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Found 17 results

  1. In the last fifteen years, I’ve changed in some ways and not in others. Let’s see over this timespan how much I remember and how much has changed about what I think about Path of Radiance. Thus, I call this a semi-blind playthrough. I remember what happens in Path of Radiance to some extent, but the specifics may catch me off guard. Please don’t post spoilers until after the relevant parts happen. Throughout this playthrough, I’ll share my commentary on the game, what I remember and what I forgot. I enjoy commentary and haven’t done any projects like this since my Disney sequel review series (which I would like to continue at some point.) There’s also one other twist to this playthrough. I’m voicing the dialogue for every (female) character! I recently played through Fates: Revelation this way and it was absurdly fun. Granted, Revelation has a larger cast and a roughly 50/50 gender ratio, so I had lots of characters to create voices for. My favorites to voice were probably Peri, Selkie, Sophie and Rinkah. One thing that has profoundly changed how I play and think about video games has been creating my own game. It started as a fan game, and over time grew and morphed into its own intricate project. The website is somewhat outdated, since I’m putting most my time into working on a demo, but you can learn more about my game here. I imagine this will definitely affect how I perceive things in Path of Radiance. Also, I’ve played several Fire Emblem games in the last fifteen years, so expect lots of comparisons. In my next post, I’ll cover the prologue!
  2. This is rather simple- the units that have had the best level ups in a playthrough, and how much memories you have of that particular run. Preferably your first run of something (of a game, of a difficulty, first time using that unit, etc), but if a later run had a better memory, go. For me, I've only had the chance to play FE7 and FE8 personally. *Florina has got to be my most blessed unit of all time, and has several miracles to her name. *In FE8, almost obligatorily, Vanessa, and to a lesser extent Tana, have been serving me well, but by far the best unit I've had so far (the run's around the halfway point) is Ephraim. His first blow was a critical, his first level up had six stats, the rest of his level ups have had multiple well-placed points, and he's never been in a troublesome position. It says something that I gained more respect for Kyle's first level when Ephraim copied it shortly after (HP, Str, Def).
  3. Let's call this my forum Debut. I'm here because, after lurking for a while, I've looked around and gotten really into a couple of Let's Plays. So, following in that train of thought, I'm bringing you a Let's Play from a patch right here in the Forest. It's called Monster Quest, and the patch is for Sacred Stones. The premise? All of your dudes (with the exception of the Lords and Tethys) are monsters. I haven't actually played this before, so I'll be learning it as I go.
  4. Doing a H5 run of Shadow Dragon. Nothing that some HP management and javelin spam can't solve.
  5. I'm calling it a documentary because I don't know what else to call it :p Here I will be documenting my run through of Lunatic with only Chrom. I have done Chrom-only runs in the past on normal. This will probably be a lot harder to start up. Rules I have set: •You can only use Chrom for everything. Even Risen encounters and the like •On maps where you don't get to choose who to bring into battle or where units join the fight afterward, you can use those units. Chrom should still get most of the experience. •I will post (with a picture) each time I complete a chapter or paralouge The few things I have planned out are these: I will marry Chrom and the Female MU As soon as I get to 20 in a class I'll use a seal Chrom will probably get most kills in the early chapters, as much as I have control over that So if anyone really wants to follow my Lunatic Chrom Only run, tune in over the next few days! (I would link to a stream but I don't have a capture card :p)
  6. I'm just wondering what difficulty and mode I should use on my second playthrough. This is also my first fire emblem game, and on my 1st playthrough I chose Normal/Casual.
