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Found 22 results

  1. Hey everyone! My name is Chu, and I'm a recently converted Fire Emblem fan. My friend and I have been hard at work over the past few months on this project. It's what it says in the title: the Fire Emblem tactical experience ported to online multiplayer. This isn't a super trimmed-down version like the Link Arena; instead, think online simulators like Pokemon Showdown, but for Fire Emblem. The core unit and turn-based gameplay remains the same. Grab a friend and fight to the death! Please keep in mind that we're still actively working on this, that it's a very early (hopefully working) beta, and that there may be bugs. Link to website (more info!): http://chudooder.github.io/FEMultiplayer/ Link to github repository (fork us!): https://github.com/chudooder/FEMultiplayer Link to releases page (download links!): https://github.com/chudooder/FEMultiplayer/releases How to play: Mouse, Arrow keys, Z = accept, X = cancel If you want to set up a team before you battle, you can load up the client and go into the Team Builder. You can also save and load existing teams using the corresponding buttons. One player needs to start the FEServer.jar server, which is in the .zip you download. The host will have to port forward on port 21255 (TCP/UDP). Both players can then start the main client and connect to the server. (The displayed IP is your local IP, so unless you're doing LAN play, use your public IP: http://www.whatismyip.com/). TIP: The server host can connect to a server on the same computer by using "localhost" as the ip. The remote client has to use the server's public IP. Once both players ready up, then finalize their parties, the game will start. Game modes and server configuration: Map is the level you will play on. We only have two right now. One might look very familiar to those who play certain ARTS games. dota Objective is the objective of the game. Rout = kill everyone. Seize = kill the opposing Lord, or get your Lord to their throne/castle. Some maps only support certain objectives. Max units: I would leave this at 8 for now. Otherwise, it limits how many units each player can have on their team. Modifiers: Craaaaazy stuff. Throw common sense out the window and put in special conditions to fight under. Hover over the modifiers to find out what they do. Pick Mode: Change between free-for-all unit selection and tactical drafting modes. I also want to give a big thanks to everyone at SerenesForest, FEPlanet, and all the other Fire Emblem resource websites. Getting the sprites for the game was important, but it was also a lot of work. Thanks to the efforts of the many people collecting GBA sprites, we were able to spend more time coding rather than painstakingly extracting emulator images. We hope you enjoy! - Chu - Jedyobidan Screenshots:
  2. What kind of multiplayer features are you guys looking forward to? I really want some sort of co-op or duel type systems in place. I feel like co-op always could of been something interesting and help broaden the game to new heights. It wouldn't be too hard to implement either.
  3. So I go into multiplayer. 75% of my time is spent playing against people with normal stats. However, 25% of it is spent playing against people with: Spd stat in the 40s, sometimes in the 50s Str stat at LEAST 38 Avo above 100 Skill stat 40-45 (And then they capitalize upon this by using Hoshidan Unity) So the question is HOW do they do it? Given that: Half of their chars are able to do it without being paired up The stat caps for each class far precede what their current stats actually are And most notably: None of their units are holding any stat-boosting emblems This is very frustrating, because my unit's stats are capped out under their normal circumstances with all +7 weapons and they still do no good against these teams. The teams in question have their skills triggered almost 100% of the time (which they abuse with Lethality, something id never do), and also every time I try to make an attack, their support unit ALWAYS deflects the attack. Any answers for this ungodly phenomena?
  4. What I'm trying to ask is: Do people prefer My Castles that are more oriented for battles, or castles that are more appealing, visually and localation wise? Or even just castles that let you easily buy skills.
  5. Alright, so I just got Monster Hunter Generations a few days ago and was super excited to play it! Then it hit me, I don't have anyone to play it with! I would like to make some more friends who will hunt with me! I'm pretty good considering I've been playing Monster Hunter games for a long time. Anyways, if you're interested or in need of a buddy, you can put your friend code on here and I'll add you! You can also PM me if you'd like, and feel free to talk about MHGen and all it's greatness! My friend code is 2681 - 3261 - 3264!
