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Found 219 results

  1. NOTE: This thread is currently on a hiatus and is no longer being updated. It might return someday, however! And everything that it contains should still be there, if anyone wants to read it. Hello everyone! So, you might be wondering how this is supposed to work. Basically, I got tired of going to all the effort of choosing what hack I want to do next, so I'm gonna let you do the whole "picking" thing for me! You see that vote up there? Basically, people suggest stuff, I add it to the poll, and you can guys can vote for stuff you're interested in. I've added three choices up there to start us off, and you're probably only going to recognize one of them. All you have to do is vote. However, if you want to suggest something, it's a bit more complicated: SUGGESTION RULES SUGGESTIONS: 1: You don't have to be anyone or anything special. Just say you want a hack added to the poll, and I'll probably add it. BUT... 2: It would be VERY helpful if you were to provide a link. Some of the really old hacks can be kinda hard to find, even with google. 3: On that note, I, personally, would prefer to have some old or obscure hacks that most people don't know about in the poll. I'll do LPs of stuff people might not have seen before! 4: I reserve the right to deny hacks being allowed into the poll for pretty much any reason, like "too mainstream"(ex: Midnight Sun, everyone would vote for it because it's amazing and then we'd have 8 chapters of stuff we've already seen, just with my semi-witty comments). 5: I MIGHT have to make a new thread for a hack if it's too long. Typically, 8-10 chapters if where I'm gonna give it it's own thread, though it does depend on the length of individual chapters. That's kinda generous though, so don't expect this thread to move super-fast. I'll keep the updates coming out at a moderate pace, but hacks can remain in the list for a long time. 6: I will play hacks in pretty much ANY state of completion; complete, beta, alpha, "only one chapter complete V.00000001"... I'll play stuff that wasn't/isn't released to the public too, but I'll need you to PM me a link. Anyways! Enough rules. It'll probably be a few days before I get the first update out here. Until then, just vote and suggest. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Vaati's Revenge(Page 1, completed) Rage Emblem(Page 2, more-or-less completed) Tacthack(Page 3, completed for now) Different Dimensions Ostian Princess(Page 7, completed) Yet Another Ragefest Hack(Page 9, completed) Le Chien Est Adorable(Page 11, completed) One-Day Hack(Page 12, completed) Maiden Quest(Page 13, completed more-or-less) Mr. Night's Ragefest Defense Mission(Page 22, completed more-or-less) The Sacred Contention(Page 23, left uncompleted) Enderslicer's Escape(Page 27, completed) Athos Mode(Page 28, completed) Awful Emblem(Page 28, completed for now) Bloodlines(Page 34, completed for now)
  2. So, yeah. I'm doing this. This is a run of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem (both books) where I will only use Marth and female units. Male units besides Marth can't see combat, open doors or chests, be danced for, or be the target of a status stave(excepting staves that affect all units). The only things male units beside Marth are permitted to do are visit houses, talk to other units (for recruiting, or other purposes), and to get hidden treasure. LET'S DO THIS! Book 1, Chapter 1:
  3. From the creator of Corrupt Theocracy, Blademaster! has created a sequel called Sun God's Wrath in Fe8. Looks really good so I am going to LP it and play it blind. I didn't read everything in moniker's LP but I am more of a gameplay guy anyway so not knowing the history exactly is not a big deal to me, I can still get the gist of it. For more information on the lore and stuff go here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=53190 I will be playing this in hard mode to also be somewhat of a beta tester for that mode and provide feedback as I go. Let's get this shit started. Prologue, laying down the story
