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Found 106 results

  1. Found this cool YouTube video some beginning ROM hacker made with Eirika and Lyon. Imo it seemed to portray his character quite well?
  2. I'm just curious as to how much the enemy growth rate is increased in hard mode.
  3. Hello everyone I was just hoping to find an answer as searching through the internet hasn't given me the result I had hoped to find does anyone know if midnight sun is still in the making or has it been abandoned or anything of the nature?
  4. Hey guys, I've been using Serene's for years, just created an account recently in case any of you wanna see the parody vid I made. If there's a better place to post this please let me know!
  5. I've been toying around with randomly reclassing FE8 characters, and I decided to try my hand at splicing some more appropriate portraits for them. I'm quite new to it, so the splices aren't entirely detailed, this first post is mainly looking for insight about my stitch work. Lord Colm and his knight Niemi. Merc Garcia and Theif Ross. Fighter, Cavalier, Myrmidon, and Monk in their respective, miscellaneous orders. Thanks.
  6. Ok, so this is my first Fe hack and it's probably really bad, but I'll give it my best shot anyway. Anyway, it's called Fe OP Stones because, as the name suggests, it is super op. Changes: All ally characters are promoted and there are some slight class changes. All maxed out stats Bosses are promoted, but it doesn't help them much Overpowered weapons right from the start All weapons have infinite uses, including the dragonstone. Short bows have 1-2 range, nidhogg has 1-3 Sacred weapons are SUPER OP. Let me know if I can edit it in any way because I have very little experience in hacking :D Patch:Fire Emblem OP Stones.ups Have fun! :D
  7. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! sorry I would love so much if anyone could provide me with a randomized ROM of FE 6, 7 or 8... but is HAS to be a .gba file as the only GBA emulator I will use is gba4ios on my iPad. If any one could do this i'd be ever in your debt. I won't be licking any toes though ;)
  8. Hello everyone! I have a question about save files and emulation and any help or insight would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance :) I'm doing an Ironman playthrough of Sacred Stones hard mode (playlist here if you're interested: With a suspended mission saved, I can't practice on this file or cartridge now because my understanding of the save system is that once you start another instance of a chapter or save file, you lose any suspended data. And I definitely want to practice the coming chapters for the next session, so there won't be a bloodbath haha. The obvious solution is for us to just meet up again, finish this chapter, and open up the cartridge again so I can practice for next month, but this got be thinking... Is there a way to create save files for an emulator of the GBA fire emblem with specified character stats? I've heard of something like this for Pokemon games, and wondered if it is possible or already exists for FE. Thanks for being my favorite community! -Vaughn
  9. With Gaiden getting a remake and the fact that many of us now presume that Echoes is going to be a subseries or remakes, what would you like in a hypothetical Sacred Stones Remake? For me personally: 1. The ability to go down both Eirika's and Ephraim's path on the same playthrough. They could do something like in RD where you split up your army between the twins and like in Gaiden, you can go through their stories at any speed you want (Like: Ephraim 1-->Eirika 1-->Ephraim 2 or Ephraim 1-->Ephraim 2-->Eirika 1). 2. More history. While this is a given, sadly Magvel's history is not as developed as say Elibe's (I mean we only know the names of 2 of the 5 heroes). 3. Expanded skill system. SS was the first game after Thracia that used a skill system. This could really be expanded to just simply put, be better and more up to date. 4. Reclassing. While I don't want reclassing on the same level as Awakening or Fates, I think being able to reclass between a units two promotion options i.e. Joshua can reclass between Swordmaster and Assassin, would be pretty cool. 5. Non-limited supports. Basically, don't limit the supports to 5 for each character. Allow us to get all B supports but only one A support, or something along those lines. or they could introduce an S rank where S rank equates to a paired ending i.e. Eirika and Forde get an S rank so they get their PE, but Eirkia can still get an A with Seth and Forde can get an A with Kyle, they just don't get their paired endings. Obviously this is all hypothetical. I mean, I'm pretty sure we will get Binding Blade remakes before anything else if Heroes is any indication, but yeah. What are you thoughts?
