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Found 83 results

  1. Well, I have made two gameplays lines for me: Fem!MU and Male!MU. Both started on normal difficult so i could get used to the game and pairing stuff. Now i'm playing both of them on hard difficult and I plan to make the Fem!MU (which i'm more used to) on the Lunnatic mode. With that explained, i'm asking for a couple of advises, you know. I'm aiming for Apotheosis DLC on normal difficult so...yeah Fem!MU Line Pairings: MUxChrom: MU is a Grandmaster, +LCK -DEF, Galeforce, Ignis, Solidarity, Veteran*, Relief* (I really want to trade those two, any tips?) ; Chrom is the usual Great Lord, all four basic skills, don't know which skill put as the fifith. Children: Lucina, Great Lord; Basic Skills plus Galeforce from MU; Morgan is a Grandmaster just like his mother; Rightful King, Solidarity, Galeforce, Ignis, Veteran* (same from the MU doubt) LissaxLon'qu: I saw somewhere that they produce a very good Owain (Stat speaking). Lissa final class is Sage. Skill list is Miracle, Healtouch, Relief, Tomefaire and Galeforce. I'm training Lon'qu to be an assassin (Lethality), he got all skills from Myrmidom and Swordmaster classes. Child: Owain went to the Assassin, Myrmidom skills, Astra and Galeforce. Don't really know how to work more. FrederickxOlivia: Olivia can kick Frederick's ass and that's funny. Olivia right now have Special Dance, Galeforce, Luck +4, Astra and Vantage and she is doing really great. Frederick on the other is giving me trouble, right now he is a Paladin, skills are Discipline, Outdoor Fighter, Defender, Luna and Dual Guard+. Child: Oh, Inigo. He is staying on Hero class. Armsthrift, Patience, Luna and Galeforce, soon he will get Sol. SullyxVaike: Vaike got Hero class, skills are HP+5, Zeal, Rally Strength, and Counter (I will get better skills for him). Sully went Great Knight, don't really know if will work out. Skills still are Discipline, Outdoor Fighter and Luna. Child: Blonde Kjelle hell yeah. Skill tree is Defense +2, Indoor Fighter, Luna and Counter. I really like her that way. Virion: Not worth a bride. StahlxCordelia: Stahl is a Paladin, exacly same skill tree as Frederick (Discipline, Outdoor Fighter, Defender, Luna and Dual Guard+.). Cordelia is doing perfect as a Hero. The only two skills I like in her are Galeforce and Sol. She still have Rally Movement, Speed+2 and Relief. Child:: Damn it Severa, I love you. Armsthrift, Patience, Luna, Galeforce. Hero Class. Damn it Severa, what's with that hair? MirielxRicken: Miriel is awesome, I really liker her, low defense and little HP on the beginning really are a pain in the neck. Right now she is a Sorcerer, Magic+2, Focus, Vengeance, Hex and Anathema. Ricken went to Great Knight to pass down Luna to Laurent (Don't know if it's a good or bad idea), Magic+2, Outdoor Fighter, Luna, Discipline and Focus. Child: Laurent is a perfect Dark Knight, for me it's his class. Magic+2, Focus, Vengeance and Luna. SumiaxHenry: Cute pairing btw. Sumia went Dark Flier to get Galeforce, skills are the basics: Speed +2, Relief, Rally Movement, Rally Speed. She is a Falcon Knight right now. Henry went to Dark Knight so he could pass Lifetaker to Cynthia. His stills are Hex, Anathema, Slow Burn and Lifetaker, he is an assassin so I can get Lethality. Child: Cynthia is a good daughter, I really want her to fulfill her Hero Dream and blah blah blah. So here, Galeforce and Lifetaker so you can kill two enemies in one round (And still get some HP). KellamxCherche: Not a pairing that I enjoyed, but saw on the internet universe that a good Gerome can come out of this. Kellam went Great Knight, skills: Defende+2, Indoor Fighter, Luna, Rally Defense and Pavise. Cherche (beautiful Cherche) stopped as a Wyvern Lord, Strenght+2, Tantivy, Deliverer, Lancebreaker and Renewal. Child: Gerome is handsome with dark hair. Strenght+2, Tantivy, Renewal and Luna. DonnelxNowi: The destruction pairing. Donnel has Underdog, Armsthrift, Aptitude, Patience and Sol. Like, Holly hell. Nowi has Odd Rhythm, Wyrsmbane, Slow Burn and Lifetaker. She finishes her job in an awesome speed. Child: Nah. Got Aptitude and Lifetaker. You go girl. MaribellexLibra: Maribelle is one of my favorite characters, but i don't really know how to use it. Resistance +2, Demoiselle, Galeforce, Speed+2, Relief is what I gave her. Libra went Dark Knight to end his class change, Healtouch (need to change), Miracle, Lifetaker, Rally Luck and Slow Burn. Child: Brady went Sage, healtouch, miracle, galeforce and lifetaker. Skill and Magic ftw. PannexGregor: Panne the taguel and Gregor the Human. I like it. Panne have Even Rhythm, Beastbane, Lancebreaker, Strenght+2 and Deliever. Gregor got to Swordmaster classes to get Astra, he already have Armsthrift, Patience and Sol. Child: I acctualy haven't used Yarne, but he got Sol and Lancebreaker so I think its ok? GaiusxTharja: Creepy lovely couple. Gaius have Locktouch, Movement+1, Pass and Lethality, should I give him something more? Precious Tharja has Hex, Anathema, Lifetaker, Vengeance and Tomebreaker, awesome Dark Knight. Child: Noir went full sniper. Skill+2, Prescience, Lethality and Lifetaker. Male!MU Line Pairings: 1th: MUxAnna: Made it on the previous save. Really enjoyed red-haired Morgan and I love Anna. 2th: MUxTiki: The Mar-Mar thing got me. Between her and Anna I had to do Anna, should I give a try to get Manakete Morgan? 