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Found 96 results

  1. I'm looking for a challenge in sacred stones, but I still want it to be 100%-able (completing map objectives without sacrificing levels through pre-20 promotion *ahem hardmodedistantblade ahem*, all chests, all characters) I've compiled a short list of self-imposed challenges that I might choose to use in my play-through, and I was hoping somebody could maybe suggest a combination of challenges to use, or suggest new challenges. Please keep in mind this is a vanilla game, I will not be using an emulator, so no hacked challenges like 0% growths. No Trainees No Seth Hard mode (obviously) No arena abuse (Yours here!)
  2. So who should I focus on. Like who are the best units that i should put time into. I heard that both joshua and marissa are good gerik and Ephraim too.
  3. So I'm just curious; Why is Ephraim getting more gauntlet votes? What is wrong with our dear tomato boy?? (Is it the "you'll never guess which fruit i fancy... tomatoes"??) (It is, isn't it...) (I know he's a Freak but we love him anyway okay) (also yes I know that Sacred Stones is generally much more popular than Fates, I'm asking more on a character level than a story/plot level) (I thank you ahead of time for your consideration!)
  4. i started messing around with the nightmare editor and i was wondering if i could equip certain item to certain character for example lets say i want to give erika the mani katti (i know she cant use it) but could i do it from the item editor
  5. Here's the first hack which I'm currently working on. For simplicity, I decided to start with a difficulty hack to improve the gameplay of FE8. The aim of the hack is to ramp up Sacred Stone's difficulty via map design changes and enemy weapon/stat upgrades. In particular: -Enemy weapons scale very quickly -Enemies have high offensive stats -Weapon hit rates in general have been greatly improved (Hard mode enemies also get bonus +15 Hit) -Enemy AI/placement changes to prevent bait and kill tactics in some maps -Anti-turtling added to some maps in the form of thieves w/ chests/villages and reinforcement spawning (no ambush) -Player units also have their bases and growth rates buffed (except for Seth, who got a nerf to his bases but a buff to his growths nonetheless) -Better weapons are made available to the players a lot earlier via shop updates -All promotion item drops have been replaced with Master Seals -More stat boosters are dropped, obtained in the early game Hard mode is recommended. Though there do exist some differences between Normal and Hard (i.e. reinforcement timings and additional enemies on Hard), Normal is not properly balanced right now since some chapters are the same as Hard while others, especially the first few chapters, are a lot easier (also Normal was not tested). Dropbox Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/djolyst8u86t2gr/AACpWjp2tcQzKswGBg542ttMa Apply the patch to an English FE8 ROM. Change log is provided for download in the link above. Sample Gameplay (Prologue ~ Chapter 1): Some small features added to the hack: -Addition of weapon rank bonus (thanks to Vennobennu's patch) -Hard mode enemy Hit bonus (Vennobennu's patch) -DS style supports - bonuses are added once at the beginning of the chapter - see change log for the chapters required to build support rank (thanks again to Vennobennu) -Fixed enemy stationary range display (credit to circleseverywhere) -Danger zone toggle, use select key by default (credit to circleseverywhere) Current progress: Prologue ~ Chapter 8 has been done Have a try and please leave a feedback :) Also, feel free to suggest a name for this hack! I'm very uncreative :( Screenshots:
  6. Hi everyone in the Serenes Forest! I'm of the ansellplays YouTube Channel (Small channel of 35-36 subscribers) and I'd like to share a series I have underway which is a fan-dub of The Sacred Stones! Now, I am aware that there might be other groups dubbing this game, and they might be better and further ahead. This isn't a competition, I just want to share my own dub to get some support / feedback. At the moment, we have covered: - Prologue ( http://tinyurl.com/FE8Prologue ) ( The episodes past this won't include my commentary, as a few of my actors had pointed out that a fan dub is better left to the story, and leave out the gameplay ) - Neimi & Colm C Support ( http://tinyurl.com/FE8NeimiColm ) - Lute & Artur C Support ( http://tinyurl.com/FE8ArturLute ) - Chapter 1 ( In progress - editing stage ) All things involved with this dub is entirely free, and all rights are held towards the original creators of course. Please come and watch, say hello, and leave any feedback regarding the dub, the actors and/or overall feedback, It'd be greatly appreciated! Kind Regards!