  7. Well it looks like I did a stupid thing and deleted my current playthrough (I was up to chapter 21 D:) so I figured that with all the fun and games of trying to start again, I would rather happily share this run with everyone. Sadly I don't have a lot of pictures, so I am afraid that I will have to bore you all with walls of text. If of course you are interested in seeing me scrape through Normal/Casual mode to improve my game playing ability. [spoiler=Meet the game Avatar]Alrighty then, since I am going to attempt to do this properly, I will introduce you all to my avatar for this playthrough, Chloey (*cough*who will become OP really quickly if I have my way*cough*): Don't ask for more pictures because seriously this is all I have. So if you want your own "Chloey", here is the details and build that you will need. Of course you can do whatever you like but if you want the closest you will need to follow the build below: Build: 02 Face: 04 Hair: 02 Hair Colour: 17 Voice: Female 1 Birthday: Err totally obvious :/ Oct 19th Asset: Def (To cover Chrom's lack there of defense caps for Lucina so that she gets a whopping +4 def and +2 res) Flaw: Luck (Although if you want my first ever playthrough OG Chloey Magic is the flaw here ) So now that we have the details all said and done now to the actual fun! D: What have I gotten myself into?! Heh, I hope you all know that I jest and the japes are going to flow as best as I can make them work [spoiler=The Goal]So I know that a lot of people do challenge runs on Hard Mode, but I wanted to do something different. The plain and simple goal here is to go without any units falling, whether due to them not being strong enough to take hits or getting into enemies that will lead to their deaths. Not an easy goal I can tell you! Help is going to be much appreciated. ETA: Also this goal is so that I can go to casual without feeling guilty about my tactics not working. Seriously. I have never cleared the game on normal/casual without losing units. If I do this right then we might see a normal classic run in the future. Ok, now that is all out of the way onto the playthrough itself... [spoiler=Premonition/Tutorial Chapter...:XD:]We open to the all important battle cutscene. Why is this important you ask? Well I guess it gives us three of the game's characters duking it out in a fight, although why they are fighting is initially unclear. We leave the cutscene to two characters standing together on what looks like the corner of the map...Oh boy this does not look good to me. Chrom is the first to start speaking. Is it really the final battle already? Also why are we fighting? Can someone please clarify why. Oh right, it seems that we are rebelling against some "Destiny". Oh ok well that makes some sense now...er not :/ also why do we have to kill someone? Chrom? Slide guides appear and oh, we need to move closer to the guy in the middle of the map? Ok Chrom whatever you say. The thing I find I don't like is the creepy music. Since I am past the tutorial and can pass it on any difficulty, I should be fine here and not lose the two characters. Firstly though I will have to switch off the slide guides. That done I change the interface to show stats and low and behold I can now see Chrom's stats in their full glory. Looking at the map I can't see the rest of the shepherds so I am assuming that they are all dead and Lucina and the others are in Ylisse or that there will be someone who gives her the falchion. I hover over mr Sorcerer and find out that his name is Validar. He has an attack of 34. Great. Chrom has 14 res. This is not going to end well unless...Oh right Chloey's 17 res should be useful, but we'll see. Pairing Chrom up with Chloey ort to do the trick. Chrom gives Chloey the following bonuses: +2 Str +0 Mag +1 Skill +4 Spd +4 Lck +2 Def +1 Res and lastsly +0 Mov. I switch Chloey with Chrom and Chloey gives Chrom an astounding +2 Str +2 Mag +3 Skill +3 Speed +1 Lck +1 Def +1 res and +0 Move (who is giving the most in this pair up? Chloey obviously. No wonder she turns into Grima with those sort of bonuses being ignored by Chrom A jest that I might just have fun with comparing later with their support bonuses that we get later in the game ) With is in mind, Validar will now do 19 damage? I am not sure. Chloey however allows Chrom a dual strike so I might as well use it! Validar says that we are fools trying to fight destiny and Chrom attacks and kills Validar taking a total of 19 damage. Too bad that Chrom didn't Crit Validar. That would have been fun to watch. Plus the idea of Chrom 1 shotting ol' Val seems like a good idea! Not bad for the tutorial run, but there wasn't a lot that I could do. We end with the most infamous cutscene and now we're onto chapter 1. Ugh I am so not looking forward to the fun that is to be had when we get to Invisible Ties D: really I am not. I do not want to see myself "killing" Chrom. really I don't. ETA:Due to some very helpful advice we now have pictures I am so going to have fun now!!