  4. Y’know, Fire Emblem’s been kinda boring lately. There are only so many times you can play the same game before you get tired of it. I can’t help but wonder if anything could make everyone’s favorite, most reliable GBAFE even more fun. Hmm, maybe… Yes, the 30 Hit minimum really is necessary. Fuck FE6 axes. To top everything off, I didn’t apply the translation patch, which broke the changelog! And I’m far too lazy to open everything in Nightmare to check it, so this is a completely blind run as well! I post changelog stuff on Imgur! https://sniperknight.imgur.com/ [spoiler=Chapters] Chapter 1: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=58421&p=4080481 Chapter 2: Chapter 3:
  5. After the disaster that was the FRLG nuzlocke, another one has appeared. Venturing into a remake of a sequel which had a prequel remade, our five bold heroes strive to blindly stumble through a game or something! In the LILAC corner, being called by pipes everywhere is Terrador! In the MAGENTA corner, with more mind tricks than that guy who sold you that set of knives you didn't need, Jedi! In the GOLDEN BROWN corner, the king of fast food and also no scoping noobs, Refa! In the SEPIA corner, a contemporary of Hippocrates, Shin! And sitting in the middle of the stage due to space constraints, is Horace! Dem rules; - If a mon dies, it's gone - First mon is catchable in the area, regardless if it's been caught or not before - Losing all your mons is only a game over if you have none in your box - Amazing names are mandatory - Trades between players will occur at given intervals permitting for hardware allowances - Starter Pokemon options have been selected by other players before start PROGRESS Terrador: Rocket Hideout - 0 Jedi: Bugsy - 0 Refa: Bug Catching Contest - 0 Shin: Rocket Hideout - 1 Horace: Rocket Hideout - 1 BUG CATCHING CONTEST 1. Terrador - Weedle 295 POINTS 2. Shin - Metapod - 259 POINTS 3. Refa - Metapod - ~245 POINTS 4. Horace - Metapod - ~240 POINTS 5. Jedi - DEAD
  6. Hi everyone ! I'm starting a LP! ... You have no idea, who I am? Well, why do you care? I'm not important here. The game is, so let's talk about it. So Aëdemphia is a (unfinished) RPG maker (2003) game you can download here. So... if you have taken a look at the previous image, you might have noticed the game is not in english. Indeed, it's french and don't have a translation because of the sheer size of it and the... not so warm reception of the english speaking RPG maker community. But don't worry, I'll be there to translate the most important of it. Woohoo! So... it's a RPG. What else? Aëdemphia distinguish itself by blending the two main groups of RPGs, japanese and western. Like a JRPG it has a developped story, a turn by turn battle system and people with gravity defying hair. And like a WRPG, it has an extensive world with lots of optional quests and loads of choices to make (and they do have consequences.) The actual demo contains around two thirds of the game and propose more than 30 hours of gameplay (for the average player) And more importantly, it's very good, yep I said it. And if you don't believe me... Read a bit more. So let's start, I guess. Part 1 : Introduction and dialogue Why emoticon limit!
  7. Everyone says archers are bad. I would agree with them. So, lets play FE8 with possibly the worst class in the game! [spoiler=Rules] Difficult mode because FE8 has the tower of grinding You get to decide which route I take (Please not Ephraim...) I'm doing Ephraim's route because the people have spoken. Only the twins (Eirika and Ephraim) and bow using classes may be used. Moulder, Natasha, Tethys, and Colm may be used. Any class that is not naturally bow locked (Warriors, Rangers, etc.) Can only use bows. The poll decided I get to not have this be a thing! I can only use archers. Savestates will be used. Tower and Arena abuse is a thing. Now that that's sorted, let's start this thing! [spoiler=Prologue] As said before, I'm playing Difficult mode. Plot. Nothing's changed here. Gimme that sword and get the hell out of dodge. Today is the day a little girl will face multiple grown men in fisticuffs and emerge victorious. As seen here (Yes that was a crit. On my first attack. Luck seems to be with this run.) Now to get the boss off that forest of his. TACTICS! Prologue Bosses: Getting beaten by little girls since FE7. Now that's how you don't get a 4-Stat Level Up, folks. Prologue is as easy as ever. See you next time on LITTLE GIRL SOLO: THE RUN ARCHER EMBLEM!
