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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to FE4 THREAD, I hope you can enjoy your time here~ First, get used with our unique rules, 'kay~? ;D FE4 THREAD rules: #01 - FE4 is our religion. #02 - All villains must be masochists and delusional. #03 - TheEnd, Marthur and Fia are invincible through the power of bullshit. #04 - All lurkers must be called out to join. #05 - Loops must always exist, especially between couples. #06 - Polygamy is perfectly acceptable.* #07 - When in doubt, Levin is the father while Lachesis is the mother. #08 - Marthur is a girl. IM SERIOUS. not #09 - When you don't know who/what to blame; blame Fia. #10 - Ninji is always comic (and also stress) relief. #11 - All fathers must be failures. #12 - All shotas must be hunted down and eliminated. * Also, I deleted some rules since we have relation chart now~ All thanks go to Marthur~ <3 ADDITIONAL GUIDE - FOR HOLY BLOODS IN FE4 THREAD: Baldo = Clueless Odo = FarmerPedo Hezul = Whore Noba = Devotion Dain = Incest Neir = GayManly Ulir = 2nd whore and damsel-in-distress Blagi = YaoiHelpless Fala = Maso Tordo = Suicide Sety = RapistPimp and Sadist and Genocide Narga = Brainwash Loptous = Delusion -SPECIAL- Adan = Desperate Alec = Desperate womanizer Noish = Doing both duty and best friendBland Finn = Forever Knight Mideel = Trapping Bishie Deu = Shota Jamka = Bandit in Shining Armor Beowulf = Bastard for Hire Fury = Shadowed Younger Sister Hannival = Big PedoDaddy Viluck = ウホッ! いい男 Manfloy = Corruptor Youngfaye = Silly ---------- We need a new one after all. 8D Anyway, to understand this thread better...you may want to read this first... Aaand~ ------------------ Ah... the memories... Mirror
  2. Ok I’m not really sure why I’m writing this in the first place but I feel like ya know its 2019 and classes started up again 6 hours ago and I'm already behind but I wanna procrastinate and shits feeling real so here we go WELCOME TO MY TOTALLY SERIOUS THOTS ON 10 YEARS OF BEING A MEMBER OF THIS FORUM AND A BRIEF HISTORY OF MY TIME OF THE FE4THREAD AND WHO I AM AS AN SF USER IN THE FORM OF WORD VOMIT Hi I’m Roxas, Serenes Forest member #999. Sometimes I've dabbled as Naminé, or just Austin, but like Roxas is the name I’ve kept the longest. I’m a 23 year old bozo who somehow got into medical school after wasting his entire life on the internet and uhhhh I’ve been a member Serenes Forest for almost 10 years now!!!! Anyway as I look back on the past ten years and shit the more I kind of realize I really grew up on this damn forum (mostly the FE4THREAD), not kind of just in age but in like life too???? y i k e s more to follow Ok so lets flash back like 10 years and remember how did I end up getting into fire emblem uh h h I got my first laptop sometime before I did a summer camp at phillips exeter (lmao shouts to joshybear) that recommended a computer. It was like the OG macbook that sucked shit and took like a computer professional to bootcamp because the actual bootcamp utility was ass back then but hey it was mine. I couldn’t play any real games because again the bootcamp thing and like the nvidia gt350M it came with was dick, so I was mostly relegated to light apps that I could handle on OSX. I ended up downloading visualboyadvance for Pokemon FireRed at the time (I never got to play the kanto remakes as a kid because for some reason I decided to pick out a shitty beyblade gba game I played maybe three times instead honestly I will never forgive myself) and somehow I remembered that one toad in the koopa village in thousand year door that talked about Fire Emblem and I was like hey maybe I should play that game too except my dumb ass got sacred stones instead of fe7 so then playing lyn mode like 2 months later was p a in fullllll Alright anyway as to why I’m at Serenes Forest, I’m not really sure what pushed me to join a forum, honestly. I’d gotten into fandoms before (well, as involved as a middle-schooler back in 2007-8 could be), but I think something about the giant ass history and expansive universe and legacy of kaga’s big fat penis of Fire Emblem drove me to make an account at this place and drop some fat discussion in the FE8 discussion forums because lets be honest most people join this website just to ask one question and never come back. Why wasn’t I on FESS instead? I have no idea. Sorry @Lord Raven. Serenes Forest just happened to be the first forum I found and the GREEN AESTHETIC really got to me ok so here we are. Anyway my very first topic/post was in the fe8 subforum where I asked if Colm should promote into assassin or “rouge” like