  10. Basically, I need someone proficient in sprite work to make me some portraits and talking animations for said portraits for my Sacred Stones pick my edits, If you are proficient please respond and I'll tell you what I need
  11. Quick question! Would it be possible to set some of the skills into scrolls in such a way that one could have the scroll in their inventory (or use it), and give them skills like Great Shield or Pierce?
  12. My favorite FE game is without a doubt, Sacred Stones. There are many reasons for that, but this post isn't about discussing what makes FE8 superior to other FE games, this post is about discussing the glaring flaw that looms in the story of SS, which is its place in the Fire Emblem universe. Through out the series, we can see games connect back to older games, implying that they are relevant. As for SS, there is no indication of it relating to other games, other than the hint that they exist in the same universe(as seen in references in Awakening), there is nothing that really puts FE8 in context of the FE series. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but since they went out of their way to reference it in Awakening(rather obvious reference as you can practically find Erika's swords scattered just about anywhere in the world), I am convinced that there should be a continuation of the story that ties it to the overall story of FE. As such, here is my take on how FE8's continuation should play out. The battle was hard fought, but victorious in the end, Prince Ephraim and his Princess Erika defeated the Demon King, Fomortiis. As an honor and tribute to their bravery and valor, house Rausten entrusted the final Sacred Stone to the care of Renais. Though it contained a portion of the power of Fomortiis, it was nothing more than sealed dark energy, devoid of will. As such, Rausten considered the Stone to be an omen of misfortune, unfit to be held in its holy lands. Soon after the war ended, the calamity that was foreseen by the late Prince Lyon struck Grado. A massive earthquake destroyed the land. With the royalty of Grado dead, and no ruler to lead them, the country fell into despair. Seeking to take responsibility, Ephraim, now the king of Renais, proposed that the remaining land of Grado be divided among Frelia, Renais, and Jehanna. Pontifex Mansel, the ruler of Rausten, was grateful to King Ephraim for not even raising the question to include Rausten in the distribution of the land. Not only was there an existing friction between Raustens and Gradonians, but Rausten was land locked from the lands of Grado and had no means of intentions of expanding their borders. King Hayden, reluctant to accept the heavy burden of rebuilding Grado, was persuaded by Princess Tana and Prince Innes to accept the moral obligation. Emperor Joshua of Jehanna, who was also newly appointed as the ruler of the White Dunes, questioned why the land should be divided at all. Gradonians were a cultured people with a history of resilience. Rather, he proposed that the country should be aided, yet kept intact to preserve their identity. Shocked by their peer’s calmness and foresight, King Ephraim struggled to make a decision. After consulting with his council and the other nations, the decision was made to split Grado into three provinces with an appointed governor. Friela took responsibility for the Western province that spanned from Borgo Ride down to the Bethroen Peninsula. Cormag, a hero of Grado was appointed governor of the Western province. The Central province spanned from Renval to Taizel. King Ephraim at first considered to appoint Dussel to the heart of Grado in the Eastern Province, but was persuaded by Dussel himself to be appointed to the Central Province where the majority of the damage wrought by the earthquake lay. To Dussel, it was ever important that he stood as a symbol of hope for the people. Dussel also advised King Ephraim to appoint the heart of Grado to High Sorcerer Knoll, Lyon’s right hand man. Knoll undertook this responsibility with great care and set out to rebuild Grado both physically and politically. Under the guidance of Knoll, Grado became a republic, and as time passed Grado began to recover 20 years afterwards, King Ephraim, Emperor Joshua, and the new King of Frelia, King Innes, concluded that the restoration effort was a success and Grado no longer needed the support of its fellow nations. Happiness flourished in Magvel, and the war was becoming a distant memory. This was soon to change, unbeknownst to King Ephraim, a secret cult had formed among the High Council of Priests in Renais. They sought to exploit the stone, hearing of rumors of seeing into the future. They conducted experiments in secret, until they came across something they had never seen before. A vision of a land, a great war was being fought between a scarlet haired prince and a great evil. Feared by the destruction, they approached King Ephraim and told him of their experiments. King Ephraim immediately contacted Emperor Joshua. Joshua’s son, Prince Jonah was known for his bright red hair, a signature of royalty in Jehanna. Jonah was his father’s son, when his Joshua approached him with the fortune seen by Ephraim’s priest’s. Jonah refused to bear the burden and disappeared. The matter was not disclosed to the public and scouts were sent around the continent to find the fated leader of their battle. King Ephraim reached out to his daughter Eliana, and his nephew Elias, who were good friends of Jonah, to reach out to him and be there for him, lest he turns to a dark path. Ephraim and Erika appointed Franz the Faithful, who tutored Eliana the lance and sword, and Lute the Prodigy who tutored Elias the arts of magic and staves to accompany them on their journey. And so, the story of our young heroes began, yet none would expect the future that laid in store for them. _____________________________________________________________________________ So that's my prologue! let me know what you guys think! If you guys like it I will work on it some more, if not then please give me your feedback. I would love to improve my writing. Thanks!