  8. Hello people, So... the English FE Fates comes out in about a month already. I thought I'd support what the translation team has been through in the making of the whole project, because we both know that people around here have been between a rock and a hard place- the release of Fates in Japan, while not receiving a release date confirmation in the US ourselves until October and that it has caused... impatience, alongside other feelings. But straight to the point- if that's something that's bound to interest you as well as others, I'm covering FE Fates right now WITH the translation patch installed on my YouTube channel, since I got everything to work on my newly-purchased capture card 3DS. I was able to run the Invisible Kingdom and DLC as well- in fact, I'm highly considering to cover the third path (despite it being in something of a revision state) because it's my favorite of the three, as well as to get some early coverage of it with my own combination of quality, gameplay and commentary. I've taken a peek at other playthroughs of that path, and I felt something was lacking one way or the other. Not saying I'm gonna sound any better to you, stressful as it is already to record a game like this IMO, but heck if I won't try to entertain some die-hard fans while having fun myself, doing something I thought I would never have pulled off. And even when the game releases in English, I'll probably just continue playing the patch (not that I'll have much of a choice when I'll be farther in the game, lol). Also censorship. That's a thing too. Anyway, regardless of the path(s) covered, I'm gonna be playing on Lunatic/Classic without grinding. Subject to change depending on my situation (IRL or not), but that's the plan I'm willing to stick with. Here is the link to the playlist, some parts are up already: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcEmtyjo70I4NFioEcpNBTzP7Nra-7m-u P.S.: Read the channel rules. I take them very seriously. I hope you guys will enjoy!
  9. Hello everyone who is a fan of Fire Emblems and more! I wanted to share a playthrough that I am doing of Fates with everyone because... well, I thought it was a clever idea. As the title suggests, I named it Children of Nohr Basically, I get the 2nd generation characters in Nohr route as quickly as possible and try to beat the game with them alone as much as possible. Here is the playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWapvgKBak3mV2lW-EVO1E0pw1Him2eNz I hope you guys enjoy it!
  10. Howdy all! I've always enjoyed the screenshot LPs here, so I thought I'd make one of my own to pass the time waiting for Fates. I thought up this challenge the other day, and I'm not even sure if it's much of a challenge at all, but oh well. Here goes. Rules: 1. I will play the game with two teams. One team will be deployed only on even chapters, the other team only on odd chapters. 2. Gaiden chapters are free for alls, because I am too lazy to keep track of the switch. 3. Before each pair of chapters I will put up a poll to add a unit to each team. Only currently recruited characters can be chosen. 4. Marcus is banned because he is old and needs to save his energy to help Roy. Consider freeing him up if you are playing a non noob mode. 5. Thieves and dancer lady/spoony bard are free. 6. ENM, because I am a scrub and want a relatively stress free run. Mostly the scrub part though. Current Teams: Team Odd - Eliwood Lowen Bartre Poll Ch 15 Team Even - Hector Oswin Priscilla Poll Ch 16 Chapters: Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 I'll get around to making this post look pretty later. For now, let me know if there's anything I could do to improve this run, since it's still early going.
  11. I'm curious to know how everyone will play their game on their very first run, so feel free to share your choice and reasons. For me it would be: Hoshido Hard/Classic No Reset Little to no grinding (but I will be messing around with Hoshido My Castle). I always play a new Fire Emblem game this way because it reminds me of playing the series for the very first time as a kid and I wanna see how much I've improved as an Fire Emblem player in general by thinking of strategies on the fly and dealing with the consequences of having a character die without making the game unbeatable (i.e Fredrick dying in lunatic during the first few chapters of Awakening). But if Orochi, Orobo or Pieri die... so help me god I will jump out of a freaking window. EDIT: Now Hoshido or Nohr is an option in the poll.
  12. If you would indulge me, if you are female will you ever play the game as M!Kamui and vise-versa for males? My answer would be yes because I feel like I'm getting more out of my game when I do that.
