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Found 83 results

  1. Hey everyone ^^ First of all, this is my first time creating a topic (doesn't mean I'm new to SF though, most of the time I'm here, watching silently ^^) So, I just finished calculating the growth rates for my characters in my Conquest campain, and I'd like some thougts/advices ^^ Note that the growths are calculated for the characters in the classes I defined, but they aren't always they're final classes! For example, MANY characters are GK or Heroes, but while Hero can be a good final class and has also over-average skills, I use GK for the sole purpose of getting the skills, which are excellent (and passing them to the children)... Waiting for your advices! ^^ --> Growths and pairings in the attached files
  2. Hey everyone ^^ First of all, this is my first time creating a topic (doesn't mean I'm new to SF though, most of the time I'm here, watching silently ^^) So, I just finished calculating the growth rates for my characters in my Conquest campain, and I'd like some thougts/advices ^^ Note that the growths are calculated for the characters in the classes I defined, but they aren't always they're final classes! For example, MANY characters are GK or Heroes, but while Hero can be a good final class and has also excellent skills, I use GK for the sole purpose of getting the skills (and passing them to the children)... Waiting for your advices! ^^ Here are the growths and pairings: [Class] [Name] HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Dark Blood Athena 60 50 30 70 55 50 35 35 Paladin Marx 55 65 5 50 45 75 50 25 Dark Knight Leon 60 45 65 40 50 50 45 50 Rev. Knight Camila 40 65 40 60 60 25 45 60 Strategist Elise 30 5 80 30 65 90 15 55 Brave Hero Arthur 70 60 0 75 50 10 55 20 Great Knight Effie 55 80 0 45 55 55 55 30 Sorcerer Odin 55 35 55 55 45 60 45 35 Bow Knight Zero 50 45 20 55 65 40 30 50 Wyvern Lord Belka 55 45 10 70 40 50 60 25 Brave Hero Luna 60 45 5 45 60 35 55 30 Brave Hero Lazwald 70 60 0 65 45 60 45 25 Great Knight Pieri 50 70 5 40 55 40 45 45 Songstress Azura 25 60 25 80 80 60 15 35 Elite Ninja Kaze 60 45 0 65 85 20 25 55 Great Knight Silas 60 65 5 60 45 45 60 25 Butler Jacob 50 40 25 55 50 55 30 35 Maid Felicia 40 20 45 45 55 65 20 45 Weapon Master Mozume 60 65 15 70 75 65 55 40 General Benoit 75 60 0 65 10 45 75 50 Berserker Charlotte 95 80 0 50 65 45 20 5 Managarm Flannel 80 80 0 25 50 35 60 25 [Class] [Name] HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Dark Blood Kanna 55 43 48 52 58 50 33 45 Great Knight Siegbert 62 62 5 47 47 50 60 22 Strategist Foleo 48 27 60 45 50 58 28 55 Wyvern Lord Lutz 48 60 2 60 52 48 65 22 Sorcerer Ophelia 43 18 72 40 55 65 30 45 Adventurer Eponine 37 48 40 47 68 35 30 63 Brave Hero Soleil 55 67 2 57 53 50 42 37 Falcon Warrior Shigure 38 55 20 60 68 48 23 52 Pupetteer Midoriko 52 52 10 68 63 42 27 45 Paladin Sophie 48 58 10 65 62 58 47 43 Butler Deere 45 38 37 45 50 53 28 42 Great Knight Ignis 72 68 0 52 35 50 60 28 Managarm Velour 72 67 3 43 50 42 55 27 Pairings (1st Gen) Children Leon Athena Foleo Kanna Marx Luna Siegbert 0 Arthur Effie Lutz 0 Odin Elise Ophelia 0 Zero Camila Eponine 0 Lazward Pieri Soleil 0 Kaze Azura Midoriko Shigure Silas Mozume Sophie 0 Jacob Felicia Deere 0 Benoit Charlotte Ignis 0 Flannel Belka Velour 0 Pairings (2nd Gen) Kanna Midoriko Foleo Ophelia Siegbert Soleil Lutz Velour Shigure Sophie Deere Eponine Ignis 0
  3. So I just cleared hard with random pairings that I went off aesthetics since I can't really read japanese that well. But now, i'm starting a lunatic file and would like some feedback on what pairings are optimal, or at least effective. My plans so far: trueblade MU(+str/-def or +spd/def, idk) and Felicia (class undecided) OR FeMui (same class/assets) and Joker if I decide to pair Felicia with Leo Paladin Xander and Berserker Charlotte Dark Knight Leo and either Felicia or Nyx Berserker Arthur and Berserker/General Effie (changed by recommendation) Hero Luna and Managarmr Flannel Berserker Belka and General Benoit Along with the pairings above, I would like to use Kaze or Zero, or even both, as mage killers, but have no idea who to pair them with or classes. I'll get all the children for experience, but i'm probably not going to invest in them because I'm focused more on clearing the game rather than pvp/postgame (nohr grinding sucks), so i'd like opinions on how to optimize the first generation. Any suggestions on how to improve my current pairs or finish up my remaining ones?
