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Found 88 results

  1. Hey all, I recorded some gameplay for a 0% growths hack someone else made after asking me for some initial help, and though I'd share this gameplay of the 0% growths hack, the person who made the hack has already completed both BR and CQ, so I decided to focus more on Rev instead. Since this is 0% growths, everyone is at base, so here's a few things that make this different from normal: 1. base Corrin can't tank a wyrmslayer even with Sakura aura 2. base Kaze also dies if he tanks wyrmslayer + thunder (regardless of Sakura being near or not) 3. Because of this, you have to consistently dance around outside of wyrmslayer range until you can have Corrin kill the wyrmslayer pair 4. Even then, Corrin can't tank more than 1 thunder hit (10 damage per hit with base Corrin having 19 HP), so you also have to get rid of the dark mages before attacking the mercs. 5. "Why not just use the HP Tonic?", because I need it for Rev6. This is probably the most consistent and safest strategy I could find, there might be faster ones, but this was pretty good for very first few attempts without prior planning. There's a +1 def at the end of the video because the person who made the 0% growths file forgot to dummy out the Feral Dragon growths, I fixed that but sadly the video was already recorded, and I wasn't going to redo for a +1 defense that I save edited out anyways. And as such, here is Revelation chapter 6, which I was able to complete thanks to the tonic I saved from Chapter 5.
  2. Hey guys!! I'm thinking of doing one more PMU run!! The last pmu of mine was pretty successful! Here's a link to my previous run! http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=62491&hl= Although...... i thought it was pretty easy!! This time I'll do something different!! So.... here's what I'll do: What I'm asking you to:: -Male or Female Corrin! -Just fuck me up -Literally make any unit any class you want! (Provided you tell me how to get them Ex: Xander is a sorcerer by A+ with Leo) -I have all DLC -If you want me to have kids, I'll recruit them as soon as I recruit both parents! (which means I'll just support grind as soon as I can) -so in other words, if you don't tell my units to get married, then I won't! -I'll post screenies so you can see me suffer <3 -I'll take up around 16 units to endgame with me! -Choose my gender and class too! Team: 1. Corrin (Class:Hero) (Gender: Female) {Husband: Arthur} {secondary: priestess} [+Luck -Skill] Pretty Cool Guy 2. Ophelia (Class: General) [Mother: Effie] TrueEm 3. Nyx (Class: Berserker) [bestie: Charlotte] HylianAirForce 4. Elise (Class: Wyvern Lord) BANRYU 5. Effie (Class: Witch) Lord_Grima 6. Midori (Class: Kinshi Knight) [Mother: Kaze] SylphTempest 7. Charlotte (Class: Strategist) twistedxgrace 8. Leo (Class: Hero) [Wife: Selena] VeryAngryBisharp 9. Velouria (Class: Merchant) [Mother: Mozu] Brady 10. Beruka (Class: Maid) [Husband: Jakob] Galeblade 11. Arthur (Class: Great Master) [Husband: Corrin] Pretty Cool Guy 12. Flora (Class: Maid) Ether 13. Felicia (Class: General) [Husband: Benny] SaiSymbolic 14. Peri (Class: Sorcerer) Benishigure 15. Azura (Class: Mechanist) [Husband: Kaze] Ercdouken 16. Odin (Class: Adventurer} [bestie: Niles] Dklein89 Thoughts on this team: Wow.... I'm really going to suffer! I'm definitely going to have trouble with going through this mission... but I'm going to try still!! Wish me good luck! All these units..... I need faith. I'm only pretty upset that there aren't many guys.... I only ever used the guys before (except for my previous pmu) i'll just assume all ya'll just chose your wifes you males. I'm planning on going Conquest! I'll start with Lunatic Mode and see how far I can go! I'll only switch to Hard Mode if it gets TOO tough! I hope I have enough seals to do this! I hope you guys really screw me over! I will make this work!! +_+ Chapter 7-10: Oh, I appreciate you showing support by also visiting my castle and giving me crazy hats! <33 The reason for me doing this is to get my Castle Card up to 9999!! Help me reach my goal!
