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Found 13 results

  1. So there’s like a Japanese poll about Persona maybe coming to the switch. Not only that but apparently Persona 5 Royal underperformed on PS4, so SEGA and Atlus both might take Persona to the switch My questions are 1: Do you all take stock in this idea that Persona of any kind will get a port? 2: Do you think Persona should come to switch since it’s the spin off series of Shin Megami Tensei and SMT is a mostly Nintendo Series? 3: What other ports for the switch would you love to see? (Personally a Rhythm Thief port would be perfect)
  2. I should start out by saying this is just my opinion, if you disagree, please try to be nice about it. I should also state that I have no clue if there is another topic like this, if there is, I didn't see it when browsing earlier, my bad. Persona is seemingly the life blood of the Megami Tensei franchise, or MegaTen. There is 2 spin offs for the spin off series releasing in 2 days as of writing, a leaked/rumoured Persona 4 reboot thing, Persona Q2 which is a sequel to the Mediocre at best Persona Q, and a slightly confirmed Persona 6. While this may be seen as fantastic to a lot of people, I don't agree with that. Persona has eaten Atlus's attention for MegaTen. There are no more sub series or spin offs anymore, just Persona. It's now to the point where Persona and the rest of MegaTen are considered financially different. Sure, SMT5 is on the way eventually but that is it. While DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP Strange Journey just released, that was a rerelease of a DS game with new additions, whether you prefer it or prefer the original isn't of importance, but DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP SJ is just a rerelease. The game came out many years ago, it doesn't count. The only other game is Dx2 SMT Liberation, which doesn't count either. The mobile game was developed by Sega and is managed by Sega, not Atlus. Atlus is busy rushing out Persona spin offs with what will most likely be mixed results of Mediocre to potentially great, time can only tell. But with SMT5 being the only Main Line game being made, there is an apparent lack of presence of other titles. We haven't had a fifth Demon Summoner and the last DeSu game was a rerelease of Soul Hackers which was originally on the Sega Saturn. Hell, Demi-Kids isn't a thing anymore and Atlus tried to run that like it was the second coming of Christ. We haven't had anything similar to Digital Devil Saga, Devil Survivor, Demon Summoner, really anything in years. Ever since Persona 3 and 4 became popular, especially Persona 4. Persona 4 has brought about the end of a golden era of MegaTen. Instead of a new DeSu, we get a Persona 4 spin off regularly. Instead of originality, it's Persona 3 dancing! Only time can tell what will happen but this can potentially harm Studio Zero, a new studio formed of Atlus staff who are making Project Re:Fantasy as well as the port of Catherine. Funding will stop going to Studio Zero and will go directly to another Persona game. Eventually there will be a Persona fatigue and Atlus will be screwed with its new cash cow. SMT is all but surely dead, which is sad. Main Line has been a staple of Atlus's greatness. SMT 1, 2, and If... are staples of their SNES library and the PS1 ports are even better. SMT3, while being a product of its time, showed that even after a decade, Main Line was strong and capable of a genre defining game. Without SMT3, MegaTen as a whole would be completely different as well as the beloved PS2 games like DDS, DeSu, and both Persona outings. SMT 4 and 4F are both strong contenders of why the 3ds is a great place for JRPGs, they are both great games with an aura of brilliance in their gameplay. Strange Journey was a return to the first person dungeon crawling mixed with elements from the PS2 era, blending both extremely well. SMT NINE should be forgotten to time and IMAGINE was snuffed of the Main Line status even though NINE still is and NINE is the definition of steaming garbage. It'd be a shame if Atlus dropped Main Line, especially since this unnecessary milking of Persona has eaten up their interest. If this continues, SMT5 will be overshadowed even worse than it already is. Atlus needs to stop focusing on Persona and just let their developers go wild, MegaTen is a wacky franchise and that shouldn't ever be lost. Persona is so popular but the costs of its popularity is harmful to the franchise and needs to be scaled down by a lot. It's great that Persona 5 sold so damn well and is loved, it truly is. That love shouldn't mean more milking though. There will be a huge fatigue for Persona eventually and that will be an issue for Atlus and then what? There will be no more parts of the Franchise to rely on since all were murdered by the wave of Persona. Hopefully SMT5 succeeds and the Switch can get a lot of great sub series with that success. Have a nice day/afternoon/night everyone! Side Note: Please don't beg for Persona 5 switch ports, that's nonsense.