  4. Introduction: I purchased a 3DS and awakening a couple of weeks ago and decided I would like to start a save file using pairings that made the most sense to me based on the support conversations between characters. I don't mean which characters seem to have the best "romance" but which characters are related due to coincidences in their support conversations. I'm sure most of you have heard of pairing characters such as Lissa and Lon'Qu based on the fact that Lon'Qu shields arrows for both Lissa and Owain. Using evidence like this I wanted to start a topic where people who are interested could help others in finding these kind of relations between characters. The goal is to conduct a positive and helpful conversation between members and to eventually pair every child bearing lady with a husband that makes sense for her and her child. For example I'll be starting out with a pairing I just discovered this morning. Evidence for Chrom x Oliva: Obviously Chrom and Sumia are heavily pushed by the game as a couple, but their supports are generic, and Cynthia doesn't seem to have any dialogue which would push her as being Chrom's daughter. As I was figuring out who to pair with who I was having trouble with Olivia. I read through the majority of her conversations and well as Inigo's conversations looking for a coincidence or something I could use that pairs him with one father. I found a couple of interesting things: The first thing I found is in Inigo and his Father's C-Rank support conversation, regardless of who that may be, Inigo's father says "Lucina's so driven and serious... It's strange you don't have any of that purpose." I found it odd that any of Inigo's parents bar Chrom and The Avatar (MU) would compare Inigo to Lucina, because for the exception of the two listed above any other potential father wouldn't know Lucina well enough to compare her to Inigo. There are several reasons why Chrom makes more sense as Inigo's father than The Avatar (MU). It wouldn't make sense for The Avatar (MU) to have two children because it creates a "plot hole", which I'll detail later. In addition it makes more sense for Chrom to compare the two because many newer or inexperienced parents, like Chrom, compare their children. This makes sense considering Chrom has just become a father to two children. Further relating Chrom and Inigo is in Olivia's B-Rank support conversation with Inigo and Olivia's S-Rank support conversation with Chrom: Doesn't that seem like a weird and seemingly random thing for her to do? I did some digging and the only other conversation to include barrels is Olivia's S-Rank support conversation with Chrom. It's not really evidence but it's a funny coincidence none the less. Evidence for Lissa x Lon'Qu: I'm sure most of you have heard of the famous Lissa and Lon'Qu pairings. If you haven't heard why these two make sense paired together, basically it is based on the fact that in Lon'Qu and Lissa's A-Rank support conversation Lon'Qu protects Lissa from an assassination attempt by blocking an arrow for her. In Lon'Qu and Owain's B-Rank support conversation Lon'Qu protects Owain by blocking an arrow for him as well. Owain also says that that's how Lon'Qu died in his timeline. Lon'Qu fathering Owain would also make perfect sense as to why Owain starts as a myrmidon and is skilled in swordplay. Evidence for Tharja x Gaius: I thought finding a pair for Tharja was going to be difficult because of her Avatar obsession but I actually found this one by accident while reading some of Noire's supports with her potential fathers. It's mentioned that Noire loves sweets in three different conversations. The Avatar and Noire's A-Rank support conversation: Owain and Noire's C-Rank support conversation: and Yarne and Noire's B-Rank support conversation: Why does Noire like sweets? Her father is Gaius of course! As an added bonus Tharja only mentions the Avatar once in Tharja and Gaius's C-Rank support conversation when she asks him to swipe a strand of the Avatar's hair. After Gaius declines, Tharja shifts her attention to trying to curse Gaius instead. In Gaius and Noire's A-Rank support conversation Gaius steals Tharja's tools, which would be easy for Gaius to do considering he's a thief. Pairings so far: (Work in Progress) Chrom x Olivia - Lucina + Inigo Lissa x Lon'Qu - Owain Tharja x Gaius - Noire In Closing (To Be Continued...) I will be adding more later and I can't wait to see what others can find. Together we may be able to piece together the puzzle that is Fire Emblem Awakening. Feel free to add to or critique my pairings and it's encouraged to come up with your own. Disclaimer: This topic is purely for fun for members like myself who like to find little bits and pieces of hinting from Intelligent Systems. These pairings are in no way implied, considered, or stated to be "canon pairings" or "optimal pairings." Again these pairings are only for fun!
  5. Whether it be for Love or for Stats, most of us have a favorite pairing for certain characters. I made this poll to find which ones are the most popular in terms of supports and mods. Whichever you prefer, please vote and contribute your thoughts! Thanks and I hope this will be a fun series! :)
  6. I'm planning to do my first ever Lunatic run of FE:A- any suggestions for pairings? Here is what I have so far: MaMu(+Mag,-Lck)xAversa ChromxSumia OliviaxLon'qu GregorxPanne FredrickxLissa StahlxCherche Haven't started yet so I'm completely open-minded and wish to hear all opinions and suggestions!
  7. A list of some things that could have made the metagame of Awakening more competitive/easier to do. Possible Pairings that Should have Been Possible: Chrom x Cordelia (Obvious reasonings, mainly Severa with Aether and Armsthrift Lucina) Sumia x Stahl (Myrimodon tree would be good on Cynthia and possibility of being physical) Sumia x Vaike (Merc tree and pretty decent strength) Chrom x Nowi (Imagine it. Aether Nah. Manakete Lucina. Need I say more?) Chrom x Panne (Taguel Lucina,RFK Yarne and good skills for both of them, win win) Sumia x Lonqu (Similar to Lonqu!Brady, just weaker magic but amazing speed and skill) Possible Things that could have Changed the Metagame: More males having their own Child Gerome, Yarne,and Laurent having access to Galeforce More options for Chrom (Like ones listed above) Chrom's second child being able to get The Lord tree. Vaike giving access of galeforce to Nah Noire or Kjelle. Olivia can pass Dancer to her female Children(Or just more Dancers,either way would be fine) Light Magic Maybe I went overboard and made too much OP stuff, but I'd like feedback, Thx
  8. Everyone has that one support that no matter what difficulty you're playing, no matter how many times you've beaten the game, no matter how close you are to 100%, no matter how much you want to see the other supports you always do. What's that one support for you? And it doesn't have to be your OTP. It's just that pairing that feels... right. For me, its Virion and Cherche. I don't care what modifiers or skills Virion gives Gerome, he has to marry Cherche. He has to. Who else is he going to reclaim his lands in Rossane with? Nowi?
