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Found 3 results

  1. Are there any specific taunts which have the power to burn you up inside and get your blood boiling more than the rest? Personally, I don’t mind taunts at all and usually find them funny ^^ but some other people can get irritated by them and lose control of their emotions after feeling mocked. If you’re one of these people, which character’s taunts are the most effective at making you go berserk? I feel like Peach and Palutena’s side taunts would be super effective on people’s psyche. Peach sings and dances with a taunting tone in her voice which I could see getting on people’s nerves a lot. Palutena’s laugh is so condescending and people can get really frustrated with her for that xD I also think Zelda’s down taunt can annoy people. I main her and I like to use it sometimes because she’s so cute with her giggle but I think people get really annoyed at me in arenas for it xD their playstyle turns all angsty and aggressive and they only target me if it’s an FFA. I guess her laugh makes people rage lol Sooo what taunts make you guys salty and why?
  2. lmao, so no joke, my friend and I were playing a couple rounds of Smash 4, and I like to go random as he's still trying to come to grips with the game, right. So we pick the stage, and it gives us a tip for Palutena, and I kinda have this weak moment in my brain where I go: "Palutena.. Palutena, Palute- who is Palutena?" So the battle starts, cue her entrance animation, and my mind goes blank so I pause the game and look at him, and he mirrors my look. We both laugh in the moment, because.. Palutena is just so irrelevant in Smash 4. I COMPLTELEY forgot she existed, at all. And I secondary Pit!
  3. PIT: There's something weird about this fighter, Lady Palutena. PALUTENA: That's Robin, also known as the Avatar. PIT: I wonder where Chrom is... PALUTENA: Who knows? Probably taking a nap at home. CHROM: I'm no idle layabout. PIT: Whoa! Where did you come from?! CHROM: Robin is a skilled strategist and master of both the Levin Sword and magic. Certainly more useful than a simple swordsman like myself, though each of Robin's tomes, along with the Levin Sword, can only be used a limited number of times before it wears out. VIRIDI: Hey look, it's that Ike wanna-be! CHROM: Excuse me?! I think you're sadly mistaken. I lead the Shepherds, not the Greil Mercenaries. VIRIDI: Shepherds, Greil Mercenaries, same difference. CHROM: The Shepherds may have a lot in common with the Greil Mercenaries, but both my leadership style and my fighting style are very different from Ike's. VIRIDI: Pfft! You and Ike are pretty much carbon copies. This is the reason why you were rejected as a playable character. CHROM: If I was rejected for being a "carbon copy" of Ike, then explain why Dark Pit is able to fight alongside Pit. VIRIDI: Because Dark Pit has a wicked staff that Pit doesn't have. Meanwhile, your Falchion is pitifully short compared to Ike's Ragnell... DARK PIT: Yeah, suck it, Pit! This is why the ladies love me! PIT: Don't drag us into this, Pittoo... CHROM: Too late! I'll turn you into bear meat... Once Robin gets a hold of a Smash Ball. PIT: Why wait for Robin to get one? Don't you have a pair of Smash Balls already? Unless the doctor removed them when you were a little boy... CHROM: If they had been removed when I was a little boy, then how could I have possibly fathered Lucina? VIRIDI: Perhaps "Freddy Bear" is the real father... CHROM: Now I'm angry!
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