  3. I am so hyped for this. It was just confirmed in the Switch presentation after Fire Emblem Warriors (which will of course get more hype on this forum), and although it didn't say SMTV, it is totally SMTV. So, thoughts? I know there's not much to go on, but still. It seems like it will be in 3D, so we'll get some nice demon models, hopefully seen in action during battle like Nocturne.
  4. So, I've tried getting into both Shin Megami Tensei and Persona previously with Persona 4 and the 3DS port/remake of Soul Hackers, but I didn't really end up getting far in either of them. I am to give both series an honest shot, though, so I'm curious if any fans of them on here have any recommendations for a good "first game" in each series, as well as things like what to expect from the gameplay, common newcomer pitfalls to avoid, what general sort of mindset to have when getting into each series, etc.
  5. Alright, general SMT/Megaten/Persona thread. I've generally never really had a chance to make a thread due to me trying to juggle awakening's DLC and The entirity of SMT4 (All routes, DLC, FIEND HUNTING, fashion and making the most bulls**t demons that i can make) but due to Persona 5 and SMT4: Apocolypse (oh whyyyy do you do this to me ATLUS why) coming around the corner, i think right now is the PERFECT chance to have sit back, have a glass or 2 liter of nice cold soda and play some of the old SMT games. How about you guys? Do you have any relationship/hate with the series? Have you beaten any of them*? Post a reply below and let's just take this brief interlude to talk. *You can talk about persona here, but since we have a thread already dedicated to Persona 5's hype train it might be redundant. Frost Ace is best Hee-Ho.
  6. Espinosa was totally correct that the Persona 4 LLG challenge ended up devolving into a huge grindfest as soon as the first dungeon began, and it looks like it won't end there. Since I'm not particularly interested in doing that at the moment, I decided I would work on something more fun: playing through my favorite game in the Persona series, in a 100% low level completion. I will be playing on Hard Mode, easier than Espinosa's Maniac Mode on P3P, for obvious reasons, but their will be a different set of challenges to this playthrough that he did not encounter. First of all, due to the different game mechanics, I will not be able to directly control my party members during this playthrough, which will make item spamming (and general battle tactics) more difficult; this, however, should be offset by the fact that I have access to fusion spells (and multiple Personas, unlike P4) and can change the MC's weapon type as necessary. In addition, my time constraints for clearing areas of Tartarus will be much more stringent due to the constraints of a Max Social Link playthrough; for example, I will most likely have to clear the first sector of Tartarus on my first visit to the area, and thus I won't be able to advance the storyline to gain access to the compendium (or more EXP/Akihiko, in general). In any case, I feel that this challenge should be a lot more fun to do, as even though there will still be grinding involved, it should be significantly less. I'm really looking forward to playing through this excellent game again. So my first question to my audience (you guys), is would you prefer to see this in the style of an LP (with me recording cutscenes and noncombat events) or would you rather I limit myself to screening boss fights only? I feel that the Persona games are very compatible with the idea of LPs due to the fact that they are largely story-driven, and for this playthrough in particular, a lot of what occurs during the regular part of the game will be important to maxing out social links and the like. But whatever you guys would like to see, let me know, and I'll let you know when I get started!
