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Found 94 results

  1. As the title says, I'm doing a PMU run on revelations lunatic/classic. I have access to all DLC currently available on my JP copy of Fates apart from the Halloween and Child scramble ones. I will be using a Hoshido noble female avatar (boon and bane are up for debate though) and 15 other units. Feel free to choose S/A+ ranks for your chosen character if you want a certain class. Children are allowed too, but unless you specify who you want the mother (or father, in Shigure and M!Kana's case) to be, I will choose myself. This will be a no-grind run, although I will reset the chapter if a unit dies. Units: 1. Female Avatar (+lck,-res) @ Hoshido noble 2. Camilla @ Malig Knight 3. Hayato @ Oni Chieftain 4. Odin @ Adventurer 5. Laslow @ Lodestar 6. Takumi @ Wyvern Lord 7. Azura @ General 8. Benny @ Kinshi Knight 9. Nyx @ Master Ninja 10. Sakura @ Witch 11. Rinkah @ Berserker 12. Effie @ Strategist 13. Elise @ Priestess 14. Charlotte @ Sorcerer 15. Felicia @ Great Knight 16. Kagero @ Onmyoji
  2. Hello! My last revelations PMU was an absolute sucess! Now, time for probably the hardest version to do a PMU, Conquest! I have all the DLC classes, but only 2 Dark Falcons, 2 Dread Fighters, 1 Witch/Tank, 1 Great Lord, and 1 Lodestar. Any seals can be used, request pairings. I will start it at 15, but if anyone knows Conquest's highest character limit, tell me please! Also, suggest the pairings and kids are also allowed to be chosen, so theres that! 1.Sorc Benny 2.Great Knight Nyx 3.Maid Azura (A+ Elise, and if someone actually has Corrin turn into a butler, it will be her marrying Corrin instead. I'd rather have Corrin be made by a unique person, but the marriage will happen so yeah) 4.Dark Falcon We Got Trouble (Felicia) 5.+Mag/-Str Dark Knight Corrin 6.Hero Arthur 7.Master Ninja Shura 8.Strategist Elise 9.Samurai Odin 10.Dread Fighter Selena 11.Witch Camilla 12.Hero Mozu 13.Sniper Laslow 14.Butler Xander 15. Dread Fighter Gunter
  3. So i'm on the last chapter of Birthright, and have finished Conquest. Which means it's almost time for Revelations. However, i've seen a bunch of PMU, and they seem like fun. But i've also really like the useless capture bosses. Surely enough, i've decided to do the masochistic thing, and go through revelations blind on hard using Kamui, the capture bosses, and a few units you guys will pick. I'm doing this because someone had to at some point, might as well be me, and because eh, why not mix it up. One can only Mozu smash so many enemies. So now for some groundrules: 1. Revelations finale has 15 slots + Kamui. There are 13 captureable bosses in fates, 10 of which i'll be using (daniela and haitaka+ Kumagera are birthright and conquest only, respectively). This means there will be five open slots for real characters to fill. 2. You get to pick the Kamui's gender, boon and shortcoming, and final class. Also, online skill buying is a no no for this one, as is extend level cap seals. I'll have to work within the confines to build skills. 3. As for the five units, same rules apply, pick them, and their final class. Children are fair game (ill be needing to pair them off anyway to get my boss buddies) so tell me the mommy and final class. 4. The boss characters can have their classes picked to an extent. I say this because not all of themhave heart seal options, and no supports to leech classes from. So what you see is mostly what you get, but if you want a reclass, just holler and ill see what i can do. 5. I reserve the right to grind Orochi and Niles to be stupid good so i can actually bring the bosses home. If they're not picked for me, they'll not be deployed for story missions, but can help out in relevant paralogues. 