  9. I wanted to match Levin with Fury but before I could have them talk he fell in love with Sylvia, despite not being nearly as cool. What can I do to fix it? I can reload a save fom the beginning of the chapter but I'm not sure it would actually help since they gain love points just be existing on the same universe and Fury still isn't a match for the dancer in Levin's heart. If I kill her, can I make Levin fall in love with Fury and then revive her? Or is there an easier way to do it? I know LevinxSylvia is a good pairing, but I don't like it from a narrative point of view.
  10. If you're new and need help with pairings, I will recommend this. First off,here are the best father and mother for each stat.Just because they're the best with stats doesn't mean it will make them OP all the time. Just remember that usually,Skills>Stats>Levels Father. Mother Speed:Lonqu. Speed:Panne,Sumia Res:Maribelle,Nowi,Tiki Skill:Lonqu. Skill:Panne,Cordelia,Sumia,Sully LSuck:Donnel Strength:Cherche Strength:Vaike. Defense:Nowi Magic:Ricken. Luck:Maribelle Res:Libra. Magic:Miriel,Tharja Def:Kellam Galeforce is a really important skill in this game,let as many units get it as possible.Donnel,Gaius,And (M)MU will give 3 children (Kjelle,Nah,Noire) access to galeforce.Dont ask me why vaike doesn't. The children who can't get Galeforce in any way is Laurent,Gerome,and Yarne. Based on skills and stats,here are the best magic fathers (because most of the women have children than males) Magic. Gregor(Doesnt hurt magic too much,offers armsthrift and vantage) Henry (Offers Wrath,Sorc,and Lethality) Ricken (Offers Tomefaire,Luna,and Aegis) Lon'qu (Doesn't hurt magic too much,and gives vantage) Libra(Gives Tomefaire,Sorc,and Renewal) Virion (Doesn't hurt magic too much,and gives tomefaire) Strength Vaike (Offers Axefaire, and gives Luna to female children) Chrom (Offers Luna and Aether to female children) Stahl(Offers Swordfaire and Luna) Gaius(Offers Swordfaire) Donnel (Offers physical power with armsthrift) Defense Kellam (Pavise and best defense mods with Renewal) Frederick (Both Pavise and Aegis) Vaike (Gives merc,knight,and cav tree to female children if they don't have it on their own) Hope this helps. It might suck but whatever :<
  11. I would love to know the opinions you guys have of my families that I have on Fire Emblem: Awakening. Both romance and tactical wise. Please no spoilers for anything after chapter 13 D: MyUnit is called a female called Sabine. What is your unit called? Chrom x Sumia = Lucina + Brady Chrom x Sumia = Cynthia + Stahl x Sully = Kjelle + Owain Gaius x Cordelia = Severa + Donnel x Nowi = Nah + Libra x Tharja = Noire + Vaike x Lissa = Owain + Kjelle Ricken x Maribelle = Brady + Lucina Gregor x Olivia = Inigo + Frederick x Sabine = Morgan + Virion x Cherche = Gerome + Lon’qu x Miriel = Laurent + Kellam x Panne = Yarne + (Note: I've only got Owain, Brady, Inigo, Morgan, for boys and Lucina and Kjelle for girls so far children wise. Therefore their isn't many children pairings yet.) :) Thanks
  12. Hi guys! So I am in need of suggestions on skills for my units to learn. I have noticed that Fire Emblem: Awakening becomes too easy when units start getting pair-up. It does not have any challenge anymore when enemies get steam rolled over by paired up units. I want some kind of challenge like in the old days. The idea came to my mind then: Play without pairing up units! It is fine if units are standing adjacent to one another, as they do not receive those ridiculously OP stat boosts as much. Without further waiting, here are the pairings I had in mind: Chrom x Sumia (Two Aether-Luna Proc Users) Lissa x Ricken (Luna) Maribelle x Lon'qu (Vantage) Sully x Donnel (Galeforce) Cordelia x Stahl (Luna) Olivia x Libra (Vengeance + Tomefaire) Miriel x Gregor (Vantage) Tharja x Gaius (Galeforce) Cherche x Frederick (Luna + Aegis) Panne x Kellam (Luna) Nowi x Vaike (Luna + Axefaire) Avatar x Lucina/Cynthia (Creates the most number of Aether-Luna users) Rough Draft of Skill Sets: Male Avatar (+Magic, -Strength) @ Sorcerer/Sage -Vantage -Vengeance -Tomefaire -Hit Rate +20/Tomebreaker -Limit Breaker/Filler Lucina @ Dark Flier -Aether -Luna -Galeforce -Iote's Shield/Tomefaire/Lancefaire -Limit Breaker/Filler Cynthia @ Dark Flier -Aether -Luna -Galeforce -Iote's Shield/Tomefaire/Lancefaire -Limit Breaker/Filler Owain @ Sage -Vantage -Luna -Tomefaire -Galeforce -Limit Breaker/Filler Brady @ Sage -Vantage -Luna -Tomefaire -Galeforce -Limit Breaker/Filler Kjelle @ General/Hero -Luna -Galeforce -Aegis -Pavise -Limit Breaker/Filler Severa @ Dark Flier/Hero/Paladin -Vantage -Luna -Galeforce -Hit Rate +20/Lancefaire/Tomefaire/Swordfaire -Limit Breaker/Filler Inigo @ Sorcerer/Sage -Vantage -Vengeance -Tomefaire -Galeforce -Limit Breaker/Filler Laurent @ Sorcerer/Sage -Vantage -Vengeance -Tomefaire -Tomebreaker -Limit Breaker/Filler Noire @ Dark Flier/Sorcerer -Vantage -Luna -Galeforce -Tomefaire/Lancefaire -Limit Breaker/Filler Gerome @ General -Luna -Aegis -Pavise -Renewal -Limit Breaker/Filler Yarne @ Berserker/Warrior -Luna -Axefaire -Pavise -Swordbreaker -Limit Breaker/Filler Nah @ General/Hero/Manakete -Luna -Pavise -Renewal -Axebreaker/Lancebreaker/Swordbreaker -Limit Breaker/Filler Morgan @ Sorcerer/Sage -Aether -Luna -Galeforce -Tomefaire -Limit Breaker/Filler Thanks for any suggestions or comments!
