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Found 21 results

  1. ''There is a place between war and murder in which our demons lurk.'' Hello Community. I'm not usually one to do this type of thing but I think I'm finally due to put something out. It's small but I made a promise to have this out by early August and I plan to commit to that promise. What Is This? Clash of Fates is a fan-made League of Legends themed mod centering on a war started between Noxus and its allies and the fall of the Institute of War. In the wake of the League Championship series final matches the City-States of Noxus and Zaun launched a devastating attacking upon the Institute of War. A potent weapon known only as spell blight cut those on sight of the Institute of War off from their magic while their aggressors were fully prepared for battle. For now, the story turns to Riven, an exile of her country who opposes the brutal nature of this attack. My ultimate goal for this mod is to produce something that will cater to fans of the League of Legends game but will also satisfy Fire Emblem fans. This is a mod I dont want to make about difficulty, but rather something different and more memorable. Expect the game to offer more beyond a main story. How much is done right now? What I have in the patch right now is a complete chapter but I formerly had two playable chapters and one structured but not playable. Music? I plan on eventually getting around to edits to the OST. As it stands I've done one successful insert. (I'm not the best at this) That guy in your avatar is that guy in TLP who is that guy in this mod? Why is he here with so much HP? Self Insert! OP! Long story short, Tekun tends to be in most things I got a larger hand in. Just the way of things. Can I help? Absolutely. I always looking for a hand with anything! Will X Champion be in this? I don't know. It's a W.I.P. If there's a need for X, I'll get X in there. I'm doing what I can. If there's a portrait out there and Y person feels like letting me use it then the odds of Z being in goes up. I'm one ninja man, I'm doing my best. Credit List Graphics Merc Redfield Lehn Mewthos ArcFalchion <3 The Blind Archer ECut Nayr Graphics Battle - Shining the Holy Ark (courtesy of VGMusic) Modding (People I turn to for aid) Blazer Ghast Dialog http://ask-riven.tumblr.com/ http://generaldarius.tumblr.com/ http://ask-sivir.tumblr.com/ http://matronoftheblackrose.tumblr.com/ http://timetogetourhandsdirty.tumblr.com/ http://follow-no-false-light.tumblr.com/ There are a few others who I'm unsure of how to reliably credit since I can't source them well. They know their involvement. They know I'm thankful and they know I love the fact they've aided me with this. I hope I did not forget anyone. D: There's been a lot of help. Download: Clash of Fates v.0.1 Clash of Fates v.0.2 You'll need a GBA emulator (obviously), a UPS patcher, Which can be found here, and a clean copy of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword to play this. Don't ask me for a ROM. I won't give you one. 7/30/15: So I have some explaining. I realized that I didn't like the direction I was heading in so I opted to do some restructuring. I decided I wanted to focus a little bit more on other Champions so I wanted to branch out and explore that. With the Lore of the game finally making a come back I decided that hey, I should put forth a little more effort while dealing with one hundred different projects. The following patch v.0.2 contains 3 Chapters. Two that follow Sion and Fiora and a "Trial" that follows Ashe. Hopefully this is worth posting.
  2. So, I know everyone here likes the Nintendo portable consoles (Duh, I guess that's pretty obvious), but I didn't saw anyone saying anything about the PSP and Vita for example. What you guys think about it? Come on, give me your thoughts, don't be shy
  3. Hello! I am new to these forums and most of my friends don't play Fire Emblem Fates much anymore, so I was just trying to find a place where people still play the game and talk about it. So yup, nice to meet you people of the internet. Uh, if you wanna add me as a friend on here that'd be awesome! I'm open to being friends so it's cool, thanks! Also you can come visit me at my castle if you want, I just started over so it doesn't have much yet, but between today and the next few days it'll be together! You can even leave me an accessory if you want! I'll even send one back as soon as possible. In the future I'll have up a bunch of skills for Corrin/Avatar! See yaaa 12433-63409-26272-00262 *P.S. Anyone else like dank memes? ♡
  4. This will probably never ever happen, because: 1) They were not in the Heroes poll 2) The game was not super well-received by core fans 3) The feel is completely different than the setting of Heroes Despite that, I still wouldn't mind seeing them toss in characters from #FE into the game. Am I alone on this? Also, if they did do this, the #FE characters would be the only people to know that your Summoner weapon is a gun...