  7. If anyone cares, I'm currently working on this challenge and posting videos to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPs9XPS9DEY&list=PLaRQIiRnzZu9oTu5A2fPAj-ZX6U9Q0YDI Should be fun! It's my first time playing through the game, by the way/ [spoiler=Boss Fights]Shadow Yosuke Shadow Chie Avenger Knight Shadow Yukiko
  8. so we all know there is going to be a crossover of fire emblem and smt, but i haven't heard about this game much, i only know that there is a 3ds game of smt, so i'm kinda interested on what's this game about so if someone could explain me i would be really grateful :D (again sorry for my english, tho i've said this a lot of times so i should stop xD)
  9. Drafting rules This a draft for 4 players You start off with a fresh save file, New game+ is not allowed. MC, Io, Daichi, and all demons up to level 10 are free to use for the entire game. Every other unit has to be drafted to be used without penalty, though there will be a lot of exceptions to this. The penalty for using an undrafted unit is 4 turns. A single battle encounter between you and the enemy is considered a "turn" (regardless of how many moves actually happen in said battle). Keep a note of how many of these happened since the game doesn't keep track of it. Undrafted units are allowed to do/be used for anything EXCEPT fight in combat. There are exceptions to this and this comes into play with forced deployment. You are allowed the use of any and every forced units that show up during the game. The game will be played in Daichi route. You must save EVERYONE (Except you know who). No skipping out battles. Addendum: for the battle "Confrontation" on Day 4, you must choose to fight BOTH parties. You may let them kill each other before swooping in to clean up though. Free battles are allowed at the rate of Twelve free battles a day. Any free battle over this will add to your turn count. You CAN amass your free battle allowance and use it all at once (say on a later day) however. Undrafted units MAY be used in Free battles. Optional Non-Story battles (Vs. Q, God of Luck, etc) are free and do not count into your turncount. Only story battles count. After the drafting is done, trades will be allowed between players, under the following conditions: 1. Number of characters traded are EQUAL on both sides. 2. Both parties express their mutual agreement to the trade. Players: 1. Aisuko: Hinako, Yamato, Otome. Laksmi, Kresnik, Kartikeya, Titania, Makara, Alilat, Toubyou, Hanuman, Leanan Sidhe, Silky, Badb Catha, Wendigo, Moloch, Ictinike, Kudlak, Billiken, Norn, Osiris, Tao Tie, Orcus, Vritra, Abaddon, Pyro Jack, Hariti, Mokoi, Pendragon, Abraxas, Power, Flauros, Shishaa, Seiryuu, Quetzalcoatl, Pazuzu, Baihu, Hagen, Grendel, Gucumatz, Hitokonotushi, Airavata, Murmur, Teezcatlipoca, Jarilo. 2. Wen Yang: Fumi, Makoto, Otome. Culebre, Loki, Ghost Q, Lilim, Sarasvati, Yuki Jyorou, Feng Huang, Lorelei, Kangiten, Trumpeter, Baal, Oberon, Mezuki, Heqet, Cerberus, Orochi, Peri, Parvati, Basilisk, Odin, Python, Wu Kong, Balor, Angel, Hathor, Suparna, Inti, Kafziel, Lham Dearg, Susano-O, Dzelarhons, Orthrus, Mahakala, Nisroc, Yoshitsune, Rakshasa, Myrmecolion, Kumbhanda, Decarabia, Nata Taishi, Botis, Pallas Athena. 3. Balcerzak: Jungo, Joe, Ronaldo. Arioch, Rangda, Nalagiri, Hamsa, Lailah, Kijimunaa, Bai Suzhen, Anzu, Koumokuten, Ganesha, Brigid, Hecate, Mithra, Garm, Yaksa, Taown, Gozuki, Vivian, Ixtab, Vidofnir, Ym, Take-Mikazuchi, Isis, Berserker, Cait Sith, Remiel, Anat, Tonatiuh, Jambayan, Purple Mirror, Pisaca, Girimehkala, Yama, Bai Ze, Tzitzmitl, Behemoth, Ukano Mitama, Ikusa, Orobas, Sleipnir, Garuda, Oumitsuru. 4. Esme: Keita, Airi, Ronaldo. Barong, Tlaloc, Ubelluris, Cu Chulainn, Moh Shuvuu, Tenong Cut, Jack Frost, Zouchouten, Jikokuten, Bishamonten, Nozuchi, Chernobog, Thor, Aniel, Baphomet, Asp, Nekomata, Gagyson, Kikuri-Hime, Jeanne D'Arc, Neko Shogun, King Frost, Waira, Legion, Scathach, Arahabaki, Apis, Barbatos, Kamapua'a, Ogun, Afanc, Gui Xian, Xiezhai, Pabilsag, Nue, Kama, Mot, Loa, Mothman, Bifrons, Fenrir, Oumitsuru.
