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Found 161 results

  1. Riolu is one of my favorite pokemons (and it's evolution too) however, i don't have it registered in my pokedex so i can't get one by trading (but tbh i hate trading, especially when we talk about this kind of pokemons) Digging a little more in the pokemon wiki, i've found a way to get a riolu, i have to go to the safari zone and place certain objects in the meadow zone but the problem is : I HAVE TO WAIT 70 DAYS, idk about you guys but i don't want to wait that much, searching a little more in the wiki and youtube i found that you don't have to wait 70 days, in a video in youtube about how to catch a riolu, on the comment sections, some people stated that they didn't wait that horrible amount of time, in fact they said that they just waited one day.... the question is: do you guys know what do to get riolu in a lesser period of time? (sorry if i have some grammar errors)
  2. So one of my IRL friends just made me aware of this. [spoiler=attributions]more here other thing sourced from here
  3. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2014/03/google_maps_launches_a_pokemon_challenge I think it's a cute idea, although my city doesn't have a single Pokemon (the closest one is Minccino, ~ 1h by car) ;_;
  4. Because nuzlockes are weirdly fun and I've never actually completed one before curse you, White, I considered doing one for X. After some talk with people off and on SF, I came up with some rules: Standard nuzlocke, but because this is also a Kalos only run, the wild encounter rule is slightly altered. Instead of the usual rule, if my first encounter on a new route is a non-Kalos pokemon, then I must treat it as a trainer battle (no running) and the rule is ignored. This carries on until I finally encounter a Kalos pokemon. The duplicate rule will NOT be in effect No exp share, because I'm a real player nut No gift pokemon are to be used. The only exception to this rule are the fossil pokemon you can choose (I think? Been a while), since you can optionally choose to revive them If any of you would like to suggest any rules or change any of the ones I've listed, do tell The only other thing to note is how I'm actually going to playlog this. I could have it done entirely with text, but I think it might turn off some people from the nuzlocke. There's a possibility I could record and commentate with a crappy webcam take photos using said webcam for juicy parts, but we'll see what the poll tells me. I would use Miiverse, but apparently you can't take photos of X/Y and upload them to Miiverse, which confuses me somewhat, but that's for another time Index: The story begins (up to Shauna battle) The worst nicknames (up to Santalune Forest) STAB moves are so useful. Equipment failings aren't (up to roller skates) First gym badge. Also known as the I'M SO PARANOID chapter (got my first badge!) THE FLOWER THAT KILLS ALL! (just outside Sycamore's lab) THE LEGENDARY BATTLE WITH THE STONER-LOOKING GUY! (outside Sycamore's lab after the battle) Innocence and horseshoes (beginning of route 5) THE DEBUT OF THE MIGHTY PALADIN! Featuring crappy friends (beginning of route 6) The cinders of love. Also this game is rigged to give me shitty natures (just after the firework display) I'm just a painter, who paints his life away... (just after the 2v2 rival battle on route 7) Horde battles should only be a thing when you're EV training (just before route 9) "Class" doesn't even begin to describe how... thing they are (just after the end of Glittering Cave) Another awful nature and the chapter where Poly kills me afterwards because I didn't get to route 10 (just before Cyllage City) Second gym confirmed Glitzville. VASHIANE SMASH. Bring your Doritos dip (got my second badge!) I have 20 hours playlogged already how do you even (just before route 11) Canines don't stand a chance against birds! (near the end of route 11) [spoiler=Casualties]Need the Fletchling (level 10. Route 22) THO? the Bunnelby (level 10, Gym Leader Viola) Glaedyr the Quillidin (level 23, Cyllage City Gym)
  5. It is like Pokemon guys. You start game with picking up your overworld avatar and your starting monster. Then you can move on the map with using arrow keys or w,a,s,d keys. Then follow the markings on the map to navigate between maps. Also on the grass areas you can find wild monsters to battle. While battling reduce their hp and throw monster boxes to catch. You can have up to 6 monsters in your team and the future ones will be sent to your storage. Here few links for more details the game url : http://www.monstermmorpg.com/ the game register url : http://www.monstermmorpg.com/Register short tutorial : http://www.monstermmorpg.com/How-To-Play extended tutorial video : cons and pros cons : laggy movement, bad ui, the site interface need revamp, not complete yet, no music, very little graphical effects, it is very confusing at the beginning, no in game tutorial (step the step ones that is common in nowadays) pros : very detailed game mechanics, cheat free (yes extreme precautions), 1801 unique monsters (some of them bad and some of them are very good quality), 520 maps (massive area to explore well defined), pvp battles, trade/buy/sell Here few of the new monsters they added/updated