  13. I am posting this just for fun. WARNING: I may do some stupid things in this playthrough. DO NOT attempt to copy me in case I make mistakes. Avatar: Asset: Speed Flaw: Luck Premonition was easy as usual. Prologue: Achievements: First Kill! (Frederick) First Heal! (Lissa) First Dark Tome! (Aversa's Night) First Kill! (Avatar) First Level Up! (Avatar) First Critical Hit! (Avatar) First Enemy Critical Hit! (Garrick) First Death! (Avatar) First Game Over! First Dual Strike! (Chrom) First XP bonus (Frederick) First Boss Kill! (Avatar) First Win! Prologue-->Chapter 1: Achievements: First Move on the map! I will post later for Chapter 1 and 2. Tell me if I did something EXTREMELY bad. Stats: Avatar Lvl 4 Chrom Lvl 1 Lissa Lvl 1 Frederick Lvl 1
  14. I did say I was going to eventually retake H3 LTC right? Well, the time has come! Welcome to another one of my many Fire Emblem 12 Low Turncount Playthroughs! This time, I'm re-tackling FE12's H3 Lunatic Difficulty. I'm going to be low turning this difficulty. I attempted this once before like a year ago, but I wasn't nearly as experienced as I was now. The rules for the playthrough are: 1. Rainbow Potion, Maturity Drop, Bond Drop, Drill Ground and Lunatic Statboosters are fair game. 2. Mixed male class sets unlocked. 3. No forced recruitments. And no deaths where possible. If a death saves a turn, I will do it though. 4. The game must be played out to the true ending. All Gaidens must be visited. 5. No Wifi Shop. No How's Everyone? [spoiler=Prologue] So, first, we make the Avatar. Named him "Badass" and gave him a rather badass look. I choose Cavalier because I enjoy Cavalier the most. The rigging is pretty minimal compared to the other options. I dislike Fighter's accuracy issues and I dislike Knight's spd growth issues. The build for the Avatar is: Noble's Child: +2 Skl Spd Bases, +5% growth in Skl Spd This lets him double Rody with a spd proc off of Jagen and Luke with a spd proc off of Rody. Diversity: +1 Str/Mag Bases, +10% growth in Str Mag This lets him 3HKO Jagen and Rody and gives him a nice growth in Str. Humanitarian: +30% HP growth I prefer the guaranteed HPproc over 10% Def. Prologue 1 is completed in 4 turns. A pretty straightforward chapter. Just kill the soldier and then make sure Jagen can't KO you by using Vulnerary while countering him in the Enemy Phase and then finishing him off. Badass needs to get Str and Spd in his first level for next chapter. Prologue 2 is completed in 3 turns Rody has 6 spd, so this is why he needs 10 spd. Rody can be 3HKO'd and doubled by Avatar now and if Avatar procs spd after finishing Rody off, he can double Luke for a quicker clear. I decide to feed the Luke kill to Ryan instead of Avatar. Prologue 3 is completed in 3 turns A rather complicated chapter. Avatar can double Fighters and the Mercenary, which comes in handy. I adjusted the strat to allow Ryan to get the kill. This involved unquipping Rody as you probably noticed. Prologue 4 Athena Route is completed in 4 turns I first wanted this one to be a 3 turn, but no matter what, Avatar can't survive the combination of Athena+Mercenary+Myrmidon in Turn 1 and the Myrmidon in the pillar ensure that I can't be too greedy in the first turn or Wrys dies. Even minimum Str Athena+Mercenary+Myrmidon would exactly KO a blessed 23 HP 10 Def Level 4 Avatar. And that needs to happen in order to 3 turn. I went with a 4 turn that nets me a bunch of kills on my core team: Caeda Ryan Avatar. I had to stop the video mid-way through recording due to space issues, which is why the screen is slightly different after 6:51. Prologue 5 is done in 4 turns Due to the equipment in P4 Athena, I had to improvise a lot in this chapter but it worked out in the end. A 3 turn can technically be done if you rig a crit with Athena on the boss and a dodge in either PP or EP. I obviously chose to do a much safer strat. Prologue 6 Ogma is done in 2 turns A very easy chapter. Avatar needs to have just enough spd to not get doubled by Ogma, otherwise it's fairly easy to do this one. Prologue 7 Est is done in 3 turns A Ryan with 6 spd is neccesary for