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Found 1 result

  1. LHM>HNM because I suck at FE. LET'S GO [spoiler=Prologue] I raise my sword up in the air sometimes~ The most difficult part of this game right here... Sure wynaut? Yay I guess? Dammit whenever the screen is black and you see that something kinky happened. Or I'm in the Velvet Room. Make that 'no' to the Velvet Room and 'yes' to kinky. My name? Of course! It's Beef Wellington! Or was it fork on the right? brb crying 5ever. Lyn so soondear. Wait so this isn't Fenrir or the Imperial Theatre? Man I must've fucked up my directions badly. Fuck it's social services or something. Close enough. Lyn always was the best at dodging taxes. Uhhh maybe. I am the best at strategery! Da settings. Yep totally going to do that! Wait what was the plan again? Easy. Actually based on the battle animations Lyn is taller than you. GG Batta. Did I mention I never trust my luck with dodging on this chapter...? Flawless KO. My reward..? Why am I not surprised...? Dammit it's your home not mine. Can I call 911 now? Nope I'm not. That explains why I'm talking. I'll give you 20 bucks if you leave me alone. Please? Okay I'll make it 50 bucks! Tragic Story: Check Awkward Silence: Check Father died fighting enemies.... daughter is alone... uses a sword... [spoiler=Nope not grasping at straws here] Yay we're done! Tune in next time!
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