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Found 3 results

  1. I don't know if we already have a thread like this or there's a better place for this thread, but I wanted a place to talk about different ideas someone else or I might have as to how the story could've gone/ what would make a better story. This is all opinion based of course, but I'd like to see some speculation and maybe some people's head canon get unleashed... My own ideas... What would the ramifications on the story be if Corrin and Azura were legitimate hostage exchanges for the sake of peace rather than mutual kidnappings? Would this lead to their adopted siblings treating them more or less the same or with a greater distance between the two? How would this effect a Corrin's choice to side with the nation of their birth or the nation that has been their home for as long as they can remember? [spoiler=Conquest Spoiler]Would it be "more" justifiable if instead of doing it to sit Garon on the throne, the Conquest!Corrin fought Hoshido to build support in Nohr for Xander's cause. Or basically, Xander plans to revolt but can't do it in the middle of a war? Just some thoughts If anyone has ideas on these thoughts or their own feel free to share, and if there is a better place for me to discuss these types of ideas please feel free to direct me as such.
  2. Blatantly stolen from a thread on /r/smashbros, but I think that their rules (three moves, including grab/throws) are too limiting. Rules: Your main (or other character) can use: - Five (5) attacks of your choice. - Grab. - One throw of your choice. If you want another throw, it counts as one of your five attacks. - Defensive options (shield, rolls, spotdodge, airdodge) are free. - Any movement you can do with only jump and the control stick is allowed, obviously. Keep in mind you may wish to have a recovery (which gives characters like Yoshi and Jigglypuff a slight edge). Tethers (zairs) count as grabs. [spoiler=Example]Link (SSB4): Attacks: - Bomb - Utilt - Bair or Nair - Spin Attack - Jab Throw: - Dthrow Depending on matchup I might swap something out for Uair.
  3. This edition's FINAL QUESTION: "would you rather host or not host WYR?" Last Question: Q27. Would you rather, Defend or Attack? Previous Questions: Q26. Would you rather, be a greater LOVER or a greater FIGHTER? Q25. Would you rather, learn from multiple failures, or only have minor success? Q24. Would you rather, have Soup or a Sandwich? Q23. Would you rather, Paint a Picture or Tell a Tale? Q22. Would you rather, be completely bald and hairless or super hairy? Q21. Would you rather, have piercings or tattoos? Q20. Would you rather, do a guitar solo or drum solo? Q19. Would you rather, be/play/watch/read Spider-Man or Wolverine? Q18. Would you rather, be/play Nintendo or Sony? Q17. Would you rather, be/eat Sweet or Savoury? Q16. Would you rather, be Disney or DreamWorks? Q15. Would you rather, be isolated, or forced to perform? Q14. Would you rather, Have a Blast in the Past, or go Back to the Future!? Q13. Would you rather, Trick, or Treat? Q12. Would you rather, be a Zombie Pirate, or a Robot Ninja? Q11. Would you rather, go out in a blaze of glory, or peacefully but alone? Q10. Would you rather, be spaghetti, or a waffle? Q9. Would you rather, be a Fish, or a Bird? Q8. Would you rather, Sing for your Supper, or Dance for your Dinner? Q7. Would you rather, be INVULNERABLE, or IMMORTAL? Q6. Would you rather, be LOST on a deserted island, or in the jungle? Q5. Would you rather, be a Kid(inkling), or a Squid? ~SPLATOON edition offered by EmeraldFox~ Q4. Would you rather, be Rich yet unknown, or poor yet Famous? Q3. Would you rather, be set on Fire or be thrown into an Arctic Sea? Q2. Would you rather, fight a Shark or a Bear? Original Post:
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