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Found 13 results

  1. Inigo, Indigo Dancer Inigo's well rounded (albeit low) stats lets him perform a variety of roles. Being a green mage, he can counter both BH!Lyn and Reinhardt if properly built. With his decent Speed, he can also function as a Blade mage. Dancers/Singers are the ultimate support units in my opinion. They can give buffs with their C slot and Sacred Seal slot; counter any color their team has trouble with (besides PA!Olivia since she is colorless); and most importantly, Dance and Sing their teammates to massacre the rest of the enemy team, to retreat, or to undo a minor mistake. As support units, a bad nature will not impact Dancers/Singers as negatively as it will affect combat units since their primary job is to Assist their allies rather than fight. Unless a specific nature is absolutely needed to counter a specific threat, natures are not too important. Level 40 stats: HP: 33/37/40 Atk: 24/28/31 Spd: 30/33/36 Def: 19/22/25 Res: 17/20/23 Total: 139~140 Default skills: Weapon: Dancer's Ring+ Assist: Dance Special: [none] Passive A: [none] Passive B: Gale Dance 3 Passive C: Hone Attack 3 Gronnraven: General use, Arena offense, Arena Assault Dancer's Ring: Tempest Trials, Chain Challenges Gronnblade: General use, Arena Assault
  2. A friend of mine runs a podcast called Monkey Broadcast. It's latest episode features a spoiler free review of Echoes, so be sure to check it out at your leisure as any he would appreciate support or feedback you could give him. At 1:02:10 his co-host, SvenTheCrusader, starts a discussion on the Dungeons and Dragons based web series Critical Role, run by Matt Mercer, the voice of Chrom, and starring other FE VAs such as Laura Bailey, Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham and Liam O'Brien:
  3. If Inigo, Severa or Owain are the same people as Laslow, Selena and Odin, then couldn't Morgan and Kana potentially be half-siblings?
  4. I know that a lot of people are either saying that they are hoping that the children or any other character makes a return but I just can't get the idea of them returning out of my head, which is most likely because I loved their development (Mostly) and how truly awesome they are. You see, I can't get all these ideas of how they return out of my head, so I decided to just ask if they are plausible and to actually stop myself from continuing to fixate on the ideas. The first thought I had was that they return as reincarnations, and I know that Rhajat, Asugi and Caelodori were rather cringe-worthy but hear me out, as this idea would allow them to return without story inconvenience as it could easily keep to a vague fates story choice as it could e that as hey are returning home they are ambushed and killed by assassins, and when the odin reincarnation supports with selena's it can go that he keeps having nightmares of being ambushed by scary men and he remembers a red haired girl with him and her getting shot by an arrow and feeling despair and then it goes black. Then I realised that may not be very realistic as in Birthright Laslow dies so it could never be that he was with them. So if they did do a support similar to that it could never be with the laslow reincarnation, unless only it their deaths were from odins view, which in that case if laslow dies after odin it would mean he did not see his death, or of course odin reincarnination in the support says he remembers seeing an arrow going towards someone and jumping in their way. I also like his idea for the reason that they could make a shy laslow who was not told to flirt to get rid of his shyness plus who doesn't want more manhandling moments. Another thought I had was that after they were returning to ylisse, another being transported the three of them to a another new place, but the person says that it was a mistake that the trio was brought here it was supposed to be the children (Purposely Vague) and they being their noble selves take the childrens place thus entering in their 4th war. Also could you tell me if it is plausible or just a horrible idea and you don't want to see any more characters returning and I am being stupid
  5. Now Fates is far from the first game to pull characters from a previous FE, but with it bringing back Inigo, Severa, Owain and in a loose way bringing back Cordelia, Tharja and Gaius through reincarnation of sorts. Despite there being zero connection between Awakening & Fates other than the Gate being a connection to the various universes, which is very unlike the other times characters appeared in other games, which was usually due to them being sequels in universe with other FE's etc. Are we to expect to see the same thing in FE15? Where they take the most popular Fates characters and rehash them/further develop them despite them not fitting in whatsoever? Figured it could be an interesting discussion topic, as I would only like to see characters from Fates come back as like some kind of bonus at most, and not like how Inigo, Severa and Owain did. Although Inigo is one of my favorite characters in both games, it almost feels like IS wants to make sure people recognize that Fates is in the same franchise as Awakening despite sharing a franchise name, they seem afraid of trying to let a game stand on its own now. Despite the fact that, the gameplay is very stellar, a massive improvement over Awakening, unless its Revelation, but thats another deal entirely.
