order: http://youtu.be/HdTB8MDdRoc http://youtu.be/Opl-BqQES2M http://youtu.be/pi2js9gPbA4 http://youtu.be/3BG3UlFCKNQ
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