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Found 94 results

  1. NOTICE: All the pairings have been added, so respond to this post with what you think of this idea. Recently, I learnt about a thing called PMU, or Pick my Units. And while that's cool and all, I kinda want to add to that. You have to pick (most of) my pairings. The only pairing you cannot choose is the Avatar's, since I'm going to be marrying her to Gerome no matter what. However, the rest of the units are yours. Hot Mommas what do you mean chrom isn't a hot momma Chrom X Sumia Lissa X Vaike Sully X Libra Miriel X Stahl Sumia X Chrom Maribelle X Gaius Panne X Lon'qu Cordelia X Gregor Nowi X Henry Tharja X Kellam Olivia X Frederick Cherche X Donny Children Owain X Noire Inigo X Lucina Brady X Severa M!Morgan X Nah Yarne X Kjelle Laurent X Cynthia
  2. So. During late August. I lost my Copy of Fates, and my Save For my Unfinished PMU. However, this Christmas, I got a second copy of Fates. Now, It's about time I try again. I have access to Everything, Except the Dark Flier. This Includes: Vanguard, Ballistician, Witch, Lodestar, Great Lord, Dread Fighter and Grandmaster. Ghostly Gold And Museum Melee may be Used for Grinding. Difficulty is Hard Casual And Finally, Don't be a Complete Asshole with the Classes. [Coughcoughcougcoughcough Onmioji!Kagero coughcoughcough] There'll be 22 Slots, 2 are my Pick. Just so i have something reliable in this world, and also so i can Sub units out when needed. Two Possible Characters Per Person, and Children are Allowed. And with that.. Have fun ending my existence! Current Lineup: MU [Female, Master Ninja, +Speed -Mag, Outlaw Talent] [My Pick] Outlaw!Midori [Kaze x MU] [My Pick] Basara!Kagero Swordmaster!Subaki Songstress!Azura Dread Fighter!Azura!Soleil Paladin!Charlotte Berserker!Xander. Dark Mage!Hayato Falcon Knight!Sakura Hero!Benny. Master of Arms!Shiro GreatMaster!Saizo <S-Sakura> Swordmaster!Effie (A+ Hana) Hero!Kagero!Ophelia (A+ Soleil) Witch Felicia!Selkie Paladin Hinoka!Sophie
  3. Well, time to bite the bullet and do my very first PMU run! Rules * Max of two picks. * This run will be a 16 unit run (which includes Corrin, so you will be picking the other 15) ** 10 of then characters will be parents of either gender. ** The other 5 will be children. When selecting a child please tell me who the mother will be. * First person to post may choose Corrin's gender, name, appearance, voice, talent, boon, bane, husband/wife, and of course what class Corrin will end with. * A character must go into their chosen class as soon as possible. * Children must be recruited as soon as possible. * Characters are free on the chapters when recruited. * Unpicked characters may be deployed, but only for Pair Up. * No DLC or MyCastle except for the Support Grinding. Seal buying is a soft maybe at this point. * Anna's First Gift may be used, but only once. So only one Witch or Balistician, but not both. * NO TROLL CLASSES * First Come, first served. Well then, lets get started then shall we? --THE TEAM (Team name pending)-- Corrin (Max 1 *longol*) 1) Aether (Female, Fighter Talent, +Spd/-Lck, Berserker) Parents (Max 10) 1) Sakura - (Priestess) 2) Setsuna - (Sniper) 3) Subaki - (Master of Arms) 4) Rinkah - (Spear Master) (Oboro A+) 5) Saizo - (Falcon Knight (Subaki A+) 6) Azura - (Omyoji) (Sakura A+) (Kaze S) 7) Kagero (Mechanist) (Asama S) 8) Ryoma (Kinshi Knight) 9) Takumi (Spear Master) 10) Asama (Basara) (Hayato A+) Children (Max 5) 1) Selkie - (Nine-Tales) (Oboro) 2) Midori - (Kinshi Knight) (Azura) 3) Sophie - (Hero) (Hinoka) 4) Hisame - (Paladin) (Mozu) (Sophie S) 5) Mitama - (Master Ninja) (Kagero S) ALL SPOTS FILLED! Thank you everyone!
