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Found 159 results

  1. Another booze fueled topic (as those of you who know me will already have guessed) Anyways, it's in the title really, what's your favourite tier/meta? Personally, I like UU and Monotype. I like UU mostly because I've actually found a semi decent team, and monotype because I feel like a gym leader, plus it's fun to find a balanced team with a common type. (Poison FTW!)
  2. Hello, all! I'm nicktiger217 and this is my ROM hack plan for Fire Emblem: Swords of Justice! What is this? This is a FE7 ROM hack featuring Pokémon gijinkas as the characters. A brief explanation of the current plan is set below: The main plot focuses around a small group of heroes keeping peace across the land. They are Cobalion, Virizion, Terakkion, and Keldeo as their underling. Suddenly, two conflicts occur. The demon Giratina being summoned and the rise of Nidoking's nation. They group will meet the eeveelutions; Gardevoir and Gallade, heirs to the throne held by their deceased father; and a thief, Nuzleaf. Flareon will probably be a villian. Darkrai could be recruitable, but more than likely not. Each generic class design will be based of a single mon. The Prologue will introduce Keldeo, Cobalion, and probably Virizion and Terrakion as well. The first chapter will be Keldeo and Cobalion vs. generic brigands. Chapter two will introduce Virizion, Terrakion, and nidosoldiers. Characters: As mentioned above, the characters are to be Pokémon gijinkas. The current planned characters are below: Name - Class - Sprite Progress Character List: 1. Keldeo - lord - Not Done 2. Cobalion - cavalier - Done 3. Virizion - myrmidon - Done 4. Terrakion - fighter/knight - Not Done 5. Gardevoir - mage - Done 6. Gallade - myrmidon - Done 7. Eeevee - trainee - Not Done 8. Vaporeon - mage - Not Done 9. Jolteon - mage - Not Done 10. Espeon - priest - Not Done 11. Umbreon - dark mage - Not Done 12. Leafeon - ??? - Not Done 13. Glaceon - ??? - Not Done 15. Sylveon - Pegasus Knight (?) - Not Done 16. Nuzleaf - Thief - Not Done 17. Golurk - Knight - Not Done 18. Darkrai (?) - Done 19. Absol - ??? - Not Done Anymore 20. Lucario - Myrmidon - Not Done 21. Ho-oh - Sage - Nearly There Villian List: 1. Giratina - ??? - Not Done 1a. Darkrai (?) - Done 2. Nidoking - ??? - Not Done 2a. Pangoro - ??? - Not Done 2b. Tyranitar - ??? - Not Done 3. Flareon - ??? - Not Done 4. Arceus - Arceus - Done I am willing to listen to any ideas for the hack, including characters and story ideas. If you want to share a character, include who they are as well as a class you think would fit. Thank you for reading my post. I hope you all look forward to the game. -- My Sprite Collection
  3. Does anyone here play much monotype? I've just started, and team building is a nightmare... Currently using 3 teams, being steel, water and poison Anyways, does anyone have any tips on the metagame, especially regarding the above types, or feel like giving me a few practice battles?
  4. I noticed that there's no PMD forum on here,so I decided to make one.Unless,of course,the other one died.You can discus where to get legendaries,how much you love/hate Gates to Infinity,maybe get rescue missions,and get passwords for Mystery Mail thing.Maybe also about the a possible 6 Gen one. WELL,YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO:Discus. EDIT:For the fun of it,a topic:What were you and your first partner? Charmander and Meowth.The good ol'days.
  5. Rules for 3 people Everyone gets a different starter You can pick 5 other pokemon beyond that Legendaries and sudo legendaries are banned In game trades are banned The winner will be decided based on in game play time If there are any questions feel free to ask
  6. http://www.gonintendo.com/?mode=viewstory&id=245654 After Hyrule Warriors massive success its looking like Koei is looking into more Nintendo Warriors game possibilities.
