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Found 7 results

  1. Hey folks! Remember that time about one zillion years ago when I told you all about the strategy RPG Telepath Tactics? Well, now I'm developing a follow-up game! (Sorry in advance if this seems spammy, by the way--this just seems like the sort of game that folks here would enjoy!) What is Together in Battle? Together in Battle is basically a team management game crossed with a Fire Emblem randomizer. Every time you play, your characters are totally different. But it's not just class and skills that get randomized: it's every last thing about your characters, from their names to their appearance to their personality and backstory! The Premise You’ve arrived in the island kingdom of Dese with a sack of coins and a secret mission to enter the gladiatorial games to find loyal fighters under the guise of competing. Recruit and manage charming characters with their own distinct personalities, interests, and histories. Each day, you’ll have the chance to field them in glorious turn-based tactical battles; and each night, they’ll build relationships with each other, face personal crises, and come to you for advice. You must manage your group’s resources. Stay stocked on food, maintain enough money to make payroll, and ensure that your characters practice regularly to continue improving. But beware: they have feelings! Allow their friends to fall in battle, and they may become depressed. Fail to address their needs, and you’ll risk resentment and desertion. Keep them happy, however, and they will grow close to one another, form fond memories, give each other nicknames–even share their special combat skills! With skill and patience, you will emerge victorious…together in battle. Combat With a deterministic core that never wastes your time, combat in Together in Battle nonetheless features dizzying tactical depth. Shove enemies into environmental hazards, off of cliffs, or into each other; take up defensive positions in tall grass, or hack it down to deny that same advantage to the enemy; set traps and detonate explosives; build bridges and barricades; freeze water; burn down trees. The battlefield environment is yours to command! Content Together in Battle features dozens of random events and side quests; six different playable species; two dozen base classes with branching promotion options for a total of 72 distinct character classes; more than 150 different character skills; and hundreds of thousands of possible procedurally generated weapons and pieces of armor. Characters Every character has a distinct personality, appearance, stat line, skill progression, personal history, named family members, religious beliefs, life skills, hobbies, physical traits, romantic preferences, preferred gifts, hidden secrets–even non-verbal tics and ways of laughing! These details are not just for flavor: they also have consequences for how characters behave in their free time. A baker may use up some of your food to produce cookies and cakes you can eat or sell; a jokester may do funny impressions to boost morale; a blacksmith may repair the group’s weapons. Dancers are nimble; sailors are superior swimmers. Some characters will even undertake long-term projects like growing food, making dolls, or writing a novel! Campaign Creator Together in Battle comes with a capable campaign creation suite to let you build your own full-fledged campaigns! Build characters in the character creator; place them in cut scenes using the cut scene editor; add branching dialogue trees using the dialogue editor; sculpt battlefields and place armies in the map editor; create skills for your characters to learn in the skill editor, and items for them to loot in the item editor. Want to get really fancy? Construct your own scripts, then assign them to items and skills for whatever custom effects you can dream up! The game is planned to release next year. Until then, I'll be here to answer any questions you might have! Curious about something? Ask away! (Of, also: if any of you are planning to be at PAX East at the end of the month, swing by Booth 18066 and you can play the game for yourself!)
  2. I've been really bored recently...and I don't have any games to cure my boredom...any suggestions? (RPGS, Shooters and Strategy games only!) (Mainly games from the SNES era)
  3. Etrian odyssey 2 is a turn-based RPG with its main draw being that YOU the player have to draw the map yourself. Im only saying because literally no-one has made a post about this game. Im assuming that someone on this site might have played this game and could give me a warning for something up ahead. In particular, should I be wary of any bullshit that happens at some point without real warning? I'm on floor 6 of Yggdrasil and in the middle of the segment with those wierd jelly tree FOES. Just anything I should be concerned about?
  4. Now I will say there have been plenty of times that luck has saved my skin or two when things get serious, but it's still sad to rely on it. Other than that it's the one thing I'll never love in games or in life. Persona is a series I've played through the years and there's never a skill stat..... just a luck stat. This never made sense to me as luck is something that shouldn't and probably will never trigger like any other stat. To me it feels so cheap since you can never plan for it or use it consistently to your advantage. This isn't a post saying what could replace it since I don't have an answer for that. I'm just complaining a little bit. I would like to know what stat in RPG's that you don't like so let me know! Like they say " the best ability is availability"....... and luck isn't one of those things
  5. Hey guys! I have a question. Has anyone here played one of the Atelier games before? They look interesting and I'll potentially try one of them out, but I first wanted to hear what you guys think about gameplay/story and other stuff (no spoilers, please). Would you recommend any of these games to a JRPG enthusiast?
  6. Hello, Hello My name is Teamaster Twekczar and I am the Tea guy over in the general forum making recommendations on tea each day or at least trying too. Did you know that I also stream video games? I stream it at http://www.twitch.tv/teamastertwekczar . Sometimes I even get other people on and stream with them. I tend to stream after 7 o'clock eastern time on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. At least for now we'll see how it goes cause college. Starting tonight I will be streaming the new Danganronpa game Ultra Despair Girls. I also plan one day to play through the other two. I also am currently in the middle of streaming Tales of Vesperia for the PS3, In English. Yes I patched the game and decided to stream it for all the world to see. On friday right now I'm streaming my attempts to beat Genealogy of the Holy War. I just started streaming it recently and wow I didn't expect it to be that hard. It involves me scream crying my eyes out and I'm only just beat the first part of the chapter! Well that's about it for what I stream and play. Stop on by and you'll be entertained! Hopefully... At the very least that is all I can ask.
  7. Recently I found the rules for Dungeons and Dragons Rules Cyclopedia. For those who don't know, Rules Cyclopedia is a collection of the Dungeons and Dragons Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, and Immortals sets (or BECMI for short), which existed before D&D. Rules Cyclopedia makes some minor changes and adds a few things like a small skill system but otherwise it's unchanged. I think its really cool personally; there's depth to the game but it doesn't get bogged down by complicated rules like AD&D and the later editions. The book also has better structure and writing than the AD&D books. It's surprisingly easy to homebrew (I think there's a pdf out there that explains the mechanics for creating new classes/races for example) and best of all it's easy to pick up and play. I think if I introduce someone to D&D, I'll start them off with the Rules Cyclopedia before showing them the later editions/Pathfinder. What about you guys? Have you guys played this or read it? Do you know anyone who has? I'd be interested in playing with some of you guys if you are btw. What are your opinions on it?
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