  4. After completing the amazing game that is Conquest and the average game that is Birthright on lunatic, I've decided to enlist your guys help to choose the 16 units that will experience Revelations lunatic maps for the first and last time. RULES: 1. I need you guys to pick 6 males and 6 females from the first generation. Once they have been selected I will need pairings for the selected 12. From there, 4 children can be selected from the pairings to make up the final 16. 2.Only choose classes that characters have access to naturally. For example Jakob can only be a butler,strategist,paladin or great knight. 3. One pick per person but after the 12 first gens have been chosen you can choose one pairing that you want. 4. You can choose and fully customise my Corrin! 5. Grinding is on the table since the game sucks at balancing. Also required to get the children as fast as possible. Males: 1.Dark Knight!Odin 2.Paladin!Xander 3.Bow Knight!Silas 4.Basara!Hayato 5.Onmyoji!Kaden 6.Berserker!Keaton Females: 1.Merchant!Anna(MU) 2.Maid!Charlotte 3.Sorcerer!Peri 4.Spear Master!Hinoka 5.Mechanist!Oboro 6.Falcon Knight!Sakura Pairings: 1.Hayato x Sakura 2.Kaden x Charlotte 3.Silas x Peri 4.Keaton x Anna(MU) 5.Xander x Hinoka 6.No other pairings can be made Children: 1.Priestess!Rhajat 2.Nine Tails!Selkie 3.Bow Knight!Sophie 4.Wolfssegner!Kana
  5. Alright! After getting rather bored of the repetition of playing through Revelations I thought it would be fun to do a PMU. Rules: 1. Only Female Units can be used 2. Corrin can only marry Rhajat 3. Females can only be considered married if they can attain an A+ support 4. Females units can be 'married' to male units but only for female children. 5. Interesting classes is always encouraged but not useless classes. (Please be merciful) 6. Due to me being a noob it will be a low difficulty but I will also do wifi battles as well. 7. DLC classes are available to use! Corrin is +Magic-Luck and any class suggestions for her has to be able to properly utilise this. Class votes: Nohr Noble (1) 1. Malig Knight Nyx!Rhajat via Dragon Talent Corrin 2. Strategist Sakura via A+ Elise 3. Maid/Paladin Charlotte via A+ Peri 4. Berserker Peri via A+ Charlotte 5. Master Ninja Kagero 6. Onmyoji/Witch/Master Ninja Orochi via A+ Kagero 7. Merchant/Kinshi Knight Oboro via A+ Mozu 8. Spear master/Basara Mozu via A+ Oboro 9. Wyvern Lord/ Falcon Knight Camilla via A+ Hinoka 10. Wyvern Lord Hinoka via A+ Camilla 11. Priestess Elise via A+ Sakura 12. Bow Knight/Adventurer Soleil via A+ Nina (Mother available) 13. Bow Knight/Adventurer Nina (Mother available) 14. Great Knight Hana A+ Effie 15. Master of Arms Effie A+ Hana All slots may be full but there are still some girls who can be matched. Along with mother choices on the children. Feel free to also vote on Corrin's final class! Additional ideas (just in case):
  6. Hey guys!! I'm thinking of doing one more PMU run!! The last pmu of mine was pretty successful! Here's a link to my previous run! http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=62491&hl= Although...... i thought it was pretty easy!! This time I'll do something different!! So.... here's what I'll do: What I'm asking you to:: -Male or Female Corrin! -Just fuck me up -Literally make any unit any class you want! (Provided you tell me how to get them Ex: Xander is a sorcerer by A+ with Leo) -I have all DLC -If you want me to have kids, I'll recruit them as soon as I recruit both parents! (which means I'll just support grind as soon as I can) -so in other words, if you don't tell my units to get married, then I won't! -I'll post screenies so you can see me suffer <3 -I'll take up around 16 units to endgame with me! -Choose my gender and class too! Team: 1. Corrin (Class:Hero) (Gender: Female) {Husband: Arthur} {secondary: priestess} [+Luck -Skill] Pretty Cool Guy 2. Ophelia (Class: General) [Mother: Effie] TrueEm 3. Nyx (Class: Berserker) [bestie: Charlotte] HylianAirForce 4. Elise (Class: Wyvern Lord) BANRYU 5. Effie (Class: Witch) Lord_Grima 6. Midori (Class: Kinshi Knight) [Mother: Kaze] SylphTempest 7. Charlotte (Class: Strategist) twistedxgrace 8. Leo (Class: Hero) [Wife: Selena] VeryAngryBisharp 9. Velouria (Class: Merchant) [Mother: Mozu] Brady 10. Beruka (Class: Maid) [Husband: Jakob] Galeblade 11. Arthur (Class: Great Master) [Husband: Corrin] Pretty Cool Guy 12. Flora (Class: Maid) Ether 13. Felicia (Class: General) [Husband: Benny] SaiSymbolic 14. Peri (Class: Sorcerer) Benishigure 15. Azura (Class: Mechanist) [Husband: Kaze] Ercdouken 16. Odin (Class: Adventurer} [bestie: Niles] Dklein89 Thoughts on this team: Wow.... I'm really going to suffer! I'm definitely going to have trouble with going through this mission... but I'm going to try still!! Wish me good luck! All these units..... I need faith. I'm only pretty upset that there aren't many guys.... I only ever used the guys before (except for my previous pmu) i'll just assume all ya'll just chose your wifes you males. I'm planning on going Conquest! I'll start with Lunatic Mode and see how far I can go! I'll only switch to Hard Mode if it gets TOO tough! I hope I have enough seals to do this! I hope you guys really screw me over! I will make this work!! +_+ Chapter 7-10: Oh, I appreciate you showing support by also visiting my castle and giving me crazy hats! <33 The reason for me doing this is to get my Castle Card up to 9999!! Help me reach my goal!
  7. Just your typical standard PMU. Rules: - There are no rules - DLC is present - Every character can be chosen. Everything. - Customize my corrin including talent, name, appearance, boon/bane and gender - 16 units total Characters: - Paladin!Michel (+ Str -Luck) (S Selena) (A+ Silas) - Grandmaster!Leo (S Nyx) - Adventurer!Nyx (S Leo) - Dread Fighter!Selena (S Avatar) - Falcon Knight!Laslow (S Azura) - Master Ninja!Azura!Soleil - Hero!Laslow!Shigure - Bow Knight!Selena!Kana - Wyvern Lord!Camilla (S Niles) - Vanguard!Niles (S Camilla) - Dark Knight!Camilla!Nina - Malig Knight!Gunter - Malig Knight!Odin (S Beruka) - Witch!Elise - Adventurer!Nyx!Forrest - Great Knight!Effie
  8. So, since I don't want to necro my old post from 2 months ago, I feel like I might as well finally get around to finishing up this up. I put off Chapter 25 for a long time, since I absolutely hate it. It seriously took me like a week, and hopefully you'll see why... Anyways, original topic is here. Let's get to it. Oh, if you're curious, Ryoma, who was a Strategist, never even got used. I didn't even bother to class change him. It would've just slowed the run down. The Einherjar Shinobu was killed in battle. He was so garbage I didn't even care.