  8. NOTE:THIS LP IS ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE OFFICIALLY CANCELLED Hello, this is Voidlord with my third attempt at an LP! Hopefully, it will go better than last time (AKA no getting burned out on randomization). Extremely low growths (10% or lower) will be in BOLD, while extremely high growths (100% or higher) will be UNDERLINED [spoiler=Prologue] Because I needed one that's not too hard but lacks easily breakable tutorials Fado sure likes magic users and spooky scary skeletons Lyon sure knows that you're bringing your a-game for evil when you bring a demon Valter is now a crazy axe murderer [spoiler=Growths] Growths: HP: 105% Mag: 60% Skill: 215% Speed: 45% Luck: 5% Defense: 90% Res: 115% Comments: Insane growth in the Defensive areas and Skill, with decent magic and Luck that is four times worse than regular Knoll's Voidlord's rating: 9/10 Cormag Growths: HP: 10% Strength: 60% Skill: 0% Speed: 80% Luck: 10% Defense: 75% Res: 95% Comments: Despite serious Crit and Crit Evade issues, he's usable with his high speed and unorthodox Defense/Resistance growths Voidlord's rating: 6/10
  9. So... I don't know why I'm doing this, or how badly this is going to turn out, but... here we go! Okay, so, this is going to be a run of FE8 where you chose the units... and basically everything else too. And for some reason, I decided we can only have 8 units, including lords. Go figure. First off, the ground rules. I don't want all the cavaliers of Renais running about, and certainly not a team of trainees, so... With that said, get to it! I'll be going by popular vote, so the top 6 characters that get chosen.You can vote multiple times, but please don't spam the poll, just pick your 6. You guys also pick the route. I'll consolidate voting in 72 hours ish.
  10. After dissecting Myrrh in Klok's topic, I decided to try an experiment of my own. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a screenshot of the randomizer, so you'll just have to take my word for it. PRE-PATCH: - Any non-HP growth that was above 60% was dropped to 60% (this affected Tethys, Myrrh, and Ewan's phantom) - Myrrh's HP growth was halved (from 130% to 65%) RANDOMIZER STUFF: - I set the growth variance to 50%, for the most chaos I could muster - Con has a variance of 5, with 4 being the minimum (I think) - Weapon MT has a variance of 4 - Movement ranges from 5 to 8 - Randomized affinities - Everything else is what Klok outlined (here) ACTUAL RUN STUFF: - Skirmishes get fought if and only if they're in the way of a store I need to get to - The Tower of Valni/Lagdou Ruins are BANNED - RNG abusing will be used as necessary (and it WILL be necessary) As a result. . . Prologue Chapter 1 NEW UNITS
  11. Hello, and welcome to Supershyguy94s playthrough of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War!!!!! We know what were here for. LUTE GET OUT I will not be doing just any run, though. I am going to be doing a Nuzlocke, or no resets run. I am mainly doing this for self-torture enjoyment. : ] Here are the rules: If someone dies, I dont reset and cover up their death with lies. If Sigurd/Seliph dies, I reset and send others who had died in the failed attempt to their doom. NO abuse of the second rule. EVER. I can use one use of the Valkyrie Staff, but only to revive a future mother in Generation 1. Those are the rules! I think they seem fair enough I hope [spoiler=Jungby Castle] Wow, the run is starting! Obligatory history class. The only important part is the Lopt. Sect killing people and the 12 crusaders stopping them. These two are the rulers of Freege and Dozel. They dont like theyre good guys, though Oh hey, its Alvis the most OP Mage in the game! (that mains fire, anyway) A crisis? Well, its to be expected in Fire Emblem games. Also, this guy can see the future. The previously peaceful country attacking? WHO WOULDVE THOUGHT. In all seriousness, though, any country with ugly rulers is probably evil. Id use them as a wall. See? Even Midir wants to be a wall! Whoa. Theyre violent. Alec, by the way, youre wrong. They burn the place first. Its a gameplay element. Oh hey! Its Oifaye! (that sounded more clever in my head.) Oifaye is the best! Hes our tactician! Without him, this playthrough wouldnt happen! Basically, we play as Oifaye! We start! Also, Turn one formation and the like. ; ] Wow, Ardan is slow. He has vantage, or charge, or whatever they call it these days, but not pursuit. Benched Now we look at someone quite the opposite of Ardan. Sigurd, the somewhat OP main lord of this generation, has pursuit. That means he can double. No pursuit :/ He has critical, though, which might earn him a lover Yes criticals are a skill in this game (with two exceptions) Alec is better than Noish in practically every way. He has Pursuit and Nihil, which negates critical and, I believe, the special sword effects of death. Hes not staying on the team for long though. Midir got criticaled? No fair, Gandolf didnt have the ability. Thank you. this cutscene