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Found 10 results

  1. Rules: 1. Game will be attempted in 400 turns (500 for the medal, but I'd like to challenge myself) 2. Normal/Classic 3. All deaths are permanent 4. No more than 9 characters + lords for each route 5. Pitchforks and Deliverance DLC's (if the former is specifically requested) will be permitted 6. After completing the main campaign I will be playing through Act 6, please keep this in mind for the viability of certain picks 7. I enjoy having units who support one another when possible Thank you for any picks you provide! Alm: - Faye (Mage - Kliff (any class) - Clive (Mercenary) Celica: - Leon (default class) - Catria (default class)
  2. After many, many resets for a good initial seed, this is finally started!
  3. Alright so after realizing I really suck at Xcom 2 and my computer can't handle it I'm back to Fire Emblem. Sacred Stones is still on hold, but I decided that I should continue going through the games and thus Path of Radiance was chosen! Just like Sacred Stones I know nothing about the story and even less about the characters except that the main character has a sword :P. I'm very excited to play this game, since not even my friend has played it and he said he'll be watching. No pressure, right? [spoiler=Story] It starts off with two men clashing (one obviously being the protagonist). Ike gets knocked down and when a little girl distracts the older man Ike strikes at him, but is easily defeated and knocked unconscious. Ike then proceeds to have a dream about an indigo haired woman and is woken up by the little girl's song and possibly the worst voice acting in history. [spoiler=Tutorial] We go through the beginning of the tutorial where Mist gets onto our father about hitting Ike so hard. Then Ike defends his honor by wanting to challenge his father once more, but before he can...OMG IS THAT ROSS!? He's back from the dead! It's a miracle! But in actuality his name is Boyd and he is offered to be our training dummy. I then proceed to kill Ross. Again. Mist then proceeds to insult Boyd and I begin my fight with my Father and win easily. Ike then begs to be a mercenary since apparently Ross is one too. My Father relents and I officially join the Greil Mercenaries. We got a really good level btw I'll do the 1st Chapter right after posting this, but I really wanted to just get this out there and start playing this game. Also any help regarding items or recruitable units is much appreciated.
  4. Yes you did indeed read the title of this topic correctly, I have never played a Fire Emblem game. I've wanted to play one for a while now and so I asked one of my friends whcih game I should start with. He originally replied with FE7, but then changed his decision to FE8 which is what I'll be playing through. I must start off with saying that I do know most of the basic things about Fire Emblem like the weapon triangle, which stats do what, and that I should "Share the experience" as my friend calls it. Any questions I ask about the story are completely my own thoughts and I do not want answers to them. Any tips or suggestions on how to play the game or which characters I should use would be greatly appreciated. I will be playing Fire Emblem Sacred Stones on Normal difficulty. I'm not sure if this usual Fire Emblem stats, but holy crud look at those stats! (I probably sound like the biggest noob ever) Despite Seth having good stats I used Eirika the entire Prologue Map and I managed to KO everyone with her. She got a critical on the very first boss and destroyed him immediately. This seems like a good level up to me. Hopefully I'm not wrong. And this was my entire Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Prologue Chapter in a nutshell. I don't have much to say on the story since it currently seems pretty generic, but my friend has told me it gets better, so I shall listen. Thank you for reading and hopefully I don't get everyone horribly dead and maimed.
  5. I think difficulty is pretty easy to figure out on the same route -Hard is harder than Normal, Lunatic's harder than Hard- but is Lunatic Birthright harder than Hard Conquest? Lunatic Revelation? After going through Conquest on Hard, Hard Birthright was a cakewalk, I found. Is stepping up to Lunatic for Birthright feasible during lategame? (Chapter 23)
  6. I'm curious to know how everyone will play their game on their very first run, so feel free to share your choice and reasons. For me it would be: Hoshido Hard/Classic No Reset Little to no grinding (but I will be messing around with Hoshido My Castle). I always play a new Fire Emblem game this way because it reminds me of playing the series for the very first time as a kid and I wanna see how much I've improved as an Fire Emblem player in general by thinking of strategies on the fly and dealing with the consequences of having a character die without making the game unbeatable (i.e Fredrick dying in lunatic during the first few chapters of Awakening). But if Orochi, Orobo or Pieri die... so help me god I will jump out of a freaking window. EDIT: Now Hoshido or Nohr is an option in the poll.
