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Found 2 results

  1. To those who aren't aware: What bothers me, is that the concept of Hoshido is siding with your "Bloodline" Why I ask have they lied about this just so the Waifu/Husbando Audience won't feel guilty about marrying your sibling. I'm actually really sure that's the reason, so nobody will feel guilty about incest and nobody will make a big deal. Now, I know people will say, you'll never know unless you S-Rank one of them, but you do figure it out in the Third Route. So why does IS feel it necessary to throw in a story where the main character essentially betrays his true family he's known for years for people who suddenly come out of the blue and claim they are your family by blood when they actually aren't. Neither side really has the edge in terms of relation when neither of them are blood-related to you.
  2. Seeing how Kamui, Marx, Ryouma and (possibly) Aqua wield unique-looking weapons, I'm curious how they will handle them gameplay-wise. Will they give stat boost/penalties like normal weapons, have extraordinary effects or will they just look fancy? On one hand they are the "canon" weapons that should be strong enough to give players a reason to use them throughout the game, but on the other they shouldn't be too "broken" early on. Also regarding the possible effects of the weapons, how would it affect fighting against Marx/Ryouma? Could they even be effective against dragon-type units like Kamui? Or maybe against each other? What are your thoughts?
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