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Found 3 results

  1. Well, someone asked for an Elibe edition of Hottest dudes. PENT yes. I also think Renault is hot in that smoldering Alan Rickman sort of way. Geese is kinda slammin'. Percival. Yes. Klein cuz hes Pent's kid. Elphin is pretty. Karel is nice looking. FE7 Karel especially. MURDOCK! *swoon* Lloyd is handsome. Hawkeye cuz oh yess muscles.
  2. Because I don't feel like doing the Persona Emblem run anymore Welcome, all, as everyone's favorite flan man plays FE7! Watch as Lyn tanks axes with her face, flan sex non-specific jokes are plentiful, Sain kills everything in sight, and Bartre uses a Hand Axe on things he shouldn't, all in the name of love flan bitchin' 90's technology. Game will be played on LHM/HNM because I don't think I can handle doing an LP of HHM. Also, I make no promises about doing all sidequests. Fucking Pent stealing all my EXP in the damn desert level... [spoiler=Prologue: Flan & The Dumb Broad] Obligatory title screen shot FLANMAN AHOY This is actually legit aside from Flan. YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT THE PROLOGUE IS CALLED obv. not Then explain that ominous light that threatens to engulf us. At least it's original, ya dumb broad. (1) ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT, DO NOT STEAL But... you... but... ugh. Pfft, I have an S rank in swords. These bitches can't even touch me. Because no backgrounds are too mainstream. LYN YES LYN NO #brotactics DA BATTA YA DUMB BROAD (2) #brotactics2.0 She tanked your axe with her face, bruh. THWOMP IN THE MAKING No strength, doe. Let's not. GOOD MORNING, CRONO Or maybe it was that ruffie you slipped into my drink. No, ya dumb broad. (3) THE SACAEN FEMINIST MOVEMENT, FOLKS. You're not gonna do that with only 4 strength. I've heard of enough hentai to know where this is going. PROLOGUE: COMPLETE Dumb broad count: 3 (Lyn: 3)
  3. Now featuring 1000% more SEX PANTHER SOLOS!!! This run will of course feature the usual shit levels, crappy sex jokes, and Sain solos. Sain will of course be carrying my team, as all the other paladins are complete ass. I was thinking about doing a horse only run, but eh, paladins are so badass that the game can't handle it. I mean really, Marcus can solo the game. Here are some things: 1. LHM will not be showed, but I do have most (Yeah, I missed some) of Sain and Kent's levels from it, and those will be posted below. The rest of the game will be on Eliwood Hard mode. 2. Sain, Kent, Marcus, Lowen, and Isadora are the paladins, so they will be the only ones in combat. There are a few exceptions to this. 3. Priscilla is a troubadour, and they upgrade to paladins in FE4, so she will be the team healer. She will never fight. 4. Eliwood can be used upon promotion. He is basically a paladin, but with a giant ass sword. 5. Serra will be used as little as possible until Priscilla arrives. 6. Hector, Eliwood, Lyn are going to be arena abused to level twenty to get Linus FFO. The paladins are too badass to arena abuse, so the lords will be the only ones. Screens will be showed starting with chapter eleven. [spoiler=Most of the duo's levels from LHM] Final stats from LHM: Actually really good! I'm surprised Kent's strength hasn't become an issue. SEX PANTHER is amazing. Team carriers right here. Except for, oh I don't know, the fact that they both have base defense? Next time, Browen and Brocus! Also, I dedicate this run to Tonton, in hope that he will see the light that is SEX PANTHER.
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