would take forever without this. Also, Aideens ONE guard didnt do so well so shes not exactly NOT being kidnapped right now. Man, the enemy phase theme is so catchy We meet our two new characters, both of which will get a lover (because theyre both good). Lex, the guy on the right, is really good and hopefully wont die. Azel Well, hes pretty good. Aw, Azel likes Aideen. He is not marrying her. Definitely not. Oh, and he can ORKO these bandits too. Thanks, clever level design. Azel mains fire magic, the worst in the game. He has pursuit, though. Lex doesnt have pursuit, but I can solve that problem he does have vantage and Paragon, though. That, with my plan, will make him top tier. Lex visits the village Azel saved, and a turn later these guys show up. Theyre Cuan and Ethlin, and they rock. Also, theyre married. Yay lovers critical! Poor Fin. Only gets one forced line of dialogue (and is still really good) Ethlin has critical, but no pursuit. At least she uses staves though Fin, meanwhile, has pursuit and an extra prayer skill! Thatll be helpful in a pinch. Cuan has continue, which is like pursuit but doesnt always trigger and attacks more. Ooh, close. Noish was severely injured by these fighters and Ethlin couldnt heal him this turn, so I built a wall. The healer animations are cool. But why doesnt she have a stave? Getting Fin experience! [spoiler=O.O] Or not I forgot about that village, so Noish and Alec go around the long way and build up their love points. Azels mission is to save these two villages in six turns. Good luck, Azel. Azel isnt the fastest, so Lex heads over for some help. We dont need it here, after all. Also, I had Noish visit the speed ring village -.- One village down. Only one more left. Fin versus the boss! Who will win? Whoa. Fin, get out of there. I decide Fin isnt worthy of defeating the boss. Lex can instead. Meanwhile, Alec and Noish block the chokepoint and rack up them love points. Azel isnt far behind. Also, Lex saved that village in the nick of time. Lex dodged : ] And hit him One round of combat later, Lex gets the kill! Jungby Castle is seized! Then we recruit Midir. Gandolf, if you wouldve have cheated to get a critical, this wouldnt have happened. Yikes. That pursuit is nice, but those stats Well, thats all for now. I hope you enjoyed so far (I promise, this will get exciting) I would like any feedback you have, because I have no idea if Im Lets Playing well or not. Thanks!
  12. So one day I had a brilliant idea "Lets do a KOTOR Run where I RNG my Attributes and Skills and let everyone else vote on my feats" but I decided that since there ain't a whole lot of builds that are really sub-optimal in KOTOR that it wouldn't be torture enough. So I looked up on how to Screenshot DA:O and decided to go with that instead. So this basically this is as described above. I use a Random Number Generator for my stats and you all get to decide what combat skills I'm picking up. And as you can judge by the "masochism" tag I don't trust you all to not force me to switch between 4 sets of weapons all the time. So this is going to be fun. Before we can get to the meat though, we need to create our character We have a choice of Humans, Elves and Dwarves, as well as 6 backgrounds, Dwarves and Elves (unless it's Mage Elf) get 2 origins to choose from however both Mages and Humans have only 1 background. Also of note is that Dwarves can't be mages unfortunately. As for as I know there is no difference in stats for all the races. A quick summary of the Backgrounds: Human Noble: Only Human background. Your the Son/Daughter of the Cousland family and your brother along with your house's troops. After he leaves though, your attacked by another Noble Asshole Magi: All Mages are locked up in a big tower by the Chantry and Templars. After you pass a test to become a true Mage, one of your friends reveals he's dating a Chantry Priestess, which is forbidden, and you aid him in escaping Dalish Elf: Elves who don't like living with their oppresive human overlords so they live in the woods. One day you and a fellow tribesman discover a Demonic artifact in a cave. City Elf: Your about to be wedded to a lovely woman/man when all of a sudden a noble's son takes your bride/you to rape her/you at his party. Dwarven Noble: Your the favored son of the king and are about to lead an army I think? I don't know, I've never played this route. Dwarven Commoner: You are a casteless, Dwarves with out a special mark and are therefore are heavily discriminated against. As such you work for a local crime lord to get by. Anywho, the poll is there, get voting and tomorrow around 3-4 PM EST I'll update it with the Skills Poll, as well as showing you my Character and RNG'd stats after that. Eventually we'll also have to pick the specialization we get at Level 10. I feel like I'm forgetting something but I keep checking and I have everything so if I am please tell me. If you also want Info on how to make me suffer either check this wiki or ask me.