  7. Recently, using my copy of Pokemon X, I put together a Pokemon used specifically for capturing Pokemon: Pokemon: Smeargle Ability: Technician Hold Item: Silk Scarf Nature: Adamant (+Atk/-Sp. Atk) EVs: 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Def Moves: False Swipe/Hold Back, Spore, Soak, Gastro Acid In my copy of Pokemon OR, the game in which I transferred this Smeargle to, Smeargle helped me secure Pokemon so easily -- Kyurem, Landorus and Giratina are each caught in 1 ball discounting the opening Quick Balls -- Dusk Ball for Kyurem and Ultra Balls for Landorus and Giratina. False Swipe and Hold Back are identical moves and cannot directly KO the target, leaving the target at 1HP. 40 Base Power is pitiful, but STAB and Technician boost it to 90 Base Power, with Silk Scarf boosting it further to 99 Base Power. Spore is obviously for putting target Pokemon to Sleep, optimizing the chances for a successful capture and has 100% accuracy. It also allows Smeargle to have free turns to spam False Swipe/Hold Back and can prolong the battle for possible uses of Timer Balls (and preventing the target from using Struggle quickly if the battle goes that long). Soak is so useful in catching Pokemon. It turns the target into a pure Water-type Pokemon, which can potentially remove STAB from the target's moves, allowing Smeargle to survive hits better since Smeargle has poor base stats overall. However, the real bonuses are the following: -Smeargle can deal neutral damage against Rock-type and Steel-type Pokemon, which would normally tank Smeargle's False Swipe/Hold Back. -Ghost-type Pokemon, which are normally unaffected by Normal-type attacks, will be open to False Swipe/Hold Back once Soak is applied. -Grass-type Pokemon, which are normally unaffected by powder moves like Spore, will be vulnerable to Spore once Soak is applied. -Electric-type Pokemon, which cannot be paralyzed by default, can be paralyzed, in case you decide to use Thunder Wave or Glare to paralyze an Electric-type target once Soak is applied. By that same token, Ground-types, which cannot be affected by Thunder Wave, can be affected by that move once Soak is applied. -As the target Pokemon turns into a Water-type Pokemon, you can use Net Balls over Ultra Balls -- Net Balls have a 3x modifier to catch rate when it is used for catching Water-type and Bug-type Pokemon, which is more effective than Ultra Balls' 2x modifier. Gastro Acid shuts down the target's ability, which can be useful, albeit situational. This means that Smeargle can effectively give the finger to abilities that can normally give it trouble like Pressure, Storm Drain, Vital Spirit, Insomnia, Overcoat, Static, Flame Body, etc. The nature and EV spread is primarily to maximize False Swipe/Hold Back damage and to allow Smeargle to take some hits. I didn't feel the need to invest in Speed since Smeargle's uninvested base 70 Speed is enough to outspeed plenty of Pokemon as long as it doesn't get paralyzed, especially at lv. 100. The setup is great for lategame/postgame. What are your favorite setups for catching Pokemon? Post them here!
  8. The designs of all the random generic trainers have changed quite a bit throughout the series, and I'm kind of curious what are some of your favorite designs in the series. Some of my favorite designs include the BW/BW2 Ace Trainers, XY Female Swimmers, ORAS Male Breeders, and the Rangers from XY are pretty cool, and I think the ORAS Lass is designed pretty well. What about you guys?
