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Found 128 results

  1. Good Day, everyone. This will be the comeback of the Best Classes Series. The poll shall be up for one week or when displaced from the first page twice, whichever comes first. Today we will vote for the best Units for each new DLC Classes. You're free to campaign or debate. You're free to change your votes. You just need to abide by the rules set by our mods. Best Class for Ashen Wolves Final results: Yuri - Trickster (53.85%) Balthus - War Master (58.97%) Constance - Dark Flier (53.85%) Hapi - Valkyrie (38.46%), Gremory (23.08%) Anna - Trickster (64.10%)
  2. Which gatekeeper is best?
  3. Which mainline Fire Emblem game do you feel hard the hardest soldiers and why?
  4. About This "Series": After a long time to digest all the characters, who is your favorite Black Eagles character? It can be based on design, battle capabilities, character arc, etc. Please feel free to comment why you chose the character. To make this fun, I have decided to morph this into a competition. Each week, for about eight weeks, there will be a poll asking what your favorite Black Eagles character is. The character who receives the lowest number of votes will not be on the following week's poll. It will be interesting to see how the votes will change when a character is voted off the poll. Hopefully, the character of your choice makes it to the top! Week One Results: Unfortunately, Caspar has been eliminated! Week Two Results: Unfortunately, Hubert AND Linhardt have been eliminated! Week Three Results: Unfortunately, Bernadetta AND Petra have been eliminated! This week (WEEK FOUR) we will be eliminating ONE character! Make sure to vote for your favorite!
  5. With the DLC coming soon I thought it would be a good idea to make this poll. Please feel free to comment why you chose the character.
  6. Top 20 male / female characters: Dimitri/Bernadetta Claude/Lysithea Felix/Hilda Sylvain/Edelgard Ferdinand/Ingrid M!Byleth/Mercedes Lorenz/F!Byleth Hubert/Shamir Ashe/Marianne Linhardt/Annette Caspar/Flayn Raphael/Petra Dedue/Dorothea Seteth/Sothis Gatekeeper/Leonie Geralt/Rhea Rodrigue/Manuela Cyril/Catherine Hanneman/Kronya Alois/Judith Top 10 first S supports: Dimitri Edelgard Claude Sothis Lysithea Bernadetta Linhardt Dorothea Mercedes Ingrid Combining both male and females for top 20 it'd be 1. Dimitri 2. Claude 3. Felix 4. Bernadetta 5. Lysithea 6. Hilda 7. Edelgard 8. Sylvain 9. Ingrid 10. Mercedes 11. fByleth 12. Shamir 13. Ferdinand 14. mbyleth 15. Lorenz 16. Marianne 17. Annette 18. Hubert 19. Ashe 20. Sothis https://japanesenintendo.com/2019/10/16/fire-emblem-three-houses-character-poll/amp/?__twitter_impression=true A bit surprised to see some of the results with both Byleth placement.
  7. It's now time to poll the full forum on what your favorite music from Three Houses is! I've included separate polls for the Final Map themes, because it's quite variable on which is preferred by you all, so I've included them as separate polls! The songs are as follows: The Edge of Dawn: The Game's main theme, used in the opening movie, as well as several pivotal story moments. Blue Skies and a Battle / Between Heaven and Earth : Chapter 7 (Battle of the Eagle and Lion) / Chapter 17 (Blood of the Eagle and Lion) Map themes As Fierce as Fire: Post-Timeskip preparation theme Chasing Daybreak: Early Post-Timeskip battle theme The King of Lions: Dimitri's theme The Leader's Path: Edelgard's theme Dwellings of the Ancient Gods: Chapters 2, 6, 11 (Holy Tomb) battle theme Shambhala (Area 17 Redux): Verdant Wind chapter 21 (TWSITD Battle theme) Tempest of Seasons: Default Paralogue theme Tearing Through Heaven: Chapters 8, 9, 10 Battle themes (TWSITD, pre-timeskip) Awakening: The cutscene in which Unfulfilled: Battle theme against the unchosen Lords Roar of Dominion: Chapter 12 (Garreg Mach Invasion) Battle theme Scales of the Goddess: Post-Timeskip Monastery theme Any of Annette's songs: The little songs that Annette sings in Supports with Felix, Petra, and others Final Battle themes: Sorry about the long post, but I hope you enjoy the poll!