3th: MUxLucina: I think it's strange (MY MU's are like...bro and sis, so Lucina is kind of family to Male!MU) but does it make a good Morgan? For this one I still have my doubts. I will try to got ChromxSumia (That I don't really like) and some of my Fem!Mu pairings, but anyway, tips, anyone? Ps: I have Smash Brethren 2 and I'm trying to buy Lost Bloodlines 2 to get Dread Scroll. So if you help me without the Dread Fighter class/Skill, I will thank you a lot.
  2. Alright, so we already have the reverse of this, so now we have this. What are pairings a lot of people use that you personally don't like? This can be based on supports, personality, eugenics, etc. I personally will be basing mine on eugenics. Please, even with how entertaining they are to read, no shipping wars. Minor arguments are allowed, because nobody dies (That was a stupid sentence). Pairs I think are overrated- Libra and Olivia (Inigo becomes a sorc tool, and I hate sorcs. (Completely unrelated- Only using sorcs for lunatic+ where they are pretty much necessary) I also don't think these two really fit together. I see Olivia with Chrom, Gaius, or Virion) Stahl and Sully (Red and green. BIG DEAL. Kjelle becomes crap. Stahl is also better with Cordelia.) Fred and Cordelia (I see this as a watered-down version of Stahl/Cordelia.) Gerome and Lucina (WORST SUPPORTS IN THE GAME. PERIOD. Who agrees with me on this?) FeMU and Chrom (So many fangirls.)
  3. Yes, you read the the title correctly. With everyone stressing out over marrying the first gens, it seems like no one ever talks about marrying the second gens off. This is not about optimization because it's more personal preference with them. This is just a topic to discuss your favorite second gen OTPs. Mine are Lucina and Inigo, Owain and Cynthia, and Morgan and Nah. What are yours?
  4. Before we start, I would like to apologize infinitely many times for yet another pairings topic. I'm doing lunatic and I NEED your guys' thoughts so I don't screw something up. Please don't cut off my head. Chrom and Sumia- Very defensive children running PavGis and two aether children. Lucina's PavGis works incredibly well with RK and Cynthia is amazing with Aether. Henry and Lissa- Strength mod, magic mod, skill mod, access to sorcerer, VVW, dread fighter with amazing stats. Seems like it would work for me. Virion and Olivia- While Inigo doesn't get luna, he has great mods and wyvern access. He also gets just the skills he needs from his regular class choices, so I really only need mods. Lon'qu and Maribelle- Brady gets myrmidon class and as a sage, he can wreck with Vantage. The sweet mods are icing on the cake. (No pun intended) Donnel and Sully- Kjelle gets AT and Sol, as well as GF and Lancefaire. She can rock paladin or general easily. Stahl and Cordelia- Astra, Sol, Luna, DG+. Need I say more? Fred and Cherche- Makes for a very tanky general and a great support unit with DG+ and DS+. Strength and defense caps reach 55 or higher. Gregor and Panne- Pretty much is the perfect Yarne. As a berserker his strength matches Gerome, but he gets AT, Sol, and Astra to complement his also very high skill stat. Ricken and Miriel- Makes for a very magical sage, and can also serve as a support unit for the same reasons as Gerome. Gaius and Tharja- Gives Noire amazing mods, Luna, Pavise, Astra, Sol, and the best of all, Galeforce. I will be using her as a sniper, possibly with Vantage/Vengeance, not sure about that as she's a sniper, not a sorcerer. Vaike and Nah- Nah gets everything she needs to be a tanky Manakete or an offensive hero. I will be doing the hero build as I will have another Manakete... MaMU (Asset- Magic, Flaw- Resistance) and Tiki- Manakete with any skill she wants, like luna and sol. I'm considering using a dark flier build with ignis for the magic she gets from her father and the resistance from her mother. EDIT: I'm thinking about incorporating MaMU x Sumia and then doing Chrom x Olivia, but this will seem pretty stupid, but I don't care for Sumia too much. I imagine I could get used to her, but I still like Tiki better. Thank you in advance for your time and help, sorry if I come off as annoying, I've been having a rough day.