  5. McLovin


    I'm McLovin i like them memes and also other shit i iz in need of wafiu from FE im an isis in trainning i love 9/11 jokes Btw i McLovin my life That is me ^
  6. I'm eating chicken nuggets and I remembered I love asking people this question, I feel like you can learn a lot about someone just by their favorite chicken dipping sauce, so what's up guys what's your fave chicken sauce? mine is teriyaki, but if it's not available I go to honey mustard as my second choice
  7. THEME/TOPIC: End of the Line: Sprite a final boss-type character Example: [spoiler=Rules] RULES: 1) only 1 entry per contestant, either in the Full Custom division or in the Splice/Edit division.(Animated may be a division if enough entries are in to justify it) -Please declare which division you fall under to avoid potential confusion. 2) No voting for your own entry! 3) Entries should be limited to 16 colors.(15 colors+ 1 background color) This is more of a guideline, but good to follow for style and challenge reasons. Colors may be custom or using GBA sprite palletes. 5) No posting previous/old works! This means no edits/recolors of something previously made as well. -allowing previous/old works would give an unfair advantage to certain entries, two weeks is a good amount of time to work on an entry... how fair would it be to have to go up against something someone spent months or even a year on? -creating brand new works, encourages creativity and artistic growth and development, kinda what the whole art forums are about... isn't it? [spoiler=NEW Voting and Winners] VOTING: Voting will be split into two categories. -Best in Theme -Best Overall Battle Sprite >Voting will run for 3 days If there are a large amount of entries, Best in Theme will be divided into smaller categories based on whether an entry is custom, splice, or animation. WINNERS: Winning placement will be decided by total number of votes across categories. >The winner gets to choose two potential themes either from a list or of their own imagination. >The winner and runner ups will vote upon the themes to select one. >The winner gets two votes in addition to theme selection. >Second place gets two votes. >Third place gets one vote. >Whatever theme wins the winner's votes will be used for the next competition. Note, votes can be split, if you have two votes they do NOT need to go to the same theme. [spoiler=list of sample themes] Avatar Adventures! Sprite your avatar. Man/Woman in the Mirror! Sprite Yourself! (proof optional) The Monster Mash! Sprite a Monster! The Great Gender Swap! Sprite a pre-existing character/class as the opposite gender! Baby Blues... Make a child/offspring of two pre-existing characters! The Reclassifieds... sprite a pre-existing character in a new class. Shades of the Emblem: Sprite a non GBA era character/class/creature. Heroes reimagined! Sprite a character/class/creature in a new way/design. Crossover Chaos! Sprite a pre-existing video game character in Fire Emblem style. Legends of Literature! Sprite a character from a book/movie/anime/television series The OC... sprite an original character! Pimp My Mount! Make a mounted unit Welcome to the Jungle! Animal spriting competition, no humans allowed. Modern Day Mayhem! Sprite a more modern day equivalent/design of a class. Mythological Madness: Sprite a mythological creature Legendary weapons: Sprite a character with a legendary weapon, of your own creation or preexisting. Terrors of the deep: Create an underwater creature, unit, or machine Death from above: Sprite a flying creature, unit, or machine. Heroes of the smoky skies: Steampunkify a class, character, or machine. Superheroes! Sprite a superhero, existing, or of your own design. R&D: Create a new class! Anthropomorphized: Sprite an anthro The Zodiac: Sprite a part of the zodiac History’s greatest! Sprite a unit or class from history End of the Line: Sprite a final boss-type character Puppets: Sprite a character with a puppet (the creepier the better!) --- Any further questions or concerns can be PMed to the current host! (Toa) or posted either in the feedback thread or within this thread itself. VOTING ENDS: SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE?! Due to waning interest, the oddly named "biweekly" battlesprite competition will be on hiatus until the new year. If you have any suggestions on what would encourage YOU to enter next time around, leave a comment.
  8. I always wondered how this fight would turn out differently. Thoughts?
  9. I don't even remember this in the Animated 4th season of TOS.. WTF
  10. Arden


    First this: And now this: Where's all this Wrys love coming from lol? Is it just a coincidence? Or is it because somebody at IS decided Wrys needed more love? What are your thoughts?