  8. So, I got curious again: which maps do you like better - small and simple, or big ones with more things to do, which sometimes you cannot complete perfectly. I know we had big maps which offered little in Fire Emblem history, but probably nobody is interested in those. Personally I like a good challenge, and big maps with side objectives ensures that I don't get bored with them. On the other hand, small maps with challenges still have their charm. So I'll make this poll and let you guys decide. I am not expecting any votes on Genealogy, but I just added that one there - just to make sure I don't mean big maps by Genealogy standards.
  9. The goal of this poll is to provide other players a challenge by pointing out which classes to ban to add difficulty. Here are the interesting effects for the Black Eagles (using the votes as of this edit): Hubert: Dark Knight (Uber), Dark Knight (OU), Dark Bishop (UU) Dorothea: Dancer (Uber), Gremory (OU), Warlock (UU) Ferdinand: Wyvern Lord (Uber), Paladin (OU), Great Knight (UU) Bernadetta: Bow Knight (Uber), Sniper (OU), Pegasus Knight (UU) Caspar: Wyvern Lord (Uber), War Master (OU), Warrior (UU) Petra: Wyvern Lord (Uber), Assassin (OU), Swordmaster (UU) Linhardt: Bishop (Uber), Bishop (OU), Holy Knight (UU)
  10. Due to some varying strategies that players do in their play-through, I would like to see what you think is the best class for each student (and faculty). Feel free to debate or campaign in the "comments" below Don't forget to vote for the characters for the next poll. Next poll starts when this disappears on the first page. Result from previous poll: Hubert - Dark Knight Dedue - War Master Hilda - Wyvern Lord This round: Dorothea, Ferdinand and Felix
  11. Due to some varying strategies that players do in their play-through, I would like to see what you think is the best class for each student. Don't forget to vote for the characters for the next poll. Next poll starts when this disappears on the first page or when 4 days has past whichever comes first.
  12. So to celebrate 3H’s release, I have decided that my fanfic will use the world of Fódlan as its base. The problem is that I have two ideas for one swirling in my head, and I’m really conflicted as to which one to do. Both of these are going to be AU novels that put a big twist on things, because a plain novelization of the canon game wouldn’t be worth the effort to me. Yes, they are both very ambitious, but I will be sure to stick to the lore and only change what’s necessary to make the story. So the ideas are as follows: Wanderer: What was supposed to be a spar with Hubert turned into a terrible “accident” that left Dimitri frozen solid for over 200 years. When the Prince finally thawed awake, he found himself thrust into an alien Fódlan where dark magic has destroyed the civilization he called home, and maintains an iron grip on what remains. This fic sends Dimitri on a Breath of the Wild esque adventure with a new setting, political issue, factions, and yes, cast, as he strives to find his place in this new world. Only question here is: Should his memory be fuzzy from being frozen for that long, or remember everything of the past world? Zealot: Byleth was very close to his mother as a young boy, so when she died Jeralt took his son to a priest to console him. He did not expect that priest to proselytize him. What’s worse is that Byleth’s recent visions of Sothis have convinced him that he is the “Chosen One” of the Goddess. While he may technically be right, it doesn’t quell the massive hubris he develops that others learn to fear. Church route, but Byleth has an almost Yandere obsession with serving the Goddess, and gets ill with anyone who doesn’t share his devotion. May you be preserved if he deems you a heretic or an infidel. So, that’s about all I can think of right now. Both ideas sound cool to me, which is why I can’t decide between them. Tell me what you all think! Oh, and try to keep things light on spoilers if it can be helped, obviously. Thanks! And please, consider giving your thoughts on the two ideas below. Thanks again!
  13. Two rules, do NOT vote if you already know the answer and do NOT spoil the answer either! I am placing my vote while on Chapter 2 of FE3H, and thought it would be a fun poll for the hardcore lore fans. If you guess it right, pat yourself on the back! Goodluck guessing.
  14. After looking on the script, one thing that confused that about SoV story was the relationship between Rudolf and Berkut. At first I though that Rudolf cared for his nephew, however the more looked at things I noticed that Rudolf doesn't say anything positive about him. While it is true that Berkut repeatably lost to Alm's forces. He doesn't tolerate his multiple failures well. Rudolf seems to have more faith in the destiny Alm will have. It's it just the Rigelian way of teaching or Rudolf cared little for Berkut?
