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Found 161 results

  1. so did x and y beat black and white 2, i don't think so so far, i guess the region is not really my thing, i prefereed unova, and for some reason i feel like they tried to hard to incorporate old pokemon, this is weird but it felt awkward encountering pidgey for the first time, but that is my thoughts what are yours?
  2. it is alright so far, i guess i have only gotten to route 4 though, feels a bit to much like kanto but that is just me
  3. well i have xd and will get x and y tomorrow but which is better?
  4. i know there have probably been threads like these before however this one includes spinoffs so yeah 1. pokemon white 2 2.pokemon ruby 3.pokemon ranger shadows of almia
  5. Please just..This boredom.. Post anything without sense in this thread. do the max you can. this mean photos of course. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.
  6. This is directed towards the people who are getting both games. Considering they are coming out so close together what do you intend to do. I can't decide because I want to play rune factory 4 but 12 days isn't near enough to beat it, but picking up games after a long time is hard. So what are you going to be doing about them both coming out on top of each other?
  7. Guest

    Pokemon mystery Roleplay

    Nub's nostrils flared as a light fluttering into the Giant Chasm's cave woke him from his nightly slumber. Nub pushed himself out from under his little rock as he felt his stomach grumble. "Well, well, well. It's the morning alarm. Nub's stomach." A group a Golbats flying by chuckled to themselves. Nub growled to himself. He was not in the mood for this. Suddenly Nub noticed a Clefairy running around in a panic inside the cave. Nub was confused. Clefairys never ventured into the cave, they were usually only in the Giant Chasm's plains. Nub's gaze met with the Clefairy as she wandered over to him huffing and puffing. "It's just a disaster! Just a disaster!" Clefairy exclaimed. "What's going on?" Nub asked, the cave seemed suspiciously quiet this morning. "L-last night!" "Is there a powerful trainer trying to capture pokemon in the plains or something?" Clefairy shook her head, "you're not listening! There's a giant wall of ice. Ice so strong nothing can break it! Nothing is getting in and nothing is getting out-" "What's the radius of this ice wall?" [spoiler=available areas] [spoiler=the cave] [spoiler=wild pokemon in the area] [spoiler=plains] [spoiler=wild pokemon in the area] [spoiler=inner cave] wild pokemon are the same as the cave with dewgongs and seels in the water [spoiler=outside] [spoiler=wild pokemon in the area] "Well can't a Swellow just fly over top of the ice wall?" Clefairy shook her head again, "no no! It's too cold! None of the flying-type pokemon can even get off the ground, nor can fire melt the wall!" Nub snarled, "this is clearly a curse put on us by those damned Absol's from the Giant Chasm's outside." Clefairy, "w-well there is one more strange thing." "What could it possibly be now?!" Clefairy and Nub traveled to the outside to see a group of confused pokemon sitting in front of the ice wall. They were clearly not wild pokemon, but where were their trainers? Nub could tell they didn't even know themselves. Nub approached the group of pokemon, "who are you? What are you doing here? Did you do this?!"
  8. So I've decided to start a pokemon roleplay :) if you want to sign-up just post your character sheet in a comment. Basic Story: Rules: Character Sheet: Pokemon: Swinub Level: 24 Gender: Male Nickname: Nub OT: wild pokemon Nature: Adamant Attacks: - Ice Shard - Icy Wind - Mud Bomb - Endure Anything else: Just a wild swinub shocked to see the recent invasion of seemingly abandoned pokemon in his homeland.
  9. I'm rewatching the Pokemon anime....and reviewing it. Because clearly I have nothing better to do (don't judge me, bro!). http://refathegreat.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/pokemon-episode-1-pokemon-i-choose-you-review/ If you find yourself in the same camp, feel free to read. Otherwise, I dunno, talk about how Ash is worse than Red or how much the GS ball sucks.
  10. Well so this will be my first ever fanfic ever. So please go easy on me anyways you know how pokemon world is always a happy place well i thought what if pokemon experienced death cruelty suffering pain, that is exactly what this fanfic will be about, i mean i know pokemon has some things related to death but it has never explicitly told you that this pokemon was killed. And so yeah. So to go more indepth this will be more like mystery dungueon. So not really trainers. So tomorrow i will put up the first few paragraphs hopefully.
  11. http://ca.ign.com/articles/2013/08/17/another-pokemon-game-could-be-coming-to-wii-u Yeah, it looks that another console Pokemon game may be upon us. It looks like another Stadium type game, but wouldn't it be awesome if it were something more like Coliseum or XD? It's just a single screenshot.
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