  7. So i finished sacred stones a couple days a go and liked it for the most part. Not among my favorites bit all in all a good story line and great game.
  8. So I just started ephiraims route along with eirikas and I wanted to know why people think ch 11 is hard. Because I just blew right threw it, is it hard mode that makes it hard?
  9. I'm doing a little bit of imagework, and I would like to know if anyone has a reference to the background as seen in the preparations menu (pictured below). I'd like to put my own work on top of it, if that helps explain what I'm going for.
  10. Heya, I've got two questions! Would it be possible to reimplement the Tale selection screen from FE7? That is, the screen from which you choose whether to play Lyn's, Eliwood's, or Hector's Story when starting a new file (and where you choose which out of Eliwood's and Hector's to proceed down after completing Lyn's)? I wanted to allow for a choice of which character to follow at the beginning of my hack, and it'd be lovely if I could use that screen for it instead of a boring ol' pure-text menu. How feasible would it be to add new Affinities? I'm talking about increasing the total number of Affinities in the game, not just changing the icons and properties of existing Affinities. It was my plan to add in Tellius' Water, Earth, and Heaven Affinities, each with their own unique sets of bonuses, for a total of 10 different Affinity types. How might one go about doing this? Thanks in advance!
  11. Apologies in advance if this has already been answered, I couldn't find anything in my searches. Is there any way for me to remove (or skip) the intro cutscene/s that play during the beginning of Sacred Stones? Specifically, the "In an age long past..." and "The Continent of Magvel" scenes, that play before the Prologue title card. I'm able to do anything past that point without much issue, but I've no idea how to remove those two scenes. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey y'all! So, I believe the topic title says it all, but I'll elaborate here. So I bought an actual GBA cartridge of Blazing Sword and I lent it to my friend months ago and he's been playing it regularly and he'd come over and I'd watch him play it, and all that jazz. But everything was fine until a few days ago, he came over and all of the save files were deleted. He played the game that same day with the files intact but just in the span of a few hours all three save files were gone. Thankfully I didn't have any personal save files on it, and he was three chapters away from the final chapter, and I still had my save of the final chapter on the Wii U virtual console, so I showed him some cutscenes online had him play the final chapter, THANK GOD! Cause that way was better then things being anti-climactic. But I was really wondering what could have done that and if anyone else had any experiences like that in any of their FE GBA games? I looked a little online and I think the obvious answer would be the battery, but I thought Nintendo fixed that problem with the GBA. My Pokemon Sapphire and Emerald both had their batteries run dry and they can still save (they can't tell time but that's... that's another topic). Also the support log in my Blazing Sword is still intact. It even kept the supports that my friend got on his play through. So that's everything I got to say! Looking forward to what people have to say... that is... if people see this... THANKS!
  13. * Has there even been a stronger monster mod for The Sacred Stones that improves the strength of the monster classes? The closest I've seen is the old monster quest mod, which gave revenants the ability to steal, and merged the Skeleton weapon variants into one class. * Has there ever been a hack almost entirely focused on fighting Monster classes instead of humans? This would of course need more weapons, and stuff for the monsters to use, such as a healing monsters. Manaketes could possibly be added too? * Has anyone ever implemented a class that uses physical, and magic weapons? Is it even possible with the GBA engine? * Have people ever tried making more Dragonstones for Manaketes to use? As in a new Dragon transformation, and weapon? Or added the Manakete class to Blazing Sword.
  14. Does anyone know an easy way to get Bael's to spawn on Zaha woods after the 11th chapter onwards on the world map? Thanks for any help rendered in advance
  15. I now they don't seem to be planning to have tSS cards anytime soon. However it's cool to speculate to what unique mechanic it'll have. First, the SACRED TWINS (the weapons) Basically taking the Cain and Abel knight mechanic in previous series and cranking it up to 11. IE Great Lords Eirika and Ephraim with sieglinde and Sigmund respectively. Or Falcon Knight Tana and Sniper Innes for Vidofnir and Nidhogg respectively. Second, something with the trainees. But I have no idea how.
