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Found 3 results

  1. Somebody please help me. I'm using tiled and every time I try to insert a map with map changes, it tells me that the ID was not located. I am using the newest version of Tiled and a very descriptive explanation would be extremely helpful. I can't find a video on it anywhere and all of the written tutorials are based on an older version of tiled that I do not have. PLEASE HELP :'( I think the main problem I have is how do I set the ID? because in the tutorial it shows the ID as a property and the # (ie. 0 or 1 or etc) as a value. Yet it doesn't explain whether that value should be a bool, int, float, or string. (It can't be a bool and I doubt it's a float.) But even though I've tried all options it tells me the ID is wrong. I don't have the same version as in the tutorial for tiled since it's an older version, so I'm thinking that may be the problem. TL:DR I cannot get the ID's to work. It ask me to use int/string/bool/float for the value, and everything is so confusing....
  2. I have two problems... My first problem is weird..I'm trying to insert Eliwood's recolor (with light blue hair) but i'm getting all sorts of weird results. I then tried inserting Amelia in its place and exact location (D01000) but she looked ok. My second problem it's a dancer class map sprite problems. When she runs she looks ok and when she's standing still, but when I put the cursor over her she looks like that second image. sorry about the priest I was just trying to see if I was inserting things wrong but he passed my test.
  3. Yeah... been playing Smash for the 3DS and my Circle pad just went out of the place it shoud be. I saw other Circle Pad problems, but is there a way to repair it? Or do I have to get another 3DS?
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