  6. So , here is a hack i made . it's a very quickly made hack i made to test if it was possible to do a "Fire emblem versus" So you got two teams . seems like a normal and boring battle , heh? But in reality You switch team every turn , which basically result in some sort of "fire emblem Multiplayer" It's for fire emblem 7 Link to the patch : http://www.mediafire.com/file/ceo961bil033kae/FireEmblemVersus%28Beta%29.ups Screenshot: [spoiler={option}]
  7. So I want to do some new builds for PvP. As for now I recently acquires a bond unit with Fiery Blood and +SPD/-DEF mods, so this is my current planned build: Phoenix Class: Elite Ninja Boots:2 PS: Fiery Blood -Galeforce -Awakening -Lucky Seven -Vantage -Vengeance All stats are going to be maxed since statue bond unit abuse exist. The current goal of the set is to kill 2 unit with Sacrifical Knife so I am at %40 to trigger Fiery Blood, Vantage, Awakening and stack damage with Vengeance, Lucky Seven stacks with Awakening effectively giving me 50+hit and 50+avoid so I am able to be an effective dodgetank and deal with breakers if I need to. Others ways exist such as attacking on purpose at close range to go down to less than %50 an ending with Kagero Dart since it gives a +20 avoid. What do you think about the overall set? Dunno if I should change something. The other currently build I am aiming for is an Icy Blood, since it took me like 3 consecutive days to obtain the Fiery Blood BU as I wanted I may just use Flora instead, of course maybe also logbook abuse. Though currently I think I may go for something like this: Flora Boots:? PS: Icy Blood -Wary Fighter -Counter -Countermagic -Warp -Replicate Or something like that. If someone has an interesting build aside from Zerk Rush spam and you dont mind sharing it please tell me.
  8. Hey peeps, I only recently got the game and have just passed chapter 10 in hard classic. A lot of features are becoming more open to me and I have began to prepare for multiplayer with my friends. I would like to know what the best My Castle styles are and what the best way to defend them is. I have been using the Izumite layout as I find it the most aesthetically pleasing and wish to keep this so any feedback in regard to defending that particular style is very much appreciated. I would also like to know what units tend to out-perform others from your experiences and what classes are best for what jobs (for example in Awakening, sorcerer was the go to magic class. I also want to know what skills work best for multiplayer and not the story or DLC chapters. I ignored armsthrift in Awakening for the very reason that I focused on streetpass teams. To anyone who responds, thank you for your time and feedback.
  9. So since I have yet to see this spelled out anywhere, Name a class, then name another class that can effectively dispatch the former- assuming both units have maxed stats and weapons. I've noticed a maxed out swordmaster with 150 avo, 69 spd (while paired) still ends up being outgunned by daggers/shuriken. While normal units would have 0% hit chance, master ninjas that dont even have maxed stats are somehow able to achieve around a 60% hit rate. This is WITH the swordmaster having shurikenbreaker and (I think) without the master nin having swordbreaker. Does the weapon triangle advantage really give THIS much of an advantage? Im not sure if i have the correct cause of this phenomena, and I may be exaggerating the hit rate a bit, but regardless I've seen some hit rates that dont really make sense based solely on stats. Thoughts? This was posted with 5 vs 5 multiplayer in mind. Not castle battles.
  10. How would people feel about if there is enough interest and discussion. Piggybacking off Icy Toasts thread here If we were to set up tournaments or like a semi competitive metagame around this concept? Like we usually make a meta around the LTC aspects, but how about this as well? Thoughts?
