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Found 7 results

  1. I have a scenario to propose: What if every version of Link (from the Legend of Zelda) fought one Fire Emblem Lord each? Who would win? So the premise is simple: A) A Link with his in-game weapons/items/abilties will fight a Lord with his/her weapons/items/abilities B) Lore or in-game stats can be discussed (because this is just for fun) C) the winner is the one who incapacitates the other So without further ado, let me propose the first three scenarios: 1) OG Link (Legend of Zelda) vs OG Marth (Fire Emblem) The two heroes that kicked off the series face each other, all in 8 bit glory. Who wins? 2) Twilight Princess Link vs Corrin (F) (From Conquest) Both heroes can transform into a wolf and a dragon respectively. Having come from troubled backgrounds, which hero will triumph? 3) Breath of the Wild Link vs Byleth (M) (From Three Houses) Two of the most versatile heroes face off. They can use multiple weapons and manipulate time to aid them in battle. Who will be the victor?
  2. I was just wondering what is your personal favorite overworlds in the Zelda series?
  3. So, this was RP I made while back for another Roleplaying site, it was remotely successful but then died due to inactivity. I hope you'll enjoy it. I decided to recreate it for this site. 1,000 years ago, a deity was born. His name was Tynyzia. For that thousand years, Tynyzia lived as a mortal. The deity lived in the countries of Hyrule and Altea. All he felt in those thousand years was disgust. He found a deep hatred of Mankind, so now he seeks power to destroy Altea and Hyrule. During his travels, Tynyzia heard legends of two all-powerful objects, The Fire Emblem and the Triforce.Tynyzia, lacking the power to destroy mankind without these objects, enlisted the help of two villians from their respective countries, Medeus and Ganondorf. With Ganondorf's,Medeus's,and Tynyzia's powers combined, they were able to bring Altea through dimensions to Hyrule. To the point where Altea was short boat ride away form Hyrule. Tynyzia having control of hatred and mischief, was able to fill Marth with enough Hatred towards Altea's new neighboring country, that he declared war on Hyrule. ________________Now I know what you Fire Emblem fans are saying,"I wanna be someone from Awakening or Fates," You will get to be someone from those games,but there is some plot stuff that has to go down first.The position in the Zelda Timeline is in Breath of the Wild before Calamity Ganon kills everybody. So yes, Hyrule has GuardiansFor all you people who are going to make OCs, there are three sides to choose from.1.Be on Altea's team2. Be on Hyrule's Team3. Refuse to choose a side and try to stop the war.Early in the story, Altea will discover they're out matched and use Breidablik to summon entire countries from the Fire Emblem Franchise. Hyrule, seeing this will use timeshift stones to travel through time and enlist the help of various Links and other heroes throughout the LoZ franchise.Rules Follow the rules Light swearing is allowed, but keep in mind, this is set in medieval times, so no dropping F bombs and stuff like that. Moderate Violence is allowed Romance is allowed, because that's reoccurring feature in the FE Franchise now. BUT, keep it PG-13 8 character limit Also, if a battle between characters goes on for too long, I'll decide who wins by who is the better Roleplayer No Godmoding guys, don't dodge every single attack that get's thrown at you. One Guardian per person. To prove you read everything, put John Cena in you other section ___________________Character SheetName:Gender:Birth place:Age:Height:Weight:Hair:Eyes:Clothing:Identifying Marks:Personality:Skills: (If there from and Fire Emblem Country)Class: (If from a Fire Emblem country)Race: (If from Hyrule)Past:Weapons:Other: Breath of the Wild Link: Taken by me!Skyward Sword Link:Majora's Mask Link: Ocarina of Time Link: Twilight Princess Link:Wind Waker Link:A Link to the Past Link:A link between worlds Link: Revali: Mipha:Daruk:Urbosa:Ocarina of Time Impa:Skyward Sword Impa:Twilight Princess Zelda:Breath of the Wild Zelda: Guardian Slot 1: Taken by me!Guardian Slot 2: Guardian Slot 3:Guardian Slot 4:Guardian Slot 5:Guardian Slot 6:Guardian Slot 7:Guardian Slot 8:Princess Ruto: Darunia: Skull Kid:Midna : @DragoncatTetra:Sheik: Dark Link:Ghirham: If you have anymore Loz characters, I'll gladly put them down. Ike:Roy: Taken by MeHector:Marth: Taken by Me!Chrom: Ephraim:Alm: Robin(M): Xander: Ryoma:Takumi: Me!Leo:Lon'qu: Taken by me!Eliwood:Wrys:Lyn:Lucina: Tharja:Camilla:Hinoka:Sakura:Elise: Tiki:Nowi:Corrin (F)Cordelia: Taken by Me!Erika:Azura:Caeda:Lissa:Celica:Silas: Kaze: Again, if you want me to add anymore canon characters, just ask~!
  4. I always loved the battle sprites in the old GBA FE so I thought I'd try making my own, I haven't made any "new" ones yet but for my first; Edit: I think I screwed up with the links is it making you guys download them? cause thats not supposed to happen (sorry new to this forum) I started with modifying the female sage basic battle animation to remove the cape: FE Female Sage animation without a cape.-20170807-142956.piskel And then I did my best to make it look like princess zelda from legend of zelda, FE Female Sage Princess Zelda-20170807-142640.piskel I'm sure someone has done this before but I thought i'd try it. Any constructive criticism would be awesome! Thanks!
  5. So I don't see a different topic for this, which is surprising to me, but whatever. Nintendo is holding a sale of various titles, including Mario Party 10, Super Mario 3D World, Hyrule Warriors, ALBW, LEGO Batman 3, LEGO The Hobbit, AC:NL, FE13, Kid Icarus: Uprising, etc. Many of these are actually significantly discounted (Hyrule Warriors for like $42, for instance), like ~30% off. I already yolobought Uprising, myself. The full list is found on Nintendo's E3 website's "Offers" page. EDIT: Dual Dragons informs us that Etrian Oddyssey: Untold is also on sale!
  6. Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are on a 30% sale and I'm wondering which one is considered better. I was planning to pick up one of the two and Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl (50% off on eShop) as well. Now, I don't mind getting both if they are considered more or less equally good games--thing is: I'm not a big Legend of Zelda player. I beat Windwaker, own Twilight Princess, and am currently playing Ocarina of Time for the first time. Criteria like "world map's better" or "items are better," I wouldn't know about those in context of Legend of Zelda. As can be seen, I also never played any of the 2D or pre-N64 Zelda games. I've heard of some things, such as Ages being puzzle-oriented and Seasons being combat-oriented. Just by that, I would think Ages is better since it's not like you get stats other than HP and attack (not based on weapon/item) in Zelda. But like I said, if getting both is the better option since they are equally good, I don't mind getting all three games. **Extra: I'm also new to Etrian Odyssey (I played the demo to IV and have Persona Q). If anyone knows about those games (perhaps if Untold is not as good as IV or whatnot), that would be swell as well.
  7. So I just got a 12 hole Ocarina modeled after the Ocarina of Time and am learning how to play it. After some digging around I found this site which has good tabs for various songs not just from the Zelda series but from other games as well. Currently looking for tabs for some Fire Emblem music. Feel free to post tabs here. http://tabs-ocarina.com/ocarina-tab-list
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