  13. Okay, so I decided that this would be a good idea for some reason. Basically, I really like Hamtaro and I thought that I should document Hamtaro Ham-Hams Unite for everyone. In fact, since it is such a shortish sort of game, I think that I might actually do a blind LP of Ham-Hams Heartbreak afterwards if I really enjoy this. I'll probably do the playing and upload right after this post, though it could take just a teensy bit of time. So without further ado, I give you [spoiler=Youtube Video that isn't actually me playing because you know, screenshots]
  14. Well, everyone else is doing one and the game's relatively short so hell, I might as well throw everything into the blender and see what transpires. Using the same settings as Klok's LP so...let's get this random party started! [spoiler=Prologue & Ch1: Monster Quest] Yeah, I'm no weakling. Go big or go home for challenge I say! Someone hit the red button and changed everyone. Names, classes, you name it, the jerk that hit the red button likely caused it. Apparently the enemy hates monsters. I suppose they aren't anyone we know, right? Oh hey, there's a king...who was really a monster this whole time. That being said, he doesn't seem too bad. That speed is likely going to lead him into being doubled before long, meaning he's going to need to travel very carefully as the game progress, but good starting magic & resistance scores means he's no slouch at dealing damage right out of the gate. Being a flyer gives him some utility too, allowing him to reach important points in a map before anyone else potentially. If one king wasn't enough, how about two? Fado's having none of this dying bullshit on his home turf and he too turned himself into a monster. Lots of move, acceptable bases. Should be able to help Hayden mop up the joint if needed. Just a reminder that Hayden isn't very tanky right now. Since I want to feed him as much experience as possible, I'm going to have to get a bit crafty. By crafty, I mean Fado stands in front of Hayden and trades his weapon away to him so he can act as a giant monster-esque wall to which the enemies will have to put in some serious work to break down. Like so. I've got six Vulneraries to burn so Fado can keep on tanking hits like this. Not much needs to be said about my strategy here. Hayden keeps plinking away while Fado uses a Vulnerary so he can keep up with his tanking duties. Repeat until Hayden drops the two nobodies. You know, assuming he can hit said nobodies in the first place. After a good 4-5 rounds of a giant eye nuking things, there's only the leader and...oh god that's another monster, haha. So I'm 3/3 on player units & bosses being monsters. I'd love to see this keep up honestly. In any case, O'Neill has a ton of speed, enough to double the two monster kings, but he's no stronger physically than his lackeys. All this means is that Fado will likely take 6 damage a round compared to 3 damage. Fado rushes forward into a forest and pops another Vulnerary as he's going to be tanking again. Monsters wanting to kill other monsters...oddly amusing to be honest. That high speed does mean O'Neill will be a bit tricky to hit, but luckily for Hayden, he nails both of his attacks over the next two turns, killing O'Neill. Considering he's gotten all the kills thus far, something else happens... Hayden's first level! Not that bad actually since he can now hit harder and be more accurate, two things he'll sorely need if that speed is anything to go by. Eirika really needs to lay off the drinks because monsters are appearing everywhere, but whatever, chapter 1 time now! Not much to say about the start here. Fado uses his turn to take back his Demon Surge weapon since I'm going to need him ready for offensive strikes if needed. Meanwhile, Hayden gets as close to the Soldier's attack range without being in it as he can. He'll take a hit most likely from the Fighter in the next enemy phase, but he'll be fine. I think he's even seeing through this whole farce...or maybe he's drunk too, who knows? You didn't miss much here. Just Hayden trading blows with that Fighter. Reinforcements for us, but obviously they aren't who they say they are. Oh hey Ephraim, fancy meeting you this early. Problem here is that his magic is abysmal and he's not that much faster than Hayden. Hopefully his growths don't disappoint. Please please please have awesome growths