  6. So what happens if you gave 70 000 anonymous people one gameboy and a Pokemon cartridge? This: http://www.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon This is a livestream of Pokemon Red and Blue, the difference from a regular stream is that the comments influence the player's decisions. Input a GB command in the comments and if you're lucky, you'll see your action display on the screen, even if it's as mundane as moving right. Seriously, this as fun to watch as it is frustrating. I'm amazed they've made it so far in 5 days. A combination of hilarity and anger, but finally we have definite proof that humans can cooperate, sort of. I love watching this, I keep it as a tab open at all times now.
  7. I'm not sure why I decided to create this topic, but I did, and now it's here, so deal with it. I guess I've just been playing a lot of Pokemon recently, and I even watched some episodes of the anime, and it got me to thinking; what were my favorite Pokemon anyways? So, thirty minutes minutes spent analyzing the over 700 Pokemon (but not really because I don't care about Unknown) later, and I came up with a list. But CLEARLY my list is flawed and filled with serious Gen. 1 bias because I'm OLD, so I'm curious to see what your favorite Pokemon are! There are no wrong answers except Unknown. Oh yeah, here's my list. It's full of serious Gen. 1 bias. 10) Chansey This picture says it all, who can't like Chansey (I will ignore all yes')? Chansey was ridiculously hard to get in the original Safari Zone, so when I found out you could get one in Unknown Dungeon, I was ecstatic...Of course, I never used it, but that's beside the point! Then Chansey became super bro in the newer generations thanks to Eviolite, which is just swell. 9) Garchomp Admittedly, I'm not really into the newer generations as much (mostly...because of lack of effort, I'm hoping to get X &/or Y &/or Z though!), but sometimes a new design can even catch an old fart like me by surprise. I mean, it's a freaking land shark, that's like the best thing ever. Also Garchomp was so good that it was considered UBER, which is bro, although I'm not sure if that's changed recently or not. Either way, land shark. Bad ass. 8) Eevee Eevee is wonderful. He's like the "X" of Pokemon, with infinite potential that becomes more and more apparent as the generations go by. Plus, he's Gary's starter Pokemon in Yellow version. Sorry, let me rephrase that again. MOTHERFUCKING GARY OAK's starter Pokemon in Yellow. That's like, all of the bonus points right there. Not to mention most of the time when you get Eevee (except in HG/SS where they fucked it up), he's usually a fairly high leveled bro who can exceed even your starter, provided the right initial investment is there. And he can fill all of the gaps in your party lineup, no matter what it is! 7) Latios Latios has like, the best typing ever. Psychic types are awesome. Dragon types are awesome. Latios is awesome. Also didn't hurt that he was the bro member of my team when I was playing Pokemon Online. His design is also pretty neat, and as I do like Blue over Red, a reason why he's here on this list instead of Latias...not to mention the whole Pokemon Online thing and being a higher tier. Clearly there is no place in my cruel heart for second place! 6. Charizard Do I really need to say anything? This guy was the reason I bought Pokemon Red in the first place. Just seeing his profile plastered over the box art was enough to get my 8 year old self begging my parents to buy a Game Boy Color for this game. Not to mention he was one of the few Pokemon Ash fully evolved in the anime, and fairly early one at that! Charizard's so rad. 5. Mewtwo Back when I first played Pokemon, it took me like forever to get to the Elite 4. Constant resets, running around for hours to get an Abra, getting lost in every dungeon for at least 5 hours or more (including Mount Moon), and even a few complete do-overs when I realized I wanted a different starter! But yeah, the whole Pokemon Red endgame is really well done, and I felt like I had accomplished something by the time I finished it (mainly, wiping my victory in that smug jerk, Gary Oak's face). So I was totally surprised that there was an endgame, because games didn't usually do that! And Mewtwo was at the end of it! And he was freaking ridiculous! IT WAS SO AWESOME GUYS ALSO HE WAS COOL IN THE ANIME MOVIE WHICH WAS ALL PRETENTIOUS BUT I LIKED IT ANYWAYS SO THERE FUCK YOU 4) Articuno Articuno is. There's just something about it that's so graceful and majestic and also more importantly he starts out with Ice Beam, which is the coolest move in Pokemon...I was so mad that it barely features in Gen 2 or the Gen 1 remakes. SO MAD. 3) Pichu Bet you weren't expecting a Gen 2 Pokemon this late in the list! And Pichu at that, rather than Pikachu! To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure why I like Pichu so much. I can give you like 50 reasons for Pikachu, but like, 0 for Pichu. I'm not sure I've ever got one in the games! Maybe it's just because he was so adorable in SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH, or because he's like Pikachu but MORE KAWAII. I dunno, man. 2. Dragonair Dragonair really nails that whole mystic thing that dragon type pokemon (used to) have going for them. Earlier in the game, you see Ekans rather frequently. You know, the Pokemon whose name is SNAKE backwards GUESS WHAT ARBOK IS KOBRA BACKWARDS AND MUK IS KUM BACKWARDS SO CLEVAR. But then you see Dragonair, who resembles a snake (it even has the little rattle at the end!), but isn't...it's something more. Which is why I like it so much. 1) Mew Best Pokemon ever. I'll write a detailed reason later, running out of time! Remember to post your favorites, I'm looking forward to them! Unless they're Unknown! I'm dreading those!
  8. Shu.

