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Found 1 result

  1. So one day in Let's play Fire Emblem Binding Blade (Blindish) by Dual Dragons, I sort of made a mini bet with Elf_01 that DD would not get chapter 16x on the first try. Needless to say I lost. The bet was an absurd challenge lp. So I thought to myself: why not take the one thing that makes FE4 bearable-and throw it out the window FE4 Mountless everybody! Here are the rules: 1: Because I suck at fire emblem, mounts may be used until chapter 2 Heirhein castle. After Heirhein is seized, mounts are banned from combat. 2: Mounts cannot use the arena from chapter 2 onwards. 3: Mounted units may pair with females. (Funfact: There is only one female mount in Gen 1!) 4: Mounted units may participate in Talk convos and Give. 5: If a foot unit promotes to a mounted unit, that unit may not promote. 6: I am currently unsure about the situation in chapter 7. That will be decided later. 7: Full Recruitment no deaths (hopefully.) 8: Mounted units may visit villages for items, money, etc. I may add an extra rule I forgot to mention or temporarily suspend the rules if a chapter is impossible (and not like "I didn't get X item: the chapter must not be doable without someone dying.) Planned pairings: JamkaxAyra ClaudxAideen Some random doofus with Lachesis because it doesn't even matter. Probably Dew. LexxSylvia. Maybe, I'm not sure. LevinxFury AzelxTiltyu NoishxBriggid Also, this is my first LP ever, so please give me feedback to improve it! [spoiler=Prologue-Jungby Part 1] Alright, lets go! So basically I won't go through the story very much, just do whatever I feel like commenting on. Read the LP on the archive if you're confused. Anyways, Gandolf the Green of Verdane is attacking Jungby castle in Grandbell, and Aideen is worried. Midir promises to protect her. So somehow Sigurd of nearby Chalphy hears of this instantly, and tells Noish that he's going to solo the entire Verdane army and rescue Aideen. Truth be told, I wouldn't be surprised if he did. Anyways, Noish tells him that he's dumb and that he and Alec are going with him. Alec tells him to rescue the villages. Also, OIFAYE . God, Alec's a jerk isn't he? No wonder I'm not using him. Anyways, this new dude is Ardan, and out of these guys, he's the only one I'm allowed to use longterm. And our cue to begin! So I won't discuss any of the mounted units except for this guy. THIS GUY. HE'S A PREPROMOTE LORD. Yes, Sigurd it THE best lord in the entire fire emblem series, better than Awakening Avatar even! (Tbh I haven't played that game). He has good growths for a FE4 first generation unit, in addition to his Baldo holy blood. Here's the thing though: he doesn't lose experience gain for being promoted. So imagine Seth getting the same EXP as Franz, and you have Sigurd. PURE. AWESOME. He has skills too! Only one, but it's the most important. In this game, you need the Pursuit skill to double attack with higher speed. He has this skill. Ardan is pretty bad. He is the bottom of the bottom tier. Although it's not the speed or skill that kills him. It's the unchanging 5 move. In a game with maps BIGGER than the Path of Mounts, this is just sad. I will use him. He has vantage, which was nerfed from it's Thracia and FE9 form. It will only attack first when under 50% health. Nifty, but rarely useful (unless you have a certain other skill we will see later.) He gets the privilege of being the first unit to move in the game! For some reason I sent Sigurd north instead of south to Jungby, but I fix it later so w/e. Next, transitioning to the area around Jungby, we have here Gandolf the Green. And holy shit, those stats are good. He drops a skill ring, but we can't get it this chapter. He doesn't have any skills. He's positioned just outside of Jungby, and who's guarding it? Oh. Aideen's screwed. Midir has pursuit and Charge, which activates when you have higher Hp and speed than your opponent. It's good on bow users because they can deal damage without getting countered, but Midir's HP growth isn't very good. It's still useful in ltc runs though. Anyways I won't be using him. So we end turn, and Gandolf attacks Midir. What the- HEY YOU CAN'T CRITICAL YOU HAVE NO SKILLZ! (Yes critical is another skill, Noish has it.) So Gandolf snags Aideen from Jungby and moves- Very far away. Cheater. First a crit and then this?! Why can't Ardan do this! Gerrard has problems. Cannibal. And now on EP Ardan sees his first combat! Yes I did directly defy Alec and Oifaye, why do you ask? Sigurd on the other hand shows his brokenness and one rounds this doofus. I'm pretty sure no lord can do that except FE10 Ike! Enemy phase is mostly uneventful. When suddenly- Oh hey! The red haired one is Azel. He's a footed mage! I can use him! Too bad he promotes to Mage Knight. The other guy is Lex, an axe knight. He's actually really good, but I can't use him. Woo Azel! You player! Azel has decent stats, as well as a decent magic and speed growth. That's not the problem though. The problem lies with his magic specialization, fire. In this game, all fire/wind/thunder spells have the same might. However, fire has 12 weight, thunder has 7 weight, and wind has 2 weight for each spell. This means that Azel is stuck with the worst kind of magic. Don't worry, he can buy and use thunder and wind magic too, but those are obtained in chapter 2 and 4. Azel has pursuit, which makes him invaluable in these early game maps. The brigands have no resistance and use 18 weight axes (balance, am I right?) so Azel is able to one round some of them like Sigurd. His other problem is that he promotes to mage knight, a mounted class. So he's stuck with 5 move. Showing here Azel's earlygame powah! And Ardan gets his first kill! Whoo! Meanwhile this archer pesters Sigurd. Doesn't prevent him from being amazing though. Also, this dude attacks Lex. I think he dodged, but I don't remember. And then wHEEEEYYYY who are you guys? WHY ALL MOUNTS . So apparently Sigurd's troubles have spread ACROSS THE CONTINENT INSTANTANEOUSLY. The chick is Ethlin, Sigurd's sister. She can heal! Finally! The guy on the left is his husband, Cuan. He's the king of Lenster. He's also really good, and prepromoted. He also doesn't suffer Exp consequences. The third guy who I didn't screenshot is Fin, Cuan's loyal knight. He's unpromoted, and has some decent potential. In addition, he serves Jeigan purposes in the second gen providing you trained him. So Alec or Noish (I really hope it's Noish) kill the bandit, but they leave it for Ardan. Sigurd bashes this guy Then moves ever closer to Jungby. The Lenster Trio move. Meanwhile, Lex snags a kill. And Azel continues being Azel. Just FYI, I won't cover level ups. I'll just posts stats after chapters or something like that. Enemy phasee Oh no Sigurd took damage. And this bandit is still going. Let's correct that next turn. Go die in a hole. I'm pretty sure Sigurd got hit twice somehow. Cuan is such a BEAST! Ethlin snags the kill Finally, Ardan takes the village and some gold that's living in it. Noish pesters this guy with a hand axe. Lex gets this other guy with a hand axe. With one kill and one or two battles, he already has 94 EXP. This is because he has Paragon, which is the main reason why he's so good. Who else to get the kill but AZEL! He even dodged! Pfeh you. Ethlin is really dodgy in the early game, which is good. Will make part 2 How do I name spoilers? EDIT: I have now decided on the situation in chapter 7. First, I'll have Nanna return Fin, Leaf, and then herself, and see what happens. If that breaks the game, then on the second attempt Leaf may see combat. Nanna may heal Leaf, but may not fight, and Fin has to cower in a corner or something, Idk. I might just have Leaf stand on Lenster castle and see how that turns out. EDIT: Ayra was the MVP of the first generation, so the poll goes down.
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