  3. So yeah, I exist. And so does this topic. which will take you to another topic that has the challenge in it It's about this challenge I'm doing, which is a no healing run of Birthright on Lunatic, nothing special. And by no healing... I mean it. I will not allow any healing whatsoever in my army. At. All. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/topic/9309621/1/ With that said, here's the link to the topic! It's currently at Chapter 5.
  4. Welcome to my LTC playthrough of Fates: Conquest on Lunatic difficulty. Rules for this playthrough are yet to be fully determined: No DLC/Logbook/Amiibo/Spotpass whatever No Forge/Lottery No Path Bonuses/Renown Statboosters Raider weapons allowed for Chapter 7 "Talk Boosts" allowed for Felicia for Chapters 7-9. [spoiler=Turn Counts and Links to Videos]Prologue (2 turns) Chapter 1 (4 turns) Chapter 2 (3 turns) Chapter 3 (4 turns) Chapter 4 (5 turns) Chapter 5 (4 turns) Chapter 6 (2 turns) Chapter 7 (4 turns) Chapter 8 (3 turns) Chapter 9 (3 turns) Current turncount as of completing Chapter 9 is 34 turns. I expect the playthrough to take about 80 turns in total. Chapter 7 in 4 turns [spoiler=Preparations]Initial Gold: 3000 +1000 (sell Goddess Icon) -3200 (purchase Partner Seal, Str Tonic, Mag Tonic, 2x Spd Tonic, 2x Def Tonic, Vulnerary) Corrin x Felicia taken to S Rank Corrin (Str Tonic, Spd Tonic, Def Tonic) gets Raider Katana, Vulnerary Felicia (Partner Seal to Malig Knight) Felicia (HP Tonic, Mag Tonic, Spd Tonic, Def Tonic) gets Disrobing Gale, Ember Felicia "talk bonus" (+4 Mag, +4 Spd) After a brief hiatus where I tried (unsuccessfully) to replicate my 3 turn clear of this chapter on Hard Mode (which requires extra crits due to the additional enemies in Lunatic Mode), this playthrough is back with Chapter 7 cleared in 4 turns! Note that while Felicia's Disrobing Gale is absolutely essential to the strategy, the Raider Katana wouldn't be necessary if I could rig Corrin to gain Spd procs on all his levels so far, or used the Speedwings/Dragon Herbs to "fix" his missed procs. I chose to use the Raider Katana instead since I am attempting to go without the bonus statboosters in this playthrough. I also made some additional improvements to the recording process (again), so I think watching the video at 2x speed now makes it so that it runs at the same speed as actually gameplay. Let me know if this seems correct to you. EDIT: Forgot to mention this originally, but thanks to SSJDennis for helping me with some details regarding making the 4-turn strat more reliable.
  5. I tried doing a thing with polls, but it got pushed back to the next page extremely quickly, and the poll got weird when I deleted the old one and made a new one. So for now I'm gonna do my BR!Lunatic PMU I was planning on doing after that. 1. Children do not need parent drafting. 2. No bad units. Creativity is encouraged, but please nothing bad. An example of bad is Onmyoji Silas. 3. Amiibo Marth and Ike are available. And yes, they may change class to any available DLC class. 4. 3 Bond units are allowed. I'll show the options and their classes. Just a reminder, all of them have Nohr Prince(ss) and DLC classes as options. Also any more created before I'm done getting my units will be added to the list. My code is in my signature, visit me! 5. No Battle or visit Rewards. 6. Any DLC class is availability in any amount besides Lodestar and Great Lord. 7. 2 units per person, and you may add to the Corrin as much as you like. Oh, I'm also only using 12 units. I found Birthright Lunatic too easy. Avatar thanks to Michelaar. Bow Knight!Crimson +Res -Skl (S-Takumi) Adventurer!Takumi (S-Corrin) Great Knight!Fenn (Bond Unit) Dark Flier!Worst Character* Hoshido Noble!Crimson!Kiragi Dread Fighter!Kagero!Shiro Dark Falcon!Azura!Rhajat Priestess!Setsuna (S-Worst Character*) Butler!Saizo (S-Felicia) Spear Master!2nd Worst Unit** (S-Hinoka for convenience) Great Lord!Kelly (Bond Unit) Master Ninja!Ryoma (S-Kagero) Thank you! I will not be updating this until I get to Chapter 27, where I will show everyone's stats. *Azama **Tsubaki
  6. Enjoy Chapter 5 of Fates beaten in 4 turns on Lunatic! With only one crit-kill (though quite a few, a couple unnecessary, dodges)! The recording slowdown issue is still present, although not quite as bad as before, so watch the video at 1.5x or 2x speed for maximum enjoyment.