  9. Hey guys, I'm not finished with my Revelation PMU yet, but I'm close to the end and since I like the idea, I thought I'd start this topic early so I can jump right in once my Revelation file is done. Rules are as following: 1. The game will be played on Hard Classic. I've already cleared Birthright on Lunatic and am currently doing Revelation on Lunatic, but I'm tired of the endless reinforcements on that difficulty level and would like a more casual experience. 2. 16 units total. 3. Corrin is fully customizable, including gender, name, appearance, bane/boon and talent. However, they can not have the Dragon talent and must have a different boon/bane combination than +Magic -Luck. 4. The following units are off-limits and may not be chosen: -Reina -Kagero -Hayato -Rhajat -Kaze -Candace 5. Prison units are allowed. 6. Child units are allowed. Since I'm on Birthright and can use random challenges, children whose parents are off-limits (i.e. Midori) are allowed aswell. 7. The Witch, Ballistician, Dark Falcon and Dread Fighter classes are allowed. 8. One unit per person. 9. Since Birthright Hard isn't that difficult in the first place, and grinding is an option, feel free to come up with weird classes that may not be viable with a more challenging ruleset - doing that is an option though, not a requirement. *edit* 10. No duplicate classes please. 11. No paid DLC. Thanks in advance. :)
  10. Got all units! Please no more requests, thank you all! Castle Adress : 06215-84252 07541-25264 (EU) Sooo, I've recently finished my Lunatic/Classic Revelation playthrough and it wasn't really challenging, so why not do a fun challenge? PMU is short for ''Pick My Unit'', meaning you guys can choose the units I have to use. The difficulty will be Lunatic/Classic and the route is Revelation as well. The file was already prepared with a +Mag/-Luck F!Corrin (I played to the part where you get the first access to your castle). Rules : - I will need about 15 units. - Any female units except Flora (due to late joining time) and Scarlet are allowed. You know what? Let's include Forrest :^) - Child Units are allowed as well and will be recruited once I finished Ch 18. I choose the parents and who I S rank together, however (unless the requested class requires a certain parent). -> Concerning child units : I cannot guarantee if I'm able to recruit Nohrian children, as the maps will be as difficult as Conquest Lunatic maps. I'd appreciate if an alternative unit is given, in case I don't manage to complete the map successfully, but I will certainly try! - You can request classes I should reclass the said unit(s) into as well - as long as the reclass still is usable (for example no crap like Strategist Effie or Wyvern Lord Elise). - Please vote for the class I have to reclass Corrin into as well! You may choose between Nohr Noble, Dark Flier, Witch,Priestess ,Dark Knight or Sorcerer (sorry, but ulitising the +Mag is a blessing). The most voted one will be used! - Subsitute units sadly have to be used until I have all the requested units ready, my apologies. It would be really hard to pull through the earlier chapters with barely no units at all. Once I got a unit I'll actually use ready, the subsitute will immediately be dumped. - I beg for a healer ;~; (and a Dragon Vein user besides Corrin, but it's optional). - DLC classes and characters (Anna) are allowed! So far : Corrin class : Witch 1. Maid!Sakura (A+ Elise) - Onion Chieftain of da ring 2. Dread Fighter!Selena - Ether 3. Oni Chieftain!Rhajat (mother Azura)- Jave, BindingFate, Wayward Alchemist 4. Wyvern Lord!Oboro (A+ Beruka) - CooledSheep, a friend 5. Falcon Knight!Elise (A+ Azura) / potentially Maid or witch - BindingFate, (kcirrot) 6. Spear Master!Rinkah (A+ Oboro) - Funky Tim 7. Basara!Ophelia (mother Orochi) - TrueEm (Note : I'll try my best!) 8. Swordmaster!Camilla (S rank Ryoma) - Guardian 9. Hero!Beruka - Michelaar 10. Maid!Peri (A+ Felicia) - Lord_Grima 11. Beserker!Velouria (mother Effie) - Bandit (I'll try my best recruiting her as well!) 12. Strategist!Anna - Levant Mir Celestia 13. Sniper!Selkie (mother Charlotte) - Vale 14. Master of Arms!Mitama (mother Hana) - SuperWow121 15. General!Effie - 11volt (THANK GOD) [spoiler={Chapter 7 to 13}] Chapter 7 : Basically soloed it with Corrin and her Dragonstone, Jakob supported and Azura did some nice dancing things. But all battle EXP was fed to good old Corn. Chapter 8 : This one was really easy as well, Corrin nearly one shotted everything. Gunter was her loyal pair up. Sakura and her retainers (+ Kaze) joined at the end of the chapter, so here comes a new actual team member! Chapter 9 : Oh, Chapter 9... Mr Wind's Wild Ride, how I hate it. This one took two tries, in the first one a unfortunate gust of wind fucked