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Found 69 results

  1. So i'm on the last chapter of Birthright, and have finished Conquest. Which means it's almost time for Revelations. However, i've seen a bunch of PMU, and they seem like fun. But i've also really like the useless capture bosses. Surely enough, i've decided to do the masochistic thing, and go through revelations blind on hard using Kamui, the capture bosses, and a few units you guys will pick. I'm doing this because someone had to at some point, might as well be me, and because eh, why not mix it up. One can only Mozu smash so many enemies. So now for some groundrules: 1. Revelations finale has 15 slots + Kamui. There are 13 captureable bosses in fates, 10 of which i'll be using (daniela and haitaka+ Kumagera are birthright and conquest only, respectively). This means there will be five open slots for real characters to fill. 2. You get to pick the Kamui's gender, boon and shortcoming, and final class. Also, online skill buying is a no no for this one, as is extend level cap seals. I'll have to work within the confines to build skills. 3. As for the five units, same rules apply, pick them, and their final class. Children are fair game (ill be needing to pair them off anyway to get my boss buddies) so tell me the mommy and final class. 4. The boss characters can have their classes picked to an extent. I say this because not all of themhave heart seal options, and no supports to leech classes from. So what you see is mostly what you get, but if you want a reclass, just holler and ill see what i can do. 5. I reserve the right to grind Orochi and Niles to be stupid good so i can actually bring the bosses home. If they're not picked for me, they'll not be deployed for story missions, but can help out in relevant paralogues. 6. I don't have dlc, so i can't use those classes. The one expection is before awakening, so there will be one of the lodestar and lord seals floating around. Assign them as you see fit. 7. I'll probably be finding some way to document this (either a blog or tumblr, not sure which yet) but i still need to figure out how to take photos on my 3ds. Working on it :P. So without further ado, let's meet the team goon squad. 1. Kamui +str -luk Butler S with Not Ninian 2. Lloyd (kana para og: berserker) 3. Llewelyn (kana para og: berserker) 4.Nichol (sophie para og: malig knight) 5. Candace (midori para og: adventurer and the headcanon waifu of the run) 6. Funke (asugi para og: adventurer) Dread fighter 7. Tabra ( shiro para og: berserker 3 so much class diversity) 8. Daichi (selkie para og:basara. notable as the only one on revelation with magic rank. boy oh boy) 9. Gazak ( Forrest para og: fighter/berserker) 10. Zhara ( Soleil para og:mercenary) 11. Senno (ophelia para og: merchant aka: one who will gold grind) 12. Falcon Knight Azura ;-; 13. Priestess Sakura (am i the only one who finds Sakura pretty meh?) 14. Great lord Nyx 15. Onmoyoji Hana w/ astra 16. Hinoka!Selkie as a Master Ninja (S-Rank w/ Asugi) (how'd you manage to zero in on my least favorite child ;-; at least she'll be a dodge tank) Be as vicious with the picks as you want. I'm not afraid. much
  2. Hi, so I have not seen this anywhere, but I was wondering what the most optimal pairings are in Revelations. Its as simple as that, and for a female avatar because of all the kids.
  3. Ok, so while I was given great units, they level ups they got until chapter 10 was terrible and they were NOT able to compete against the Chapter 10 mons. So 16 characters, be rutheless, can use kids, can use any seals, request avatar, and best of all, be wild. I know in my friends PMU he got a Merchant Corrin which is actually quite cool. Also, if you guys want I will keep track of my progress here, but its all up to you. I am sorry if I sound desperate and that I post these a lot, but I just really want to complete one of these. Also, all DLC classes besides Vanguard and Witch and Tank. Only 2 Ebon Wings and 2 Dread Fighters. 1.+Mag/-Str Sorc Corrin 2.Dark Flier Orochi 3.Dread Fighter Sakura 4.Wyvern Lord Camilla 5.Strategist Elise 6.Priestess Effie 7.Swordmaster Xander 8.Kinshi Knight Subaki 9.Onmyoji Hana 10. Bowknight Trash, I mean Nyx 11.Hero Saizo (A+ with Inigo) 12.Master Ninja Ryoma (A+ Saizo) 13.Falcon Knight Azura 14.Lodestar Azama 15.Sorceror Niles 16.Great knight leo Chosen Pairings: 1.Azama x Effie (Favorite pairing for these two btw) 2.Sakura x Xander 3.Hana x Subaki 4.Corrin x Azura 5.Niles x Nyx 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  4. Hey guys. Right now, I'm at chapter 20 of Revelations, and I have three complaints about the three games so far. 1. As of right now, I just don't see the point of Revelations. All of the maps are gimmicky and repetitive, there are too many damn units being recruited at once (chapter 16 and 17 are the worst offenders), and the balance is simply horrendous (Nyx (lv. 9 Dark Mage) and Shura (lv. 10 Adventurer) joining you in the same chapter is hilarious). Story wise, it may make sense, but gameplay-wise, Revelations is a mess. I think it shouldn't have been a game by itself, instead, the developers should have worked harder on Birthright and Conquest (especially the former which had so many filler chapters). They could have added plot elements of Revelation as paralogues or as the final chapters of the game, kinda like Sacred Stones. 2. I don't like the fact that maps are re-used between the three games. It feels like a cheap quick cash-grab. The developers could have had different maps for the three games OR simply sell the whole thing as one game (with two paths). 3. Children are useless gimmicks, story-wise, they are simply not justified. They're only there because it worked well in Awakening, here, it feels so random and out of place. Overall, I think that Fates shoud have been sold as one game with branching paths. What do you guys think? Do you agree with these points?