  7. Rules: No Einherjar or non-boss Capture-able units. Only 1 of each DLC class. Ryoma and Takumi can use Swords and Bows respectively, but the Raijinto and Fujin Yumi will be convoyed. 2 units per post. MU Stuff: Name: Philomela (Randomly generated) Look: Class: Dank Knight Boon/Bane: +Def/-Mag Spouse: Izana Current Units: All done! Thank you, and have a wonderful day.
  8. Lunatic!Conquest. Nyx died in chapter 9 and and Odin died to a crit in chapter 10. I want a good magic damage dealer outside of Leo. Is it worth it to give Camilla the Spirit Dusts and leveling up as a Sorcerer/Dark Knight for Malefic Aura? I heard good things about the Bolt Axe build but Lunatic is very unforgiving.
  9. Hello everyone of Serenes Forest! After completing Fates in it's entirety, I decided to do a run through of Fates with a twist: Bond units only. RULES Before we get into the meat of things, a few things to note. I started this on Reddit, were I posted by rules I would be using for this run. Here are the rules: Lunatic Mode. I would use a Corrin chosen in the style of a PMU: first poster would get to create the Corrin. The First poster would choose the route. I would also use Anna’s Gift, a free DLC that gives the player either a Sighting Lens or a Witches Mark. All units are free until the accessory shop is built and on the chapter they are recruited in. This does mean that I will use Battle/Visit gifts, and will use Shimishes and DLC to grind Bond Units, as Bond Units are born at level 1. I would like to thank Reddit User Mr. Duddles for the creation of this run’s Corrin: Cordigoth (+Luck/-Resistance), Male, tale, and with messy Pink Hair. In addition Mr. Duddles also chose Anna’s Gift: The Witch’s Mark. I would also like to thank Reddit User /u/NautilusMain for choosing the route, as Duddles deferred to him. He choose Birthright. Now lets get to the good part: the run itself. Prologue: Ties That Bind Our story begins in a perfectly peaceful war tron and bloody battlefield filled with death and destruction. How quaint. Anywho, as this is the prologue chapter, there is nothing much to note as the game tells me things I already know. Cordigoth the Mighty Pink One goes to town and makes all the people fall down. Turn Count: 2 Total: 2 Chapter 1: Nohr Our families start fighting because what else would you expect them to do? Thankfully it was all just a dream. We have important things to do, like train with the mighty Xander! Yea its a pretty easy chapter due to still being in tutorial mode. Nothing much to say besides stick a fork in it we're done Turn count: 5 Total: 7 Chapter 2: Gift of Ganglari We pay a visit to Evil Adopted Dad in Castle Doombad and learn that the EVIL HOSHIDAN SCUM must die horrible deaths because. Also lets overact because why not. I first have Cordigoth and Felicia take the right with Gunter on the right, and then just flip flop their positions until victory. Turn count: 7 Total: 14 Chapter 3: Journey Begins After failing to kill the Hoshidans due to this strange thing called Mercy, Cordigoth, plucky maid, aging meatshield, and the totally not evil Hans the Evil-Berserker-That-Always-Appears-At-Some-Point-In-A-Fire-Emblem-Game head to the Bottomless Canyon, which I hear has no bottom. After doing nefarious things, Hans starts the fight, and off we go. Using a quick pair up Cordigoth and Felecia swoop in and take out the two samurai on the bridge. After taking one look at the very fortified position on the other side of the bridge, we decide to make our own using Dragon Veins. We use the first one to make the bridge and sneak behind the fort that way. However..that attracts the attention of the bridge guards. We decided that retreat is the better part of valor and run back from wince we came. After making