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Found 1 result

  1. (Ok guys. Here is the deal. This will be a FF styled/script RP. If you wish to have your characters join,then I am for it. Just have to manage your characters in terms of Health (HP) Magic (MP) Experience Points (Exp) and so on. Post your character name and stats in your first post,and post their actions in the posts following that. Please,and thank you.) ***=Active combat members Keitaro Kusanagi 6100/6100 HP Exp57230/75000*** Lv.25 4900/4900 MP Rebecca Sasebo 5270/5270 HP Exp:55710/71000*** Lv.23 4160/4160 MP Toyomi Kanzuki 6000/6000 HP Exp:56390/74600*** Lv.25 5900/5900 MP Raevena Sasebo 5190/5190 HP Exp:54700/70900*** Lv.22 4080/4080 MP Kent Hiroshima 4750/4750 HP Exp:118400/124000 Lv.34 3630/3640 MP Valerie Kusanagi 2790/2790 HP Exp:78900/119800 Lv.25 1680/1680 MP *Hidden Village,Dragonia* Elder: Miss Valerie. I bring urgent news. Valerie: What is it,elder? Elder: I had a vision,just not long ago,from Gaia herself. She suggests that I send you to go deliver a message tot he emperor of our world of Horrandia. Valerie: Do you remember what was said? What did you see? Elder: She said "A grave,dark power looms on Earth,and vows to conquer Horrandia in darkness,destruction,and death. We must warn all the nations on Horrandia before it is too late." Valerie: Wow. Any idea what this "dark power" is about? Elder: All I saw was a dark and evil dragon queen. She razed all of Horrandia with her minions,killing all in her path. As did her followers. Man,woman,nor child were spared. Valerie: This almost sounds like the arch-demon dragons the ancient heroes fought during the Ancient War. Thanks for the message,elder. I will go and warn the emperor,straight away. *Valerie stood to her feet,and began to make her way to the Dragon's Gate. Once she passed through the portal in the gate,she wound up in Angelia Forest,to the south of Castle Angelia,where Horrandia's emperor resided. She began to navigate through Angelia Forest*
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