  11. Guten Tag, since the game isn't released in erope yet, I'm already tryng to figure out what my multiplayer team will be. But to start mindcrafting about that, I have to pick one of the three "games". Currently im leaning towards "Revelations". There are a couple of reasons for it. 1.: You get, according to online recources, all of the royal famalys, nearly all troops of both paths and even some special ones. That means more options for kids (i guess?!) more options for class change and maybe new units from the kids. This is mostly speculation, but for Min/Max Kids in multiplayer very vailable. 2.: You get the "Omega-Yato". It's stat boni are the offensiv and deffensiv from the blaze and grim yato respectevly. That means its the strongest Yato of all. Its also the one with the best design, but thats just "bonus". Unless nearly everybody on multiplayer will use the glitch to make it +7, its unfored still very good vs most units, and with 16mt even strong without the stat boni. 3.: You can grind like in birthright. I know you can also grind in conqest via dlc/post-game, but to use the "best yato" you cant reach post-game, and the feedback on grinding in the dlc's is just bad till now. That are my thoughts for now. They can be wrong, since i totally rely on online-information. Pls correct me if i am wrong. But to get the best online team possible "Revelations" is the best version I feel like. Thx for reeding, and sorry for my bad english.
  12. The title. haven't seen a topic for this yet and figured it'd be cool to have one thread instead of a bunch of threads. (if there is one sorry for obtuseness) I'm guessing you have to add friend codes to play with friends so lets play with each other. Post your FC here if you want and i'll add it to the this google doc list SF friend code list for fates https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qrxkyauXlGLMXbpNC6s9-3LqTwDWDD-3F-bkmarUfak/edit i've only played one battle so far with just corrin and felicia but hope to improve my team as the game progresses.
  13. I know Elie made a thread asking who has/will get the game, but I figured it would be a good idea to have a separate thread specifically to ask for/join groups. So yeah, here goes nothing. If you want to start a group, fill out this form: Area: Friend Code: Your Link's Name: Time you can adventure: Region irl (due to region lock): If you want to join another member's group, fill out this form: Host's SF Display Name: Friend Code: Your Link's Name:
  14. I thought I would set up this topic so that people can organise matches and private lobbys with each other, as well as discussing this game with each other as well. To get the ball rolling, my Steam username is CooledEvergreen, just as a note, Voice Chat is a no go for me.
  15. Hey Serenes Forest! I'm part of a small group from Reddit that's trying to revive an old project called Fire Emblem Multiplayer, which is based on the GBA games. It's almost self-explanatory; you download the .zip, build a server, then invite your friends to play. It's all based in Java, and so far, lots of FE fans have had fun playing it. The problem is that the game has issues, from very small such as the inability to turn down the audio or resize the game window, to bigger ones like game crashes, missing characters, no menus, and balance between characters. At its current state, it's playable, but the big issues plague it. So, we've decided to see if we can take a crack at improving the game. The creator is okay with this, and the code is open-source. What we're mainly looking so far to do is add menus for configuration, add new game modes, and hopefully balance the game for easy use. It would be awesome, and a great way for FE fans to connect. If you'd like to help in any way, head over to /r/FEMP, or comment here. Any help we can get is appreciated! EDIT 16/09/15: NEW UPDATE
  16. HELLO SERENES FOREST! TacticsEmblem here to give you guys an introduction to a project I have been working on all summer. Dungeons & Emblems is a multiplayer Fire Emblem I crafted in Excel and Google Sheets. It has been no easy task, but I finally wrote enough information to actually play the game! New features are often being added, so expect expansion packs. Here are some of the features in this game so far: 56 jobs, each with three ranks, distributed between 7 classes: Soldier, Mercenary, Occultist, Mystic, Outlaw, Performer, and Noble. 7 types of physical arms: Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow, Knife, and new Caestus and Staff (for healers to bonk their enemies with). 8 types of magic spells: Staff, Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder, Light, Darkness, and Geomancy. 2 types of performance: Song and Dance Many Heavy Armors, Light Armors, Shields, Boots, and Accessories 20 personality types, each offering a unique set of bonuses for support units 175 Skills 17 status ailments, more ways to inflict them, and RNG rolls to do so Neat experience table 50 levels of character growth Features coming soon (once I recover the info from my HDD): Monsters, some actually original, most borrowed from myth, legend, literature, and other games. An original world map Some mostly original characters 2 types of crafting, Alchemy and Enchantment 4 types of summon spells: Necromancy, Demonology, Hagiology, and Animation Changes and Omissions (based on features found in GBA and GC versions of Fire Emblem): No character constitution or weight, and therefore no rescuing or shoving No biorhythm No Laguz Magic stat renamed to Intelligence, Skill stat renamed to Dexterity, Resistance shortened to Resist Items like Vulnerary can be used on units, rather than used BY them (think Final Fantasy Tactics) Spell tomes don't degrade if they miss. Difference in experience award between mere survival/missing and avoiding, and between killing and one-hit killing Physical damage weapons with elemental attributes That's all I can think of right now. I'm interested in questions, comments, and concerns anyone might have about this project. I have been working pretty hard on it, and it's still being tested and developed, so any volunteers would be appreciated. I'll post some files later, maybe in an hour so hang tight.