  9. Yes, you heard it correctly, I'm doing a Nuzlocke of X! ...Because I have to wait for another week for ORAS. That, and It's been a while that I played X. Might as well do it! Standard Nuzlocke rules are: Catch the first pokemon in a route If it faints, it's DEAD! Nickname ALL THE POKEMANZ! And finally, Notepad clause: I mustn't change my team after I captured 6 pokemon. I can replace a team member with a boxmon if said member dies. Nickname theme will be Megaman based. With that said, LET'S GO! Player: Roll, Gender: Female. (Yes, I chose female, I like customizing the female characters in X and Y ^_^) Anyways, basic stuff, Fletchling pecks you, neighbours, blah blah blah. Suddenly, POKEMANZ! I chose a Fennekin, and I called it Fire Man. (SPOILERS: It's a girl!) WE BATTLE SHAUNA: Who gives a shit. More plot! And now, we go to Route... 2? Yeah, it's 2. I caught a Weedle! Named him Hornet Man. Trained Hornet Man a bit, evolved into a Kakuna. Santalune Forest, caught a Pansage, named him Wood Man. Trained Wood Man a bit. Hornet Man evolved into a Beedrill. Route 3, and I caught a... Burmy. Fiiiine. Caught a Burmy and named her Quake Woman. (She's from the Megaman Archie Comics, and I count her.) Yes, I'll try to evolve her into a Sandy Cloak Wormadam. Route 22! Caught an Azurill, named him Bubble Man and HE HAS HUGE POWER YESH. EV trained Bubble Man so that he has max Attack, HP and 4 points of defense. GYM TIME! everyone is at level 13, with Fire (Wo)Man being level 15. GYM BATTLE! Switched everyone so that they could have the Exp (especially dat over 400 exp from Vivillon) Don't worry, no one died. Fire (Wo)Man evolved into a Braixen, too! Route 4! We get a Ledyba and called him Star Man (Because he's the Five Star Pokemon, Duh!) Lumiose City, we battled Professor Sycamore and we get a Bulbasaur, appropriately named Plant Man. Route 5, we get a Doduo named Search Man (Because Search Man has 2 heads.) Rival battle against fatass! His Corphish was no match against Wood Man. END PART 1
  10. If Pokemon were real... Would it be right to capture these free creatures and make them do your bidding? What's your stance on capturing and making Pokemon fight? What's your stance on eating Pokemon? Is it ethical to eat Pokemon? Remember to treat the anime, anime based off the games, manga, and games as different canons.
  11. Here you can speculate over megas that could could be in OR/AS.You could talk about their possible stats,abilities,types,ect. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD.THIS THREAD IS FOR SPECULATION ONLY.
  12. What are your thoughts on how the Kalos Pokémon, and old blokes like Azumarill who got some new tools to utilize, will work out in the X/Y metagame? Talonflame I feel is definitely OU material. Gale Wings is just too amazing with priority Roost/Acrobatics/Brave Bird, and it helps that it also has Flare Blitz access as well as Bulk Up/Swords Dance. Stealth Rock blows, but at least it can Roost it off. Slurpuff is hilarious. Unburden + Sitrus Berry + Belly Drum is quite the combination. Though other than that hilarity, I think it'll be NU or RU. Contrary Malamar and Superpower, along with its awesome Dark/Psychic typing is definitely UU material. I'd list more, but I'm tired.