what the fuck the game literally spelled it for me why was I such a bozo. Also I’m reading the rest of this post now and I legit see myself calling fe8 “seima” like seima no kouseki like LMAO THIS BITCH REFERS TO THE TITLES IN SHITTY JPN ABBREVIATIONS holy shit this is what 13 year old roxas does guys pack the fuck up. Anyway I think my weeb cringe stage reached its max not long after this because I said some shit somewhere and fucking @Der Kommissar pulls up on me and says “your mastery of the Japanese language mirrors your level of maturity” and OOOOH BOY that shut my tiny ass up real quick like I’m pretty sure that’s the first instance of internet beef I’ve ever had and like yiKES I think I even posted a comment on his profile like apologizing or something because I was that shook Uhh anyway I stuck around and made some more posts in various subforums about the rest of the GBA games that I was playing, made friends with some bozos like @Nestling and DLV, gradually learned about the legends that were Hikarusa and Snowstorm and Myth and DESTINY HERO holy shit lol oh and uh this random guy named @Bohemund whos avatar was a jug of bleach wearing a Shinigami uniform carrying that big dumb sword (idk I thought it was funny). Around April Fool's that year Myth (who ended up being Admin for a day on a day he wasn't even logged on???) made a separate website aimed at teaching players how to git gud at fire emblem like an online academy and he pulled me into his shitty free forum software to be a mod but I was like super proud of it????? Like I put in my signature that I was like a “mod of fire emblem academy!!! :3” holy shit kms But I’m pretty sure that website is the only reason I’m friends with @Bananas who uh I’m pretty sure ended up getting banned some years later bc the bozo she was e-dating at the time did something stupid oh well apparently he was nuts too (RIP seph), but anyway Bananas is actually fucking awesome and we’re still friends now like snapchat friends even and SHE GOT MARRIED LAST MONTH LIKE WOW ADULTING !!!!! anyway one day I’ll fly to perth and hang out with her (like lmao what else is there to do in albany) once I’m rolling in the dough haha ok pls medicine gods pls let me match into dermatology I’m really passionate about $kin pathologies I swear So uh this is probably like summer break and I had just finished middle school and I was pretty bummed that I wasn’t able to get into Exeter or like any other big dumb boarding schools I had applied too lmao what the fuck my grades were so good back then and like I had a whole summer of time on my hands to I started shitposting in Post a Fact about the User Above thread (which literally died after the great rollback of 2009 yo @Jyosua remember that?????) and the Official Ultima Super Battle Cruise Fortress Topic Deluxe! which honestly I don’t even know why is pinned because even back then it was a dead topic LMAO. Metal Rabbit is a cool guy though. “If your peep curves to the right you’ll go far in life” – @Metal Rabbit Anyway one thing led to another and for some reason I felt like going to war with the other big thread which happened to be FE4 related (Only 8D) and like I’m pretty sure my first post in there is me meeting Dio and like yikes if only that was the last time!!!!!!!!! But the FE4THREAD was pretty cool and pretty active and if you notice we still had the postcount dots under profiles back then so like I thought hanging out with them would get me some of that big dick post cred hahahahahahahah why but yeah the FE4THREAD had a bit of everything and people of all shapes and sizes and walks of life and timezones and getting close with them (i.e. the first thing I did was post a picture of Fir hentai and censored it with a shitty black text box with comic sans written over it saying that I killed @Ninji by orgasm and if I could get into the FE4THREAD clubLOOK IM NOT PROUD OF WHO I WAS OK) was probably the first time I had ever felt accepted by an internet community or something of the sort. That summer I’d post probably 50 times a day in that thread, at least. Upwards of 100?? Up until maybe a year ago you could see individual postcounts for individual threads and I somehow cracked the top 10 eventually, mostly just from this summer. Some nights I’d stay up in the dark with my computer’s brightness on the lowest it could go, just to continue with our shitty roleplaying, or play Street Fighter III Third Strike with Mumu and Sirius via FBA and the world’s worst netcode via Kaillera, or just liveblog about how ass I was at my first playthrough of 776 and why couldn’t I keep Lara alive and like holy fuCK