6. I don't have dlc, so i can't use those classes. The one expection is before awakening, so there will be one of the lodestar and lord seals floating around. Assign them as you see fit. 7. I'll probably be finding some way to document this (either a blog or tumblr, not sure which yet) but i still need to figure out how to take photos on my 3ds. Working on it :P. So without further ado, let's meet the team goon squad. 1. Kamui +str -luk Butler S with Not Ninian 2. Lloyd (kana para og: berserker) 3. Llewelyn (kana para og: berserker) 4.Nichol (sophie para og: malig knight) 5. Candace (midori para og: adventurer and the headcanon waifu of the run) 6. Funke (asugi para og: adventurer) Dread fighter 7. Tabra ( shiro para og: berserker 3 so much class diversity) 8. Daichi (selkie para og:basara. notable as the only one on revelation with magic rank. boy oh boy) 9. Gazak ( Forrest para og: fighter/berserker) 10. Zhara ( Soleil para og:mercenary) 11. Senno (ophelia para og: merchant aka: one who will gold grind) 12. Falcon Knight Azura ;-; 13. Priestess Sakura (am i the only one who finds Sakura pretty meh?) 14. Great lord Nyx 15. Onmoyoji Hana w/ astra 16. Hinoka!Selkie as a Master Ninja (S-Rank w/ Asugi) (how'd you manage to zero in on my least favorite child ;-; at least she'll be a dodge tank) Be as vicious with the picks as you want. I'm not afraid. much
  4. This PMU is finished and all my progress reports are listed below. Thank you for this run guys! Hey guys! So as the title says, I'm doing a Revelation Lunatic run for my final golden emblem!! (Already beat Birthright and Conquest on Lunatic) I wanna spice things up a bit and ask the community here to pick my units to beat the game!! Here's what I have- -I am Female Corrin -I have all DLC to date ...... yeah that's it So like just tell me a unit and what final class they should be! You can even suggest DLC classes!! I'll take about 16 units (including my avatar) to run with! Thanks in advance!! Team: 1. Viberua (Avatar) 2, Rinkah - Blacksmith [Nintetales] 3. Keaton - Wolfseggner [Fateborn] 4. Laslow - Hero [Lemui] 5. Niles - Sorcerer [Peppy] 6. Kagero - Ninja / Dread Fighter [Dollysama] 7. Arthur - Hero [Pink Forde] 8. Elise - Wyvern Lord (?) / Malig Knight (?) [joshcja] 9. Camilla - Malig Knight [Ms. Bunch] 10. Ryoma - Swordmaster [Refa] 11. Odin - Swordmaster [Rathichu] 12. Xander - Paladin [shinkuma] 13 Azura - Great Lord [Lord_Grima] 14. Caeldori - Dark Falcon [sieghart] 15 Hana - Onmyoji [GoXDS] 16. Selena - Bow Knight [Affected Dork Dragon] UPDATE: Thank you guys for participating! I'll update my progress to you guys!! he question is, should I update every chapter or every few? My thoughts on this team: I actually think I'll run through Revelation with little trouble!! The guys you gave me are actually pretty solid and I don't really have to worry about them standing on their own (well except Hana) I actually never used Caeldori, Hana, and Kagero before so seeing them in action will probably be super interesting for me!! Wish me luck!! Chapter 7-11 Chapter 12-17 Chapter 18-19 Chapter 20-22 Chapter 23-Endgame