the second bridge, Gunter shelters Cordigoth and acts as bait. Then, we switch and let Cordigoth do the work while Felecia takes a quick run away before running to the nearby fort and letting Gunter meatshield there. As Felecia runs, she stays in range of an Archer and finishes him off. After taking care of the remaining troops, its turn 11 and we are wounded. We finish the last Archer off, his squad now dead, and we heal up and charge in, Cordigoth taking the charge to the boss Ozomu. On Enemy Phase, Cordigoth takes down the boss and the two remaining archers swooping in to take pot shots at Cordigoth. And then the three Sky Knight reinforcements arrive. Well, no time like the present. Cordigoth gets in one last kill before Felecia seizes the fort for the win. Turn Count: 15 Total: 29 Also surprise Saizo and stuff.
  10. SSJDennis told me to look into whether or not a 3 turn is possible on Lunatic, and it turns out the answer is yes! And with significantly less RNG abuse than I imagined (though it is still a rather nontrivial amount) I will update with details soon, and potentially (though unlikely, Citra still isn't that nice yet) a video. UPDATE: Adding turn counts to the first page, too lazy to add links yet [spoiler=Turn Counts]Premonition (2 turns) Prologue (3 turns) Chapter 1 (3 turns) Chapter 2 (3 turns) Chapter 3 (3 turns) Chapter 4 (2 turns) Chapter 5 (2 turns) Chapter 6 (3 turns) Chapter 7 (2 turns)
  11. i'm planning on having a race with one of my friends to see who could beat awakening on lunatic casual, and i decided to play through it again today on normal casual just to get the hang of the game again. any tips for getting through each chapter / pairings? i have a few planned out already. +spd / -luck f!robin x chrom!inigo chrom x olivia ricken x miriel and that's basically it. looking to get the most out of each kid, really.
  12. I think I would have preferred if that were the case, but how do you guys feel about it?
  13. Welcome to another playthrough, in which I try to get a low turncount in FE13 Lunatic. I'll make a turn-by-turn playlog for each chapter, but will try to make a video of the final chapter + Epilogue. I sadly don't have the pre-C3 strats in much detail, since C3 is when I started writing them and the stats down. I can describe the Prologue strategy off the top of my head, but my C1 and C2 strats differ from the clears KoT did (with the same turncount), so sorry about this. I'll try to reconstruct some details after the playthrough. While I only allow for 1000 renown and below and will stay true to that, I think it's fair to allow more renown items, such as the speedwings since Robin's ability to double C5's wyvern riders depends on good growths for both her and Chrom, whereas with the speedwings, Robin needs a Spd proc less and Chrom's doesn't matter. Anyway, Rules: - Lunatic / Classic mode. - Low turncount is the primary goal, but if a strategy is too unreliable to be pulled off reasonably, I might choose to avoid it. I don't draw an exact line when it comes to reliability, though. - Renown items are allowed up to the Bullion (L). - All gen 1 units must be recruited, second gen characters are optional. No deaths of recruited characters are allowed. - Paralogues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 17 are mandatory, it doesn't matter when they are done. Children paralogues are optional. All paralogues are counted for turns. - Skirmishes and DLC are banned. - Bonus box weapons are banned, obtaining items or recruits from the bonus box teams is disallowed. Using bonus teams to rout skirmishes or to replicate blocked shops is fair game. - Items from shining tiles and Anna shops are banned. I mustn't step onto shining tiles unless it is ideal for the strategy. Since FEWoD