  7. Hello, Serenes Forest Forums! I will be doing a partially blind playthrough of FE11 Shadow Dragon, normal mode. Here is Prologue 1. [spoiler=Prologue 1] The title screen! Looks nice, I guess. Like the terrible player I am, I'm playing on normal mode. Shoot me. Then, this intro appeared on the screen. [spoiler=Introduction]"Long ago, Medeus, king of the dragonkin, conquered the continent of Akaneia, beginning an age of fear and despair for all its people. That tyranny was broken, however, when an unlikely hero intervened. A young man hailing from the Altea region appeared with a divine blade in hand. He stood against the Shadow Dragon, and struck him down. For some time after, the land enjoyed an age of peace. However, after a century's passing, the Shadow Dragon returned. He forged an alliance with a fiendish sorcerer who sought to rule the world, and their combined might toppled kingdom upon unsuspecting kingdom. Again, darkness threatened to engulf the continent. It fell upon the king of Altea, sole descendant of the dragon-slayer hero, to 'sally forth with the divine blade and fulfill his blood destiny. His son, Prince Marth, remained at home with the boy's mother, his elder sister, and a garrison manned by Altea's neighbor and ally, Gra'. Thus the boy applied himself to the ways of both pen and sword, until one day..." Why did they name that place Gra...? I mean... Gra. Why not something cool, like Wizard, or Australia? Moving on... Young Marth! So... Apparently, we have to go to the throne. Here is Marth, our lovable, blue-haired lord. For some reason, his defense is okay, but his skill is kind of bad. I'm going to guess his growths are going to change this. A wild generic appeared! He brought his axe-wielding buddies to help! CIRCLE SLASH After killing those guys with ease, Marth leveled up. It's what you've all been waiting for... I hate Fire Emblem Moving on... I feel really threatened by this guy. Yup. I'm shaking. Yep, I'm fine, dearest sister...! How are you on this fine day? Gra? Is that some kind of pasta...? We've lost mummy?! Oh noez! I could've produced some inappropriate innuendo with her around... He was defeated by the pasta people?! Are you sure?! 'K, sis. ...'K, sis. 'K, SIS. JEEZ, YOU'RE SO WEIRD And thus our hero, Prince Marth, fled the throne-room. What will happen next? Find out in the next part of Shadow Dragon with Wizard!
  8. On Normal, he's never needed; I benched him before midgame because the other units were just as good. On Lunatic, I must use him to get through the early game. What about Hard mode? How much is intelligent use of Frederick on Hard? The enemies aren't very strong as on Lunatic, but your starting units and equipment will have trouble with them, unlike on Normal. My feelings for Frederick aside (I like his personality), the idea would be to use him as little as possible, but sometimes he's the only hope to escape an unfavorable situation...
  9. I have a strategy that will work for anyone who has DLC, on any difficulty. First, you add your avatar into the avatar logbook, with full stats, and any skills you want him to be equipped with. This should be done on easy, or hard, so that you don't have too much trouble. Second, start a game on the difficulty that you cannot complete (e.g. Lunatic). Spam Frederick paired up with Chrom, until you have completed chapter 4, so that you will unlock the Outrealm Gate. Third, grind the Golden Gaffe, until you have enough money to buy the avatar from Step 1. Now use this avatar as much as you want. Notes: The more full-stat avatars you have, the better. You can keep grinding the golden gaffe, to buy up to 20 avatars at once. If you have Rouges and Redeemers 3, you can equip Limit Breaker. You should consider equipping this on your avatar(s). If you have 99,999 Renown, you can sell the Supreme Emblem for 99,999G, and your Bullion (L) for 10,000G, and (probably) buy an avatar before completing chapter 4. These avatars cannot have support conversations, so unfortunately, the support boosts won't increase. You can use the EXPonential Growth, in order to get lots of experience, but I recommend you wait until completing chapter 16 (or paralogue 16) so that you can buy Master Seals, and Second Seals. I hope this information helps!
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