  5. Ok, so while I was given great units, they level ups they got until chapter 10 was terrible and they were NOT able to compete against the Chapter 10 mons. So 16 characters, be rutheless, can use kids, can use any seals, request avatar, and best of all, be wild. I know in my friends PMU he got a Merchant Corrin which is actually quite cool. Also, if you guys want I will keep track of my progress here, but its all up to you. I am sorry if I sound desperate and that I post these a lot, but I just really want to complete one of these. Also, all DLC classes besides Vanguard and Witch and Tank. Only 2 Ebon Wings and 2 Dread Fighters. 1.+Mag/-Str Sorc Corrin 2.Dark Flier Orochi 3.Dread Fighter Sakura 4.Wyvern Lord Camilla 5.Strategist Elise 6.Priestess Effie 7.Swordmaster Xander 8.Kinshi Knight Subaki 9.Onmyoji Hana 10. Bowknight Trash, I mean Nyx 11.Hero Saizo (A+ with Inigo) 12.Master Ninja Ryoma (A+ Saizo) 13.Falcon Knight Azura 14.Lodestar Azama 15.Sorceror Niles 16.Great knight leo Chosen Pairings: 1.Azama x Effie (Favorite pairing for these two btw) 2.Sakura x Xander 3.Hana x Subaki 4.Corrin x Azura 5.Niles x Nyx 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  6. So I am back and well, my first PMU kinda failed on the boat chapter so I decided to restart. Choose anything and everything, put me in pain, any pairings or classes besides vanguard and Max of 2 dark Falcons and dread fighters. Oh and children 1. Swordmaster Midori (Daughter of Hana x Kaze) 2. Beserker Rinkah (A+ with Charlotte?) 3. Omyoji Hana 4.Great Knight Jakob 5.Paladin Laslow (A+ with Xander?) 6. Hero Keaton 7. Strategist Corrin, +Mag/-Strength 8.Dark Falcon Gunter (Sigh) 9. Velouria Wolfssegner (Daughter of Rinkah x Keaton, aka my Ship) 10.Priestess Sakura 11.Sorcerer Felicia 12.Sniper Ryoma (A+ with Takumi or S with Setsuna) 13.Oni Chieftain Hayato 14.Dark Knight Takumi (A+ with Leo) 15. 16.
  7. I wish there was a master/pinned thread for PMU runs, but since there isn't, I'm assuming this will be okay to post. ​I'm wanting to do PMU runs of all three paths of Fates. I've recently completed the entire game on hard, and I'm wanting to spice the game up as I slowly go through the paths on lunatic on separate save files. ​To start it off, I want to do a PMU run of my favorite path gameplay wise, Conquest. Everything is allowed assuming the character can get access to the class without marrying Corrin. Kamuisexuals are also allowed, as are kids. If you want me to use a kid, assuming the parent hasn't been given to me yet, you can choose the outlier parent as well. ​I want 16 units to use. Difficulty will (probably) be Hard/Classic. Also choose my Corrin's class, please? Nohr: 1) Male Corrin - Master Ninja (Ninja class) +Str -Lck 2) Nyx - Bow Knight 3) Selena!Velouria - Dread Fighter 4) Keaton - Berserker 5) Odin - Grandmaster 6) Elise - Wyvernlord (GOTTEM) 7) Selena - Berserker 8) Camilla - Mechanist 9) Effie - Strategist 10) Peri - Sorcerer 11) Felicia - Maid 12) Arthur - Paladin 13) Charlotte - Maid 14) Flora - Maid ​15) Ophelia - Swordmaster 16) Benny - Hero
  8. Is the title used yet? This is the first time I'm doing something like this. I wanted to do a playthrough with Corrin based on my favorite Awakening character: F!Morgan. However, I only have Birthright, so I can't go Nohr Noble for Swords+Tomes+Dragonstone, so I guess I'm gonna have to do something else. For Morgan's class, I want to use either Dark Mage (She has Goetia in her official artwork [Will be her Talent Class]), Wyvern Lord/Malig Knight (Future Past class [Will A+ Scarlet for it]) or Great Lord (Because I ship Robin x Lucina). I also want to use the Awakening characters (Asugi [Gaius], Rhajat [Tharja], Caeldori [Cordelia], and Hayato [Ricken. One of these is not like the others, I guess.]) and Kana in the endgame party. They will be restricted to their base class or