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Found 5 results

  1. The year is 2174. The late 2000s and early 2100s were a time of tumultuous international conflict; only after almost fifty consecutive years of war, dotted with the barest of tentative peaces, did the governments of Earth come together to form the Council of Earth Nations - CEN. With a permanent core formed of one representative from each of Earth's twelve most powerful governments - frequently referred to as the Illustrious Twelve for their leading roles in unifying the Earth - to lead the organization, CEN has guided humanity towards prosperity since its founding in 2134. Humanity has prospered in this era of newfound peace. Resource conflicts on Earth are a distant memory; human ills - biological ills, at least - are fading away with advances in medical and cybernetic technology, with only the inexorable passage of time left to claim most lives; a firm overseeing hand balances the power of the world's individual governments. CEN has made it clear to its people. There are whispers of future achievements - dreams of genetic manipulation, nanomolecular implants to one day lift every life of its shackles - only whispers, in the minds of most. Were they to exist, they would be accessible only to the most privileged; those whose hands control corporate conglomerates whose names are indivisible from daily life, or the highest echelons of government. Most if not all on Earth live comfortable lives; and those who do live unaware of those who do not. Resource extraction from asteroid mining stations at L4 and L5, as well as planetary extraction on Mars, have enabled those on Earth to live each day believing their society has surpassed the notion of scarcity. However, for those whose lives are spent on Earth's colonies, life is often more scant. To find oneself afoul of the whims of local authorities - whether planetary government or a space station's corporate hierarchy - can quickly mean ostracization, especially in an environment where people are vastly interdependent. Unless one knows the... right people, of course. Discontent is far from a forgotten feeling for humanity, even if so-called homeworlders on Earth see fit to believe otherwise. The 40th anniversary of the founding of CEN rapidly approaches. Only a few months remain until Unification Day, and all seems in order; celebration preparations on a newfound scale are underway. However, with just those few months to go, a dingy transport vessel arrives late from its origin of the terraformed moon, Callisto. The ship's passengers look rather harrowed, and not from the month-long journey; no, it is the news they bear that worries them. They fled to Earth in fear of growing civil unrest; word begins to spread of the moon's government overstepping its authority one too many a time, and too harshly at that. Those with the funds to leave did so, along with a small detachment of Callistan politicians, who are conversely petitioning CEN for aid in stopping what they state is an anti-Earth movement. Eager to prove itself once more as humanity's peacekeeper but lacking in the full details of the situation, a task force comprised both of civilian diplomats and a small protective force is dispatched to restore peace, having been issued authority superseding that of the Callistan government. The 40th Unification Day will be one of success for humanity... The ship Imminent Dawn sets off for its one-month journey towards Jupiter, and its moon; Callisto. Its orders: dock at the capital; contact Governor Arielle Avyndor, assess the situation, and resolve it as necessary, with peaceful means preferred. The crew - a diverse lot, homeworlders, colonists, officers trained on Luna's vaunted Hubble Naval Academy, test pilots and veteran pilots both - will find their abilities and beliefs tested...
  2. This is for a Godzilla Roleplay. Below are the events that set up what sort of situation this is. The Appearance The Soviet Situation The Escalation Humanity in Chaos Basic Rules: 1. No God moding, no duh. 2. Try to use proper grammar, punctuation, and paragraph style as best you can. 3. Every roleplayer gets to use as many characters as they feel will move along the flow of the roleplay. Just try not to take every potential choice from everybody. 4. Romance and violence is welcome, but please try to keep things PG-13 at most (Just so we don’t risk getting locked.). Use the following profile structure to create your character(s). Speaking Character: Name: Gender: Species: Age: Appearance: (Description or picture works) Bio: Other: Monster: Name: Gender: Species: Appearance: (Description or picture works) Bio/History: Weapons/Powers: Other:
  3. Altered Carbon is a new science fiction and mystery show on Netflix released on February 2, 2018. It's one of their original series, which means there's a possibility that it could have more than one season, and the first season recently finished. The show stars Joel Kinnaman in his most ripped form ever, who you might know from Robocop (2014), and Suicide Squad (2016). If you want to have a read on it here's a link to the Wikipedia page, However, it pretty much spoils the entire first season, if you read past the Synopsis. The Synopsis already spoils a lot in general too, keep in mind. If you want me to briefly describe the world of Altered Carbon, well... As I said already it's a science fiction mystery show that takes place in the future, where humans have found a way to achieve virtual immortality, a way to by pass death. How they do it is something you should learn for yourself from watching just the first episode of the show. Essentially though with the ability to extend life, humans have been able to live through trips to other planets and conquer the star system; they've achieved things that people in the real world dream of today. However, while humans have been able to evade the riddance of life, they've also brought about it's degradation, and that's what this story explores. I just finished the first season, and I have to say it was a very interesting, and intense experience. It did have it's flaws, but the plot and lore in the story makes up for all of them. Plus the soundtrack is by Jeff Russo, who did the OST for Legion Season 1 (one of my favorite composers now, among the likes of Ramin Djawadi and Hans Zimmer). So my question is who plans on giving it a watch? And who's already seen or started watching it?
  4. Gotta stop with the new projects, but... I was in the mood for crackshipping. And Sci-fi. So you get... this. So yeah, this is a Romance/Sci-fi fic focused on Roy and Eirika. Why Roy and Eirika? Because that is the couple my dreams that started this showed me. [spoiler=Roles, characters will be added as they appear, details to be added as revealed in fic]Roy- The first of our two main protagonists, a test subject of the Dream Machine. Actually the 'Seer of Ice'. Seliph- Roy's escort, Dr. Chalphy's son and Dr. Velthomer's stepson. Is unaware of the Dream machine's existance, but has his suspicians. Wishes to simply leave, but reality holds him back. Sigurd/Dr. Chalphy- A scientist of the facility who mysteriously died when Seliph was a child. Voice- A voice in Roy's head. Arvis/Dr.Velthomer- Seliph's stepfather, and is the scientist in charge of the Dream Machine. Dr. Sephiran- Scientist in charge of preparations for the Dream Machine's use, as well as its dissassembly. Eirika- Ephraim's escort Ephraim- Eirika's twin and the Seer of Fire. Eliwood- One of the children sent to the conference room with his escort. Rebecca- Eliwood's escort, seeems to have a constant smile... Micaiah- Alongside Eliwood and Rebecca, she was sent to the conference room with her escort, Sothe. [spoiler=Current Chapters]1. Prologue 2. The Dream Machine 3. Just an Ordinary Girl... or not. 4. Finally Get to Meet the Others I don't have prewriting to share with you. Too many spoilers, even with a tag! Link= https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10174744/1/The-Dream-Machine So yeah, as usual, everything about this goes here. Et cetera et cetera...
  5. So does anyone play or used to play Emblem of Gundam? It's a strategy game somewhat similar to Advance Wars but it's only in Japanese for the Nintendo DS. Here's a trailer.
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