  13. I love that Intelligence Systems put this into the game. It literally serves no purpose, and most of Old Hubba's judgement can be disregarded entirely as fanfiction. (Really, Old Hubba? Chrom and Robin are having a miserable marriage because secretly, Chrom longs to confess his feelings to Frederick? Really?) Anyway, the feature itself is entertaining and a good way to regain your sanity after frequents Lunatic mode restarts. My question to you is what ludicrous pairings did Old Hubba give you, and how believable were they?
  14. I have looked at many people's different guides and their choices for pairings. I think I have made pairings that will satisfy everything the children need. Feel free to complain or yell at me; I personally am not going to use these specific ones. (Mine have bias and are made to intentionally remove sorcerers; if you want those, they're on my profile.) Please offer your opinions, they help everyone, which is what these are meant to do. Now, the pairings: Chrom and Olivia- Inigo gets luna and RK. Lucina gets Vantage and Swordfaire. Both children are used to their max non-Robin abilities. Stahl and Cordelia- Severa gets myrmidon and cavalier which are pretty much all she needs. Great mods, too, so it's a win-win. Fred and Cherche- Tank Gerome with amazing stats and skills all around. Kellam and Panne- Can be used as a support unit general or an offensive berserker. Donnel and Sully- Gets GF and Merc. Donnel's crappy mods don't hurt her too much. Vaike and Nowi- Amazing strength and access to merc and knight, which is all she needs. Gaius and Tharja- Galeforce, myrmidon and high stats all around (except luck). Ricken and Lissa- Owain with HIGH magic and access to luna. Gregor and Miriel- Sorc with armsthrift, sol, and vantage. I personally don't care for this one, because his strength is wasted, but this is mainly for a sorc build, which I don't do. Henry and Sumia- Dark flier with high magic and skill. Also access to dark mage. Lon'qu and Maribelle- Great skills like vantage, astra and luna (default) and amazing skill and speed. Robin can go with whoever the hell you want, Morgan will be the best no matter what. Preferably Aversa for Shadowgift, or a second-gen for overall awesomeness. Sorry about all the pairings I talk about, but hey, it's pretty much the most important thing for Apo and higher difficulties. Like I said, complain all you want, I don't use these, and they're only made for those people who say, "Oh, what's the perfect set up?" or "What pairings are most optimal?" Well, I think these work, and if you do as well, send those people here. If you want my personal pairings, they're on my profile. Complain about those in a PM. Thanks for reading and/or responding. EDIT: Hmmm, apparently my personal pairings aren't on my profile. Huh. I typed them up a little bit ago. Oh, well. MaMU/Olivia, Chrom/Sumia, Henry/Lissa, Gaius/Tharja, Fred/Cherche, Vaike/Nowi, Lon'qu/Maribelle, Ricken/Miriel, Gregor/Panne, and of course Stahl/Cordelia. Just some minor differences, though I'm thinking about Chrom/Maribelle, Henry/Sumia, Ricken/Lissa, and Lon'qu/Miriel after seeing that Apo with no DLC vid.
  15. I have been playing with a Male MU the whole time and just now I want to try out the Female one. Aside from the Galeforce, Dread Fighter/Bride, is there any noticeable difference between the two versions? Another thing is that the male MU sort of have several ideal wives (being Lucina, Aversa or Nowi in my last playthrough) who generally give Morgan a huge boost. But what about the female MU? From whom Morgan benefits the most? I haven't seen much discussion about it. I usually go +Spd -Res for Asset and Flaw, but I haven't created my character yet, so it can be changed. The same with 2nd Gen character, as I have yet to pair the couples. Although I do tend to make her a magic/or hybrid. And I have DLCs. Please share your thoughts! Much thank! MaMU doesnt count =D
  16. By what time do the Gen 1 characters have to be in love for the children to appear in Gen 2? I've been looking all over, and I can't find an answer-and for some reason the love points aren't always distributing, so I kind of need to know.
  17. Here is the list of possible ways to have one at least of the children characters achieve the highest stat cap modifier for a specific stat for both genders, showing the second generation children with the variable parent as well as third generation Morgan (with the listed Asset/Flaw combinations required for the Avatar) and the highest possible stat when applied to a class with the Limit Break skill equipped. For the case of the children character having access to the Taguel or Manakete class, the Taguel or Manakete class will be shown in addition to the regular class that character can access with the Limit Break skill equipped along with the stat bonus Beaststone+ or Dragonstone+ provides when equipped respectively. This list is done for convenience and is NOT intended to be an optimization guide because of the following reasons: Optimization is not required to make a child character gamebreaking. The listed combinations may cause a child character to have possible penalties in stats. The listed combinations may cause a child character to miss out on possible class/skill options. A combination can cause other child characters to miss out on stat cap boosts and class/skill