  5. Who would be best pairings for Takumi, Hinata and Azura? Want to focus on these three and get there kids right now
  6. I been leveling up Gunter in Revelations by visiting other people's castles. But, is his growths meant to be horrible? He barely get good growths when leveling up. He usually 1 growth to luck or HP. He's at level 10 right now. Does this eventually change in later levels? Or when he turns into a different class?
  7. I finished my first playthrough of Birthright, and I am extremely close to finishing my first playthrough of Conquest. For Birthright, I chose +Speed -Res. I liked it, apart from the fact that even using dragonstones I couldn't play Corrin very defensively (and I had to keep him away from magic users). I found the ability to also heal others nice if a bit strange for an otherwise offensive unit. For Conquest, knowing that the Yato in that version boosts defense and res, I chose +HP and -Def because I heard that that combination would be able to withstand a lot of enemy attacks. Despite the Yato and Dragonstones, it wasn't. My HP was second to only Keaton, but my defence and res were still in the 10s by the time I was level 20/10. I liked the ability to use tomes but it was a bit redundant when I already had Elise, Felicia and Leo as magic units. In Revelation I plan on using either Hoshido Noble or Nohr Noble and I plan on using both the Yato and dragonstones (I found it surprisingly useful in both routes). I know that the Yato boosts strength, speed, defence and res. I don't know whether Hoshido Noble or Nohr Noble would be better for Revelations and I don't know what boon/bane would be best for utilizing the strength and speed boost when wielding swords as well as the boost to defences when using dragonstones. Essentially, I need a build that doesn't compromise strength, magic, speed, or whichever defensive stat is more useful (defence or res). So I'm asking: What Boon/Bane is best for Revelations and which final class is better: Hoshido Noble or Nohr Noble?
  8. In birthright I paired Subaki with Hana and liked the Caeldori I got and I was wondering if there is a better pairing for Revelations like Selena, Oboro, Mozu or Hinata?
  9. So I've finished both Birthright and Conquest. My avatars Boon/Bane for birthright was +Strength/-Luck and my talent was mercenary and I had her marry Jakob. In Conquest my Boon/Bane was +Speed/-Magic and my talent was knight and I had her marry Silas and I enjoyed how Kana turned out for both but especially in Conquest. I'm starting revelations and was wondering if I should stick to he +Speed/-Magic or if I should do +Skill/-Magic for a knight again?
  10. When I first played Conquest and later played through Revelations, I found myself liking characters that I didn't really pay too much attention to originally. An example of this would be Shura. At first he seemed pretty.. meh to me, but I ended up liking his supports with Corrin, and the fact he is a very useful archer/healer right off the bat when you get him. Another would be Felicia. I didn't care for her at all but she kind of grew on me the more I played the game. Anyone else find a character that surprised you enough to be likable?