everything up. The second one worked well, except that it ended with Gunter being permanently killed because he was blown up to the 'platform' where Fuga stands. He is my favourite Fates character, but who needs him in Revelation anyway. No supports, crap growth and he's not a part of the PMU so - bye bye, rest well, old man! Rinkah, a unit I can use to actually fight, and Hayato joined. Chapter 10 : Let's just say it took me 50 turns because I was super careful. Every EXP possible was given to big buff fire puff Rinkah. Hayato and Jakob had some fun solely being used to plow some snow. Azura did some nice singing action for Rinkah, that's about it. The guy that needs to be blamed, irrelevant guy and Oboro joined! It's nice to get units you actually have to use. Paralogue 1 : Giving all EXP to Oboro and Rinkah, that's it. They didn't even gain too much EXP, but I needed some support grinding to get Rinkah into Spear Master. Some grinding on the first map aaaand - Rinkah was reclassed into a Spear Fighter! Chapter 11 : This one was tricky, but I managed it my first try without anyone dying! Reina and Takumi had to be used as a last resort two or three times, especially fighting against the prepromoted Master Ninjas. Oboro and Rinkah were already really high in level and didn't gain as much EXP as others. And let's not talk about overleveled Corrin and Sakura. But seriously, the Master Ninjas are REALLY scary, overleveled Witch Corrin wouldn't have managed to hit or defeat them efficiently. At least there aren't a ton of reinforcements like in Birthright, else it would have taken multiple tries. Anna on the Run : I wanted another team member, soooo why not get Anna by now. To be honest, I just threw Corrin with a Jakob pair up into the horde of Beserker bros and let her dodge and kill everything. Oboro and Rinkah aren't really able to do wonders here. Chapter 12 : Short : Attempt at getting up Anna's Level. In this one I got every unit on the two boats near Corrin and just hoped for the best. It took about two tries? This chapter isn't too bad, but the Corrin boat was in a pinch quite often. Once the Dragon Veins popped up, I cleared the boat with Beruka and Rinkah. After this it was just waiting for the reinforcements to end (ABOUT 30 TURNS, agh) and then move onto the Flora boat. All the reinforcements are quite dangerous because Sorcerers and Beserkers hit like trucks, but magic Corn can handle it. Rinkah, Oboro and especially Anna took out the weakened prepromotes. The Camilla squad joins! And then support grinding between Oboro and Beruka happened - Friendship sealed Oboro into Wyvern Rider. Beruka actually gained a level despite it being the first map. After she got Lunge, I reclassed her into a Fighter right away. Selena was reclassed into a Dread Fighter immediately, a Weapon Scroll was used on her as well. Chapter 13 : That one scared me quite a bit since the start of it is pretty hard, but it worked on the first try! Corrin took out the Onmyoji and Master of Arms on the right, once the Swordmaster was taken out, the coast was clear. Selena and Beruka were fed almost every EXP possible and now they are overleveled beasts as well. Anna got a bit of EXP too. I love how strong Beruka and Selena are! Selena is great with Shuriken and Beruka is still very accurate, even with the Gamble skill on her! The royal brothers are too strong in this chapter, so they had to be taken out with OP Corrin. Camilla was a pair up bot for Beruka all the time, I won't really use her until she'll actually gain EXP and is close to be reclassed into Swordmaster. I think Elise and Effie join in the next chapter, so that's something to look forward to! Thank you for reading, special thanks if you chose a unit! c: - Osi
  11. I'm bored and I need something to do so. Rules: 1. You get to choose two people, yay! 2. Child units are allowed, but you got to pick the mother and the child, just tell me the parents and it'll happen. 3. I'll use skirmishes to get money to buy second seals as soon as possible. After that's done, I'm not touching them until I'm over. 4. The person doing MU can choose their gender, their class, their pairings, their boon and bane, and appearance. 5. ye thats it be nice, I don't care if the units are bad. 6. Oh and I'll play Hard Casual because I love saving in the middle of a battle. People: 1. Sniper!Chrom (he's obviously there) 2. Male!MU (Hero) (Boon: Def Bane:Speed) (is banging Tharja so if people want to make Noire and her, go ahead.) 3. Sage!Cherche 4. Griffon Rider!Donnel!Gerome 5. Wyvern Rider!Nah (Henry is the daddy) 6. Swordmaster!Olivia!Lucina 7. Hero!Cordelia 8. Dark Flier!Ricken!Severa 9. War Cleric!Lissa 10. Valkyrie!Maribelle 11. Paladin!Ricken 12. Berserker!Henry (makes sense tbh) 13. Paladin!Fred!Owain 14. Paladin!Fred 15. Assassin!Gaius!Cynthia 16. Falcoknight!Sumia 17. Sorcerer!Tharja 18. Vanilla!Nowi 19. Pair-upbot!Donnel