options. You can just use this list so you can make a child character with a very high stat just to show off in a Streetpass team. Such wow. Please let me know if there are any errors in the list or any possible combination that I may have missed. Enjoy! Highest Strength: Males: Vaike!Gerome: +7 [65 Strength in Warrior class w/LB] Walhart!M!Morgan (+Str/-Mag, Spd, Def, Res): +9 [69 Strength in Berserker or General class w/ LB] Vaike!Gerome!M!Morgan (+Str/-Mag, Spd, Def, Res): +11 [71 Strength in Berserker or General class w/ LB] Females: Vaike!Severa: +5 [65 Strength in General class w/LB] Vaike!Nah: +5 [65 Strength in General class w/ LB or 66 Strength as Manakete class w/ LB using Dragonstone+] Cherche!F!Morgan (+Str/-Mag, Spd, Def, Res): +8 [68 Strength in General class w/ LB] Vaike!Severa!F!Morgan (+Str/-Mag, Spd, Def, Res): +9 [69 Strength in General class w/ LB] Vaike!Nah!F!Morgan (+Str/-Mag, Spd, Def, Res): +9 [69 Strength in General class w/LB or 70 Strength as Manakete class w/ LB using Dragonstone+] Highest Magic: Males: Ricken!Laurent: +6 [62 Magic in Sage class w/ LB] Ricken!M!Morgan (+Mag/-Str, Skl, Spd, Def): +7 [63 Magic in Sage class w/ LB] Ricken!Laurent!M!Morgan (+Mag/-Str, Skl, Spd, Def): +10 [66 Magic in Sage class w/ LB] Females: Ricken!Noire: +6 [62 Magic in Sage class w/ LB] Emmeryn!F!Morgan (+Mag/-Str, Skl, Spd, Def): +9 [65 Magic in Sage class w/ LB] Ricken!Noire!F!Morgan (+Mag/-Str, Skl, Spd, Def): +10 [66 Magic in Sage class w/ LB] Highest Skill: Males: Lon’qu!Yarne: +6 [64 Skill as Assassin class w/ LB or Taguel class w/ LB using Beaststone+] Lon’qu!M!Morgan (+Skl/-HP, Mag, Lck, Def, Res): +8 [66 Skill as Assassin or Sniper class w/ LB] Gangrel!M!Morgan (+Skl/-HP, Mag, Lck, Def, Res): +8 [66 Skill as Assassin or Sniper class w/ LB] Lon’qu!Yarne!M!Morgan (+Skl/-HP, Mag, Lck, Def, Res): +10 [68 Skill as Assassin or Sniper class w/ LB or Taguel class w/ LB using Beaststone+] Females: Lon’qu!Severa: +6 [64 Skill as Assassin class w/ LB] Sully!F!Morgan (+Skl/-HP, Mag, Lck, Def, Res): +7 [65 Skill as Assassin or Sniper class w/ LB] Sumia!F!Morgan (+Skl/-HP, Mag, Lck, Def, Res): +7 [65 Skill as Assassin or Sniper class w/ LB] Panne!F!Morgan (+Skl/-HP, Mag, Lck, Def, Res): +7 [65 Skill as Assassin or Sniper class w/ LB] Cordelia!F!Morgan (+Skl/-HP, Mag, Lck, Def, Res): +7 [65 Skill as Assassin or Sniper class w/ LB] Lon’qu!Severa!F!Morgan (+Skl/-HP, Mag, Lck, Def, Res): +10 [68 Skill as Assassin or Sniper class w/ LB] Highest Speed: Males: Lon’qu!Yarne: +7 [63 Speed as Assassin or Swordmaster class w/ LB or 65 Speed as Taguel w/ LB using Beaststone+] Yen’fay!M!Morgan (+Spd/-HP, Str, Skl, Lck, Def): +9 [65 Speed as Assassin or Swordmaster class w/ LB] Lon’qu!Yarne!M!Morgan (+Spd/-HP, Str, Skl, Lck, Def): +11 [67 Speed as Assassin or Swordmaster class w/ LB or 69 Speed as Taguel w/ LB using Beaststone+] Females: Lon’qu!Kjelle: +6 [62 Speed as Assassin or Swordmaster class w/LB] Lon’qu!Severa: +6 [62 Speed as Assassin or Swordmaster class w/LB] Gaius!Cynthia: +6 [62 Speed as Assassin or Swordmaster class w/LB] Sumia!F!Morgan (+Spd/-HP, Str, Skl, Lck, Def): +8 [64 Speed as Assassin or Swordmaster class w/ LB] Panne!F!Morgan (+Spd/-HP, Str, Skl, Lck, Def): +8 [64 Speed as Assassin or Swordmaster class w/ LB or 66 Speed as Taguel w/ LB using Beaststone+] Lon’qu!Kjelle!F!Morgan (+Spd/-HP, Str, Skl, Lck, Def): +10 [66 Speed as Assassin or Swordmaster class w/LB] Lon’qu!Severa!F!Morgan (+Spd/-HP, Str, Skl, Lck, Def): +10 [66 Speed as Assassin or Swordmaster class w/LB] Gaius!Cynthia!F!Morgan (+Spd/-HP, Str, Skl, Lck, Def): +10 [66 Speed as Assassin or Swordmaster class w/LB] Highest Luck: Males: Donnel!Brady: +7 [62 Luck in any advanced class and Dread Fighter class w/ LB] Donnel!M!Morgan (+Lck/-Str, Mag, Skl, Res): +8 [63 Luck in any advanced class and Dread Fighter class w/ LB] Donnel!Brady!M!Morgan (+Lck/-Str, Mag, Skl, Res): +11 [66 Luck in any advanced class and Dread Fighter class w/ LB] Donnel!Inigo: +4 [63 Luck in any advanced class and Dread Fighter class w/ LB and if Luck +4 skill is inherited and equipped.] Donnel!Inigo!M!Morgan (+Lck/-Str, Mag, Skl, Res): +8 [67 Luck in any advanced class and Dread Fighter class w/ LB and if Luck +4 skill is inherited and equipped.] Females: Donnel!Nah: +5 [60 Luck in any advanced class and Manakete and Bride class w/ LB] Anna!F!Morgan (+Lck/-Str, Mag, Skl, Res): +8 [63 Luck in any advanced class and Bride class w/ LB] Donnel!Nah!F!Morgan (+Lck/-Str, Mag, Skl, Res): +9 [64 Luck in any advanced class and Manakete and Bride class w/ LB] Olivia!Lucina: +2 [61 Luck in any advanced class and Bride class w/ LB and Luck +4 skill inherited and equipped.] Olivia!F!Morgan (+Lck/-Str, Mag, Skl, Res): +5 [64 Luck in any advanced class and Bride class w/ LB and Luck +4 skill inherited and equipped] Highest Defense: Males: Kellam!Gerome: +6 [66 Defense as General class w/ LB] Walhart!M!Morgan (+Def/-Mag, Spd, Lck, Res): +9 [69 Defense as General class w/ LB] Kellam!Gerome!M!Morgan (+Def/-Mag, Spd, Lck, Res): +10 [70 Defense as General class w/ LB] Females: Kellam!Nah: +7 [67 Defense as General class w/ LB or 70 Defense as Manakete class w/ LB using Dragonstone+] Nowi!F!Morgan (+Def/-Mag, Spd, Lck, Res): +8 [68 Defense as General class w/ LB or 71 Defense as Manakete class w/ LB using Dragonstone+] Kellam!Nah!F!Morgan (+Def/-Mag, Spd, Lck, Res): +11 [71 Defense