this clear. He can get to Level 5 before the chapter so he just needs to be on his average or in my case, he needs to be +0.5 from his average. This makes the Archer attack Athena instead of him. [spoiler=Total turncounts] Chapter Turns Total P1 4 4 P2 3 7 P3 3 10 P4A 4 14 P5 4 18 P6O 2 20 P7E 3 23 P8 7 30 C1 6 36 C2 6 42 C3 6 48 C3x 6 54 C4 5 59 C5 9 68 C6 5 73 C6x 1 74 C7 4 78 C8 3 81 C9 5 86 C10 2 88 C10x 1 89 C11 5 94 C12 5 99 C13 4 103 C13x 2 105 C14 4 109 C15 5 114 C16 2 116 C16x 1 117 C17 4 121 C18 2 123 C19 5 128 C20 5 133 C20x 4 137 C21 5 142 C22 4 146 C23 2 148 Final 2 150 [spoiler=Staff Usage] Chapter Rescue Hammerne Thief Again Rescue Again Comments C1 - - - - - - N/A C2 - - - - - - N/A C3 - - - - - - N/A C3x - - - - - - N/A C4 4/5 - - - - - Yumina rescued Marth for 5 turn C5 3/5 3/3 - - - - Malicia rescued Marth for 9 turn C6 2/5 3/3 - - - - Arran rescued Marth for 5 turn C6x 1/5 2/3 - - - - Linde rescued Marth for 1 turn. Malicia Hammerne'd Rescue. C7 4/5 2/3 - - - - Rescue Marth for a 4 turn. C8 4/5 2/3 - - - - N/A C9 3/5 2/3 3/5 - - - Thief was used on Capricorn and Boots chests. Rescue Marth after he recruited Minerva. C10 3/5 2/3 2/5 - - - Thief was used on the Bullion so that I could buy the C11 Secret Shop weapons. C10x 3/5 2/3 2/5 - - - N/A C11 1/5 2/3 2/5 - - - Rescue was used once on Feena so she could dance Etzel farther and then he rescued Marth for a 5 turn. C12 4/5 1/3 2/5 - - - Hammerne was used on Rescue and then Rescue was used on Marth to 5 turn. C13 4/5 1/3 2/5 - - - N/A C13x 4/5 1/3 2/5 - - - N/A C14 3/5 1/3 1/5 3/3 - - Thief was used on the Again chest. Rescue was used on Marth to 4 turn. C15 3/5 1/3 1/5 2/3 - - Again was used in order to 5 turn. C16 3/5 1/3 0/5 2/3 5/5 - The last Thief is used on the Rescue chest. C16x 3/5 1/3 2/3 5/5 - N/A C17 3/5 1/3 1/3 5/5 - Again was used in order to 4 turn. C18 3/5 1/3 1/3 4/5 - Rescue was used in order to 2 turn. C19 3/5 1/3 0/3 3/5 - Rescue and Again were used in order to 5 turn. C20 3/5 1/3 3/5 3/3 N/A C20x 3/5 1/3 3/5 3/3 N/A C21 2/5 1/3 2/5 2/3 Rescue was used on Feena. Another Rescue was used on Marth in Turn 5. Again was used on Marth to allow the 5 turn. C22 1/5 0/3 2/5 3/3 Rescue was used on Feena. Again was used on Marth to 4 turn. C23 0/5 1/5 1/3 Rescue is used on Linde so she can Rescue Marth to the throne. Again was used on Catria so she could clear the way and Again was used on Linde so she could kill Gharnef. Final 0/5 0/3 Rescue is used on Ryan so that he can finish Medeus after Marth weakens him enough. Again is used on Marth to allow him a second round on Medeus. [spoiler=Forges] Chapter Name MT Hit Crit Comments 2 Iron Axe + 3 - - Allowed Avatar to ORKO C2 Dracoknights. 4 Steel Sword + 1 - - Allowed Marth/Ogma to ORKO C4 Pirates. 6 Bankrupt(Hand Axe) + 3 - - Allowed Avatar to ORKO C6 Armors. 11 MinervAAAA(Dragonpike) + 4 - - Allowed Palla to OHKO the C11 Boss. Allowed Wyvern OHKOs in C12. 12 Reliable(Hand Axe) - +10 - Made the C12 strategy a lot more reliable. 16 Critavelin(Javelin) - - + 7 Gave Catria enough Crit to where it wasn't unreasonable to rig a crit on the Geosphere Thief. 18 Neighsbane(Ridersbane) + 5 - - Allowed units to OHKO C18 and C19 Paladins. 20 WINSpear(Wing Spear) + 1 - - Allowed Caeda to ORKO a C20 General. 21 RIPWallet(Dragonpike) +10 - - Allows units to OHKO C21-23 Dragons. 22 I'mTopTier(Wyrmslayer) + 2 + 5 - Allows Caeda to ORKO a Fire Dragon and Ryan to ORKO the boss in C22. [spoiler=The LTC Team and Statboosters] : Growth Drop, Angelic Robe, Energy Drop, Arms Scroll : Angelic Robe, Dracoshield, Dracoshield, Dracoshield, Arms Scroll, Arms Scroll : Bond Drop, Speedwing, Speedwing, Arms Scroll, Arms Scroll, Dracoshield, Arms Scroll : Seraph Robe : Energy Drop, Goddess Icon, Goddess Icon, Dracoshield : Angelic Robe, Spirit Dust, Spirit Dust, Spirit Dust, Spirit Dust, Spirit Dust, Spirit Dust : Speedwing : Angelic Robe, Energy Drop, Speedwing : None : None : None : None [spoiler=Unit Analysis] Ah, Marth. A capable but not broken lord. He has to be spoonfed kills in LTC on the way to the throne which can upset newer players though. But I find