  12. Hey there, I decided to try something different for my upcoming Revelations playthrough, and stumbled upon the PMU concept. Since I'm the kind of guy who likes having a piece of the pie, I decided to take part in that. Rules: 1. The game will be played on Lunatic / Classic. I have previously cleared Revelations on Hard, Birthright on Lunatic, and am currently working on Conquest Hard (all of these have been in Classic mode). 2. 16 units total. 3. Azura must be on the team and must be a Songstress, though if someone wants to think of some other classes I should dip into temporarily for skills, that's okay with me. 4. Corrin is fully customizable, including gender, name, appearance, bane/boon and talent. 5. Since I haven't used that feature before, prison units are allowed. 6. Child units are allowed, but only if both parents are already on the team (and are available for pairing) or the one who submits a child unit also suggests the parents. 7. DLC is not allowed, unless it's free. That means that something like the Witch's Mark is fair game, as are path bonus items like Dread Scrolls, but something that requires excessive grinding via Boo Camp or the like or items that are only available via paid DLC is discouraged. I don't mind doing skirmishes though if necessary. 8. No skill buying. 9. Post as many or as few units as you like, with as many or as little details as you like. I think that's about it. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to help. :) Team so far: 1. +Magic -Luck Malig Knight Corrin 2. Songstress Azura (S-Rank Kaze) 3. Basara Reina 4. Blacksmith Kagero 5. Mechanist Hayato 6. Oni Chieftain Kagero!Rhajat 7. Wyvern Lord Camilla!Soleil 8. Maid Camilla 9. Master Ninja Laslow 10. General Effie!Percy 11. General Arthur (S-Rank Effie) 12. Berserker Effie (S-Rank Arthur) 13. Witch Elise 14. Swordmaster Kaze (S-Rank Azura) 15. Adventurer Candace 16. Bow Knight Niles
  13. Yay i finished this thing for Birthright! Now for Conquest... - Don't give me things like Strategist Arthur or Sorcerer Xander. Useless units are no fun. - I will get and use every character, so also every child unit I can. - Design my corrin as you want. Marry them to anyone you want, give them any gender, decide their class and looks. - Every dlc class is available - Choose as many characters as you want, since I do not want this to die. Units & Classes Draco - Sorcerer (A Odin) (Samurai Talent) Azura - Songstress Felicia - Strategist Jakob - Dread Fighter Silas - Bow Knight Kaze - Master of Arms Mozu - Sniper Xander - Paladin Camilla - Berserker (A+ Beruka) Leo - Grandmaster Elise - Witch Laslow - General Peri - Berserker Selena - Falcon Knight Beruka - Dread Fighter Odin - Vanguard Niles - Bow Knight Effie - Great Knight Arthur - Sniper Nyx - Strategist Charlotte - Paladin (A+ Peri) Benny - Dark Falcon Keaton - Great Knight Shura - Grandmaster Izana - Onmyoji Flora - Swordmaster Gunter - Malig Knight Anna - Maid Flora!Kana - General Niles!Shigure - Kinshi Knight Nyx!Dwyer - Sorcerer Beruka!Sophie - Wyvern Lord Charlotte!Midori - Berserker Selena!Siegbert - Paladin Felicia!Forrest - Butler Camilla!Ignatius - Butler (A+ Forrest) Peri!Velouria - Paladin Mozu!Percy - Malig Knight Elise!Ophelia - Strategist Effie!Soleil -Hero Azura!Nina - Adventurer Pairings Male Avatar x Flora Azura x Niles Jakob x Nyx Silas x Beruka Kaze x Charlotte Xander x Selena Leo x Felicia Laslow x Effie Odin x Elise Niles x Azura Arthur x Mozu Benny x Camilla Keaton x Peri Kana x Ignatius Shigure x Ophelia Dwyer x Sophie Siegbert x Midori Forrest x Nina Ignatius x Kana Percy x Soleil Please gimme something good. I beg of you
  14. Rules: * Feel free to go all out with your picks. I don't mind. * You can pick my pairings and give me their kids, but I won't pair up Elise with anybody or Corrin with any of the royals. * You're allowed to fully customise Corrin. Their name, boon/bane, name, gender, appearance and class are all down to you guys. * Corrin and Azura are free. That's about it. ('v')b Units: 1: Aala, Priestess, S Arthur. 2: Azura, Songstress, S Keaton, A+ Elise. 3: Keaton, Wolfssegner, S Azura. 4: Camilla, Adventurer, S Niles. 5: Flora, Maid, no S or A+ rank. 6: Nyx!Forrest, Adventurer, (S rank). 7: Charlotte, Great Knight, S Xander. 8: Odin, Adventurer, S Peri, A+ Niles. 9: Xander, Berserker, S Charlotte. 10: Silas, Wyvern Lord, S Beruka. 11: Azura!Velouria, Kinshi Knight, (S rank). 12: Niles, Sorcerer, S Camilla, A+ Odin. 13: Camilla!Nina, Bow Knight, (S rank). 14: Leo, Strategist, S Nyx. 15: Peri!Ophelia, Master of Arms, (S rank). 16: Keaton!Shigure, Wolfssegner, (S rank).