Saleh. Amazing bases, high move, and a flyer to top it all off. Ephraim's 2 magic just hurts him so badly. He needs to feed off of very low hp enemies if he wants to get anywhere. Saleh though kicks all kinds of ass. Give him some Vulneraries and he'll likely be able to fend for himself if needs to fly somewhere dangerous. Fado wipes out a Fighter while Hayden finishes off the Fighter he counterattacked last turn, picking up the same level he got in the prologue. Enemy phase highlight right here folks. Saleh promptly kills the foolish Soldier on his counterattack. Saleh still owns face as he continues to either ORKO or OHKO his opponents. He grabs a bit of an underwhelming level after counterkilling a Soldier, but whatever. Strong bases ensure he'll be pretty good up to at least lv8-10. Oh sure, more random mooks to slay. Going to let Ephraim lure in one Fighter and do some damage via a counterattack with everyone else out of range and ready to pounce on the enemy trio in the next turn. Some people can murder well enough. Others would murder if they could actually hit their targets. That's why Fado's here to correct said failure to murder. You didn't miss anything on the enemy phase aside from the Soldier & Ephraim trading blows. The Soldier is weak enough that Ephraim can finish him off on the next player phase, leaving only the boss to deal with. Another monster as a boss, fantastic. Too bad he sucks besides his modest hp total. Between just about everyone getting in some random hits for lulzs and unneeded rescue shenanigans (Fado rescued Saleh just in case someone wanted to attack the boss at melee range), the boss falls to an attack by Hayden who picks up another level. No magic in this one, but he gets some precious hp which is just as important. He then seizes on the next turn. Ephraim confirmed to be a secret agent working undercover without the girls noticing. That concludes this update. [spoiler=Growths & Comments (Hayden, Fado, Ephraim, Saleh)]Hayden's growths: Hp: 15% Luk: 20% Mag: 80% Def: 0% Skl: 100% Res: 80% Spd: 20% Eh, he's going to become more and more of a liability as the game progresses with those kind of hp & spd growths. Not as worried about him having no def growth as that simply means he'll need to ensure that there's no physical bearing enemies near him when he ends a turn. Fado's growths: Hp: 25% Luk: 30% Mag: 0% Def: 45% Skl: 60% Res: 95% Spd: 75% If there's a 0% in someone's growths, it had better not be in a stat they're going to need desperately. Fado clearly didn't get this. Hopefully the enemies don't get too resistance blessed later on. Alternatively, I get another Gorgon that rocks the house down the line. Ephraim's growths: Hp: 45% Luk: 35% Mag: 25% Def: 35% Skl: 55% Res: 70% Spd: 50% 2 magic with a 25% growth sucks, but his other growths aren't horrid. I guess I'll give him a chance and see if he gets enough lucky magic level ups for himself. May even consider promoting him if I don't run into a staff user quickly enough, just to have a staffbot available. Saleh's growths: Hp: 105% Luk: 50% Str: 25% Def: 0% Skl: 45% Res: 0% Spd : 15% Dammit Saleh, I thought we had something special going on here and you decide to have god awful strength & speed growths. Even so though, his fantastic bases coupled with flyer capabilities means he should stay relevant for awhile.
  15. You guessed it, I'm back and I guess I'll play some more Fire Memeblem. My last two LP's failed but this should be pretty easy, I'm super used to Sacred Stones and there's nothing special about this run that would make it any more or less difficult than it is! Edit: this is now an english run because randomizer doesnt work with japanese copy, because everybody is RACIST. Please feel free to post with questions comments concerns criticism praise and everything inbetween, I survive on feedback (seriously it's my lifeblood) edit;modified title because sheep mode wasnt really saying what it was