  11. Hello everyone! Are you planning on optimizing your team on revelations? Are you tired of having to manually calculate the maximum stats modifier for the children characters? So fear no more! Because i've dedicated a few hours to bring everyone: The Fire Emblem Fates: Maximum Stats Modifier Calculator! So, basically i decided that i wanted to make the best out of my pairings in revelations. That meant i had to look into the pairing bonuses, the skills i would pass down and... *sigh* Their child modifiers. What that meant was that i was having to calculate the sum of the parents modifiers and add "1" to each stat. It may sound simple, but i had to do this so many times that i thought "hey, maybe excel can help me with this!" and then i remembered i don't know excel. But what i DO know is Construct 2. So hey, why not give it a shot? And well, this is the first time i'm posting on this forum, so i apologize in advance for anything that i might have done wrong related to it. (For instance, the image that for some reason is too small). Also, i'm no programmer, i just happened to know basics of construct 2. So if anyone finds any mistakes in the program let me know. Oh, and i must warn you that Corrin/Kamui ISN'T included in the calculator. That would mean having to deal with boons/banes and i would have to add any character who can only have children with Corrin (Yukumura, Izana, Gunter, Flora, Shura, Fuga, Reina, Scarlet and of course: All the children characters) So that's it, i hope you enjoy this tool. Graek Tarmikos Download: https://www.4shared.com/rar/Z_0NTN4Fba/FEcalculator.html
  12. With the new wave of DLC being announced for Japan and I think there is one more wave after it, it got me thinking on something. What would you think if they added a sort of Boss Rush where you face off against all bosses from previous games and fates in a row? I think it could be an interesting challenge for them to do. Perhaps only a small group of units could do the challenge to make it even more difficult? Rewards could be a new class, or something like an Ultimate Emblem or even a powerful skill. Be really cool to fight all the bosses with the amiibo characters at my side. Lords of FE, unite!
  13. Either gameplay wise or story wise. I'll start. Chapter 25 of Conquest, when you duel with Ryoma. He was doubling me and beating me down with an Astra trigger and a crit but I managed to trigger Dragonfang and get a 4% chance crit with a 60% chance to hit. An epic way to defeat my own brother after getting whupped for a while. Killing all those Kitsune bastards in Chapter 19. I don't care if people hate Corrin for that, what he did was a favor to humanity to save them from those Illusion/pass/dodging abominations. Finally I'd have to say when you fight Hinoka for the final time. The cutscene occuring during my end phase just got me pumped up for some reason. Was a tough chapter though because of the hexing rod, surprisingly strong mages and wave after wave of fliers coming at you. The music was also mood enhancing for that entire chapter.
  14. Finally got a copy of Birthright yesterday (I'm fighting so hard to not spell it "birthday" on accident XD). I put it off for a bit because of life and I thought that, gameplay-wise, it would be similar to Awakening. Boy, was I WRONG! While the core mechanic of the gameplay hasn't changed much (it's a strategy game. What are you gonna do?), the difficulty level is INSANE!! Just like Awakening, I'm playing on Hard/Casual because I don't want this to be easy or lose my units. Well....it's not easy, so I got that wish granted... Let's start at the beginning of my run through so far. The starting chapter shows you the units in the game from both sides. I think that's a nice touch, now you can get to know the people you're about to kill! Quick battle intro and stuff happens, then you're brought to a fortress pillar for the first chapter where you train against Xander. ...Couldn't they have just put all this in one chapter or something? Chapter 2 begins afterward and I now have Gunter and Felicia fighting some people from Hoshido (Rinka and Kaze) I swear, these names are not easy to remember... Anyway, that's done and Chapter 3 begins and here's where things really start to get difficult. Three paths are set before me, the bridge to the north and two Dragon Vein bridges to the south. I decided to go to the Vein bridge in the middle. ...Nope. All units dead. Then I decide "Okay, let's not take a shortcut and decide to train." Bad idea. All units dead again! Going with the south-most bridge this time. Reinforcements?! REALLY? ...Alright, fourth try, here we go. Yes! FINALLY! ...Gunter, nooooooooooooo! Chapter 4 was relatively easy, as all the enemies headed north toward Hinoka and Sakura (sensing a Japanese theme here...). Ryoma makes quick work of the enemies and I was able to get to the two girls easily. Mission complete! Now for the chapter I'm currently on. Chapter 5. Wait......... my mom dies?! This game just keeps getting better.... Anyway, I'm now a dragon and EVERY STINKING ENEMY on the map is effective against me. Wyrmslayers, thunder magic... My units are terrible for some reason as they can only do 2-5 damage at one time whereas the enemy can do, like, 12. I'm the only one who can do any significant damage, but that goes both ways. To make matters worse, Ryoma is down at the bottom taking care of the boss and he goes down in two hits! It's like the game threw every challenge my way and expects me to live through it! I can't abuse Azura or Sakura because they're only level 1, and Rinka and Kaze go down just as easily. If only Felicia didn't keep dying back in Ch. 3 so I could train more, but that would've still only meant *I* have to do all the work. Is this level even possible? I was told Birthright is easier than Conquest (my brothers are screwed, then XD), but this is insane! Forget this. I'll go back to playing Awakening and training up for Apotheosis. At least I know I'll clear that map some day... EDIT: Changed topic title. Need any help? Ask for some here! EDIT2: Dun goofed the tags
  15. Just thought I'd ask everyone what steward they use for their castle, since there is a surprising amount of options. On conquest's side at least you have Jakob, Flora, Felicia and Gunter. Then you have all the generic Nohrian units and.. a Faceless, of all things. Who I imagine is named Roberto. Who do you use as your castle steward? Did you wish that they would let you use more named characters for it aside from those four? I'm torn between Flora, Felicia and a Faceless myself. Felicia has kind of grown on me, Flora seems like an interesting choice and a Faceless is a faceless so it is automatically hilarious to have one as a personal servant that maintains the castle.