this GAME IS SO HARD. Apparently Ninji, @Lux Aeterna, and I were all gluttons for punishment like that, and we became known as the Three Ninjis. And now apparently being a Ninji is a generational thing among the FE4Thread. Look, there’s like a diagram or something idk. It’s a subway map. We’re up to like five generations now. It’s a lot. Read the subway map. As time went on and my big dick post count went up, I got into Genealogy of course, and its multitude of hacks (relying on other people to patch games for me and them emailing the rom back because there weren’t any mac patchers that could handle .ups files) like Binary, Inflation (still my favorite to this day!!!!!), Tordo, Neir, and the rest of the holy blood hacks. I got shit on by Thracia and the Super Thracia fuckfest, and adopted the thread’s holy blood system of giving myself Fala (masochist) and Deu (shota) blood bc honestly that’s just who I am as a person. Also I did it for @Fia. I did everything for Fia. Oh yeah the shota tag came in this summer too!!!! because honestly I did not hit puberty until much much much much much much much later and yikes I posted some pretty cringe selfies of myself dragged from the microSD on my flip phone at the time. But it was a nickname!!! Like probably the first one I’d ever had. And it gave me an identity. I was the shota attention whore who really had no shame with what I posted or what I did. It was my forum title for a long-ass time. It even follows me around today!! Honestly that whole identity pretty much followed me thru high school too. histrionics, drugs, and alcohol, double yikes. Anyway nobody knew what I sounded like until later that year when I posted a video of me playing my piano repertoire (I used to go to Manahattan School of music prep and I wanted to go to conservatory too at one point in my life lol RIP) which was like actually pretty good but my voice had actually dropped pretty early and nobody was impressed by my piano playing(????????) but they were all shook over how my voice didn’t match my face and well at least that gave me some form of street cred :’''''''''''''''''''''''') I got so fast at alt-tabbing (Command-tabbing??) out of Safari because my tiger-ass asian parents would always walk past my room to make sure I was doing work but in reality I was just fucking around with my first internet family for hours on end. We even had traditions like counting down the days we would gun for special post pages ( @Pride is still the one true owner of 10,000) and playing the Christmas game every year with @Chalis's doodles (aND I MISSED IT THIS YEAR WHAT THE SHIT?) And like aside from gaming when I had many works to be doings, some of my shit was pretty risqué ok. I posted a LOT of ~tastefully~ censored hentai and like this was well before awakening and fates and heroes contributing to a lot of r34 fire emblem so like that shit was RARE even on pixiv!!!!! Anyway there’s a whole folder of our exploits (which Ninji hates) which is where I’m getting all of these random screenshots. Bonus points if you can read the whole fucking thing, including @NTG’s FE4THREAD fanart and kouhai applications galore. Looking back at all of these it’s amazing how much of this brought me so much entertainment (also how all of my avatars since have just been shittily cropped Roxas fanart). How did the fuck did this even get compiled in the first place? Bless you @Marthur you brave brave soul. I hope your dumb website survives until the end of time, or well at least TE will mirror the whole thing anyway Aside from what’s archived in the folder over the past years here is a list of some of the dumb shit that I’ve done since 2009 One time I messaged @Fireman to ban me for 24 hours bc I needed to study for a biology test the next day but all I ended up doing was logging out and keeping up with the FE4THREAD for the rest of that night as an anon anyway Also one time I had a shitton of profile views and I thought it was the biggest deal ever to be like on the same page of search results by descending profile views as Princess Kilvas Honestly being an attention whore in general e-dating soluna and getting very serious e-lationship advice from Seph and Bananas like they kNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING following soluna to a harvest moon forum when she stopped coming to serenes forest when I didn’t even play harvest moon outside of the rune factory games and not even using that website but literally just roleplaying in a HETALIA THREAD of all things whatever the equivalent of textpost cybersexing is with Fia and literally every other female user lmao why the