  13. Hey! Just like the smash bros match creator person, I am bored and want to battle. I'm sure there's someone here who wants to as well. This can also be a place to get others' friend codes for safaris and stuff like that but mostly battles Battles can be on showdown or in game FC: 0602-6397-5850 IGN: Clarine
  14. ...and I gave a Caterpie for it I feel somewhat bad, and somewhat happy at the same time Currently breeding for a shiny good iv quiet Honedge with it
  15. So, since ORAS are dropping later this year, and I'm on summer holiday, I thought I would do an LP. I decided to go with a Randomizer Nuzlocke, because why not. It's set to opponents teams being type themed. Pokemon types and stats are still the same, so I don't get totally blindsided, but abilities are randomised. Movesets are normal, but starters and TM moves, and all wilds are totally random. I've also turned off game breakers (So I don't get dragon raged. sonic boomed early on) Standard Nuzlocke rules apply (Fainted pokemon are dead, and are put into a death box, only 1st met pokemon of each route can be caught.) I've also decided to take up the duplicates clause I will be playing in set mode. Contents (Part 1) [spoiler=Part 1 (The Choice)] Hoenn CNFRMD Anyways it begins, Even though Rayquaza will likely never feature... Shame... Um, boy? Tolkien reference no.1. Expect many more. So i'm in the back of the truck... Am I furniture? But mum... (I'm british, so I'm using a U) But MUUUUM!!! Healz FTW I AM NO MAN... oh wait (Thats number 2) Seems legit BUT MUUUUUUUM!!! And you want me to go get them? Seems fair... But I don't want to be a hero! Meh... MEEEEEEEEEH HOLYMOTHEROFJESUS!!!!!! [spoiler=Part 2 (Miss Malcom)] Guess who I chose! Well... That was easy... THE RIGHTFUL KING UNDER THE MOUNTAIN! (no.3) Thanks for the butt ugly monstrosity... Really. Reference no.4... I may start toning down the Tolkien... HOLY CRAP ITS ANOTHER MONSTROSITY!!! Yeah! Sure creepy lady... I'll just prepare my rape whistle... Yay! Potion! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! And yet I have this orange suckbitch... I put mah balls in mah pocket... I'm going on an adventure!!! Yeah... I'm not even sorry... [spoiler=Part 3 (Dayum Nature)] YEAH!!!! Shit... And I'm all out... So... yeah... it died... Damn... Stocking up!!! It'll do. And it levels up pretty quickly... This happened a lot. A lot... Finally!!! DAYUM NATURE, YOU SCARY! Shadow tag... Okay... AWW YEAH! AGAIN!!! it's stalling me... But no attacks are coming. #Walllife After a lot of scratching... More fodder!!! Hey bro... Bye bro... BERRIES!!! Another fight with no attacks... I'm coming daddy!!! [spoiler=Part 4 (Bulbafishing)] Pokemon 101-how to town... So we can go lift. Plot twist: he's your father But DAAAAAD!!! YOU GIVE HIM A POKEMON!!!! I'M YOUR SON!!!! Oh yeah... Rub it in... So Ralts isn't randomised. (He killed it, btw, but somehow still caught it...) If I get that far... And you must be going through your mid-life crisis... It's a wild!!! This time!!! YES!!! If this were gen5, I could triple battle... It's dumbo!!! Can it learn fly? ANTI PARAHAX!!! So this kid has an unknown. Must still be learning the alphabet... This dick got a crit and took me down to 2HP. Luckily I had an oran berry... Serves him right... Wha? Hmm... WHAT??? If I was fishing and found a Bulbasaur, I'd freak!!! He then proceeded to seed all 3 of my dudes... Pretty much sums this guy up... [spoiler=Part 5 (Petalburg Hax)] Forgot to take the encounter pic. This is petalburg woods, in case you didn't know. But yeah... Moltres... Moltres is so badass it's solution to injury is lava!!! WHAAATT!?!? HUGE POWAH!!!! He has wing attack as well... Mmm... Because you didn't blaze it... YEEEES!!!! Shrooms? We gonna get high? Papers? We definitely getting high! Dude, I'm 10, I do what I want! Lazy aqua grunts: Taking over the world... sslloowwllyy... SHEEET!?! Thats better! Damn right! Drugs? YEAH!!! Great ball!! Operation blaze it! PETALBURG HAX!!! Excellent! AMULET COIN ACTIVATE! Feebas... There are some things money can't buy... A generous donation from our sponsor She's my slave servant Should've blazed it... But if you blazed together, you'd both win... I'm here!!!