  13. I'm looking for a challenge in sacred stones, but I still want it to be 100%-able (completing map objectives without sacrificing levels through pre-20 promotion *ahem hardmodedistantblade ahem*, all chests, all characters) I've compiled a short list of self-imposed challenges that I might choose to use in my play-through, and I was hoping somebody could maybe suggest a combination of challenges to use, or suggest new challenges. Please keep in mind this is a vanilla game, I will not be using an emulator, so no hacked challenges like 0% growths. No Trainees No Seth Hard mode (obviously) No arena abuse (Yours here!)
  14. So who should I focus on. Like who are the best units that i should put time into. I heard that both joshua and marissa are good gerik and Ephraim too.
  15. So I'm just curious; Why is Ephraim getting more gauntlet votes? What is wrong with our dear tomato boy?? (Is it the "you'll never guess which fruit i fancy... tomatoes"??) (It is, isn't it...) (I know he's a Freak but we love him anyway okay) (also yes I know that Sacred Stones is generally much more popular than Fates, I'm asking more on a character level than a story/plot level) (I thank you ahead of time for your consideration!)
  16. i started messing around with the nightmare editor and i was wondering if i could equip certain item to certain character for example lets say i want to give erika the mani katti (i know she cant use it) but could i do it from the item editor
  17. Here's the first hack which I'm currently working on. For simplicity, I decided to start with a difficulty hack to improve the gameplay of FE8. The aim of the hack is to ramp up Sacred Stone's difficulty via map design changes and enemy weapon/stat upgrades. In particular: -Enemy weapons scale very quickly -Enemies have high offensive stats -Weapon hit rates in general have been greatly improved (Hard mode enemies also get bonus +15 Hit) -Enemy AI/placement changes to prevent bait and kill tactics in some maps -Anti-turtling added to some maps in the form of thieves w/ chests/villages and reinforcement spawning (no ambush) -Player units also have their bases and growth rates buffed (except for Seth, who got a nerf to his bases but a buff to his growths nonetheless) -Better weapons are made available to the players a lot earlier via shop updates -All promotion item drops have been replaced with Master Seals -More stat boosters are dropped, obtained in the early game Hard mode is recommended. Though there do exist some differences between Normal and Hard (i.e. reinforcement timings and additional enemies on Hard), Normal is not properly balanced right now since some chapters are the same as Hard while others, especially the first few chapters, are a lot easier (also Normal was not tested). Dropbox Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/djolyst8u86t2gr/AACpWjp2tcQzKswGBg542ttMa Apply the patch to an English FE8 ROM. Change log is provided for download in the link above. Sample Gameplay (Prologue ~ Chapter 1): Some small features added to the hack: -Addition of weapon rank bonus (thanks to Vennobennu's patch) -Hard mode enemy Hit bonus (Vennobennu's patch) -DS style supports - bonuses are added once at the beginning of the chapter - see change log for the chapters required to build support rank (thanks again to Vennobennu) -Fixed enemy stationary range display (credit to circleseverywhere) -Danger zone toggle, use select key by default (credit to circleseverywhere) Current progress: Prologue ~ Chapter 8 has been done Have a try and please leave a feedback :) Also, feel free to suggest a name for this hack! I'm very uncreative :( Screenshots:
  18. Hi everyone in the Serenes Forest! I'm of the ansellplays YouTube Channel (Small channel of 35-36 subscribers) and I'd like to share a series I have underway which is a fan-dub of The Sacred Stones! Now, I am aware that there might be other groups dubbing this game, and they might be better and further ahead. This isn't a competition, I just want to share my own dub to get some support / feedback. At the moment, we have covered: - Prologue ( http://tinyurl.com/FE8Prologue ) ( The episodes past this won't include my commentary, as a few of my actors had pointed out that a fan dub is better left to the story, and leave out the gameplay ) - Neimi & Colm C Support ( http://tinyurl.com/FE8NeimiColm ) - Lute & Artur C Support ( http://tinyurl.com/FE8ArturLute ) - Chapter 1 ( In progress - editing stage ) All things involved with this dub is entirely free, and all rights are held towards the original creators of course. Please come and watch, say hello, and leave any feedback regarding the dub, the actors and/or overall feedback, It'd be greatly appreciated! Kind Regards!
