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Found 1 result

  1. Rumors say that thousands of years ago, when the internet had just been created, people used to play a game called mafia. The whereabouts of this mysterious game have long been lost in the depths of the Ruinternets, leaving the knowledge of its mechanics to mere guesswork. Until this day. A leading Ruinternet research team has made a revolutionary claim: In an ancient computer, buried under infinite folders, they’ve been able to find the complete info for hosting a mafia game that never ended up taking place, and a note: "Oh god I’m so ashamed of this setup - Mitsuki" The game is ready to be hosted. 12 players are needed to get it running. Are you going to join? ~ Checked by Kaoz and Vhaltz [spoiler=Rules] 1. NOC game. You know what this means. Please don't contact players, regardless of whether they're still playing or not. If you're not playing/dead, you may only contact people/players who have access to the graveyard QT as well. Feel free to request the graveyard QT if you're not playing. 2. 72 h day phases, 24 h night phases. Nothing new to see here, just remember to send in your actions at least an hour before deadline. 3. You may post anything between 3 and 50 posts each phase. Anything more or anything less will result in a forced sub. If your postcount is on the lower edge, make sure you have some content posts. 4. This game requires hammer to lynch. Hammer is half the number of living players rounded down + 1. You may not no-lynch, and if it were to happen, a random lynch will be decided. 5. No posting after hammer. Don't wait for mods to appear and announce phase has ended to stop talking. 6. LyLo will be announced regardless of whether it's LyLo, MyLo or the potential variant of those. 7. If something interfered with your action, you will be notified. 8. No bastard mod elements, no jesters. 9. Flavorspec, rolespec, winconspec... are heavily discouraged. Assume scum have been granted any tools necessary to render those useless. If you still want to attempt it go ahead, just know that it won't work. 10. Don't quote private conversations. Don't take screenshots of those either. Paraphrasing is still ok. 11. If you're modkilled or forcesubbed out you lose. You'll be modkilled or forcesubbed out if you break the rules, depending on severity, or if you act like an asshole. Don't keep it up until you recieve a warning, because I may not give you one. 12. Your PM and the rules may contradict. If so, follow your role PM. 13. Has some sort of conflict arisen in this game? Please contact me, I'll make sure to solve it. It's always a smarter option than yelling to someone else in the thread. If I'm not around, here's a list of people you may contact as well for the same purposes, in order: Vhaltz Kaoz Balcerzak Eclipse I don't accept IOs, but spectators are allowed to request the graveyard QT once the game has begun (read rule 1). Signups: 1. Eclipse 2. Dmnt 3. Cam 4. Strawman 5. Manix 6. Elieson 7. Prims 8. Blitz 9. SB 10. Dorian 11. Freyjadour 12. Yoloswag Subs: 1. Gaius (after D2) 2. Marth (after April 11th) 3. Refa 4. Gilgamesh 5. BBM 6. Crysta
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