  16. As you might know, I will be finishing my Randomized Fire Emblem 6 Let's Play soon. However, at the time I want to play some other games besides just that. I have a poll that I want you guys to vote on. You can also post on this forum what other games you would like to see me play! I hope you guys vote a lot for which you would want to see me play and I hope to see you all and more in the near future! :) Here is the link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtD_gACSlGrSaDyxtNeGTw Here is the link to my Randomized Fire Emblem 6: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLse8DG1LjyttsJzVidFColEnsbhV09H5l
  17. I started a Sacred Stones Randomizer and guess who replaced Seth. I am currently in Chapter 3, and I can't wait to train a General with 8 Movement and 9 Speed (even though it's Lv 1). Edit: I forgot to ask: I would love to see more of this ridiculously OP randomized units, so please Reply with an image of your strongest unit from an FE Randomizer. Thanks. XD
  18. Yes you did indeed read the title of this topic correctly, I have never played a Fire Emblem game. I've wanted to play one for a while now and so I asked one of my friends whcih game I should start with. He originally replied with FE7, but then changed his decision to FE8 which is what I'll be playing through. I must start off with saying that I do know most of the basic things about Fire Emblem like the weapon triangle, which stats do what, and that I should "Share the experience" as my friend calls it. Any questions I ask about the story are completely my own thoughts and I do not want answers to them. Any tips or suggestions on how to play the game or which characters I should use would be greatly appreciated. I will be playing Fire Emblem Sacred Stones on Normal difficulty. I'm not sure if this usual Fire Emblem stats, but holy crud look at those stats! (I probably sound like the biggest noob ever) Despite Seth having good stats I used Eirika the entire Prologue Map and I managed to KO everyone with her. She got a critical on the very first boss and destroyed him immediately. This seems like a good level up to me. Hopefully I'm not wrong. And this was my entire Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Prologue Chapter in a nutshell. I don't have much to say on the story since it currently seems pretty generic, but my friend has told me it gets better, so I shall listen. Thank you for reading and hopefully I don't get everyone horribly dead and maimed.
  19. I am randomizing Sacred Stones. I am playing on Normal but increasing enemy growths by 10%. Weapons have random traits also. Characters are Recruited in random order and Random Classes. Can't wait to be screwed by the randomizer. Eirika got randomized into a Cavalier Ephraim. Probably wont be too bad for my lord. on the other hand Seth is a General Natasha. um... I don't think Natasha's defense will get much better. well now I guess seth went from a Oifrey to a Jeigen Franz is Gerik and my first monster Gilliam is Fado and a cavalier Vanessa is Amelia and she is a recruit moulder is hayden and a myrmidon um.... Ross is Innes.... AND HE IS A DANCER! I got real lucky with him dodging so Garcia is Joshua and josh is STILL a myrmidon!
  20. Hello all! It's been quite a while! I'm glad to be back. I'd been working on something for quite some time, and then had a major set back. My old dinosaur computer finally crashed, and then almost caught fire, so naturally I lost all my work, every sprite I'd ever made, and years of writing work. So, naturally, this discouraged Fire Emblem hacking for quite some time for me. However, thanks to my lovely boyfriend, I managed to get all that work back. By the time I got it, though, I'd already grown pretty disinterested in my original ideas for a hack, but I still had a lot of stuff piled up, so I figured I might as well put it to good use. So, I'm making a new hack, Fire Emblem ~ Maiden of Darkness! Yes, that is the FE6 Beta name. No, this hack will not have anything to do with FE6. I'm not remaking FE6 because I'm not talented enough. Though, I promise, the title will be relevant to the plot, which is heavily lightly inspired by Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis, Diablo 3, and a few other games I've played in the past few months. The Story will take place in the country of Advhen, a highly religious island country, whose church and military are heavily interwoven, and ruled by the aging and devout King Gabrian, and his Holy Knights, each of whom governs a major city of Advhen. Due to the King's negligence, and the cruel, and dogmatic laws of the Holy Knights, a peasant uprising has begun, throwing Adhen into turmoil. The first few chapters will detail the Prince of Advhen's escape from one of the major cities, while it is being attacked by the rebels, while he seeks refuge with one of the Holy Knights, and then leads his own counter-attack on the rebellion. As he ventures on, certain truths that were hidden from him became clear, such as the Holy Knights hidden motives, and the true nature of the rebellion. A side plot (Chapter 5x) will focus on a young female commander in the rebellion, and her assault