  11. I have looked at many people's different guides and their choices for pairings. I think I have made pairings that will satisfy everything the children need. Feel free to complain or yell at me; I personally am not going to use these specific ones. (Mine have bias and are made to intentionally remove sorcerers; if you want those, they're on my profile.) Please offer your opinions, they help everyone, which is what these are meant to do. Now, the pairings: Chrom and Olivia- Inigo gets luna and RK. Lucina gets Vantage and Swordfaire. Both children are used to their max non-Robin abilities. Stahl and Cordelia- Severa gets myrmidon and cavalier which are pretty much all she needs. Great mods, too, so it's a win-win. Fred and Cherche- Tank Gerome with amazing stats and skills all around. Kellam and Panne- Can be used as a support unit general or an offensive berserker. Donnel and Sully- Gets GF and Merc. Donnel's crappy mods don't hurt her too much. Vaike and Nowi- Amazing strength and access to merc and knight, which is all she needs. Gaius and Tharja- Galeforce, myrmidon and high stats all around (except luck). Ricken and Lissa- Owain with HIGH magic and access to luna. Gregor and Miriel- Sorc with armsthrift, sol, and vantage. I personally don't care for this one, because his strength is wasted, but this is mainly for a sorc build, which I don't do. Henry and Sumia- Dark flier with high magic and skill. Also access to dark mage. Lon'qu and Maribelle- Great skills like vantage, astra and luna (default) and amazing skill and speed. Robin can go with whoever the hell you want, Morgan will be the best no matter what. Preferably Aversa for Shadowgift, or a second-gen for overall awesomeness. Sorry about all the pairings I talk about, but hey, it's pretty much the most important thing for Apo and higher difficulties. Like I said, complain all you want, I don't use these, and they're only made for those people who say, "Oh, what's the perfect set up?" or "What pairings are most optimal?" Well, I think these work, and if you do as well, send those people here. If you want my personal pairings, they're on my profile. Complain about those in a PM. Thanks for reading and/or responding. EDIT: Hmmm, apparently my personal pairings aren't on my profile. Huh. I typed them up a little bit ago. Oh, well. MaMU/Olivia, Chrom/Sumia, Henry/Lissa, Gaius/Tharja, Fred/Cherche, Vaike/Nowi, Lon'qu/Maribelle, Ricken/Miriel, Gregor/Panne, and of course Stahl/Cordelia. Just some minor differences, though I'm thinking about Chrom/Maribelle, Henry/Sumia, Ricken/Lissa, and Lon'qu/Miriel after seeing that Apo with no DLC vid.
  12. Hellos. Recently I've taken an obsession interest with collecting all of the DLC items and Holiday items from non-US games. I'll be willing to trade NA-holiday themed items for foreign Holidays, DLC items for other DLC items, Bells or Golden Furniture for both, etc. Here's a list of all the items I still need, that I'm aware of: -flamenco hat (EUR DLC) -red-horned hat (KOR DLC) -rice-plant bed (JPN DLC) -tam-o'-shanter (EUR DLC) -Top (JPN DLC) -white police cap (KOR DLC) -White/Red/Blue School Cap (KOR DLC) -fedora chair (DLC) -hagoita (Apparently JPN DLC) -tteok plate (KOR DLC) -turkey (JPN DLC) -bamboo grass (JPN Holiday) -girl's day updo (JPN Holiday sale item) -hinaningyo (JPN Holiday sale item) -cucumber horse (JPN Holiday) -dango (JPN Holiday) -eggplant cow (JPN Holiday) -hibiscus (KOR Holiday) -holiday stocking (EU Holiday) -newsprint helmet (JPN? Holiday) -new year's noodles (JPN? Holiday) -rice cake (JPN Holiday)