classes they could get in Awakening: Asugi has access to the Ninja (Thief) and Samurai (Myrmidon) classes. He can't get Fighter because this isn't Revelations, but Oni Savage is close enough. Rhajat has access to Dark Mage, Archer (If her mother is Setsuna or Mozu, or if she marries Kiragi) and Diviner (since that's her base class). She can't get Knight in this playthrough. (It should be noted that she can only get Dark Mage if she marries Kana) Caeldori has access to Sky Knight (Pegasus Knight) and Dark Mage. She can't get Mercenary in this playthrough. (It should be noted that she can only get Dark Mage if she marries Kana) Hayato has access to Diviner (Mage) and Archer (If he marries Setsuna or Mozu). If Morgan marries him, he also has access to Dark Knight (One of Mage's promotions in Awakening). He can't get Cavalier in this playthrough. I also want to have M!Kana based on FuturePast!M!Morgan, so he's going to be a Sorcerer as his final class (Unless I get the Grandmaster DLC, but I probably won't because I don't have money.) I'd rather not have Morgan marry people that will damage Kana's magic too much. I also don't have the Amiibo or DLC, so I can't have Anna, Robin, and Lucina in the team, and I can't have the Dread Fighter, Dark Flier, Grandmaster, and Vanguard classes. I'm not sure if this counts, but Takumi kinda looks like a younger Yen'fay without the black lobster mask, so I'm not sure if I should include him in my team or not, since he's not an exact replica like the others and he has a completely different personality. If I do, he'll have access to the Archer and Samurai (Myrmidon) classes. I'm sorry if there are too many restrictions. Feel free to choose Morgan's Boon/Bane, the remaining units, and the pairings/classes for everyone here. Chosen Units 1. Morgan 2. Kana 3. Asugi 4. Caeldori 5. Hayato 6. Rhajat 7. Morgan's husband 8. Maybe Takumi? 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Chosen Pairs
  9. So I am doing a Pick My Units Run for Revelations. I did this so I could grind supports for some characters if you guys choose Swordmaster Takumi and stuff like that. Anything goes, all seals can be used. Also, choose ANY pairings possible for characters. Like you can do Sakura x Xander, I don't care. Also, kids are there, but just give a pairing with them. If a pairing was suggested earlier for a kid, say Kiragi, and that pairing was with Elise, then you can't give me a Nohr Noble Kiragi. It has to be possible with previous pairings. First come, First Serve! So now post away, I will keep track of everything in the OP. Also, choose my Avatar stuff, boon/bane/talent EDIT: Forgot to mention I have all class DLC, but I can't do the Royal one properly so limit to 2 Dark Falcons and 2 Dread Fighters Chosen Units: 1.Great Knight Sakura 2.Great Lord Setsuna (Only great lord that can be used I think, unless you can somehow get more.) 3.Adventurer Corrin +Res -Spd (Female) 4.Maid Selena 5.Oni Chieftain Ryoma 6.Master Ninja Elise 7.Sniper Leo (A+ with Takumi) 8.Sorcerer Charlotte (A+ with Nyx) 9.Hero Felicia 10. Swordmaster Xander (A+ with Ryoma) 11. Sorcerer Nyx 12. Dark Falcon Ophelia 13. Strategist Forrest 14. Paladin Silas 15. Nohr Noble Sophie 16. Grand Master Odin Pairings: Sakura x Xander Selena x Jakob Lobster Lord x Rinkah Elise x Kaze Nyx x Leo Azura x Odin Mary Sue (Corrin) x Silas
