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Found 9 results

  1. Inspired by some previous topics (You in Fire Emblem Awakening and Create a Self-Insert Character [Fates]), I find it appropriate to have one for FE: Heroes as well. So, in this topic feel free to share your own heroes. They can be self-inserts, fan characters, or even interpretations of other personalities adapted to the FE: Heroes setting. You are only limited to your own creativity. * * * * * Here's a list of all the characters made in this thread. Originally I was just going to do my own (because I'm a one way street), but I figured I might as well showcase everyone's creativity! If I made any mistakes with the list, please let me know so I can fix it! Notice: This list stopped being updated in May of 2017. It is kept here for legacy reasons. Full Characters Mini Characters
  2. So I couldn't find or didn't see an appropriate place to post fan art on the forums but I decided to go ahead and make a small thread where I'll post my art. If you like any of it feel free to repost just make sure to credit me and feed back is always appreciated. Now I am a hobbiest for art so it's rare so if I don't update before the time is up before it's considered necroposting, I'll more then likely move this thread over to "far from the forest" that way I don't risk breaking the rule or anyone else potentially accidentally breaking it. So to start off this thread here's my most recent doodle of a chibi Post time-skip Mercedes
  3. So, having just about beaten this game, I am indeed pleased at all the obvious love that went into it. It didn't have a lot of the silly things that dragged Awakening and Fates down, had a lot of neat mechanics changes, made fantastic use of the secondary characters (for example, May, Boey, and Saber remaining relevant all the way to the very end), GREATLY expanded the story and dialogue, had wonderful voice acting...it was a treat. So before I go into the things I miss, I wanted to make it clear that I still consider this to be a good remake. That said...I'm someone who also really liked the NES version, in-spite of all it's flaws. And while this remake was great in it's own way, I felt there were a lot of little things that I missed. I'm only going to cover the atmosphere, this time, as this post ended up being WAY longer than I thought it would be. But, I'll get into other nitpicks in the future. For now, here's just the atmosphere. Number 1: Atmosphere One of the things that always stuck out to me about Gaiden was just how...bleak it was. From the minute you start, to the very end, the tone is generally very somber and tragic. Where the remake feels like you're trying to prevent bad things from happening...the original felt like the bad stuff had already happened. Part of the whole point of this game (and why Celica was so willing to offer herself to Jedah) was because the world was on the brink of dying. The land was dark and ominous, the literal dead were walking the Earth, and the soundtrack was EXTREMELY depressing (with only a handful of "positive" tunes in there). Celica's decision to sacrifice herself to Duma wasn't because she was naive and stupid (as you'll recall, she asks him WHY she should believe what he says). It was her believing that the whole world was dying. If she did nothing, everyone and everything in the world would die (as far as she knew). She wasn't stupid, she was desperate; and Jedah actually did a really good job of playing upon that (seriously, props to the writing team; these characters were really well-written). In any case, the original Gaiden did a WAY better job of selling me on just how desperate things were. The villages were a lot emptier, the color palette was significantly darker... ...The characters weren't nearly as handsome and well-groomed as they are in Echoes... ...and the soundtrack was generally a lot more depressing. There were a lot of new songs composed for this remake; and many of them were a lot cheerier and/or relaxing than the original songs. And even some of the original songs that were used were radically changed and/or used less frequently. For example, compare this... Village Theme (Echoes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkAjHxLKTfE A fairly neutral piece of mood music that's just kind of...there. It's not CHEERY or anything, but it's relaxing enough that you feel safe and confident. The grass is green (even in the supposedly "baren" Rigel Empire), the houses are standing, the sky is blue...you're feeling pretty good. The GAIDEN music, on the other hand... Village Theme (Gaiden): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGg97xkg4DQ Yeah. IMMEDIATELY, it sets this somber, outright oppressive atmosphere. It's depressing, and extremely monotonous. However, it's monotonous in a good way. Alm's argument with Mycen, as well as Lukas' speech about how desperate things are, hit a lot harder with this song droning in the background. And that isn't the only time it's used, either. It is used in every village you come across in the original game, save for the Sage's Hamlet and both port towns. Every village you come across is supposed to be in a state of desperation; and the original song reflects that a lot better. That said, Echoes DOES use this song once. Though, sadly... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io2yXqWVa4g It now sounds a lot more uplifting; as this has been turned into Alm's triumphant "I'm going to rise up and join the army!" theme. Still would've at least worked well for Lukas' recruitment speech, at least...but still missing the sense of despair the original had (to me, at least). The other town theme (the one that played for the aforementioned port towns and Sage's Hamlet) is also the same way. In Gaiden, you feel very...emotional, when you hear it. Encounter (Gaiden): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Hj0eM_YkuA Like, the characters themselves are happy...but they're happy in the context of a world of tears. The song is just as much sad as it is happy; being played as the recruitment theme AND the theme that plays when random villagers are talking about how many people Barth and Grieth have slaughtered. Like, the way the song is cheery, but desolate at the same time. The characters are smiling, but they're smiling in the face of unspeakable pain (or so it sounds to me). The Echoes version, on the other hand, is just happy through and through. Encounter (Echoes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXF8HFGRvgU And it IS great, don't get me wrong! I love the way it's used in the Remakes, too! I just wish they had maybe...I dunno, constructed two different versions of it. Maybe the above piece could have been the "holy cow, Est has been reunited with her sisters!!" theme, and the other could be the "port town of sad and lonely people" variation. And finally, there's "Celica Map 2/The Sacrifice and the Saint". Once again, this is the case where I like what they did with the remake...but still wish they had found a way to recapture the mood of the original. The Sacrifice and the Saint (Gaiden): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCAfEHiuI6E Now, instead of playing exclusively as Celica's "Chapter 4 Battle Music", this was, instead, the "Victory" theme. The theme that played whenever there was only one enemy left, in ALL Celica battles. In a vacuum, it's obviously not as well composed as the remake. But, it DOES do a better job of supporting that aforementioned "oppressive atmosphere". It's faintly triumphant, but it also sounds desperate at the same time. Like, the characters are winning, but, it's just one step in the long, LONG ordeal that Celica has ahead of her. She's won the fight, but she's still got the entire war ahead of her. But the Remake... The Sacrifice and the Saint (Echoes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxI9G3v-n4o Well, it works fantastically as an endgame battle theme. But, once again, it is WAY more triumphant and hopeful than the original. And that's something I find regrettable. Had they kept that same sense of despair throughout the whole game, it would have made Celica's decision to sacrifice herself to Duma make a little more sense. It wouldn't have been smart, necessarily...but I could totally buy her just being really desperate to save her dying world.
  4. Time travel. It's seriously confusing as f*ck! Awakening did not explain to us exactly what happened in the original timeline. Only gives us the bare minimum. However, here, I will discuss with you what I think happened in the original timeline based on the information that has been given to us by the game and other sources that I could remember from. And you guys can chime in and give me your thoughts on what might have happened. So similar to Awakening being separated into three arcs, I'll do the same thing. Plegia Arc The biggest thing that we can draw from this is that in the original timeline, Emmeryn died at Validar's hands and the Fire Emblem was stolen. Along with that, Chrom sustained a critical injury that apparently scarred him for life. Now due to this, it's obvious that the Plegian War lasted longer, as it was Emmeryn's sacrifice that made her a martyr and the majority of Plegians to desert en masse. But she died here and thus was no martyr. However, I do not think that Lucina's birth was ever delayed. Rather, even with the war lasting longer, I think the birth of everyone does still happen in the proper course. So Lucina would be born around the same time as the infant Lucina in Awakening was born in. However, with Validar possessing the Fire Emblem, he also held Argent and Sable, two of the five gemstones. He only required the remaining three, two of which were located in Valm. Valm Arc Now here's where I am making several theories that I think actually has support behind it. See, Valm invades Ylisse after they had successfully united the continent. However, if the war with Plegia lasted longer for Ylisse, then 2 years is much too quick for Ylisse to even try to put up a response and handle it. However, note this: Say'ri cannot support with ANYONE but Robin and Tiki in Awakening. Why is that? Simple: Say'ri died in the original timeline. The Yen'fey that we recruit in the final paralogues, he explains that he never joined Walhart, and this led to Say'ri's death. However, note that Yen'fey's involvement actually plays a MAJOR role in the story. Yen'fey shows in Awakening that he was someone to be feared. In fact, many dynasts were too terrified to take on Walhart and Yen'fey when the two were working together, but the moment that Yen'fey died, all the dynasts went under Ylisse's banner. So if Yen'fey never joined Walhart, this would obviously mean that Walhart would have to deal with a lot more resistance, which would very well slow his entire campaign down. So if Walhart eventually won and united Valm, it would have taken quite some time. And he would have ultimately claimed Vert. Yen'fey, having failed to save Say'ri, abandoned the resistance against Walhart, which led to Walhart's victory, and Yen'fey eventually ended up in the past. To anyone that might ask why Yen'fey resisted Walhart in the first timeline, but surrendered in the Awakening timeline, I can only believe that it has to do with Emmeryn. If he got word that Emmeryn's sacrifice led to a mass desertion of the Plegian army, he intended to do something similar. Where by joining Walhart and holding as much fear and power as Walhart did, Yen'fey's death would crush much of Walhart's grip on the continent, and this would lead to the Ylissian army becoming victorious. Anyways, original timeline had Valm have a harder time, and thus did not have as much resources as before. Ylisse likely was able to match the power enough to break in and fight back, but Basilio is ultimately killed by Walhart. Walhart ultimately claims Gules by this, thus holding two of the gemstones, and Tiki ended up also giving the Azure Gemstone to Chrom. Of course, it's debatable on whether Tiki joined in the original timeline. After all, Lucina in the chapter we see Tiki the first time