  5. So I've finally decided to request some pairing advice, and as much as I'd like to ask "Ross, the Fire Emblem Expert" for help (I would link to his "guide", but I don't want to drive up his PageRank), I'm not actually interested in gimping all the kids. Anyways, this is what I've got so far: The pairings set in stone are: Chrom x Olivia Avatar x Lucina Cherche x Gregor (this is for personal preference much more than optimizing) I think the way it's gonna go is probably Nowi x Donnel, Lissa x Kellam, and Panne x Fred. Mostly, I just don't know if Owain would rather have Sol and Armsthrift (for infinite Missiletainns, because swordhand) or Luna. Virion can continue philandering without incurring the wrath of his wife (although he'll probably incur the wrath of plenty of husbands). I'm fine with criticism of the other pairings, but I probably won't change anything without a really compelling reason.
  6. I don't own Awakening yet but do plan on picking it up eventually. I planned some setups and pairings for the characters I plan to use to tackle the harder DLC, including not only Apotheosis but also Death's Embrace, Roster Rescue, etc. Since I have multiple possible setups for some characters, I put them in spoiler tags for easier reading. The pairings: Chrom x Sumia Lissa x Henry Sully x Donnel Miriel x Gregor Mariabelle x Ricken Panne x Fredrick Cordelia x Stahl Nowi x Gaius Tjarka x Avatar Olivia x Virion Cherche x Vaike The Sets: [spoiler=Lucina] Tank Set Class:Paladin Limit Breaker Pavise Aegis Galeforce Rightful King Attacking Set Class: Dark Flier Limit Breaker Tomefaire Galeforce Aether Rightful King [spoiler=Cynthia] Unorthodox Set Class: Bow Knight Limit Breaker Galeforce Dual Guard+ Luna Bowfaire Pure Offense Set Class: Dark Flier Limit Breaker Tomefaire Galeforce Aether Luna Gurerilla Set Class: Sniper Limit Breaker Bowfaire Dual Guard+ Luna Galeforce [spoiler=Owain] Default Set Class: Dark Knight Galeforce Aggressor Tomefaire Lifetaker Limit Breaker [spoiler=Kjelle] Flexible Tank Set Class: Hero Galeforce Swordfaire Armsthrift Luna (swap for Sol in non-Apotheosis DLC) Limit Breaker [spoiler=Brady] Default Set Class: Sage Galeforce Tomefaire Aggressor Dual Guard+ Limit Breaker [spoiler=Severa] Physical Set Class: Assassin Galeforce Vantage Armsthrift Astra Limit Breaker Nosfertank Severa Class: Sorceror Galeforce Armsthrift Vantage Vengeance Limit Breaker [spoiler=Nah] Default Tank Set Class: Manakete Galeforce Sol Vantage Deliverer Limit Breaker [spoiler=Inigo] Default Set Class: Assassin Galeforce Swordfaire Astra Vantage Limit Breaker Secondary Attack Set Class: Berserker Galeforce Axefaire Astra (Sol on non-Apotheosis maps) Aggressor Limit Breaker Guerilla Set Class: Sniper Galeforce Aggressor Bowfaire Astra Limit Breaker [spoiler=Yarne] Physical Support Set Class: Berserker Axefaire Aggressor Dual Guard+ Luna Limit Breaker Mobile Support Set Class: Griffon Rider Deliverer Dual Guard+ Luna Aggressor Limit Breaker [spoiler=Laurent] Nosfertank Set Class: Sorceror Armsthrift Vantage Tomefaire Vengeance Limit Breaker [spoiler=Gerome] Support Set Class: Berserker Axefaire Aggressor Pass Deliverer Limit Breaker [spoiler=Noire] Nosfertank Set Galeforce Armsthrift Vengeance Luna Limit Breaker [spoiler=Morgan] Attack Set Galeforce Armsthrift Ignis Luna Limit Breaker [spoiler=Chrom] Support Set Class: Bow Knight Bowfaire Dual Strike+ Dual Guard+ Aggressor Limit Breaker [spoiler=Avatar] Staffbot Class: Sage Tomefaire All Stats +2 Magic +2 Sol Limit Breaker [spoiler=Sumia] Versatile Set Class: Dark Flier Galeforce Luna Dual Guard+ Iote's Shield Limit Breaker [spoiler=Cordelia] Default Set Galeforce Lancefaire Armsthrift Sol Limit Breaker [spoiler=Olivia] Default Set Class: Dancer Galeforce Special Dance Pass Swordfaire Limit Breaker [spoiler=Gregor] The Scout Class: Assassin Vantage Swordfaire Astra Armsthrift Limit Breaker The Heavy Class: Berserker Aggressor Axefaire Armsthrift Astra Limit Breaker [spoiler=Legion] Rallybot Class: Berserker Dual Support+ Rally Strength Rally Spectrum Rally Defense Limit Breaker [spoiler=Spotpass!Katarina] Rallybot Class: Trickster Galeforce Rally Speed Rally Spectrum Rally Heart Limit Breaker I think if I'm not playing for Apotheosis, I'll remove Limit Breaker from everyone and replace it with a different skill. This should allow for more interesting sets. Thoughts? Any pairings I should swap around or nix? Any sets that should be used or edited? Give me your input.