on an Advhen controlled fortress, sneaking in during the night in an attempt to get the drop on their forces. Debates will be had on the morality of some war crimes, such as taking hostages, betrayal, and killing civilians and gentry who are trying to keep out of the civil war. And that's all of the plot I'm going to put here! But I will also put my notes on some of my ideas, and the changes I'll be making from the vanilla Sacred Stones, below. A word of caution, I make my concept notes in all caps, with lots of curse words. It makes it more exciting, and keeps me on track. Character Replacements General Class Changes Item Changes Screen Shots ...Now, be aware, I've little experience with map creation/insertion, and even less with event hacking. And though there's been some advances on it recently, there's still not a whole lot in the way of FE8 hacking documentation, so this isn't going to be something super awesome and amazing. My talents mainly lie in writing, with a minor talent in spiriting, so that's what I'll be focusing on. However, if anyone would like to contribute anything (maps, hacking help, characters, sprites, etc), please just let me know! I'm unlikely to turn down any help, especially with maps or event hacking. However, I'm at least a moderately skilled spriter, and so I will be a bit picky when it comes to any character mugs from others I'm going to put in here. I'm not expecting anything super fancy (I'm actually not expecting anything at all), just so long as it looks clean, and has a nice palette. That's all for the moment. I'm not on my desktop, so I don't have any images to add to this at the moment, but I'll throw them on here as they're brought into existence. Any thoughts, ideas, or criticisms are appreciated! Thanks, ~Eldritch Abomination
  21. What will happen when Eirika/Ephraim normally promote? Eirika's a male lord and Ephraim's a cavalier, but I also have Joshua and Kyle as male lords and Garcia as a female lord Don't mind resetting if I have to because I'm on chapter 7 and I STILL don't have a priest or cleric (Moulder was randomized to Myrmidon, Natasha was randomized to archer)
  22. So I was thinking earlier, what if children were a feature in other Fire Emblem games and then Sacred Stones came to mind. So, this thread is what you guys think the kids of a certain pairing will be. You can list their personality, class and any other cool things about them.
  23. I changed Seth's class to Archer (F) and made him female in both his recruitment AND his character, but he's still a paladin? His stats changed (I changed them) and he did get the bow I gave him, but he has his other weapons and his weapon ranks (in addition to a bow rank I gave him). Do I need to do more? Thanks!
  24. I've gotten to the point where you decide who's Journey to cover. Ephraim or Erikia. Who should I go with and what are the advantages?
  25. So, since my former playthrough was off topic far too boring, I decided to do something a little more interesting this time around. Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, A 5-Character Run. This challenge idea came to me waaaaaaaaaaay back when, and it's inspired by Ephraim's end-game statement: I will be doing Ephraim's route (as honestly, I have ALWAYS played Ephraim's route, and do not truly have as much knowledge about Eirika's route for this sort of thing. Besides, I like Ephraim's route more than Eirika's. I like Ephraim more than Eirika, period. In fact, I'm an Ephraim fangirl so SPHEAL WITH IT. THE CHOSEN HEROES Ephraim (Lances*) Franz -> Great Knight (Swords*, Spears, Axes) Ross -> Fighter -> Warrior (Axes*, Bows) Neimi -> Ranger (Bows*, swords) Artur -> Sage (Light*, Anima, Staves) * = S rank. I tried to make a lineup that covers as many of the ancient weapons as possible... Utility Characters Eirika (Forced unit for first 7 chapters) Vanessa (For rescuing in ch2, distracting the spider in chapter 6) Any character which recruits another character RULES! 1: Only the five chosen characters may participate in combat. 2: All other units must have their weapons stripped off of them to prevent accidental attacking 3: The prologue, ch1, and possibly chapter 5x are exempt to the above rules for obvious reasons. 4: Eirika may see battle for the first 7 chapters, but after that, must not be used. Not even in the final chapter, despite being forced in that one. 5: Utility characters may be used, but they are not allowed to actually attack. 6: Nobody may die. 7: The Tower of Valni may only be used to increase levels before promotion. So obviously, in the end this isn't going to TRULY be a five-character run, but whatever. Technicalities aside, the goal here is to win 90% of the game with only five characters and prove Ephraim wrong, only for him to say it anyway because the devs didn't think of everything. XD This will be recorded, but I won't be actually commenting in the video, as it takes far too long for me to do that sort of thing, and it's usually why I lose interest in LP's to begin with. SO, HERE WE GO! Chapter 1, where I ATTEMPT to follow the rules, but unfortunately had to break them due to issues:
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