  16. Hello, this is my LP of FE4. Here it begins. Hopefully you'll enjoy: I apologize in advance, if some units are going to die, because I'm very VERY bad at this game. [spoiler=Prolog part 1] Welcome to FE4 Genealogy of the Holy War. It's the first time that I play this game and it's also my first blind LP of a regular FE game. Since I'm enjoying FE5 a lot atm, I thought to start doing a LP of its prequel. Since it's blind LP I know almost nothing about this game. I know that for example skills and marriages exist, but I don't know, how exactly these mechanics work. I try to find it out as much as possisble by myself. However tips and hnits are always appreciated! So let's start this: A rolling timeline - cool! Never have seen it in FE before. Geography Judgral's (I show it uncutted, because I need it to understand the entire story) Grandbell Lots of douchfaces I know this guy Agustria Verdane Current situation I think I know, what they're going to do... Sirgod They're f**ked! Sirgod and Noish This is Oifaye, when he was a cute teenager. "Mr. Frankenstein" Ardan and Alec Map Since in FE4 the maps are much larger than in any other FE game and the fact that the SNES9x has a different image format than VBA, I can't show you the full map. I only will show you the images, where the main action takes place. Jungby in the south, which will be defended by Midir. Probably vainly... Chalpys in the east, where my units start. Another castle in the west, which isn't taken (yet). My allies Noish Noish is a social knight, who can use sword and lances. Cavaliers are divided in this game: sword, axe, lance and bow cavaliers exist; also cavaliers, which can use two weapon types already. So far as I know mounted units can't be dismounted in FE4. Explanation of some terms (please correct me, if I'm wrong): Lover: I believe, if you attack next to your partner, you'll get an automatic critical. Talk: If you talk to this person, you'll get a reward. Gold: ? Arena: ? State: ? Anima magic divided in this game like in FE5 and Tellius. His stats for level 3 are pretty insane. In general the base stats of the allies are pretty high for their level, because also the enemies have damn high base stats (will explain it later). Each of my allies has at least one skill. Noish even has two: critical and charge Tbh I don't exactly, what charge will do, but think I'll find it out sooner or later. Sigurd Sigurd is the main character of Gen 1. He's a lordknight. He has awesome weapon ranks (* = max rank I think). He also has two leadership stars, which could give him +10 hit and evasion like it does in FE10. Pursuit sounds like adept from the Tellius series, another attack. Overall a pretty damn good unit! Ardan Ardan is a swordarmor knight with expectable stats of a knight. Armorknights also seem to be split in sword, axe, lance and bow. He has nice sword rank and the ambush skill. It seems to work like FE13 vantage. Not as good as it's in FE5. Alec Alec is another socialknight. One level below Noish with accordingly lower stats. Same weapon ranks like Noish. He also has pursuit and nihil, which works identically like it does in FE10. It cancels the skill(s) of the opponents. Midir [ Midia is a bow cavalier. He can't do anything against all these brigands with her only 2 range weapons. His stats are alright. He also has pursuit and charge. Boss Now the castle in the west Evans is seized by this guy: Look at these stats: 55 HP and 16 speed - insane! Too bad that his weapons weigh him down so dramatically! The hand axe weighs 20 (!!!) and there's no buffer in this game. So his speed should be 0. Enemies In this chapter you only fight axe and bow brigands. Like I earlier said not only my units have pretty damn good stats, but also the enemies. The brigands have up to 40 HP. In the first turn I'm killing the first enemy. Right: Stats of your unit's weapon Left: Stats of the enemy's weapon One imprtant advice: You must defend the castle where you start. If an enemy captures it => Game Over; same goes when Sigurd dies. Also make sure to place an unit in this castle, whenever an enemy is very close to it. The castle throne also gives you very nice boosts. In the enemy phase Midir couldn't defend Jungy as I expected. The enemies capture not only the castle Jungby, but also Aideen. Aideen will be brought to Evans and a brigand destroys the bridge. First I must recapture Jungby! Enemies will come towards me and will burn villages! Two more allies - Azel and Lex Lex Lex is axe cavalier with excellent base stats and weapon level and two awesome skills: Ambush (like Ardan) and elite, which gives you double experience. Probably one of the best units in this game! Azel Azel is a mage with very nice base speed. He hasn't as awesome skills as Lex has, but still a pretty good unit I think, since is the first non physical unit in this game!