that as you get better at the game, one starts to notice more and more ways to feed him kills. He was spd blessed for awhile thanks to Growth Drop actually. I used an Energy Drop on him so he could cap str, it makes fighting Medeus much easier and lenient. The early Seraph Robe opened up ways to get him exp. The Arms Scroll at the end increased his damage to Medeus from 23 to 24, which is actually quite significant. Holy crap. Such an improvement from my other run's female Avatar haha. This guy made a bunch of strats possible thanks to his bulk. Of course, said bulk was mostly the work of Lunatic statboosters. I gave him an early Seraph Robe so that he could tank some dracoknights and well, it was a great investment mid and longterm too, as it greatly enhanced his defensive capabilities. I gave him 2 Dracoshields in C4 for the 5 turn strat and it also came in handy longterm. I gave him an Arms Scroll in Axes because I thought I would need Hauteclere Dracoknight for Hardin. It turned out I didn't but it's not like it was a run ending statbooster placement. It actually came in handy for improving the C21 reliability because Xane could use Hauteclere when copying him. I had to use an Arms Scroll on his Lances so that he could wield Gradivus in C20x and 21, this was crucial for those strats. I honestly think he's one of the craziest units in the game. Well worth the speedwings investment. Due to his superior Bow rank and better Prologue, I find he has less issues getting exp than the other Horsemen in the game. Luke Rody Draug etc need Arms Scrolls on their Bow rank while Ryan doesn't, so those Arms Scrolls can instead go to his Sword rank for Wyrmslayer (and later Master Sword) access, which opens up even more opportunities in the dragon chapters to get him exp. I used an early Speedwings so he could get going faster by doubling some enemies. This also made it possible to skip a Bow forge entirely by having a Hunter that could double C3 Dracoknights. The second wing was given in C9 because I knew it was a great longterm investment and it saved a Rainbow Potion use for the chapter. The 2 Arms Scrolls I gave to him were given to him as a Swordmaster, this gives him A Swords as a Swordmaster, which is a lot more than if i gave them to him as a Horseman. This puts him real close to getting Master Sword and Brave Sword access too. Brave Sword as a Horseman being extremely valuable for C21. I gave him the Bond Drop because Avatar honestly doesn't need it, he's already OP. I'd rather give it to a unit that can benefit from it early and it actually improved the reliability of some clears. I honestly think ideal Bond Drop recipients should be Marth or the Horsemen being used. Finally, I gave him an Arms Scroll for Mercurius in endgame as Mercurius is powerful enough to deal the rest of the damage after Marth is done, unlike Parthia. And the award for most screwed unit in the playthrough goes to....Malicia! Just wow, dat 50 mag growth never quite kicked in, did it? At least she recovered enough most of the time. Extremely disappointed at her in the stats department. But good thing she doesn't need stats to do her most important thing, right? The run would be pretty slow without her Hammerne, Again and Fortify. Damn, she's a pretty good unit in midgame to lategame isn't she? Underwhelming C2 to C11 aside, she's pretty good. Most of it has to do with her being ideal as a Falcoknight. Palla vs Catria IS still close, but Palla still has the edge. One has to remember that in runs where the Avatar turns out underwhelming, Palla IS the Avatar in those runs. Being able to pull most of the Dracoknight tanking strats Avatar does with Lunatic statboosters. Catria is a very very good unit too though. Gave her an Energy Drop for obvious reasons. The 2 Goddess Icons I gave her in Chapter 19 made the strat safer as it gave her enough Lck to make using Devil Sword reasonable and also gave her enough Lck to combat Killer Axe Warriors well. The Dracoshield I gave her in Chapter 23 allowed her to withstand a Fire Dragon and a Mage Dragon after a Pure Water or Barrier boost. She was actually