  16. Okay, I finished Birthright and Conquest, and now I'm starting a playthrough of Revelations. I didn't get a lot of units married in my playthrough of Conquest, but in Birthright, Azura married Kaden. Shigure was pretty great, but Azura turned Selkie from tanky to trashy. I'm wondering which child wouldn't get completely ruined by Azura's terrible HP and Defense growths for this playthrough. Right now I'm thinking her and Hayato might work, but I'm really not sure, since Rhajat was a decent Res-Tank for me in Birthright.
  17. Hi everyone, if you could help me, I want to make almost all children characters good units (not for my main/online team), if you are very interested in one of them tell me your opinions:) Characters that doesn't have Buddy it's because I don't know right now, help me choosing one Children in my main team Hero Peri!Soleil Husband: M!Kamui(Samurai sec) Buddy: Mitama Spear Master Camilla!Shiro Wife: Nina Buddy: Siegbert Nine-tails Oboro!Selkie Husband: Asugi Strategist Sakura!Forrest Wife:Rhajat Buddy: Shigure Others Bulter Effie!Dwyer Wife: Velouria Adventurer Setsuna!Nina Husband: Shiro Dread Fighter Charlotte!Asugi Wife: Selkie (maybe like Gaius) Weapon Master/Swordmaster Hana!Hisame Wife: Ophelia General Rinkah!Ignatius Wife: Caeldori Hoshido Noble Peri!Soleil!Kana Husband: Percy Sniper Elise!Kisaragi Wife: Midori Buddy: Hisame Wyvern Lord Kagero!Percy Wife: Kana Dark Flier Selena!Caeldori Husband:Ignatius (Close to my Awakening Cordelia) Great Merchant Felicia!Midori Husband: Kisaragi Priestess Mozu!Mitama Husband: Shigure Onmyoji Orochi!Ophelia Husband: Hisame Kinshi Knight Silas!Shigure Wife: Mitama Buddy: Hisame Paladin/Great Knight Hinoka!Siegbert Wife: Sophie (the other class diferent to Siegbert) Azura!Sophie Husband: Siegbert Sourcerer Nyx!Rhajat Husband: Forrest (yep I want a Tharja too) Managarm Beruka!Velouria Husband: Dwyer
  18. When I get used to Fates, my plan is to have a save file where my main team is mostly composed of Maids and Butlers. So, I'm in need of help to help pair and buddy my units in a way to make the most maids and butlers possible. Btw I'm planning this to be on Revelations, if that helps in a by way XD
  19. **[uPDATE AS OF 3/6/16: Added max stat caps based on classes, and weighted growth rates!!]** Hello! This is my first time posting in SerenesForest, so I'm new to this posting thing (so I hope this is okay), but I've made a spreadsheet that can help you organize, as the title says, Marriage and Buddy Seal (partners) for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters in Fire Emblem if/Fates (even though it might be a little too late since it's already coming out in less than two weeks, haha). I tried doing some visual stuff to make the spreadsheet easier to read/make the information easier to understand at a glance, but since I'm not very much on the coding/programming/formula-writing/etc. side, my formulas are a little clumsy/ugly/really bulky/slow, but I promise you that they should work. Before using it, I recommend that you make a copy of it for your own personal use so that--on the off-chance more than one person uses this--your pairings won't get messed up. If there are any mistakes/errors/problems/etc., please tell me, and I will fix them as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions/comments/etc., I would also be glad to address them. Thank you very much for your time, and I hope this spreadsheet helps you, even if it's just a little. **Note: This spreadsheet works for ALL paths.** Version using the Japanese names (in English): Here Revelations version using the localized American names: Here Localized Hoshido-only version: Here Localized Nohr-only version: Here What you can do with it: - Customize Kamui/Corrin based on the asset/flaw/secondary class you choose. - View overall stat bonuses for children based on the marriage pairings of Gen 1 characters. - View marriage/buddy pairings and class inheritances for the Gen 1 characters. - Organize your class/skill inheritances for Gen 2 characters. - View marriage/buddy pairings and class inheritance for the Gen 2 characters. - View growth rates for Gen 2 characters based on marriage pairings of Gen 1 characters. - View stat caps based on classes for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters. - View weighted growth rates for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters.
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