  15. I recently finished Revelations on Hard and it's was fun but not as hard as I expected. The only reason I got a game over on Chapter 19 was because I miss read the goal. Rules: - Be creative but nothing useless like: Sorcerer Effie or Great Knight Felicia. - The most Optimal Children aren't super important. (Think out side of the box if you want to) - You can pick my Avatar's gender,name, talent and boon/bane if you want. - Regarding Pairings, if you pick my avatar to be male and pair him off with a 1st Gen female, say who should be forever alone. - No DLC classes (I don't have a lot of them) or Anna (Don't have her DLC) - DLC grinding is ONLY allowed if it's absoluty 100% needed. - And thanks to anyone who replies I'll try to update this thread with my thoughts on the game as I'm playing or any jokes I come up with. And thanks to anyone who replies. UNITS & CLASSES Tatyanna- Blacksmith (+Speed, -Strength)(I'm a little worried about -Strength) (Talent: Dark Mage) (I'm going to get supports with Rinkah) Azura- Songtress Jakob- Felicia- Maid Silas- Kaze- Mozu- Xander- Master Ninja (A+ Kaze) Ryoma- Paladin (A+ Xander) Camilla- Hinoka- Paladin (S-support Xander) Leo- Sorcerer Takumi- Elise- Malig Knight Sakura- Laslow- Bow Knight Peri- Saizo- Kagero- Blacksmith (A+ Rinkah) Selena- Beruka- Azama- General Setsuna- Odin- Beserker (S-support Charlotte) Niles- Oboro- Wyvern Lord (A+ Beruka) Hinata- Effie- Sniper (A+ Mozu) Arthur- Hero Hana- Subaki- Keaton- Kaden- Beserker (A+ Keaton) Charlotte- Rinkah- Beserker (S-support Keaton) Benny- Great Knight Hayato- Basara Nyx- Adventurer Orochi- Flora- Hero Shura- Fuga- Reina- Gunter- Bow Knight (I learned something new today) Arthur!Kana- Beserker Benny!Shigure- Sophie- Dwyer- Midori- Hinoka!Seigbert- Elise!Shiro- Basara Nyx!Forrest- Hana!Kiragi- Swordmaster Nina- Charlotte!Ophelia- Hero Avatar!Percy- Malig Knight Rinkah!Velouria- Azura!Ignatius- Falcon Knight Felicia!Soliel- Maid Asugi- Oboro!Caeldori- Spear Master Kagero!Rhajat- Oni Chiftian Selkie- Effie!Mitama- Hero (A+ Soliel) Hisame- Pairings: Tatyanna x Arthur Azura x Benny Kaze x Jakob x Silas x Ryoma x Elise Xander x Hinoka Leo x Nyx Takumi x Hana Hinata x Odin x Charlotte Niles x Azuma x Effie Subaki x Oboro Arthur x Tatyanna Benny x Azura Hayato x Kagero Keaton x Rinkah Kaden x Laslow x Felicia Saizo x Child pairings aren't super important, so you can pick those too if you want. Ok, I'm opening up child pairings: Arthur!Kana x Tatyanna!Percy x Benny!Shigure x Elise!Shiro x Hinoka!Seigbert x Nyx!Forrest x Hana!Kiragi x Dwyer x Asugi x Hisame x Azura!Ignatius x And thanks to anyone who replies.
  16. So, I just wrote this whole thing and got ready to post it and then my f#*king PC crashed... I will say the rules short here. I will do this for each of the 3 paths - Don't give me things like Strategist Kagero or Sorcerer Ryoma. Useless units are no fun. - I will get and use every character, so also every child unit (Except if You guys want a male character and marry them to a first gen. Female) - One person decides all corrin stuff. Even their name and looks. Also their talent please - All dlc classes are available - Be creative or not - You can choose multiple characters. How much, I don't think I really care. Units & Classes Ryoba (MU) - Hoshido Noble Azura - Songstress Felicia - Witch Jakob - Blacksmith Silas - Hero Kaze - Master Ninja Mozu - Dread Fighter Ryoma - Bow Knight Hinoka - Spear Master Takumi - Master of Arms (A+ Hinata) Sakura - Priestess Saizo - Basara Kagero - Master of Arms Azama - Onmyoji Setsuna - Swordmaster Hinata - Kinshi Knight Oboro - Great Lord Hana - Master Ninja Subaki - Master of Arms Hayato - Vanguard Kaden - Vanguard Orochi - Witch Rinkah - Maid Shura - Dread Fighter Yukimura - Grandmaster Izana - Grandmaster Reina - Mechanist Scarlet - Adventurer Anna - Merchant Ryoma!Kana - Hoshido Noble Hayato!Shigure - Basara Rinkah!Dwyer - Butler Hinoka!Sophie - Falcon Knight Hana!Midori - Swordmaster Ryoba!Shiro - Spear Master Oboro!Kiragi - Mechanist Kagero!Asugi - Spear Master (A+ Shiro) Sakura!Selkie - Witch Setsuna!Hisame - Ballistician Mozu!Mitama - Merchant Felicia!Caeldori - Maid Azura!Rhajat - Dark Falcon Pairings Ryoba (mu) x Ryoma Azura x Hayato Jakob x Rinkah Silas x Hinoka Kaze x Hana Ryoma x Ryoba (MU) Takumi x Oboro Saizo x Kagero Azama x Mozu Hinata x Setsuna Subaki x Felicia Hayato x Azura Kaden x Sakura Male Kana x Selkie Shigure x Mitama Dwyer Is all alone Shiro x Sophie Kiragi x Caeldori Asugi x Rhajat Hisame x Midori My fate is in your hand guys...