quite average or screwed until she promoted. Then she became good. Well, I guess she was worth the Seraph Robe after all. Honestly a pretty good unit with a Levin Sword or a Nosferatu in hand. Her magic IS as worrisome as I feared though. Needing 6 Spirit Dusts to combat Gharnef properly and 5 Spirit Dusts to use a Levin Sword properly in C20 and C20x. She's still worth the investment though, as she's the most reasonable Gharnef killer in LTC (just look at that Malicia will you?). And Nosferatu comes in handy here and there. Was actually above her average mag for the longest time. Though I think she got skl spd screwed later on. The Goddess herself wasn't so godlike this playthrough. A lot of it has to with my Avatar though. Still was a second Avatar for the longest time. Incredibly handy until like Chapter 15. Such a good unit. Her lck is actually a bit troublesome depending on her levels in lategame, but it can be a blessing too, as having low enough lck can make enemies prioritize her, making her serve as a great baiter. And the critrates aren't bad enough to not risk the enemy baits. I gave her only one Speedwing now that I think about it. As overrated as I initially told y'all. Honestly, go a bit faster than usual and he just can't keep up. The experience is better fed elsewhere. He was relegated to miscellaneous, random tasks after Chapter 14. Not having the stats to actually do much of anything. I spent a Seraph Robe, an energy drop and a speedwing thinking I could keep him as a good unit but it just didn't happen. Still, some of those silly lategame tasks proved to be actually important. He was lame enough to get targetted by everything but not bad enough that I wouldn't deploy him I guess. I'm wondering if the ones that voted for Feena in the poll realize it's impossible to kill Medeus with Feena or not...lol. It's still hilarious that she got votes though :P. As for my analysis of Feena...well, she's a dancer and dancers rule. Lol, oops I kept Caeda as a Sage for this pic. She was ridiculous in Prologue, still pretty awesome for the rest of the game. Her midgame was actually nice because effective weapons don't care about your strength and she proved to be quite vital to some clears like C18 and C20 with her Wing Spear. Better than Sirius by a lot imo. I gave her a Seraph Robe for the Chapter 17 strat to work. Made a bunch of strats possible. Never quite reached Again because I didn't concentrate on that, but it is actually extremely doable. Xane is so good it's not even funny. Can copy your best unit in every chapter. I mean, come on. And then there are people that think his position in my tier list is unjustified lol... Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOyEd86YwZlcwxrfi-ZB4_YP2XvDUsymG
  15. Thracia is probably my favorite FE title. I love this game more then Awakening. Because I'm bored, I would like to share my experience on this game for the 15th or 16th time. [spoiler=Chapter 1] Yay, Thracia! Basic shit right here. The first few chapter may not be that exciting. And Leaf misses! And Fin gobbles up a foe. Trying not to waste Fin's brave lance, not that I'm bad at it. Othin: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! Sweet! More units(that I never use). Yeah yeah, Give me Pugi please. More Lances for Fin. Halvan miss But Leaf attacks with his sword of Light Brand. Marty getting some action. Oh thanks! from Leaf... :| Wouldn't hurt to use Evayle at times. Well I have plenty of gold, so yeah. Thanks for the sword though. Here come Othin. Rude! Okay, bye Tanya. And Tanya is still here. I will never understand Thracia. With Tanya still here, Othin is pissed. He's still pissed! from Othin... Well yeah, your an axe fighter, aren't you. Sure thing lady! Cool! Stat boosters! Used it on Leaf, because why not. Dagda Smash! And Fin crited! Crited? Is that even a word? Eh, I'll take. Buying some Vulnerably, because I'm loaded. I'll take that sword that's to heavy for leaf to wield. Nope. And end of chapter! Want to see anything special like me using a certain unit or something. Just tell me and I'll try to make it happen.