doesn't have FE13 maps past C9 and only displays normal mode enemies, you can view them on this site: http://kamikouryaku.com/kakusei/ . The chapter links are on the left part of the site. Premonition - 2 turns Prologue - 4/6 turns Chapter 1 - 4/10 turns Chapter 2 - 6/16 turns Chapter 3 - 4/20 turns Chapter 4 - 3/23 turns Chapter 5 - 5/28 turns Chapter 6 - 4/32 turns Chapter 7 - 3/35 turns Chapter 8 - 4/39 turns Chapter 9 - 4/43 turns Chapter 10 - 2/45 turns Chapter 11 - 2/47 turns Chapter 12 - 3/50 turns Chapter 13 - 1/51 turns Paralogue 12 - 1/52 turns Paralogue 1 - 1/53 turns Paralogue 3 - 1/54 turns Chapter 14 - 1/55 turns Paralogue 4 - 2/57 turns Chapter 15 - 2/59 turns Chapter 16 - 1/60 turns Chapter 17 - 1/61 turns Paralogue 2 - 1/62 turns Chapter 18 - 1/63 turns Paralogue 17 - 2/65 turns Chapter 19 - 1/66 turns Chapter 20 - 1/67 turns Chapter 21 - 1/68 turns Chapter 22 - 1/69 turns Paralogue 9 - 2/71 turns The rest of the playlog is in post #3.
  14. I think difficulty is pretty easy to figure out on the same route -Hard is harder than Normal, Lunatic's harder than Hard- but is Lunatic Birthright harder than Hard Conquest? Lunatic Revelation? After going through Conquest on Hard, Hard Birthright was a cakewalk, I found. Is stepping up to Lunatic for Birthright feasible during lategame? (Chapter 23)
  15. I've been pretty stuck on Chapter 17, it's so hard because I can't save beforehand, and don't want to lose any characters. So every time someone dies I reset. I'm not sure if my team is underleveled, or if I'm just not good enough at the game. My team is currently: Kamui - My main character is a level 25 Witch. Kana - Kana is a level 2 Dark Knight Takumi - Takumi is a level 1 Kinshi Knight Ryoma - Level 5, the same you get him at. Mozu - Mozu is a level 20 Dark Falcon Benny - Benny is a level 18 knight Scarlet - Scarlet is a level 3 Wyvern Lord Camilla - Camilla is a level 4 Malig Knight
  16. I've been playing the JPN version of Conquest ever since the game was released, and I still haven't beaten it yet. Currently I'm on chapter 23 of it, playing by my own set of rules, and I regret doing this sort of playthrough (but oh well, gotta finish what you started). My rules: No DLC (a given) Cannot use children units (a given) Death of any playable/recruitable unit = Reset Have a MU with it's Boons/Banes not optimized (this rule is optional since it is completely possible to complete the game with an unit without optimizations) You CANNOT use any item/weapon/inherit skills/use Units from Streetpass/DLC/Online (interacting with other castles) You can use gold however you want You CANNOT use Boots/Bonus items (ie. skill scrolls, items that came with owning routes) You can only promote units with Master/Buddy/Parallel/Marriage Seals. You can use Stat-increasing items however you want (ie. Spirit Dust, tonics, cafeterias) Cannot use offensive staffs (ie. Enfeeble, Hexxing Rod, etc) (you can only use it if a recruit-able unit comes with one) No online My Castle interactions whatsoever (only exception is to grind out Dragon Vein points) No Streetpass interactions whatsoever Cannot use children paralogues unless it is for promoting an unpromoted unit. You must promote all the retainers of the Royal Family (ie. Odin/Niles, etc etc) You can only promote unpromoted units at level 20, while units that can only use staves/rods can be promoted at level 10 (beast units must be promoted at level 25) Azura/Aqua must have C-rank in lance. The weapon types of a canon class of a unit MUST be at least at C (if a unit does not have a canon class, then only the weapon ranks of a base class must be C) [spoiler=Explanation]This means that you MUST use weapons of the lowest weapon rank unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary until that weapon rank is at C (ie. significant hit rate difference between lowest weapon rank and highest weapon rank) [spoiler=Example]Effie has pink armor as a Knight. When you promote Effie into a General, she also has pink armor, which is unique to her. Therefore, Effie's canon class is General. A General can use Axes/Lances, whereas a Great Knight (a class where Effie can also promote to) uses Axes/Lances/Swords Because Effie's canon class is a General, only Axes/Lances must be at least rank C [spoiler=Exception for Corrin/MyUnit]Corrin only needs to have Sword/Dragonstone to at least rank C You can use your own My Castle in however way you want, however you MUST not have any statues out for the three optional My Castle battles ("Def War" in the JPN translated version) Strategies of completing maps must not rely on crits to win. If a map has loot, you must get as much as possible unless it becomes practically impossible to obtain Optimizing marriages are completely optional I think I may be missing a few other miscellaneous rules, but I got most of them. If you ever decide to attempt to do whatever I'm doing, may the stars align for you.
  17. So I have been having a lot of fun with this game, the overall mechanics and gameplay is so good this time round, but with all the good times and memories that I like to have with every game that I play; I also like to have my fair share of grueling experiences with the games I like. So I decided to finally man up, and attempt my first Lunatic run of a Fire Emblem. Then a friend of mine decided to joke around talking about how I never use prepromotes in FE games. From that joke I decide to pour a little salt on the wound and ban them from this run, finally deciding to just pour the whole container of salt into the deep cut and make it a PMU to increase my odds of having the worst/best time of my life. Basic Rules apply as always 16 Units to pick from, including a full avatar customization. Any class for units, I have dlc pack 1 so any dlc classes that come from those chapters or from path bonuses are available to use. Prepromotes aren't available to pick from. Lottery shop, Lilith Bars, and random items are A-OK If you guys have any other ways I can make this playthrough a living nightmare for myself be sure to submit suggestions and I will take all of them into account! I will be recording this and uploading it for all of you laugh at my expense :) Units +Mag -Lck MU Cavalier -> Paladin FeMU Bow Knight Niles Master Ninja Laslow Great Knight Effie Swordmaster Odin Dark Knight Peri Kinshi Knight Selena Sorcerer Nyx!Ignatius General Nyx Does he fight for his friends, or for the good will of the people? Who knows: Arthur Malig Knight Elise Maid Anna Adventurer Nina Bow Knight Soliel Wolfssegner Keaton Wolfssegner Velouria
  18. So, having just finished Conquest on Hard, I'm having a dilemma. Birthright is easier, at least from what I've hear from literally everyone I know playing Fates. Furthermore, grinding is possible. Supposedly, Revelation is between the two in terms of difficulty. Seeing as there's no Lunatic+ to unlock, and I've heard that Fates' Lunatic mode isn't the totally and completely idiotic and non-strategic RNGfest Awakening's lunatic/lunatic+ was, I'm wondering whether to play Birthright on Hard or Lunatic mode. My concern is that I intend to play Revelation on Hard mode because Hard mode doesn't lock your stat growths at mission start, and I want to use my Revelation playthrough for PvP later on (which means locked growths would make stat-capping awful grindy and tedious). If I play Lunatic Birthright, will Revelation on Hard be boringly easy? Thanks in advance for opinions and input, I'd appreciate someone whose already done this weighing as well.