  16. Japan got an event for a shiny Jirachi (because Bank blocked the actual legit shiny Jirachis from prior games) and through the magic of trolling around GameFAQs I managed to get one. That said someone on SF prolly got one before me. shiny Celebi event plz Nintendo. <:3
  17. This is for Gen 3 pokemon disscussion. Here are the rules. I was bored so yeah. Abide these or smell like MUK. 1. I am good at iders 2. Anything OFFICIAL is our religion in this gen. 3. Lurkers gotta be called out to join. 4. TTP jokes are allowed 5. No insulting me or people I feel shouldn't 6. You MAY be off topic sometimes 7. Have fun or Perish Song
  18. Alright, I don't want to necro any past threads, so I'm making a new one. Cool? Okay. In my opinion, I feel that some lesser acknowledged Pokemon should be able to Mega evolve for OR/AS, since I feel some of them have some awesome potential with them. Let's take a look at Mega Huntail and Mega Gorebyss: [spoiler=Mega Huntail] Ability: Defiant HP: 55 Attack: 144 (+40) Defense: 105 Special Attack: 84 (-10) Special Defense: 105 (+30) Speed: 92 (+40) [spoiler=Mega Gorebyss] Ability: Competitive HP: 55 Attack: 84 Defense: 105 Special Attack: 144 (+30) Special Defense: 105 (+30) Speed: 92 (+40) A Water/Dark Mega Huntail along with a Water/Psychic Mega Gorebyss would be kinda badass, in my opinion.
  19. It just started at 9 th July 2014 I am posting this since some people like to get early user id in the games :D The game is 100% free (no donation, no premium etc.) PokemonPets home page : http://www.pokemonpets.com/ Pokemon Pets register page : http://www.pokemonpets.com/Register PokemonPets gameplay screenshots page: http://www.pokemonpets.com/Screenshots 2 Screenshots :
  20. ORAS is love. ORAS is life. First off, I'm kinda bummed out since now that I think about it, I don't think the game will have Emerald's storyline, which includes taking on both Team Magma and Team Aqua, and going through the Sky Pillar to tell Raquaza to make Kyogre and Groudon STFU. Though, I think the games will have Juan as the 8th gym leader, Wallace as the champion, and Steven to return as the Red-like challenge like he was in Emerald. Still, I can't wait to see what's going to happen. Seeing how Route 113, Mt. Chimney, Route 111 and the Mirage Tower, and pretty much the entirety of Hoenn in 3D graphics is hyping me up, and just imagining how the music will be remastered is adding onto that. So yeah. Let's all give out our thoughts in what's going to be in the fantastic duo of games.
  21. you probably are thinking..''oh icarus you making a useless thread everyone aleadry made one about it'' Yeah but, we have a news thread and speculation thread so..why not a discussion thread? we will probably want one in some months so. there you go. some copypaste from my latest OR/AS topic in MFFA. you can post news here even tought theres a news thread, just for discussion. --This is a discussion and news thread, so don't post any other for safety----- Any new news you can either post it here if i haven't yet. it will be put here to everyone interested see it --- Hoenn Confirmed, Remake of course. Pics Q: Why is it called Alpha and omega? A: The Prophet : http://www.ign.com/boards/threads/if-ruby-and-sapphire-remakes-come-out.452842335/ probably a admin is gonna get butthurt and lock this.. but if not then feel free to discuss!
  22. Riolu is one of my favorite pokemons (and it's evolution too) however, i don't have it registered in my pokedex so i can't get one by trading (but tbh i hate trading, especially when we talk about this kind of pokemons) Digging a little more in the pokemon wiki, i've found a way to get a riolu, i have to go to the safari zone and place certain objects in the meadow zone but the problem is : I HAVE TO WAIT 70 DAYS, idk about you guys but i don't want to wait that much, searching a little more in the wiki and youtube i found that you don't have to wait 70 days, in a video in youtube about how to catch a riolu, on the comment sections, some people stated that they didn't wait that horrible amount of time, in fact they said that they just waited one day.... the question is: do you guys know what do to get riolu in a lesser period of time? (sorry if i have some grammar errors)
  23. So one of my IRL friends just made me aware of this. [spoiler=attributions]more here other thing sourced from here
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