as General class w/ LB or 74 Defense as Manakete class w/ LB using Dragonstone+] Highest Resistance: Males: Libra!Brady: +4 [58 Resistance as Sorcerer class w/ LB] Libra!M!Morgan (+Res/-Str, Skl, Spd, Lck): +6 [60 Resistance as Sorcerer class w/ LB] Libra!Brady!M!Morgan (+Res/-Str, Skl, Spd, Lck): +8 [62 Resistance as Sorcerer class w/ LB] Females: Libra!Nah: +4 [58 Resistance as Sorcerer class w/LB or 63 Resistance as Manakete class w/ LB using Dragonstone+] Maribelle!F!Morgan (+Res/-Str, Skl, Spd, Lck): +7 [62 Resistance as Valkyrie class w/ LB] Nowi!F!Morgan (+Res/-Str, Skl, Spd, Lck): +7 [62 Resistance as Valkyrie class w/ LB or 64 Resistance as Manakete class w/ LB using Dragonstone+] Tiki!F!Morgan (+Res/-Str, Skl, Spd, Lck): +7 [62 Resistance as Valkyrie class w/ LB or 64 Resistance as Manakete class w/ LB using Dragonstone+] Libra!Nah!F!Morgan (+Res/-Str, Skl, Spd, Lck): +8 [63 Resistance as Valkyrie class w/LB or 65 Resistance as Manakete class w/ LB using Dragonstone+] Lowest possible Luck stat cap modifier (for the lulz): (Stahl/Kellam/Gaius/Henry)!Noire!F!Morgan (+Str, Mag, Skl, Res/-Lck): -7 [48 maximum raw Luck as any advanced class or Bride class w/ LB]
  18. I've looked and didn't seem to find any detailed pairings of FE6 canon here (probably because of the hard-on the game seemed to have for only Roy) but there were definitely some implied pairings I thought would have been great had the game actually allowed you to pair up other people... Saul x Dorothy Everytime I doubt this i reminds me of Miroku and Sango...so...instant canon points from me... Sue x Roy Shin I "want" to ship Sue x Roy because it give me the impression of Lyn x Eliwood but nah...Shin/Sue...kinda obvious. Especially seeing how he ends up becoming the new Wolf. Zealot x Juno obvious Klein x Tate obvious Perceval x Cecilia ehhh...only because I see someone better with Lalum in my mind Zeiss x Ellen Great supports ^_^ Wendy x Barth She seems to crush on him, plus he at least cares for her. Pretty sure it could get fleshed out more in the epilogue. Niime x Yodel I feel like if they had the chance, once things settled down they would work out their differences. Treck x Miledy I would pair her with Galle...but I killed him...soooo.....On to Treck she goes! Treck is one of the most hilarious characters in FE6 so he deserves someone...hmmm maybe Gonzales x Treck. Oujay x Lalum Super special dance time Ray x Sophia nice supports, could see this going great had FE6 actually fleshed out their supports Astol x Igrene They would get back together after finally meeting again I'd think Ward x Thany hmmmm why not and roy....ehh....I don't really like Roy. But I like Lilina so she can have him. I'd like to hear what other people thought canonically happened in the epilogue besides it being the "Roy" show
  19. Okay, so I love grinding and DLC and constant reclassing/customization for the best results, so gameplay on Normal/Hard passed pretty easily for me. Consequently, I didn't care much for "optimal pairings" or "best children" because I had no difficulty with the stages. Upon finally starting my lunatic run however, I discovered that this time I wanted to really plan out my pairings, skill inheritance and try to get the "best children in their best classes" possible! I'm absolutely fine with any sort of grinding and reclassing, so please don't hesitate to give me long reclassing paths if it's worth it! I also have full access to DLC and additional classes such as Dread Fighter and Bride, and skills like Limit Breaker - so there's no problem recommending me pairings that would utilize these skills/classes for their children. I've done some research of my own, and combined with the pairings that I used in my past playthroughs, I have come up with a draft - please don't hesitate correcting me! Chrom/Olivia (I've heard that this gives a great Inigo and Lucina) Inigo/feMU (Chrom or second gen is best for feMU, and Rightful King, so...) Cherche/Vaike/Frederick (Vaike gives crazy strength and I love a strong Gerome, but others seem to agree that Fred makes a tank Gerome. I'm a little worried about Fred's stats because in my past experiences Fred had quite inferior stats compared to other units further into the game.) Gaius/Tharja (Noire gets galeforce and that's awesome, but I've always made Gaius the father for Noire...is there any other good candidate for her father?) Maribelle/Lon'Qu/Henry/Libra (I've always done Lon'Qu for Brady and it worked out fine...but apparently Henry or Libra gives a good sorcerer potential for him. What should I do?) Miriel/Gregor (My mind is set on this one.) Nowi/Kellam/Donnel (Kellam gives Nah amazing defense. But why is everyone suggesting Donnel?) Sully/Donnel (Isn't this the best? I've heard Stahl and Vaike are good, too, but...) Panne/????? (Seriously, help me.) Lissa/Ricken/Libra/Henry/Vaike (So much potential...Owain might be a good magic user, but how about Dread Fighter? What should I do about him?) Cordelia/Lon'Qu/Stahl (That speed with Lon'Qu...but Stahl makes Severa a good hero...BUTBUTBUT) Sumia/Henry/Gaius/Fred/??? (I have zero ideas. But unfortunately Chrom is definitely out of question.) Please keep in mind, this is all for optimization and not supports or hair colours...(though I was very adamant on those before...) so no shipping wars! I greatly appreciate all the input, and thank you!