  15. Seeing as a fire emblem three houses has gotten some new info, I'm wondering how excited everyone is currently for the game, since I know fe fans as a whole were very cautiously optimistic before. Has it changed since then, or is it the same? What's on your mind about the game? Personally, I'm really looking forward to the FE expo next week, as we could potentially get a brand new trailer then! Any thoughts? =)
  16. Part of me is interested in this forum's pre-release thoughts up to this point on "Fire Emblem: Three Houses" . As it has been a while since the game's initial reveal at E3 2018, and everyone generally has time to fully formulate their thoughts, I went ahead and made a poll with a few questions. If people are okay with it, I am fine with making a pre-release poll once every few weeks/ a month up to the game's currently listed Spring 2019 release. Bear in mind this poll has a limited time-frame to answer. Use this thread to discuss your opinions further in depth. Please try not to derail it.
  17. Which Fighter promotions do you prefer? Not much else to say.
  18. Which of the secondary Weapon Triangles would you like to see more of in future titles?
  19. I am curious about how high people have seen their appearance rate increase (and I would like some solace for the salt I'm feeling after reaching a Appearance Rate with a <1% chance of occurring). Feel free to share the stories that spawned from this appearance rate, and I want to hear if anyone has reached the point the game claims it will increase the 5 star rate to 100% and how that actually works (is it just the next hero? the whole session, is it 50%/50% for banner/normal or some other rate like 9%/91%, or 100%/0 etc.)
  20. So with the game now approximately a month away and the final Direct showcasing everything that will be in the game, I thought I'd set up a poll asking the big question; of everything new and old in this game, what is the feature you're MOST excited for overall? Edit: I had to change the poll real quick, because it excluded one of my options. There is already one vote on the thread, which may have been affected.
  21. Hi! I am not sure if this is just me, but I seriously find that upgrading and interacting with the home instance in Fire Emblem: Fates - Birthright feels like a chore. I recall that even in my very first playthrough, towards the end, I stopped bothering to upgrade and harvest resources, let alone eventually interact with anything in the instance. Don't get me wrong, I adore the support conversations in all Fire Emblem games which feature it, as well as other niches, such as off-plot instances, but in Birthright, it really seems too tedious to click on each building and take your time to make decisions on what to do next. I think that the main reason why I fail to have the motivation to interact with the instance is simply that it is not necessary on Normal/Hard difficulty playthroughs. Let me know your thoughts. This is just my opinion, I am sure that others adore the progression and watching it grow maybe? Please note that the poll is only including Birthright on Hard or lower difficulties (therefore excluding Lunatic). Furthermore, necessities such as the shops and your house for relationship growth, I do use! These aren't part of the poll in my opinion. Have a nice day :)
  22. As someone who almost tried making his own fire emblem game out of my own sheer disappointment with fates (before echoes was announced), I care a lot about what will happen in Three Houses. I don't think any type of fan is superior and if you like fates or awakening that's completely fine, but I DO want to know what you all value in games (so I can make my own game better), and I DO feel quite disappointed still with those two games. I'm worried about the future of the fire emblem series and what it will focus on in later games, especially since apparently Fire emblem echoes didn't sell very well (admittedly it's vgchartz but there's no other info I'm aware of http://www.vgchartz.com/game/154085/fire-emblem-echoes-shadows-of-valentia/), the game without an avatar and marriage mechanics...while the games that did have them sold like hotcakes. Sure it was released once the switch practically stole the 3ds' momentum away while the others were before that, but IS might not see it that way. Because of this, I want to truly understand gamers as a whole, and what they actually value in fire emblem and games generally. And also because I could then use this information to help me prioritise my own game in general. If gamers don't care about story very much, and really only care about gameplay only, then I'll know what to do with my own game going forward. https://www.deviantart.com/dinar87/art/Starting-production-of-Sector-2-770028017 here it is also I really hope Three Houses will be a nice middle ground between fates/awakening and echoes/path of radiance.
  23. Personally, I think the weapon triangle can be a distraction over other tactical considerations, like positioning and terrain, and after playing SoV I think it's definitely possible to do without the weapon triangle completely. The main problem with getting rid of it, however, is that it can make the game more difficult for new players. It's easy to get a hang of the weapon triangle whereas other tactics require a stronger intuition. What do you all hope to see? Do you want to keep the unified triangle from Fates? or a return to a more traditional triangle where magic and bows are neutral?
  24. On surfing the internet today I have discovered this villain poll post PoR. I'm surprised to see Ursula at the top but I still wonder about the rest of the contents on the page. Any help would be appreciated.
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