  17. You may remember my thread from a few days back, 'Dragonstone Shenanigans' in which I pitched a story for Fates focusing on Corrin being a dragon. I found that Azura just having a Dragonstone to give to Corrin was kinda far-fetched, hence this story with the goal of getting a Dragonstone for Corrin. EDIT: Wow, I am so stupid. I can't believe I forgot to mention what path this'll be. This is a Revelation PMU. The Rules: -When submitting a unit give me a reason for the character to be in that class. Not 'they're strong and it's awesome' but an actual in-character reason. --As an add on to this rule, I'll say that I want a way for them to help Corrin with them being a dragon, or some other reason to help them. -I will allow up to three Bond Units. I'm drowning in them and I kinda want to put them to good use. When picking a bond unit, just choose a class and I'll see if I have one of said class and we'll work things out from there. -Child units can be used, but both parents MUST be drafted as well -No awful units. Creative is fine, and encouraged, but bad units will not be accepted. -I now have DLC, so the DLC classes are fair game. -One person decides all of MU's stuff. However, I will probably be changing Corrin's class back to the Nohr Prince/ss or its promotion. -No captured units. The Support Network: 1 - Hoshido Noble Corn (+Mag/-Speed, S Odin) 2 - Kinshi Knight Saizo (A+ Subaki) 3 - Maid Azura (A+ Elise) 4 - Grandmaster Odin (S Corn) 5 - General Silas (S Effie) 6 - Swordmaster Takumi (A+ Ryoma) 7 - Nohr Noble Corn!Ophelia 8 - Wolfssegner Keaton 9 - Swordmaster Hinata 10 - Hero Flint (Bond Unit) 11 - Dark Knight Odin!Kana 12 - Dread Fighter Azama *chosen by someone offsite 13 - Adventurer Anna 14 - Kinshi Knight Azura!Mitama
  18. I tried doing a thing with polls, but it got pushed back to the next page extremely quickly, and the poll got weird when I deleted the old one and made a new one. So for now I'm gonna do my BR!Lunatic PMU I was planning on doing after that. 1. Children do not need parent drafting. 2. No bad units. Creativity is encouraged, but please nothing bad. An example of bad is Onmyoji Silas. 3. Amiibo Marth and Ike are available. And yes, they may change class to any available DLC class. 4. 3 Bond units are allowed. I'll show the options and their classes. Just a reminder, all of them have Nohr Prince(ss) and DLC classes as options. Also any more created before I'm done getting my units will be added to the list. My code is in my signature, visit me! 5. No Battle or visit Rewards. 6. Any DLC class is availability in any amount besides Lodestar and Great Lord. 7. 2 units per person, and you may add to the Corrin as much as you like. Oh, I'm also only using 12 units. I found Birthright Lunatic too easy. Avatar thanks to Michelaar. Bow Knight!Crimson +Res -Skl (S-Takumi) Adventurer!Takumi (S-Corrin) Great Knight!Fenn (Bond Unit) Dark Flier!Worst Character* Hoshido Noble!Crimson!Kiragi Dread Fighter!Kagero!Shiro Dark Falcon!Azura!Rhajat Priestess!Setsuna (S-Worst Character*) Butler!Saizo (S-Felicia) Spear Master!2nd Worst Unit** (S-Hinoka for convenience) Great Lord!Kelly (Bond Unit) Master Ninja!Ryoma (S-Kagero) Thank you! I will not be updating this until I get to Chapter 27, where I will show everyone's stats. *Azama **Tsubaki
  19. With my Conquest PMU going extremely well, I figure I should probably start getting units together for my inevitable Birthright PMU so I can get stuck right into it straight away when my current one is finished. Rules: -When submitting a unit give me a reason for the character to be in that class. Not 'they're strong and it's awesome' but an actual in-character reason. I did this last time, and it was really cool to have a reason for characters to be in the (sometimes strange) classes that they were in. -Child units can be used, but both parents MUST be drafted as well -No awful units. Creative is fine, and encouraged, but bad units will not be accepted. I'll probably be a bit more lenient with this rule than last time, because this is Birthright, not Conquest. -I now have DLC, so the DLC classes are fair game. -One person decides all of MU's stuff (except gender. I'll be using female MU this time because I used a male MU last run). Her talent doesn't have to correspond to her final class, as she can get a lot of classes via supports. -EDIT: No captured units. Forgot to add that rule, but here it is now. The Conscripts: 1 - Witch Ayako (Female MU, +Mag/-Str, Fighter Talent. S Kaden) 2 - Falcon Knight Hinata (S Azura) 3 - Master Ninja Ryoma (S Kagero) 4 - Priestess Azura (A+ Sakura) 5 - Basara Ayako!Selkie 6 - Vanguard Silas 7 - Berserker Kagero!Shiro (A+ Kana) 8 - Swordmaster Kagero (S Ryoma) 9 - Great Master Kaden (A+ Azama) 10 - Grandmaster Yukimura 11 - Oni Chieftain Azura!Hisame 12 - Swordmaster Sakura (A+ Hana) 13 - Butler Hinata!Shigure
  20. Hooray for a non fates PMU! Let's get right into the rules! -14 Units + MU/Robin, Chrom, and Frederick -Hard/Classic -No Skirmishes. Strange Skirmishes are allowed however. -Two picks per poster. -The first poster can ether suggest the default MU( ala Robin) or a complete customized MU with looks, Boon & Bane, and Talent(2 classes that MU are allowed to reclass into.) -Two units per poster. -Pairings and reclasses will be all chosen by me. Sorry. :( -No DLC stuff since I don't own any. Now for the twist! You can choose 1 skill your picks get. I own an action replay 3ds powersaves and will use it only for units skills. You can also pick a skill for MU/Robin, Chrom, and/or Frederick. Just make sure it's not too broken (skills like Aptitude, Galeforce, etc) or completely worthless (Special Dance on a non-dancer and etc). That's about it. Also this will not be a LP but I will update this thread on my progress of this. 1: Chrom - Avoid +10 2: Frederick 3: Male!MU +Spd -Res (Luck +4 Talents: Mercenary and Wyvern Rider) 4: War Cleric!Maribelle - Axefaire 5: Falcon Knight!Cynthia +20 Hit 6: Bow Knight!Gregor - Slow Burn 7: Henry - Vantage