  20. Primrose (to family): Okay everyone strike a pose, this is going on Serene's Forest so smile! Primrose: Aaaaand say cheeese! Lissa: Ah! *Snap* Family: Cheeeese! Vaike: Lissa! Get a grip! Primrose: Okay! Now let's get this negative to the barracks. The family artwork in the background was done by deviant artist Mudkipblader. Everything else is official. So who else had these pairings!? Would love to hear from you! Cheers!
  21. I'm new to FE series and I've just finished the Normal - Newcomer mode for FE: Awakening. Since the mode wasn't too demanding my screwed second generation didn't suffer as much. But now I'm going to play in Lunatic mode and just completed Chapter 4, I've heard that wrong pairings are going to hurt? So would anyone with better experience can help me sort this out? I'm going for Chrom! Morgan by the way because I just love the story, so please leave them out, thank you! (Although I don't really get why Sumia or Olivia > MU for Lucina. MU got access to OP skills too isn't she? Or it's because third generation Morgan? Sorry for the amateur question, but I'm an amateur so please pardon me : ( (I'd especially prefer my party to have optimized Nah, Gerome, Owain, Cynthia, Inigo, maybe Brady and Yarne, as I'll be using them most of the time.) Would the following plan work? (From most frequent use of character to least) ***Gregor - Cherche ***Stahl - Nowi ***Henry - Lissa **Frederick - Sumia **Virion - Olivia *Libra - Maribelle *Kellam - Panne Donnel - Sully Ricken - Tharja Vaike - Cordelia Lon'qu - Miriel If not (which it is, since I have absolutely no idea about skill combination, I only picked up what I found by googling), what would you recommend me? Just a bit of personal preference - I really like Nowi and I'd LOVE Nah to have raven/dark brown hair that's why I pair her with Stahl. I know preferences do nothing to strategy games but black haired Nah is just unresistable :( I'm okay with [Lon'qu/Gaius/Libra/Henry]! Nah too. I'd use Gerome as front liner a lot as well, and I've heard that Gregor! Gerome is the best, but I haven't tried yet. Well I'm a girl playing FE and I would probably care more about characters rather than stats, I'd feel happy with my fave chars anyway and would find a way to get through things with them ^_^ Thing is there are so many options and I don't know which is the best for me. Sorry if that was too much asking, your help would be most appreciated!
  22. So as the title suggests, I'm looking for the best pairings/marriages I could do for Fe:A. I'm not planning to do DLC (not yet, anyway- maybe after I beat all classic modes for Hard and Lunatic) so please don't include the options that's only available with DLC. I understand that there are tons of forums and guides asking for the same thing but I eventually got tired of shifting through pages and pages to find my optimal pairings. And no one seemed to agree on specific pairings except some :/ I don't mind grinding to level up and get specific skills cause I want to make all my units the best they can be - I'm sort of OCD that way xD The pairings that I think are good and decided are in bold and the rest are my thoughts so please provide opinions^^ It would be great too if you could give me some ideas as in what skills to pass down. Chrom and FeMU – Pass down Rightful King and Galeforce/Ignis for Lucina, Aether and Galeforce/Ignis for Morgan Stahl and Cordelia – Pass down Aegis and Galeforce Gaius and Tharja - Pass down Lethality/Counter and Vengeance Henry and Sumia – Pass down Vengeance and Galeforce Ricken and Miriel – Pass down ? and ? Libra and Olivia – Pass down Renewal and Galeforce Gregor and Panne – Pass down Sol and Beastbanes Nowi and Donnel – Pass down ? and ? Kellam and Sully – Pass down ? and ? Vaike and Lissa – Pass down Counter and Renewal Lon’qu and Cherche – Pass down Astra and Swordbreaker Frederick/Virion and Maribelle – Pass down Luna/Prescience and Galeforce What else was there? @[email protected]
  23. Hi everyone! I've lurked here for a while and finally decided to make an account with some help I'm needing for a few things. The first of which is to match up remaining pairings for my hard run through, as I am taking a break from the stress that is a first time Lunatic run through and not having DLC. Here is what I have planned thus far I've already hooked up - ChromxSumia - SullyxVaike - MU(+mag-str)xLissa In this run through, I wanted to try to veer away from CordiliaxStahl, FredrickxCherche, TharjaxGaius, Lon'quxMaribelle, and GregorxPanne, (just wanting to try new things this runthrough). I regret not pairing SullyxDonnel to try something new, but SullyxVaike made them much more sturdy when going through the story against units that make it past my MU. I'm willing to grind, and I just gained access to buying master seals, (MU has been making me loads of Bullion with Despoil), and I now have all but Ricken and Miriel promoted. All comments and advice is appreciated!