  7. So, in most 'optimal' pairings I saw, there's at least one children doomed to be a Sorc. With this set-up, I wanted to prove that it's possible to make an 'optimal' pairing without anyone turning into a Sorc. Opinions may differ, but I used what most people consider as good pairings. Chrom/Olivia - Arguably the best pairing(besides the 'implied canon' Chrom/Sumia), this opts for offensive kids, with Vantage, Galeforce, and Luna from both parents. Also, with this, Inigo could get Rightful King. Although just 10% but bigger proc chance = more procs. Lissa/MaMU - I always think magical Owain is a bit weird(especially with him talking about his sword hand and such), so I wanted him to be a physical unit despite the -2 Str mod. MU is the only character who could make a viable physical Owain without wasting a dad which is better left to someone else. Sully/Vaike - Some people have been talking about Vaike or Donny being Sully's best bet. Although Donny gives Galeforce, Armsthrift, and an actually decent mods for his kid, but I think Vaike is better since Galeforce isn't needed for tanking. Also, Kjelle still have access to Sol and Armsthrift. Miriel/Ricken - This is arguably the best pairing for Laurent as a Sage(since no Sorc involved). +6 magic and access to Luna is pretty devastating. Sadly he lacks Galeforce to boot, but he could get Dual Guard+ and Dual Support+ from both parents, making him a support Sage. Sumia/Henry - This pairing is the best if you want to make Cynthia a Dark Flier. Sumia already provides the skills(Luna, Tomefaire, Galeforce, Renewal), and her -2 Str mod leaves her(and thus, her kid) better as Dark Flier, so safe to say this pairing is mod-only pairing(although Henry gives Lifetaker too). Maribelle/Lon'qu - Lon'qu allows Brady to be a speedy Sage, with the expense of his defense. He also gets Vantage, and since less defense = more damage, Vantage will proc more often. Also, the fact that Brady is pretty hard to mess up also makes this pairing pretty good. Panne/Gregor - Arguably the best pairing for Yarne, since most people turn him into a Berserker because Taguel sucks. With Gregor as his dad, he could get access to Vantage, Sol, Armsthrift, and Axefaire. He could also utilize VVW combo using the Vengeance axe as well. Cordelia/Stahl - For Severa, it's either Lon'qu or Stahl. Usually people pick Stahl since he makes her the best Hero. He also gives Vantage, Luna, and Aegis. Lon'qu is the speedy alternative for her, and still gives Vantage, though no Cav access means no Luna and Aegis, and he's given to Maribelle. Nowi/Donny - With Donny as her parent, Nah will have access to Galeforce, Armsthrift and Sol. Even with the not-too-stellar mods she will turn out fine. Also, with Donny as her dad she will hit exactly 50 Luck, which allows you to abuse Dragonstone+ as much as you like. Tharja/Gaius - This pairing is arguably the best for Sniper Noire. Donny is a viable choice too, however Donny gives Armsthrift, but Gaius has better mods, and still have Galeforce. Also, Tharja gives Pavise and Luna, which are pretty good skills too. Cherche/Frederick - Fred could give PavGis and Luna for Gerome, with the expense of him being pretty slow. Also, he's the other kid who doesn't have Galeforce, but can be a support unit with Dual Support+ and Dual Guard+ from both parents. I could say he's the physical variant of Laurent but slower. This is the best pairing I could thought so far. I could work with FeMU too but it'll be a bit harder. I could shuffle some pairings for it though.
  8. I have the MU on my Normal Mode/Newcomer file as a Grandmaster with a focus on magic. (Has tomefaire, tomebreaker, +2 All Stats, +10 avoid and Ignis. Now, my Hard Mode/Classic MU has only just started out. He is also focused on magic, with high speed as well. So... My question: What should I do with my Hard Mode MU? Who should I pair him with? Thanks.
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