    Pokemon Top 10's

    I started a top 10 thread, jus' 'cause.
  9. Kanto: Definitely Bruno. Such a badass. Lance is awesome, too. Johto: Read above, though I like how mysterious Karen is. Hoenn: DRAKE. SO BRO. Sinnoh: Bertha, I guess? Didn't like any of the E4 members of this region too much, though I do like Cynthia. Unova: Grimsley is pretty badass. I also like Caitlin. Kalos: SIEBOLD. SO BRO. Champions: Lance and Steven definitely. And as I've said before, I like Cynthia. Iris is okay, too. What about you guys?
  10. Attention denizens of Serenes! Basically Horace and I are duking it again in a Nuzlocke where pretty much everything is randomized. Pokemon, pokemon types, pokemon learnsets, locations, TM compatibilty, stats and the like. Considering that it's gonna be hard, we might as well see how few deaths we'll get past with. Both of us have different randomized sets, so I can blame my loss on the fact his is better! Deaths Shin: 3 - Cerulean Horace: 1 - Cerulean [spoiler=Shin goes to Pewter!] What else did you expect? And who knows which Pokemon will be there? Not I! Not actually horrible choices. Considering we've made evolution random too, it would be safe to stick with something evolved! But that would be boring! Ha, take that Wigglytuff! Your ice typing is your downfall! GOD NO! I call hax. Just like with every other time I've lost to him! WHO TOLD YOU I DID POT. Oh well, it turns out that it sucks anyway! And it's a great source of XP! Speed Boost Rhydon would have been pretty bro however! He also has BONERANG. How did he find a Weedle in this MADNESS? Then I didn't catch this thing! Next time for the FOREST and BROCK.
  11. Okay for a while now I have planned to get a Sylveon. But unfortunately I am one of those picky people that care about a Pokemon's gender, nature, etc. I've researched and most people say that "Calm" or "Modest" is the best nature for Sylveon. As for the gender, I really, really, wanted a female Eevee because Sylveon just appears as a female to me, imo. (Plus female Eevees are rare, so it'd be kinda cool to have one in battle) So basically I've been in this crazy Eevee-catching fiasco trying to catch a female Eevee with a good nature for Sylveon as well. I've caught 18 so far. All but two of them are male. I basically have caught Eevees with all types of natures, which stinks because I'm after specific ones. My first female Eevee had a "Lax" nature, which is really bad for Sylveon. So finally today I found a female Eevee, and it's nature is "Brave" with it's characteristic "Likes to fight." It didn't affect it's Defense, Special Attack, or Special Defense, so I thought it'd be good. Unfortunately that characteristic made me picky because it does nothing to increase those three stats. Also, before this, I did manage to get my hands on an Eevee with a "Calm" nature, but it's a Male. It's characteristic is "Likes to trash about" which is also unfortunate because it messes up it's attack decrease since it has a "Calm" nature. TL;DR: So basically I have to decide which to choose to evolve into Sylveon. Should I choose the female Eevee I've been craving with average stats, or should I choose the male Eevee with the "Calm" nature, but with a characteristic that contradicts it? Or should I just go back to catching Eevees until I find a better one? Also, I have quite a few different natures of Eevees (no "Modest" nature sadly) such as Serious, Bashful, etc. Another option would to just got with a neutral nature. Would that be worth it at all or should I just not worry about neutral natures? Sorry for writing so much but this has been bugging me for a long time...
  12. I have a female child riolu (son of speed boost blaziken) with Adamant Inner focus Sky uppercut (accidental) High jump kick Quick attack (pointless) Endure (mega pointless) But! There's always room for more greed, right? I want his son to have Mach punch/Bullet punch (Both sound awesome, but Bullet punch is probably better due to it being steel) Jump Kick/Close combat (Either works, but I've already worked up to jump kick.) Sword dance ????????? maybe... a counter to psychic or flying? Is there a father that can make this happen for me? a way I can get jump kick and Bullet punch? If no.... that's a bummer.... MAKE SUGGESTION FOR 4TH ATTACK note: Swagcario will be my mega evolver.
  13. Hi! Um, I have been pokemon spriting for 2 years and I would like your guys' opinions on my sprites. Ancient Squirtle Arceus Origin Form charsteel magiron cofapom Christeon (I was bored, 'k?) Darkrai Origin Deoxcario Luigi-Oh Darkrai Nightmare Form Rekiaram Bulbawig Venterra And the piece de resistance... Wheatorb! Yeah, I have like 20 others but they are not all good. :P