  24. For my playthrough I'm dubbing "Challenge", and will be recording (if I can ever get a capture board). The challenge is I won't pair for optimization, I'll pair for what I like, plot wise. Everyone must also end in original classes, barring those who don't promote (Olivia, Donnel, Yarne, Panne, Tiki, Nah and Nowi). I'll either do Maribelle or Sumia - my two OTPs for Chrom. I like Maribelle with Chrom a little bit more - "protect your sister" is better than "eat my pies". However, I do enjoy the MU x Maribelle ship, and Brady x Lucina. I have skillsets for every child that could come of these pairs - they are in the italics below. However, I want some assistance determining which ship to do. If Chrom x Maribelle, I'll do FeMU with Libra because my waifu is taken and Sumia x Henry If Chrom x Sumia, I'll do MaMU with Maribelle. Any help would be lovely. Skillsets Maribelle!Lucina Aether, Galeforce, RK, Lifetaker, LB Sumia!Lucina Aether, Galeforce, Renewal, RK, LB Chrom!Brady Rightful King, Aggressor, Luna, Galeforce, LB Chrom!Cynthia Aether, Galeforce, Iote's Shield, All Stats+2, LB
  25. Okay, so I've been wanting to ask someone about the pairings I chose and how good they are (Both support/story/personality wise and optimization wise). I've played the game for a while now and wondered how good my pairings are. So I wanted to get a chance to ask other FE:A players about them. How good are my pairings good optimization wise and support wise? (I tried balancing them both out, not doing the worst optimization pairings or doing crack pairings) Alright so here are my pairings and the skills they passed down to their children: Chrom x Fem!MyUnit; This one just kind of...happened. At the end of Chapter 11, apparently my Avatar had the highest supports with Chrom, so they got married. I didn't reset it cause it's my first time playing, so now I want to say I don't regret it. Children: Lucina- Chrom passes down Aether and Fem!MyUnit passes down Ignis. Male!Morgan- Chrom passes down Rightful King and Fem!MyUnit passes down Galeforce Fredrick x Sumia; This one was sort of based on personal opinion. Since Fem!MyUnit was with Chrom, Sumia had a romantic option cut out, leaving Fredrick, Gaius, and Henry. For some reason I didn't like Gaius and Henry's hair colors on her so I went with Fredrick (And I had plans to pair Henry with someone else). Plus, imo, the supports were super adorable. Also, I couldn't find anyone better to pair Fredrick with at the time. I heard it's the worst pairing for Sumia stat wise; is that true? Children: Cynthia- Fredrick passed down Aegis and Sumia passed down Galeforce Virion x Sully; This one was truly based on my opinion. As soon as I saw them in Chapter 1 with their hilarious dialogue, I wanted to pair them up. I don't know if this is a good pairing or not stat wise for Kjelle. It's one of my favorite couples in Fire Emblem: Awakening, but is the optimization for Kjelle really bad? Children: Kjelle- Virion passed down Bowbreaker and Sully passed down Aegis Stahl x Cordelia; For some reason, when I saw the two together do so well in battle, I wanted to pair them up. That wasn't a bad choice; I later found out Stahl is one of Severa's best fathers. I might keep this pairing, unless you guys think there are better couples for Stahl and Coredlia respectively. Children: Severa- Stahl passed down Aegis and Cordelia passed down Galeforce Vaike x Lissa; I had a hard time with this one. I found it super hard to find a good husband for Lissa. Her options were limited at the time, so I did some research. I found out Vaike was a pretty solid father for Owain, so I went with it. The supports helped with my decision as well. Are there better husbands for Lissa though? Children: Owain- Vaike passed down Counter and Lissa passed down Galeforce Donnel x Nowi; Found out this was one of the best pairings for Nowi since Donnel passes down Aptitude to make a super strong Nah. Plus, the two look cute together, and I found Nah's hair to match her red cloak quite nicely. Children: Nah- Donnel passed down Aptitude and Nowi passed down Swordbreaker (Nah also learned Lancebreaker once I made her a Griffon Rider) Lon'qu x Olivia; ...I seriously had no purpose with optimization for this pairing. I went with it because I thought it was super adorable. Both are quiet and quite awkward around other people (women for Lon'qu), so I thought it'd be cute if they both got married. Plus Inigo looked good with Lon'qu's hair color, and the supports were pretty good. This pairing isn't bad stat wise, is it? Children: Inigo- Lon'qu passed down Vantage (because I did NOT want to go through the whole Myrimdon line) and Olivia passed down Galeforce Ricken x Miriel; One of my last pairings. Since both are magic users, I figured they would make Laurent an even powerful mage. The supports helped a bit too, although I did this one mainly because of the high magic stat. Children: Laurent- Ricken passed down Lifetaker and Miriel passed down Dual Support+ Gaius x Panne; ...This is seriously the last pairing I created. It was either Gaius or Kellam. I went with Gaius because I didn't want him to be forever alone'd he has good speed and skill stats, which Taguels excel in. Supports were freaking hilarious. Is Gaius better with someone else? I heard he's one of the best fathers. (Although I really don't care about the Galeforce thing with Gaius...as you can see, most of my characters already have Galeforce) Children: Yarne- Gaius passed down Astra and Panne passed down Lethality. Gregor x Cherche; This pairing I just went with the flow. Gregor's hair color looked good on Gerome, and both parents have really good stats. Plus I heard Gregor was a great father for Gerome, which was even a bigger reason why I went with it! Children: Gerome- Gregor passed down Armsthrift and Cherche passed down Deliverer (so I can avoid the whole Griffon Rider line) Libra x Maribelle; Both have high magic stats as well as being healers. That's why I ended up making Brady into a Sage. Supports also showed Maribelle's kind side that some people don't seem to notice. Children: Brady- Libra passed down Lifetaker and Maribelle passed down Galeforce Henry x Tharja; Both are magic users (although I found out later on that Noire is an archer). I found it kind of hilarious to pair both dark mages up; it makes sense to why Noire is bipolar. I felt like this pairing wasn't as good optimization wise as I thought, but it wasn't really bad. Children: Noire- Henry passed down Lifetaker and Tharja passed down Vengence. Kellam got forever alone'd cause I'm mean. /Brick'd Children pairings don't matter to me right now, I really want to focus on first gen pairings. If you comment, thanks for helping! I really appreciate it. (Also sorry for the long explanation; I get carried away sometimes )
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