  16. I'm thinking of doing this. which characters should i use in it? and what method should i use for screenshots? I cant find a hotkey on VBA, and going to the menu seems like a lot of effort, and requires good reactions Units allowed Prepromotes (duh) Roy Thieves Fa Elphin/Lalum Any units required for prepromote recruitment Index (continued on next post) [spoiler=Chapter 1] Where it all began, all good so far Marcus rush!!! Get to the forest!!! I guess i should be glad he got something... CRITICAL!!! TAKE IT DAMAS!!! And that's a wrap [spoiler=Chapter 2] And so the journey continues for our brave hero Trying to escape with the unpromoted, none did any damage, so its all good Bow before the weapon triangle!!! Marcus fears nothing, even the terrain! A decent level from our hero Roy never fails to disappoint In need of a heal. am i allowed non promoted healers? Your father would be ashamed BOOM!!! [spoiler=Chapter 3] Start by putting everyone in the corner, and a heroic charge An old man... Good, but still no strength About time he retires, i think Still no strength. GET YOUR **** TOGETHER ROY! And the hero faces off against the villainous Slater [spoiler=Chapter 4] Another charge MOAR HEALZ! EVEN MOAAARR HEALZZ!!! Dear god please survive! (he did... just) another level, another bit of potential wasted got some speed. can i make chad my lord now? maybe not... I was too slow, but it was defence Not too bad... [spoiler=Chapter 5] Nice bit of mountain to hide my unpromoted units behind. WOOHOO! BEST. PICKUP LINE. EVER. More luck. still no strength. Enemies shouldn't heal! So close... ChadLAD The first of many Full speed ahead! ok i guess... Maybe those mountains weren't so helpful Marcus was sent back to deal with them, but Wolt took a counter attack, and did a bit of damage. Got the mighty Gants lance Another good level from chad STRENGTH!!! AT LAST!!! Ah... the next level could be problematic now... Roy took quick vengeance on the surrounding bandits, and Marcus took a reckless charge into the enemy, despite not wielding a sword. Dodging everything! This shouldn't be too hard. Another one!!! Bandit down! [spoiler=Chapter 6] We storm the castle, with 2 warriors, a cart, and two unarmed peasants. Another charge from Marcus More skill. Can we have some strength please? Get some healz boy! YEAH! Keep this up Roy! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Attempt one Meat shields! Merlinus got killed, but he'll be back... Number 2... Marcus saves the day, while Roy heals up. Number 3... still no joy Finally some damage! Yes Roy! Not sure where they all went... Or why, they could have destroyed me... Foolish soldiers. [spoiler=Chapter 7] Lets get that torch! YES! I retract some of my harsh words. Not all, but some. The mercs are here. Lets get it on! Snapped up Zealots, now to get him to roy. Meh No Fir, but being prepromotes only, no problem. I AM SARUMAN OF MANY COLOURS... well, blue and red really... OMIGOD!!! A FREAKIN' DRAGON. HOLY BEGEESUS HELP US!!! Hey, he's not that tough This could be close... Take that, you healing ***** Almost there... Survival bonus Aww yeah time to loot recieve gifts from villages cheeky bit of arena fighting. SO USEFUL! NO. I WANT IT BAD! KEYS. I FEEL LIKE I'M IN KINGDOM HEARTS This could happen a lot... More endurance Not more of them... *sigh* fine... It's something... CRITICAL HIT Armour slayer!
  17. For my playthrough I'm dubbing "Challenge", and will be recording (if I can ever get a capture board). The challenge is I won't pair for optimization, I'll pair for what I like, plot wise. Everyone must also end in original classes, barring those who don't promote (Olivia, Donnel, Yarne, Panne, Tiki, Nah and Nowi). I'll either do Maribelle or Sumia - my two OTPs for Chrom. I like Maribelle with Chrom a little bit more - "protect your sister" is better than "eat my pies". However, I do enjoy the MU x Maribelle ship, and Brady x Lucina. I have skillsets for every child that could come of these pairs - they are in the italics below. However, I want some assistance determining which ship to do. If Chrom x Maribelle, I'll do FeMU with Libra because my waifu is taken and Sumia x Henry If Chrom x Sumia, I'll do MaMU with Maribelle. Any help would be lovely. Skillsets Maribelle!Lucina Aether, Galeforce, RK, Lifetaker, LB Sumia!Lucina Aether, Galeforce, Renewal, RK, LB Chrom!Brady Rightful King, Aggressor, Luna, Galeforce, LB Chrom!Cynthia Aether, Galeforce, Iote's Shield, All Stats+2, LB
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