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Found 1 result

  1. ...And they pulled an ORAS. Literally all they did was flash the logos and a couple in-development models, along with some concept art. They really couldn't have said less on the matter. Update 4/12: May CoroCoro disappoints; shows whited-out versions of the games' covers (seen below), and little else. Confirmation that Magearna is steel/fairy. Update 5/10: First actual gameplay trailer has dropped. See below: Starters and legendaries revealed! Also, we've got a release date: November 18 Images of the game covers were also revealed: Update 6/2: New trailer revealed. The user Vashiane concisely summarized the main points of the video: Update 6/11: CoroCoro leaked, and alongside it two new Pokemon were revealed. Nekkoala is a normal type koala pokemon with the new ability "definite sleep", which prevents it from being afflicted by any status that isn't sleep. The second is Iwanko, the rock-type Poi Dog. It can have either Keen Eye or Vital Spirit for it's abilities. Scans here: Nekkoala Iwanko (1) Iwanko (2) The issue also hints that the starters and Iwanko all hide a secret (but unfortunately not Nekkoala). ...Synchro Evolution? Update 6/11 Part 2: Zygarde's 10% and 100% forms were confirmed. They have been spotted using several new moves, and it appears that it changes between the two based upon HP. 10% form: 100% form: Update 6/14: - Three new Pokemon, Yungoos, Grubbin, andPikipek, were shown. - Battle Royale mode introduced; it's 4-plyaer FFA - Trainer customization confirmed to be returning in some extent -The legendaries have mysterious new forms: Solgaleo's got "Radaint Sun" while Lunaala's got "Full Moon". Yungoos and Pikipek info: Trailer detailing most of the info above Update 7/1: A new trailer dropped, detailing seven new Pokemon: The website also updated with the CoroCoro pokemon: Komala and Rockruff. Update 7/12: Two new pokemon were leaked in CoroCoro and briefly shown off in a new Japanese trailer for the games: From serebii: "The bear is called Kiteruguma and is Normal/Fighting with the abilities Fluffy and Klutz, while the ghost is Mimikkyu and is Ghost/Fairy. It has the ability called Disguise." "People in Alola are scared of Kiteruguma to the point of having warning signs about it. It is really strong and can break anytthing in two. It likes to hug its trainers but is strong. Raising one puts your life in danger. Mimikkyu hates sunlight, preferring dark places. It is rumoured that the cloth covering its body is a strategy to avoid the sun. Don't try to remove the cloth it is said that those that do become afflicted with an illness" We have no idea what Fluffy/Disguise do in terms of abilities. Update 8/1: New trailer with a bunch of new info. Trailer here: Forum user Vashiane has summarized all of it. EDIT: However, another user (Nym) has pointed out some incorrect info concerning stake-out: "It allows the user to 'deal twice the normal damage if the opponent just switched into battle'. So it's the exact opposite of Pursuit but it's an ability instead of an attack." Alright, here's a quick run-down on all the information from the new video! Update 8/12: New info was revealed in the latest trailer, most of which was leaked ahead of time. Alolan variants for Meowth, Marowak, and Raichu were confirmed, as well as the new 'mons Wishiwashi, Pyukumuku, and Morelull. The month's CoroCoro issue also revealed a pre-evolution for Bewear: Nuikoguma (subject to change in localization). A line of Ghost/Ground Sandcastle Pokemon- Sunabaa and Shirodesuna -were also shown in CoroCoro and not touched upon in the trailers. Artwork for new Pokemon Trailer: The new villainous team, Team Skull, was also revealed: http://www.pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/team-skull/. Update 08/18: At the Gamescom stream, a new pokemon was revealed: Turtonator. It is fire/dragon, with shell armor for its ability. Update 08/19: Hot off the heels of the Gamescom stream, a new trailer was dropped showcasing the three 'mons previously revealed in Famitsu and a new one entirely- Crabrawler (fighting type). Sandygast and Palossand (our ghostly sand castles) have a new ability: Water Compaction. It raises their defense by two stages when hit with a water type move. Also, Stufful looks just as odd as it's evolved form- Bewear. New Pokemon Trailer: Update 9/1: During the Nintendo Direct today, two new announcements were made for Sun and Moon. First is Alolan Ratatta; it gains the dark typing. Secondly, there will be a Munchlax distribution at launch. It's holding Snorlium Z, which gives Snorlax a completely unique Z-move: Pulverizing Pancake. Trailer: Uptade 9/6 A new trailer was released, with a few new pokemon and loads of info on new characters. Trailer: Vashiane has once again kindly and conclusively typed up a summary on the matter: "A new day, a new summary post. Let's just knock this out real quick, shall we? *Just note that for this post to lay out The Facts so no theorycrafting from me in this post. New Pokemon/Alolan Forms Time Differences The Aether Foundation Gladion Zygarde Cells and Cores Pokemon Sna - uh, Poke Finder Ultra Beasts And that, I do believe, is everything. Sorry about the wait for this, typing this up took longer than it normally does." Update 9/14: We have a new short trailer, detailing two new ultra beasts: UB02-Absorption and UB02-Beauty. Absorption is exclusive to Sun and Beauty is exclusive to Moon. On the topic of exclusives, the most recent issue of CoroCoro has shown off Rockruff's evolutions... well, technically evolution. It evolves into Lugarugan (try saying that ten times fast without mixing "Gurren Lagan" in), but it's appearance and probably movepool depends on which version. In Sun, it evolves into it's Midday form: Pretty straightforward. It learns a new move "Accel Rock" - a rock type priority move (and all the Talonflames were paralyzed in fear). The wild looking one is it's Midnight form, which it evolves into in Moon: We've got a werewolf in Alola, folks. It learns the not-so-new move counter. Of note is that typing, abilities, and stats were not detailed. However, there will be a new trailer at 9:00 a.m. on September 20th- they may reveal that info there. That's it for this update. We're really starting to get an image of the version differences. And Moon master race! Update 9/20: A new trailer dropped, detailing Lycanroc (as it is now called) and two new version exclusives: Passimian (Sun) and Oranguru (Moon). Passimian has the new ability receiver, wherein it inherites the ability of the most recently fainted ally pokemon. Oranguru, on the other hand, has the new move Instruct: an allied Pokemon will repeat the move that it just used. So, a better helping hand with shades of Parental Bond. Trailer Update 10/4 (message acknowledged): A new trailer was released, revealing the middle evolutions of the starter pokemon, as well as various other new features. The ever wonderful Vashiane has once again summarized all the info for us: Trailer: Update 10/14: A new trailer dropped, following up on recent CoroCoro leaks. Vashiane has once again provided an excellent summary: New Pokemon New Trainers Trailer:
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