  19. This PMU is finished and all my progress reports are listed below. Thank you for this run guys! Hey guys! So as the title says, I'm doing a Revelation Lunatic run for my final golden emblem!! (Already beat Birthright and Conquest on Lunatic) I wanna spice things up a bit and ask the community here to pick my units to beat the game!! Here's what I have- -I am Female Corrin -I have all DLC to date ...... yeah that's it So like just tell me a unit and what final class they should be! You can even suggest DLC classes!! I'll take about 16 units (including my avatar) to run with! Thanks in advance!! Team: 1. Viberua (Avatar) 2, Rinkah - Blacksmith [Nintetales] 3. Keaton - Wolfseggner [Fateborn] 4. Laslow - Hero [Lemui] 5. Niles - Sorcerer [Peppy] 6. Kagero - Ninja / Dread Fighter [Dollysama] 7. Arthur - Hero [Pink Forde] 8. Elise - Wyvern Lord (?) / Malig Knight (?) [joshcja] 9. Camilla - Malig Knight [Ms. Bunch] 10. Ryoma - Swordmaster [Refa] 11. Odin - Swordmaster [Rathichu] 12. Xander - Paladin [shinkuma] 13 Azura - Great Lord [Lord_Grima] 14. Caeldori - Dark Falcon [sieghart] 15 Hana - Onmyoji [GoXDS] 16. Selena - Bow Knight [Affected Dork Dragon] UPDATE: Thank you guys for participating! I'll update my progress to you guys!! he question is, should I update every chapter or every few? My thoughts on this team: I actually think I'll run through Revelation with little trouble!! The guys you gave me are actually pretty solid and I don't really have to worry about them standing on their own (well except Hana) I actually never used Caeldori, Hana, and Kagero before so seeing them in action will probably be super interesting for me!! Wish me luck!! Chapter 7-11 Chapter 12-17 Chapter 18-19 Chapter 20-22 Chapter 23-Endgame
  20. I only have one Rescue charge so I can't do the 2 turn strat with Nina I've been seeing, anyone know a strat with one Rescue charge?
  21. I know that levels ups are fixed to where you you cant reset a chapter and get different level ups. I have a couple things I was hoping could get clarified. 1: Is the level ups the same for everyone or does it get determined when they are recruited? (Is my lvl 15 Xander have the same stats as your lvl 15 Xander) 2: If you inherit or reclass to get aptitude, looking at Mozus kid, will it change your level ups? 3: How are the level ups determined? I read somewhere that is was on a 100 point system using your growth rate, so if you had 50% in STR you would get STR every other level up. Is this correct? I am trying to plan my Lunatic Conquest Playthrough.
  22. I know that level ups are fixed on lunatic conquest. I'm curious does aptitude effect these level ups. I'm curious if it's worth it to match Mozu up just for aptitude.
  23. I already asked this question before on a different forum, but not much interest was shown. But from the given suggestions, and what we can realistically achieve so far with ROM hacking, I've come up with a small list of tentative changes and would like some input. http://pastebin.com/933nAbXM And because I know this is going to be suggested, no, we don't know yet (or at least I don't know) how the game handles what shop sells what, so I can't edit shops at this moment.
  24. So I'm new to the Serene Forest forums (this is even my first post), but I'm not new to either Fire Emblem or Serene Forest. I joined to see if I could get some optimization help/suggestions considering I recently got all the awakening DLC (meaning I can grind exp/gold for this run). I made a google doc showing my setup that I plan to use. I went through the hassle to make it neat incase anyone wants to use it for reference. I need help deciding whom the children should marry. My Setup: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i_8mRRwq0mN8WWUo6HGLJeIqO8QOfYzm2va5sfdLL9I/edit?usp=sharing [ In case it wasn't apparent in the doc, it's a M!MU run with +Skill,-Defense. ] Skillset suggestions? Pairing suggestions? Class suggestions? General feedback? --- Anything is appreciated.
  25. So I was going to start playing Lunatic Mode and wanted to know if anyone can give me any tips. Such as, If I should go classic or casual mode. This is my first time playing Lunatic mode. ((EDIT: I have the DLC MAP "EXPonetial Growth." I'm guessing I should grind that right?))
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