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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys figured i'd start a thread up since i finally got off my hiatus of drawing for no apparent reason. I'm willing to do requests but 1 at a time please, and try to keep it fire emblem. (I'm very busy most of the time so it might take a while, but once I'm put to the task I can complete it fairly quickly) I graduated in 2016 with a BFA in illustration and painting, since i've moved out to Utah i have almost no Art supplies, they're still waiting to be shipped out. Hopefully i'll get them within the next month or so. I love drawing character designs, and currently I'm hoping to become an Art teacher, (Utah is in dire need of teachers so i just need to have a bachelors and pass a praxis in the required field) so i'm working towards that. I just sketched out Petrine real quick, decided to go for a more interesting pose. I've never drawn her before so this is going to be a little difficult. (I'm also not very proficient at drawing the female figure, it's quite a lot tougher than the male figure i must say) She's pretty fun to draw, her armor isn't overly intricate, and i will enjoy doing some ink work on her (once i get my pens of course!) Lemme know what you guys think! I'm open to any sort of criticism, and willing to share techniques and inspirations.
  2. So I was talking with a friend the other day and I mentioned Petrine from PoR and by some chance I also looked at an image of Renning right after and I noticed something. They've got the same exact hair and eye color. Giving it a little bit more thought I also realized they share the same class. Now there's not a whole lot of information out on either of these characters save for one is branded and has a hatred of Laguz and the other was part of the royal family. Petrine is fighting with Daein and has a lance specialization while Renning is with Crimea and has a Sword specialization. Lances beat swords according to the weapon triangle. Renning for some reason was also sparred and was warped and twisted into a weapon for reasons unknown. I don't know if I'm pulling at strings but does anyone think there's more to these two than once thought or at least there there may be more going on?
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