  6. So, the DLC's released. Also, it SOUNDS to me like Anankos' voice is just one of Corrin's reused...with an echoing effect, like he's in constant Dragon mode. I kinda like it. Edit: Also, I love the title drops that Owain makes.
  7. Like, are they actually from the Future Past DLC that the Shepards of our timeline went to save from Grima, instead of the same children who appear in FE Awakening timeline that we played? That's what I'd like to think anyways.
  8. So, just a while ago I decided to recruit inigo (Chrom!Inigo) (This is my 4th playthrough only made so I can try out new child pairings) I usually did a sumia and chrom pairing, so I decided to see what olivia could do for chrom and I wasn't disappointed, Inigo seemed incredible and lucina had a lot of better classes to pick from. I failed the first 2 times on the level because of getting the 5 kills for inigo and I forgot to save in the prep menu each time causing me to have to reclass Chrom (I had him as a great knight) and switch around Olivia's abilities to get galeforce at the end. The last time I did it I was kind of rushing, and in my haste forgot to switch Olivia's abilities and by the time I realized I had already saved and went through the support conversations... Therefore causing me to feel a substantial amount of anger. So I just wanted to ask you if you have ever forgotten to pass down a vital skill to a child character?
  9. My aim of this whole optimization thing is to make a supersoldier Morgan Assassin. I was going to go +Str/-Skill or +Skill/-Def I'm planning on pairing Lon'qu/Chrom and Olivia. The Lon'qu and Olivia pairing seemed to give Inigo some pretty nice skill/speed to pass on to Morgan. However I'm debating between either picking Lon'qu or Chrom to be the father of Inigo. Chrom seems like he would have more to give, but then I'm not sure if I should pick different assets and flaws, depending on how much skill I lose by switching to Chrom. Looking at the calculator a Morgan with Lon'qu as the father of Inigo gets 5 more speed than Chrom as the father of inigo does, pretty massive difference. With Chrom there is more 2 Def 1 Str 1 Lck and 1Res more than Lon'qu as the father. What do you guys think would be the better pairing and assets for an Assassin Morgan? Thanks, -Andronicus
  10. Okay... I really know that 80% of all posts will say "PALADIN PALADIN BLAAARGH!!!" (exaggerated) and I know paladin's perks, but Trust me when I say i need to choose between Great Knight or Warrior support Chrom! inigo. *sips coffee* (yes i've posted this before, but i've narrowed it down to two classes)
  11. Alright, I need to get this one down, because i've been a foot in each of them for a week now. First, I need to know if Stahl!Severa, And Chrom inigo, are a great couple (support and bonuses) Second, I need to know which skills (in parenthesis) Severa should choose out of Galeforce, (luna/Astra/Sol), armsthrift, LimitBreaker, (Vantage, Dualguard) I really only want one proc skill, and If she's in front, she's probably gonna use Sol if in back, she gets luna or astra, if she's in front, she gets vantage, if she's in back, she dualguards And Inigo Galeforce, Limitbreaker, (Rightful King, Armsthrift), (dualguard, Vantage, Armsthrift), (Astra/sol) Same deal, Scratch Luna, because Inigo gets more skill to activate astra a lot more. feel free to refute everything, they practically trade eachother's roles. Third, I need their Roles, note that I don't feel that Either of these two should go magic, save to grab skills, you may present said skills, because these are jus skills that I thought would fit best. finally, I am in need of Classes. I refuse to move inigo to dread fighter unless you tell me WHY? He really loses a lot of skill for just tomes, and I have more magic users than not. Same goes for dark flier severa, I see no point in it. Now for their classes I'm thinking for main unit would go Hero, while either a bow knight, Paladin, or great knight supports, thoughts?
  12. Who is better, Inigo or Owain? In my opinion, Inigo. Also, because we clearly need more character vs. character polls.
  13. This may be my system screwing up but I encountered a harmless, but irritating bug in Roster Rescue. Every character I've used so far with dialogue (8?) has worked fine. Than there's Inigo. When he speaks, his portrait comes up in the middle of the screen, with a black "fancy" box on the bottom of the screen with no text. The box is kind of like the one in the character ending. No text comes up, but when I press L it shows what he was supposed to say. This happens with or without battle animations, and I've reset the game three times but it still happens. This could happen with other characters but I've only seen it with Inigo right now. Does anybody have a theory as to why this would happen?
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