  13. That is all, my friends. That-is-all.
  14. So. I'm working on a Fire Emblem Project that's been on and off for the past year called Clash of Fates. It's League of Legends based Fire Emblem game and I just got some time to start working on it again however I'd like to see if I can get help in the matter. I'm looking for sprite work, whether it be portraits or battle sheets. If you're interested at all, drop me a PM. Commission work may be an option. -DH
  15. I believe I have found the best pairings for if you are like me and dislike reclassing. These pairings are, in my opinion, the best for staying in original classes. NOTE: This is assuming you have all DLC and will be using limit breaker on all the kids. Also, these are my analysis of what's best STAT-WISE. Anyone who says that "I want to pair Libra with Cherche because OTP" are off-topic - these are stats, not emotions. GREAT LORD OLIVIA!LUCINA - I think everyone agrees that this is the best Lucina and Inigo stat-wise. If Lucina is a Great Lord, she'll want an offensive proc (your pick of Aether, Astra and Luna), a relevant faire (Swordfaire is better, but Lancefaire is an option), Galeforce (check), and some generic filler skill (Rightful King, Defender, or another faire/proc) SWORDMASTER STAHL!OWAIN - For Owain to use his sword hand, he needs some good strength and defense mods (without killing his res or speed), as well as Luna. The only father who gives all of this is Stahl - Kellam kills his speed, Ricken kills his strength, and Frederick kills his Res. This one is up for some debate, but whatever HERO CHROM!INIGO - This comes pre-packaged with Olivia!Lucina, so if you're following these Setups you'll have this anyway, but it's still pretty good. Inigo can play any role - lead (w/ Armsthrift, Aggressor and Luna), support (w/ DG+, Luna and Axefaire), or hit-and-runner (w/ Luna, Galeforce and a faire/aggressor). SAGE LON'QU!BRADY - All Brady needs are speed and skill mods - he gets an innate Tomefaire, Luna, Aggressor, Galeforce, LB set. Lon'qu's genes are not in high demand anywhere else, and he has the BEST speed/skill mods in the game. GREAT KNIGHT DONNEL!KJELLE - Donnel is the best father for Kjelle - no questions asked. dat purple hair, dat Armsthrift, dat Galeforce. I'd say Great Knight over General because you actually have enough move to abuse Galeforce, as opposed to the potato move of General. DARK FLIER HENRY!CYNTHIA - The only way to use Cynthia, IMO. Why use her any other way? Her skills and mods are top, and who else needs Henry? HERO VAIKE!SEVERA - What Severa wants as a Hero is Luna and a relevant faire. Vaike and Stahl are the only two who give this to her, and Stahl is already taken on OwainPlus, now we actually have a good female axe user! WYVERN LORD FREDERICK!GEROME - Luna, DG+, Aegisdoes Gerome want anything else? I doubt it. He's always either support or tanking GRANDMASTER ANYONE!MORGAN - seriously, pick your favorite. Just go to town. Grandmaster is such a Jack-of-all-trades class that any mods work on it. TAGUEL GREGOR!YARNE - All Yarne wants is an offensive proc and some decent strength and defense modsGregor gives both. SAGE RICKEN!LAURENT - Thanks for the +6 Magic, Luna and DG+. Really, only 4 away from the best magic in the game - Gregor!Laurent is better, but only as a Sorceror. SNIPER GAIUS!NOIRE - All Noire wants is Galeforce. Everything else Tharja gives her - Luna and Lifetaker exist and are ripe for abuse. Gaius not only gives her GF, but goes a step farther and gives her good speed and skill. MANAKETE KELLAM!NAH - Luna, Renewal and +7DEF for maximum tanking ability, which is all Manaketes are used for, really. You can slap Bonds on her for a good way of bulk healing - she can't die anyway, so I'm up for critique, and I know Taguels are horrid, but hey, original classes. This is also my first post on SF! YAYY!!!
  16. Patch 3.12 Notes. I'm off to bed now, but let's discuss this next patch. Things I am rather pleased about: Jinx soonTM Garen visual update Katarina ult buff Obviously there's a shit ton more than this but yeah. Let me hear your thoughts.
  17. Link is behind by 1200ish votes with around a half hour left. Gamblers, fanboys and some Trent guy on twitter with 170k followers are involved. Possible DDoS by LoL fans. If you need a reminder of how worked up people will get over the silliest things head to GFAQs.
  18. Because apparently I didn't put enough in the first one.
  19. For optimality, Lissa/Owain gets the short end of the stick in this Lunatic+ file, and I have yet to pick a Father for Owain yet. The Father pool consists of Kellam, Libra, and Virion. Please base your answers on Maximum Stat Modifiers, and Skills & Classes available to Owain. Disregard context of the supports, hair colors, and biased opinions because of character hate/favoritism. Here's a visual:
  20. http://www.examiner.com/article/microsoft-thought-they-owned-donkey-kong Should I facepalm or burst into laughter
  21. This is the last time I buy her DLC and not tell her about the contents. She's gotten through 3 out of 7 enemies on the first wave. And she's on her Normal file. Proud of her indeed. :)
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