fuck I made a FE4THREAD hurt n’ heal game and everyone called for my head Seph and Bananas won lmao namechanging from Roxas to Naminé and doing the above same with literally every other male user lmao why the fuck convincing @AstraLunaSol (the OG kouhai, sorry @Fruity Insanity) to read the entire FE4THREAD from front to back in order to join our club walking away from SF because I felt like all the FE4THREAD did was bully me bc apparently I used to get super triggered about the fact that I would be like hello and everybody would just post *shoots Roxas* in response and I wrote like a giant donezo manifesto about it and aired my dirty laundry for the world to see and then I came back like 2 months later :’’’’’’’’’’’’) posting about all of my sexual experiences in high school because I thought i had the greatest life ever and could afford to flex on some internet strangers Nah wait the greatest thing ever has to be me being labelled a bicurious ShotaMasoSlut because of that whole Roxas/Naminé shit and then I hooked up with my roommate and came out as bisexual sophomore year of high school like hold up I probably should have seen this one coming???? Or at least @TheEnd did?????? But anyway yeah, my sophomore year of high school was a little bit different because I had reapplied to all of those stuck up New England boarding schools that rejected me the first time around back in middle school and ended up getting into hotchkiss (which has a shitty porn block firewall and actually used to have internet policies about forums that gave me a huge scare before I transferred because I thought I was legit gonna die without my Serenes Forest adventures but it got reformed the year I transferred in bless) and real life started to take over a bit. I decided to take school and sports a bit more seriously, nevertheless always caring about fitting in more than actually making real friends (thanks SF I guess that part never left me), eventually posting in the FE4THREAD less and less and forgoing video games for intimate times with boyes and girls. I was pretty much a normie in high school because of how lowkey right wing my stuffy boarding school was and the weebs I would have been friends with didn’t flood in until I was like a senior and already on my way out UGH Anyway after high school, SF started changing, a lot of old heads departed (WHERE ARE YOU DIO) and we welcomed our 5th (6th???) generation to the FE4THREAD. Discord popped up and the IP.Chat died (RIP Harudoku) for the big purple app so a lot of people migrated over there. That big HHH thread ended up overtaking us in activity. I moved down south to go to emory and lost touch with a lot of my friends, online and off. I decided I wanted to go to medical school, college became a little too real, and soon after I was really only wasting time on Serenes once a month. And then only over breaks. Soon after, visiting my internet home wasn’t a daily occurrence I looked forward to anymore. The FE4THREAD began to die around 2016-ish but a couple of us bozos post once or twice every now and then. It’s been like 3 years since and I’m pretty sure the activity will never be what it used to be. This forum’s inability to handle big topics leading to 5 minutes of loading between posts and glitching out with double and triple posts every now and then kind of makes it big and unwieldy to even just post in. It’s probably just a metaphor for life honestly, how people grow old and move on and whatnot. But you never forget where you come from, right/????? Alright I’m kind of burnt out and I’m not really sure what I accomplished with these 3000 words but lemme just shout out some OG’s here I doubt the majority of them will see this and like I’m pretty sure some of these names will be outdated or changed by now, but hey this is how I knew them and how I want to remember them, like @Bananas, @Musashi, @Lux Aeterna, @Fia, @AstraLunaSol, Sirius, @Tangerine, Ninji, @Яei Яei, Luminescent Blade, @TheEnd, @Marthur, @Chalis, @EnjolrasMTAfem, Soluna, @6669`, @shadowofchaos, Sask, Lettuce, @Fruity Insanity, @NTG, Generic Officer, Iris, Dio, gIO, @Integrity, @Specta, @Freohr Datia, and a buuuuuunch of others that I’m forgetting but hey if you made it to the list, then thanks—like, really, thanks for helping me become who I am today. Shine on you crazy people. Hope you’re killing it wherever you are cheers to another 10 years???????
  3. I chugged down 69 orbs trying to get Libra (yes, Libra) knowing I might be compromising my savings for Spring Alfonse (again, for Libra). I need something feel less stupid, now.
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