  19. So i finished sacred stones a couple days a go and liked it for the most part. Not among my favorites bit all in all a good story line and great game.
  20. So I just started ephiraims route along with eirikas and I wanted to know why people think ch 11 is hard. Because I just blew right threw it, is it hard mode that makes it hard?
  21. I'm doing a little bit of imagework, and I would like to know if anyone has a reference to the background as seen in the preparations menu (pictured below). I'd like to put my own work on top of it, if that helps explain what I'm going for.
  22. Heya, I've got two questions! Would it be possible to reimplement the Tale selection screen from FE7? That is, the screen from which you choose whether to play Lyn's, Eliwood's, or Hector's Story when starting a new file (and where you choose which out of Eliwood's and Hector's to proceed down after completing Lyn's)? I wanted to allow for a choice of which character to follow at the beginning of my hack, and it'd be lovely if I could use that screen for it instead of a boring ol' pure-text menu. How feasible would it be to add new Affinities? I'm talking about increasing the total number of Affinities in the game, not just changing the icons and properties of existing Affinities. It was my plan to add in Tellius' Water, Earth, and Heaven Affinities, each with their own unique sets of bonuses, for a total of 10 different Affinity types. How might one go about doing this? Thanks in advance!
  23. Hey y'all! So, I believe the topic title says it all, but I'll elaborate here. So I bought an actual GBA cartridge of Blazing Sword and I lent it to my friend months ago and he's been playing it regularly and he'd come over and I'd watch him play it, and all that jazz. But everything was fine until a few days ago, he came over and all of the save files were deleted. He played the game that same day with the files intact but just in the span of a few hours all three save files were gone. Thankfully I didn't have any personal save files on it, and he was three chapters away from the final chapter, and I still had my save of the final chapter on the Wii U virtual console, so I showed him some cutscenes online had him play the final chapter, THANK GOD! Cause that way was better then things being anti-climactic. But I was really wondering what could have done that and if anyone else had any experiences like that in any of their FE GBA games? I looked a little online and I think the obvious answer would be the battery, but I thought Nintendo fixed that problem with the GBA. My Pokemon Sapphire and Emerald both had their batteries run dry and they can still save (they can't tell time but that's... that's another topic). Also the support log in my Blazing Sword is still intact. It even kept the supports that my friend got on his play through. So that's everything I got to say! Looking forward to what people have to say... that is... if people see this... THANKS!
  24. * Has there even been a stronger monster mod for The Sacred Stones that improves the strength of the monster classes? The closest I've seen is the old monster quest mod, which gave revenants the ability to steal, and merged the Skeleton weapon variants into one class. * Has there ever been a hack almost entirely focused on fighting Monster classes instead of humans? This would of course need more weapons, and stuff for the monsters to use, such as a healing monsters. Manaketes could possibly be added too? * Has anyone ever implemented a class that uses physical, and magic weapons? Is it even possible with the GBA engine? * Have people ever tried making more Dragonstones for Manaketes to use? As in a new Dragon transformation, and weapon? Or added the Manakete class to Blazing Sword.
  25. Does anyone know an easy way to get Bael's to spawn on Zaha woods after the 11th chapter onwards on the world map? Thanks for any help rendered in advance
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