  14. Hey everyone it has been awhile since I last made a topic. But anyway the big thing in Pokemon games besides legendary Pokemon Shiny Pokemon. Well recently I just got back into the Pokemon Franchise and started playing Pokemon Emerald and this game has shiny pokemon but.. The chance of ever encountering a shiny is so LOW!!! that is ridiculous how low the chance is they need to make that chance higher I have played through the entire game and still have not met a shiny so I got some cheats and now I got atleast 25 pokemon that i like the look of shiny. I know some people have captured some legit but I think it would drive one insane due to the very low chance and what if the shiny that appears is not a color that you like? or on a pokemon you don`t really like? after all the searching that would be upsetting if it were done the legit way or you by mistake kill the pokemon there goes your chance. Now part two your reason for liking and wanting to catch shiny pokemon? what is the motivation behind it? for me I like to have many shiny because it adds more variety and life to my pokemon collection and well in my opinion every pokemon looks a lot better and cooler shiny than the normal colors like for instance Regirock is a lot less boring looking shiny than he is normal. When he normal color he looks like a generic rock :( Rayquaza for example looks way more cool and deadly shiny that black color looks right on him he should have been that color instead of green (plus black is my favorite color heh) Aron his eyes look a lot better red than blue but yeah I mainly capture shiny pokemon for looks as many look better shiny than normal color except the pikachu family and jigglypuff they are just a few shades darker color than the normal color no different look much.
  15. Hey, guysh, Wizard here. I've been playing through Pokémon Black and Black 2 to collect all the legendaries so I can transfer them to Pokemon Y when Pokébank launches. However... I still want to have some fun using all-different Pokémon to what I usually use. Here is my team so far, in the forms they will be at when fully evolved. I am in Chargestone Cave straight after beating Clay. -Serperior. -Sigilyph. -Seismitoad. -Scolipede. -Darmanitan. -????? My question to you guys is the following: Which Pokémon should I use as my final team-member? Here are some ground rules: -Not a legendary. -Not Stoutland, Crustle, or Klinklang. -Unova only. -Reshiram will be used for the battles against N and Ghetsis because I guess you could say it's canon. -Preferably a Pokémon that is fully-evolved by the time I battle N and Ghetsis. Thanks, guysh~! -Wizard.
  16. Topic. I would post my PR, but I don't think I can put it on my 3DS Camera/SD Card, and I don't have a capture card either, so :/
  17. For those who have beaten the game or those currently collecting the gym badges, which gym leader have you been enamored by? My vote is with Valerie, the Fairy Type Gym Leader. I love her design as well as her gym. She is just so adorable!
  18. Hey everyone. I'm having trouble amassing friend codes at the moment as each forum I use I only usually get responses from the OP'er. So I'll accept anyone who gives me there code! Friend Code: 1547-6613-0283 I give Steel types: Klefki, Mawile and Forretress. HOPE YOU HAVE IVYSAUR! :(l)
  19. Hey everyone. I'm having trouble amassing friend codes at the moment as each forum I use I only usually get responses from the OP'er. So I'll accept anyone who gives me there code! Friend Code: 1547-6613-0283 I give Steel types: Klefki, Mawile and Forretress. HOPE YOU HAVE IVYSAUR! :(l)
  20. Just curious to see which starter is most popular, and to see how many people actually got a female. I got a female Fennekin. :)
  21. so far it is generally pretty easy, however i am about to go into the 3rd gym and after battling that lucario duo i am scared, i mean the lucario duo was easy since i had high levled pokemon,like level 30 or 31 but that swords dance and metal sound, but yeah, how hard was or is pokemon x and y?
  22. Junk

    space region

    countries continents pshhh, gamefreak could take pokemon to the next level with a region based on space, planets,galaxies even, what do you think? it sounds like an interesting idea to me.
  23. From memory, X and Y have had the best soundtrack from any Pokemon game in my opinion. The tracks really set the mood correctly whenever they're played and this just adds a great atmosphere to the game My personal favourite at the moment is the theme that plays when you're in the Power Plant or the Pokeball factory What's yours? [spoiler=Power Plant/Pokeball factory OST] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG0AxW7gQT4
  24. Based on your personality which pokemon do you relate to the most (behavioural wise). People always say that I'm like a Wigglytuff .
  25. Guest

    Pokemon Z or Pokemon X2/Y2 ?

    After Pokemon X and Y (and hopefully the gen 3 remakes) do you think nintendo will return back to it's old roots and create a platnium/emerald/crystal/yellow for the new gen or do what they did with black and white and create a continuation of the story game. Which do you think? Which would you prefer and why?
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