  17. This thread is for questions about the multiplayer aspect of FE:Fates My first question - to anyone who has their Japanese copy - is are captured units from the prison usable as units over multiplayer? (This is my first topic so I'm sorry if I broke rules.. I dont think i did though.)
  18. So me and my friends have been playing quite a few matches locally since I can't get online with my school network (not to mention its a hella fun) and we typically play with a level 7-9 CPU 7 and 8 are pretty easy and tend to die off real quick. But 9 damn talk about perfect shield every freakin time and perfect dodge from followups. While the offstage game is still a little lacking they are not push overs and we've even lost a couple of games to them (granted we play 4 player with items). Oh and those hard to land Final Smashes and Dragoon jet they land them 100% of the time. Is it me or did they ramp up the difficulty of the CPU's in Smash 4?
  19. Hey guys. I'm a little new to Serenes Forest, but I've been a FE fan for quite awhile. Does anyone agree with me that someone smart should program a Fire Emblem emulator for online multiplayer on PC? I live in a small town where only a few people I know actually play FE, but I think it would be cool to play multiplayer with other FE fans online. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only multiplayer I can think of in existence of FE is Shadow Dragon and that game was not made very well. Post your thoughts below, Thanks!
  20. From everything except 3DS and Wii U, what you think of that? if you wanna see the news.. http://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/vyWpoM6CBIe6FjW8NIY7bvzOrgBURhzw didn't actually know about it from nintendo website after all.. But it's not now, just in may 20... This mean goodbye to a bunch of online modes in games Including all pokemons that aren't on wii u or 3ds such as the not so much recent Pokemon Black White 2.
  21. Hello, everyone know that Awakening has terrible multiplayer and for sure many people would like to face each other army against army, like in Shadow Dragon. Do you think is producer planning to add some multiplayer maps to Outrealm Gate? Something like Multiplayer Pack, for sure everyone would purchase it. And if not, is there a way to ask, or even write petition for it, if a lot of players would sign it?
  22. Kid Icarus Uprising is a pretty popular 3DS game. While opinions on the game vary highly (especially on the note of controls), I'm sure most of us who like it can agree the vast amount of resources to use and the fast, on rails action are a blast. And the multiplayer is pretty popular to, which is why this thread exists! Here is a place for you to meet and challenge fellow players, organize tournaments and special battles, and seek out new opponents to sate your blood lust! So without further adieu, go out, battle, and have fun! CHALLENGERS BULLETIN: [spoiler=Rules/Introduction]Have no particular foe or challenge in mind, but would just like to battle? Then take your pick from the Challenger's Bulletin! Here is a list off all foes similarly just looking for a fight! Upon finding an opponent who you'd like to fight, simply ask them either in this thread, a PM, or some other convenient, non-disruptive means to battle, set up and have at it! To be put on the Challenger's Bulletin, simply make a post here or send me a PM requesting to be on and include times you should be available! Giving your Friend Code is not required to be put on*. If you ever wish to edit information on the Challenger's Bulletin, then simply do the same thing as you did to get on with the desire changed included. Should you decide you want to be taken off the Challenger's Bulletin, simply make a post here or send me a PM requesting to be put on. *- Note, if you do submit your Friend Code it will be put next to your name on the Bulletin unless otherwise is requested. AnonymousSpeed Necromancer (1332 7737 2201)
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