  10. If you think about it, how it's gonna be the plot?, The only clue we have is that is in "modern" times by game devolopers in an interview, so, in the case i can imagine, is more probably that this game revolves in the SMT world, because every FE were been devoloped to focus on medieval times. So the possibility of this is high, that, or a new complete world never seen before to match the game's plot, but i don't know, another thing that cross my mind are the characters, how can you relate every single FE character (If we suppose that the game will have other FE characters beside those who've appeared in the trailer), into his own world, let alone every single SMT character (Again, besides the characters shown in the trailer), I mean, to mix all of this into a single world seems rather problematic, at least in plot wise. And what about the enemies?, who'll have the balls to challenge SMT and FE characters together, because if you take note in the games, Ike and Robin are devastating in FE, let alone the SMT who have Demifiend and Aleph, the most devastating characters in videogames ever (One defeated YHVH, and the other depending on choices, but to put it simple, he rules both the Heavens and Hell, and he killed God, Lucifer, Metatron,etc.) I can't imagine who will be the final boss of this game, it should be someone really, really, reaaaaaallyyyyy, badass and awesome to attempt defeating those characters, together. And i didn't mention the rest of the cast, while the human side in Fire Emblem is not Deity powerful, they can manage to fight well, especially with sacred weapons, the SMT side is OP, in plot wise and stat wise, not everyone in SMT is incredibly powerful, the main series are quite indeed, the spin-off series may have problems, but if they could manage to beat powerful demons, they can aswell fight in a good level. I think that the plot would be something like this: In a distant world, when Lucina was using the dimension method to travel to the past, she fucked up this time by using the dimension portal, and somehow, she have mixed every timeline of her world, and leading all the people there into a new, never seen world. Meanwhile, the Demifiend was crushing enemies in the Amala Network that he crossed a weird portal dimension, he though that it could be interesting pass it, so he passed but as Lucina, he fucked up too and he brought with him all the characters of his timeline, then, he wakes and discover the faces of Flynn, Aleph and Futsuo (KK Complete Works name) together, if that wasn't weird enough, he discover aswell people who faces couldn't recognize, they were FE characters that were brought by the Dimension Portal, they read a letter send by an Unknown character that says: "You are in my power, now that you're all here, I'll lend you a splendid welcome with some of my strongest demon armies, I hope that you can suceed in your mission, if you live, muahahahaha", so everyone creates a group to make real one thing, defeating the unknown person who is trying to attack us, in their journey, they come across with many different characters of both SMT and FE, they will laugh, cry, rage, share, but they only try to escape of this world, and their only spot is by defeating this unknown, when they reach the castle of the "unknown", and defeat every single enemy before the main hall, when they enter, they were surprised, so surprised that someone faints by seeing that face, and the identity of that dreaded who was... Well, my imagination is quite big, I would like to see at least one of the points that i created with this story, sounds like an Amateur Uncompleted Mini Fanfiction, but since the game will be something like that, but much bigger, or something different with some settings, I cannot wait how everything resolves.
  11. We know its going to be an RPG of sorts but what kind? RPG has so many sub genre possibilities. Turn based? Strategy? Action? Just what will it be? We could be seeing something entirely new too Heck we've seen a Platformer RPG (Super Mario RPG) and Beat em up RPGs too (River City Ransom, Scott Pilgrim Video Game)
  12. i am thinking of getting into ds but how is it compared to persona gameplay wise? reason is because i have a heard this is a good series for persona fans
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