  10. So I know I posted one for myself on Revelations, and I AM doing that, so don't worry. However, my friend to do one for Birthright and I said why not, I will make the post for you. So make the avatar, be rutheless, pick the pairings, pick the class tree, anything. Just no Witch or the Tank class, Vanguard is fine. Also, child Units ARE allowed, just name the pairing. We want you to screw him up, so do it, but I don't think anything is worse than a Outlaw Avatar on my run, oh god the resets on Chapter 7. The first update on the OP will be done later in the day because I have school, but post away!!! Chosen Units 1.Onmyoji Ryoma 2. Samurai Orochi (Going to assume you mean I can promote whatever I want from Samurai) 3. Blacksmith Oboro (A+ Rinkah) 4. Dread Fighter Selkie (Married from Azura x Kaden) 5.Priestess Sakura 6.War Priestess Hana 7.Swordmaster Takumi (A+ with Hinata, allowed to keep Fujin in inventory) 8. Sniper Kagero (A+ Setsuna) 9.Sky Knight Saizo (A+ Subaki) 10. Butler Asugi (Married from Felicia x Saizo) 11.Oni Chieftan Azama (Marry Rinkah) 12. Merchant Male Corrin (+skl, -lck) 13.Great Lord Mozu 14.Bow Knight Felicia 15.Onmyoji Reina 16. Basara Sophie (Married from Oboro x Silas) Chosen Pairs Orochi x Ryoma Azura x Kaden Felicia x Saizo Rinkah x Azama Oboro x Silas
  11. Hello, everyone! This is exactly what the title says, I've been wanting to try a PMU run for a while now. The endgame allows for the avatar + 15 other units so that's how many I need. You can pick the avatar's asset/flaw, secondary class, and ending class. Any ending class works for everyone else too as long as they don't have to marry anyone for it. I also have all of the DLC to date so have fun with that! I'll be liveblogging my progress here once I know who my team's going to be. Team: 1. +Magic/-Luck Sorcerer!Avatar 2. Kinshi Knight!Reina 3. Master of Arms!Hana 4. Spear Master!Hinoka 5. Priestess!Sakura 6. Merchant!Oboro 7. Blacksmith!Rinkah 8. Onmyoji!Kaden 9. Sniper!Kagero 10. Mechanist!Setsuna 11. Merchant!Orochi 12. Basara!Takumi 13. Vanguard!Hinata 14. Kinshi Knight! Ryoma 15. Hero!Silas 16. Onmyoji!Azama I'm going to need a lot of heart seals. This should be interesting!
  12. Rules: *Corrin and Azura are free. *Reclassing with any kind of seal is allowed. *You can pick my pairings (Although there are certain ones I may reject, like Ryoma x Elise). *Be as merciless as you want. I'd love to try and pull off something like Strategist!Charlotte. *You guys are free to pick Corrin's gender, build, asset/flaw and secondary. Corrin: +Skl -HP Maid Units: 1. Peri 2. Elise 3. Effie 4. Arthur 5. Flora 6. Laslow 7. Camilla 8. Sakura (A+ w/ Hana) 9. Orochi 10. Odin 11. Selena 12. Takumi 13. Subaki 14. Hinoka (A+ w/ Camilla) Pairings: Laslow x Camilla Subaki x Azura Takumi x Hana Odin x Corrin Arthur x Selena
  13. I'm doing a PMU because I am having a significant lack of inspiration so suggestions final class (promoted) and characters (if kids, variable parent as well please) 1) Strategist!Corrin (+Str, -Def) 2) Maid!Charlotte 3) Charlotte!Beserker!Soleil 4) Effie!Swordmaster!Opehlia 5) Jakob!Butler!Kana 6) General!Benoit 7) FalconKnight!Selena 8) Strategist!Elise 9) Hero!Arthur 10) WyvernLord!Camilla 11) Sorcerer!Leo 12) Sorcerer!Peri 13) BowKnight!Gunter 14) Beserker!Niles 15) Hero!Felicia 16) Nyx!DarkKnight!Velouria And that's the team! Thanks to everyone who made suggestions (except Cero)! My thoughts going in: This is my first PMU, so I'm kinda nervous. Looking at my team, I have some strong units like Camilla and some weaker units with bad sets. Though overall, most of these sets (except Cero's) seem to have some thought behind them and should be interesting to run. All in all, I'm not too worried about my team and look forward to sharing my results with everyone.