  21. Rules Here is the unit list, in order of obtain-ability. Spear Master!Emi (S-Laslow) Strategist Elise Dark Flier!Arthur Robin!Odin Lucina!Azura Kinshi Knight!Selena Hero!Beruka Wyvern Lord!Camilla!Sophie Berserker!Peri (S-Keaton) Wolfssegner!Peri!Velouria Maid!MU!Soleil Dread Fighter Benny General!Beruka!Ignatius Adventurer!Charlotte!Nina Balistician!Shura Dark Knight!Flora MU: Name: Emi (Works with my name and means Smile in Japanese, fitting with Laslow and Soleil) Boon/Bane: HP/Lck
  22. Hello! I just finished the third route for me in Fates, so I decided to try a PMU, mostly because I've never done one before and I wanted a challenge. I'll probably give updates whenever I feel there's a need for it. Rules Please don't give awful units. Growth rates should align with classes, not counting magical weapons. Bad units will be ignored. All DLC classes are available. Everyone about the MU may be customized, except gender. The MU will be male. Azura is going to be used no matter what, but you can decide her class. Please consider accessibility when choosing units. It's not necessary, but I highly encourage class changes! In my first runs everyone kept their class for the most part, so I want to change it up. Please explain how to get classes if class changing (example: support partners). No Gunter, Corrinsexuals, or Einherjar units. If giving a child unit, please say the parents. Each person can choose 2 units. Units Onmyoji!Lucius (+Mag, -Luck) Maid!Azura (A+ Elise) Berserker!Arthur Adventurer!Subaki (A+ Niles) Swordmaster!Kagero!Ophelia Dark Knight!Kagero (S Odin) Maid!Sakura (A+ Elise) Falcon Knight!Laslow (S Azura) Dark Flier!Felicia Spear Master!Benny (S Oboro) Hero!Effie (S Keaton) Master Ninja!Azura!Soleil General!Keaton (S Effie) Wyvern Lord!Oboro (A+ Beruka) Priestess!Sakura!Mitama Dark Flier!Nyx!Caeldori All units are selected, so I'll be starting now. Thank you for helping! ^-^
  23. My previous attempt at this crashed and burned in spectacular fashion, mostly due to trying to do two at once and one of them filled with awful units. As such, I'm going to give this another shot, with a clean slate and a new set of units! Rules: -As a fun little spin on things, when submitting a unit give me a reason for the character to be in that class. Not 'they're strong and it's awesome' but an actual in-character reason. -Child units can be used, but both parents MUST be drafted as well -No awful units. That's was made my last run die (Troubadour Effie and Azura early game with minimal damage output? Conquest eats that for breakfast). Creative is fine, and encouraged, but bad units will not be accepted. -I kinda already have MU already made and a file started, so keep that in mind when marrying him off. -EDIT: I also now have DLC, so the DLC classes are fair game. The Team has been decided, thank-you all! The Team: For the curious, this is what Chanar looks like: 1 - Butler Chanar (Male MU, +Mag/-HP Troubadour talent) (S Peri) 2 - Wyvern Lord Benny (S Camilla) 3 - Swordmaster Charlotte!Ophelia 4 - Hero Charlotte (S Odin) 5 - Dark Knight Odin (S Charlotte) 6 - Berserker Selena (S Arthur) 7 - Master Ninja Xander (A+ Kaze) 8 - Master Ninja Beruka (S Kaze) 9 - Berserker Peri (A+ Charlotte, S Charan) 10 - Paladin Arthur 11 - Vanguard Kaze (S Beruka) 12 - Onmyoji Izana 13 - Ballistician Silas
  24. Hello everyone! When I played Birthright for the first time, I did it directly after Conquest and was immensely bored throughout almost the whole route. So this time, I thought I’d do a PMU run – on Lunatic! Let’s see if this plays out a bit more interesting than standard Hard, shall we. Go wild. Rules: 15 units in total (avatar included), children are okay to use (however, be sure that the drafted children have drafted parents). Minimal level grinding will be done; will only play skirmishes for gold in order to buy necessary seals (if needed). I will also grind supports in order obtain various classes via A+ or S-ranks (if needed). DLC will not be used except for Ghostly Gold (for the same abovementioned Seal reason). 1 Dread Fighter, 1 Dark Falcon, 1 Witch OR Ballistician are available, but not necessary. Feel free to choose the Bane/Boon of my avatar, as well as gender, appearance, name and talent. First come first served. Please tell me how to get access to the classes. Edit: Legendary weapons will go into the convoy and not be used. Have fun!! Drafted units and their specifics: 1. Male Avatar, Spear Fighter Talent (ending in Basara), +Str -Skl 2. Sniper!Ryouma (A+ Takumi) 3. Witch!Orochi!Kana 4. Priestess!Sakura 5. Master Ninja!Silas (A+ Kaze) 6. Blacksmith!Orochi (A+ Rinkah) 7. Onmyoji!Saizo (S Sakura) 8. Dark Falcon!Felicia 9. Master Ninja!Hana (S Kaze) 10. Great Knight!Setsuna (S Silas) 11. Great Master!Sakura!Asugi 12. Swordmaster!Hinata 13. Kinshi Knight!Setsuna!Sophie 14. 15.
  25. Hi everyone! I am here to conduct a Revelations PMU. Since this seems to be the norm nowadays, I will have children, and 10 parents, but the children must have one of their parents in the party. I will allow 2 Dark Fliers, 2 Dread Fighters, 1 Lodestar, 1 Great Lord, and 1 Witch OR Ballistician. Also I will be doing a female avatar cause I despise how the male one looks! You can customize everything besides the appearence, which I have randomized! Also you can recomend up to 2 units! Please be as CRAZY as possible! I wanna avoid having to stay in the same class set for the extra challenge! Adults: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Children 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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