implies that Lucina and Tiki never met in the original timeline, so don't think of the Future Past in here for their meeting. Ultimately, Chrom defeats Walhart and claims the two Gemstones from him. Or what could have happened is that Validar had Excellus steal those two Gemstones for him. Grimleal Arc Given the amount of time, there likely has been a number of years that passed, either through those two wars, or other ways. Overall, the kids are all born and they have trained a bit as kids. However, likely Validar lured Chrom and the others and ultimately attained the final Gemstone. This led for him performing an Awakening ritual to release Grima. Chrom and the others intersected him and tried to stop him. But even though they had won, it is revealed that it was too late, and Grima was unsealed, possessing Robin and striking Chrom at the spot he had been scarred, ultimately killing him. And thus Grima was released, and the remaining parents and children ended up taking the fight, though the parents all fell one by one. Robin Biggest factor in some of these things is Robin himself. We have no idea who he was originally. His personality might in fact have been a mystery. Robin's personality in the games is due to him lacking his memories. Without memories, he's more interactive and wanting to learn about as much he can. It's mostly a way so he can have new memories to have a sense of identity back. However, would Robin be the same if he was with his memories intact? Maybe not. If his memories were intact, whatever happened to his past, or maybe him even being aware of his Grimleal connection, and this could make him a bit more distant with others. Without the bonds that tied him to his friends, he would actually be more susceptible to Grima's influence, eventually making it hard for him to even try to resist Grima and thus succumbed to his influence. This one is though a lot more speculative, since we have no understanding of Robin's backstory.
  5. Hey everyone! My name is Cydonia921, and I've been lurking around Serenes Forest for quite some time. I'm a huge Fire Emblem fan, having played every one from FE1 to Fates, and I absolutely adore the series. So, I was bouncing ideas in my head over the last weekend, and a thought came to mind, being to develop my own Fire Emblem-style game. I set out to do the task, creating a few characters at first (since my ambitions are limited at the moment), drawing concept art, etc. I'm not the best artist in the world, but I at least get the concepts down for the characters before I begin writing stuff out. Then, I downloaded FEXP and popped it open, and I am honestly a bit lost. I've sifted through some tutorials here and there, fiddled with scripts, and got some of the basic things down. Now, take into mind that I am a college student, and as such I can't offer any money at all, since I have to pay rent and normal things that you would expect. However, any advice would be greatly appreciated on a few things I had in mind that I can't seem to figure out. 1) How do I make it so that the maps/chapters I make can be played? I've tried a few things and it only results in errors, leaving me with only the test maps that are able to play. At the very least I can test out creating soldiers/characters and try them out before I move on, so it's not a horrible thing for the time being. 2) I'm relatively new to coding, and as such this is also a test project for me to learn. I heard/read that FEXP is an incomplete engine, but from what I've seen of some projects amazing things can be done with it. 3) How do I make it so that units can support each other? The engine itself didn't really give any examples of how to do this, so I'm more curious than anything. That's the main three questions I have for the moment; this thread will probably be filled with more as I go along. Any help would be greatly appreciated!~ Thanks for taking the team to read.
  6. I mean, yes, I do find it very clunky and it did not aged exactly well, but here's the thing: just like with the original Legend of Zelda, it has its special feeling of being into a unique adventure. In this game, despite the very basic graphics and - while still good - music and an absolutely terrible interface, it feels especially good to conquer any chapter. You get the same boost of energy as when you conquer a dungeon in Zelda NES. And for this reason, I still like this game, even if I first played it this year, because it gives you a satisfying feeling of being on a special, epic quest, which only FE4 succeeded to entirely replicate so far in my opinion. Am I the only one who still enjoys Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light? Sorry for this wall of text filled with bad English...
  7. Hello, my name is Roy Havenstone. I recently lent my voice to the main character of Wingdaria Destiny, a western indie visual novel that's currently seeking funding on kickstarter to turn it into a full-fledged game. Set in a medieval fantasy, Wingdaria Destiny focuses on the forbidden love between a princess and a blind peasant. It features all original artwork, characters and music, and promises 4 different paths and 20 different endings. This is all from the mind of youtube JoyDreamer and her team, so I hope you'll give it a shot and maybe donate, as every little helps. All information about rewards, stretch goals, and link to the game's website and a demo of the game can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/390897415/wingdaria-destiny-adventure-romance-visual-novel Thanks again and let's make this destiny a reality!
  8. Mine would have to be Crossing The Desert Original and Arranged. It's not even my Chapter 7 bias. I just love the tracks and the feelings I get when I listen to them. What are yours?
  9. Sorry if it sounds stupid but. how can i replace the face, and battle sprites from characters in a fe rom with custom sprites? i kinda wanted to just change it to a custom character sprites i found because i got a retarded idea in mind.
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