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Found 4 results

  1. Since I was thinking of creating this thread for my ideal list of what returning classes that I do want to see brought back in the newer mainline games that released after Three Houses. I was thinking of starting off a list that I searched through from the Fire Emblem Wiki to see what wasn't included in Three Houses and see what I think which should return if there's going to be a new mainline Fire Emblem title released after Three Houses. I was thinking of so far was: Gold Knight (I definitely think this should have been returned in Three Houses as the Cavaliers' Third-Tier class instead of using Great Knight Class as a Third-Tier class) Silver Knight Baron (could be useful for enemy and personal playable character classes) King (maybe use it on the new character as his personal third tier class similar to like how Edelgard became the first playable Emperor in the series) Priestess (Not the Cleric looking class, I was talking about like the ones used in Gaiden & Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) Griffon Rider (maybe have it returned as a separate flier class line outside of the Pegasus and Wyvern classes instead of returning it as a promoted unit for Wyvern Rider) Mage Knight (as a polar opposite of the Dark Knight) Halberdier & Sentinel (they deserve to come back in the series since they are a unique promotional class for the Soldier line) Ninjas (since Awakening (Myrmidons & Swordmasters) & Three Houses (Swordmasters & Mortal Servants) did have some little bit of Asain style parts outside of Hoshido, I do like to see some more Asain style classes brought back in outside of Hoshido settings) Prince & Princess (as personal class) Blade Lord (since Fire Emblem did majorly using Great Lords since Awakening, I do think some new main character should get the Blade Lord class since Lyn had used it for The Blazing Blade & Fire Emblem Warriors) Seraph Knight (as one of the Third-Tier classes deserves to be return, I don't understand why Seraph Knight wasn't brought back as a Third-Tier class in Three Houses instead of making Falcon Knight as the Third-Tier Class in Three Houses while Pegasus Knight as the Second-Tier class in Three Houses?) If you had any ideas of what returning class that wasn't featured in Three Houses do you like to see appearing in the next brand new Fire Emblem Nintendo Switch (or next gen console) mainline title? Feel free to list them.
  2. Hey everyone. I was gone for some time... Well, that's because quiet a few things happened. Lost my computer. Lost my work. Fell ill. Lost a father. Just a lot of things really and I lost my will to sprite. Now, I'm going to start again with a new unit that is a WIP now but I hope will be able to be put as any weapon unit not filled in a game or just mooks with a large variety of weapons to use. The Man at Arms is a unit ready to give life and limb to country and his unit has been specially trained to use a variety of weapons to make them a force to be reckoned with in the battle field. Equip to for almost every situation, all this unit will need to become a pain in the enemies side is the proper weapon at the proper time. The only downside of having the ability to have so much equipment is that the weight of his armor has been lowered to compensate the arsenal of weapons he carries.
  3. I know that a lot of people are either saying that they are hoping that the children or any other character makes a return but I just can't get the idea of them returning out of my head, which is most likely because I loved their development (Mostly) and how truly awesome they are. You see, I can't get all these ideas of how they return out of my head, so I decided to just ask if they are plausible and to actually stop myself from continuing to fixate on the ideas. The first thought I had was that they return as reincarnations, and I know that Rhajat, Asugi and Caelodori were rather cringe-worthy but hear me out, as this idea would allow them to return without story inconvenience as it could easily keep to a vague fates story choice as it could e that as hey are returning home they are ambushed and killed by assassins, and when the odin reincarnation supports with selena's it can go that he keeps having nightmares of being ambushed by scary men and he remembers a red haired girl with him and her getting shot by an arrow and feeling despair and then it goes black. Then I realised that may not be very realistic as in Birthright Laslow dies so it could never be that he was with them. So if they did do a support similar to that it could never be with the laslow reincarnation, unless only it their deaths were from odins view, which in that case if laslow dies after odin it would mean he did not see his death, or of course odin reincarnination in the support says he remembers seeing an arrow going towards someone and jumping in their way. I also like his idea for the reason that they could make a shy laslow who was not told to flirt to get rid of his shyness plus who doesn't want more manhandling moments. Another thought I had was that after they were returning to ylisse, another being transported the three of them to a another new place, but the person says that it was a mistake that the trio was brought here it was supposed to be the children (Purposely Vague) and they being their noble selves take the childrens place thus entering in their 4th war. Also could you tell me if it is plausible or just a horrible idea and you don't want to see any more characters returning and I am being stupid
  4. Looks like some of you were right about me coming back... I've decided to return to SF because I missed being on here. I hope to quickly catch up with the rest of you and get back into IP chat. April fools
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