  14. Lunatic is giving me a headache, so I wanted to take a break with something easier. I want to do a "classic" playthrough where features new to Awakening are banned. I think I saw something like this done on this site before when I was a lurker, but I'm not sure where. By the way, I learned my lesson from the last two times, so I will not attempt a playlog or to complete this on Lunatic. Rules -Hard/Classic -No Second Seals -No DLC/Wireless Menu -No Barracks/Event Tiles/Anna Shops -Chrom promotes right after the Awakening event at the end of Chapter 24, no earlier or later. -No Skirmishes (I know they existed in SS, but this is more of a no-grind rule) Originally I wasn't going to do pair ups either, but I'm having second thoughts. They could be considered Awakening's version of Rescue. If the poll is 60% or higher against pairing up, I won't. Never mind. I won't weight the poll. Majority rules. Would you guys be willing to help me pick my units and pairings? I was thinking six to eight parent pairings would be good. Child pairings (A or S rank) are good too, if the kid(s) have their parents already selected. One pairing per person please. Thank you! Pairings: Cordelia x Virion Sumia x Frederick Tharja x Kellam Lissa x Donnel Maribelle x Gregor Anna x MaMU
  15. As stated in my previous PMU post, I'm doing a FE7 run, and since I like reading other people's LPs, why not try one myself. The Lyn mode stuff will just be levels and a few random things because its Lyn mode. Since this is my first one, go easy on me. Here is the team from PMU post (in no order): 1. Kent 2. Wallace 3. Guy 4. Lucius 5. Matthew 6. Bartre 7. Serra 8. Heath 9. Vaida 10. the lords obviously 11. Sain 12. Nino EDIT: 13. Karla (I'll see if I can work her in at the end) [spoiler=Prologue through Ch4 AKA The Great Bandit Massacres]The journey begins... Lyn with a nice first level up and I might be reconsidering being OK with Kent Lyn continues to win my heart as Kent continues to dissapoint. Hard to go wrong with Sex Panther, my super lame set up for defense, and Kent continuing to show me why no one likes him. I let Will and Florina do stuff just to make Lyn mode go faster, they will be benched in HHM. Also, Lyn is too good. Lyn continues to down the HGH and crits the boss on the first strike to gain some strength. Kent.............. -_- Next we should get Serra and Lucius (wooh) and hopefully finish LHM. (Sorry pretty dry read LHM is boring.)
  16. you already know. Max of 12 units + the Lords, Seth will be used up to a certain point even if he's not picked, at least one healer, no Myrrh. 1. Warrior!Ross 2. Warrior!Garcia 3. Innes 4. WL!Cormag 5. Syrene 6. Dozla (I HATE YOU EGGS) 7. Seth 8. SM!Joshua 9. Hero!Gerik 10. Summoner!Knoll 11. Bishop!Natasha 12. GK!Franz ADDENDUM: Colm or Rennac will be used for Thief utility, but nothing else.
  17. Since I have conquered pokemon y and don't have the time to make my competitive team yet, time for me to get back into awakening. So dem rules. Regular old stuff. No resets. Permadeath. MU or Chrom dies restart the whole game. Pick ten units all pairings are my decisions. New stuff. Each character is allowed to use one master seal and on second seal. This run must be completed within a week of the post when I actually start. So pick ten units or less I will begin in about 20 hours. Picks Vaike Mariebelle Henry Fredrick. Inigo Lissa Lucina Nowi
  18. Alright, leggo. Pick up to 12 units I'll use in addition to the twins. Rules: -Normal Mode -Route determined by vote later -I need at least one staffbot -Promotions decided by my discretion (i.e, if Gerik's used, he's not going Ranger cuz Hero da GOAT class), or by nomination if you're arsed to do it less go.
  19. Okay for all the people who knew me since I joined, I did a PMU of FE8. then I rebirthed that, and then I did an FE7 PMU. Since that died, It's Time. Da Rules.) 1.) 1 Pick per person 2.) LHM>HNM because HHM is for chumps or something 3.) Hector will be used 4.) 13 Units because wynaut 5.) 19xx will be considered maybe 6.) Keep calm and enjoy Da units.) 1.Wallace 2. Bartre 3. Nino 4.Karel 5.KARLA 6. Pent 7. Dorcass 8. Wil 9. Rath 10. Lowen 11. Serra 12. MARCUS 13.Renault
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