  17. IT'S BEEN TOO LONG SINCE I DID ONE OF THESE THINGS. For people who can't guess, this is a hack of Pokemon Ruby for the GBA. If you also can't guess by the fact that I'm LPing this, it's also kind of horribly horribly designed. Item prices skyrocketed, trainers don't give out nearly as much money as the used to, the level curve and everyone has a fucking potion. Or two. Or four. It's really annoying. I'm not completely blind for this, but I'm not fully informed either. I'll try and keep SPOILERZZZZ of the (admittedly bad) plot and gameplay to a minimum, although people might have heard me ranting about this monstrosity from time to time. I'm not playing with any kind of restrictions because due to the aforementioned terrible leveling curve, the last thing I need to do is shoot myself in the foot any more than the game already forces you to. I don't really have any more to say other than I'll be somewhat open to suggestions on what to use. I have 2/6 planned out which are probably staying, but feel free to suggest who you want me to use. There are horrible fakemons in this game, but I don't really know anything about them bar one, so don't expect any insight from me. But yeah, time to get this started. [spoiler=FEMINISTS ARE IDIOTS] Oh god that school sucks ass. Oops, I already broke the no spoilers thing, didn't I? I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK THERE According to Xinnidy, I'm a boy. Might. What. Who the hell names their kid that? After a little while I decided the second summed up my feelings about this hack slightly better than the first one, so I'm going with that. Well I don't. I TOLD YOU I DON'T WANT TO GO. Start in the middle of nowhere. Right. At least it's better than a moving truck? Oh god. We can have silent protagonists without spamming DOTDOTDOTDOTDOTDOT you know? I feel like this name was the correct choice. Why did we turn around when the voice was coming from the other direction? HOW SHOULD I KNOW? Fuck that, it went well for the kids in Sinnoh, so why wouldn't it work here? I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT WAY HOME IS. Oh god. He's succumbed to the ellipsis spam too. Then there's some ENCOURAGING WORDS that weren't interesting at all so I didn't screencap them. gg. I'm sure that'll go perfectly well. Darn. We almost made it a full screen away without being interruptions! FEMINISTS THEY RETURN I just noticed Kevin standing further in front of us for no reason. That's really off-putting. Man the evil team waste no time in showing up? I wonder what kind of MACHO EVIL INTIMIDATING NAME THAT STRIKES FEAR INTO THE HEARTS OF EVEN THE BRAVEST MAN could have? Addendum: The only chump they scare is Kevin. Seriously. Dark Organization. The weeb level is rising. What an ORIGINAL PLOTLINE. "hard way." Such intimidating words. I'm quaking in my boots. I thought you told us to run? The chump actually has a point! THEY'RE NOT OURS EITHER, IDIOT. Oh man a TERRIFYING WOOBAT. Yeah there are later gen Pokemon and fakemons in this game. The starters are all the kanto ones. I really recommend that you NOT pick Charmander because for some dumb reason half the game is spent raining, which makes it kind of shitty. I picked Bulbasaur because fuck the second gym. The first is arguably going to be worse, but whatever. >Wild >Sandstorm background GOOD HACK. Anyway, I literally missed four times in that fight. I don't get it. Level 2 Pokemon op. It was level 2. Come on. So much for you protecting the Pokemon? Man, you're doing SUCH A GOOD JOB DELIVERING THEM by giving them away, aren't you? I don't get this woman at all. No kidding. I'm not sure if "happy" is the right word considering I know what's in store for me. GOTTA SET THAT CLOCK (WRONG). I don't even know why I bother. Oh. Yeah we have those apparently! And fade out and back to our room.
  18. Hey, how are you doing. I decided I wanted to do something with FE12, especially since no one is updating my current tag team of it. *coughcough* I wanted to try this playthrough as an idea. I want you, the people of SF, to make all the choices for me. This includes, Our dear MU's name and what they look like, class, stats, etc. All choices in the story (Who we get in the prologue, hair style choices, etc.) Who we use on each chapter Who we bench, and when we bench them Who we train in the training grounds and etc. And probably a few more things. A few exceptions to the rules I'm OCD and want to recruit everyone, so if someone is recruitable during a certain chapter, said person will be fielded, no questions asked. This will be a true ending run, so nothing that will screw me out of getting it. Julian, Minerva, Sirius, and Merric will be mandatory, mainly to get everyone during the final chapter, and just in case so I don't get screwed completely. You have to be reasonable with who we field in each chapter, I'm not using untrained people in late game chapters. No more than 2 units of any class. No reclassing. And this will be played on Hard mode, because I like to have fun with playthroughs and not hate myself. But anyways, we need to do stuff before we start! What's our name? I'll either randomize it or pick the most popular name, let's just see how this goes, first.
  19. Teq here, with yet another LP. I too feel the need to investigate this hot new randomizer schtick, and I shall do so in the most obnoxious way: by making y'all watch me play it. I'm following Klok's rules in his randomizer thread, with one exception: all growths have a minimum of 5%. This works out to 1.8 levels over 38 level-ups on average, so it's hardly gamebreaking. The rules! I'll be posting growths at the end of the chapter; until then, I don't know them. For the most part I expect my characters to be absolute shit and my life will be a living hell because of this. [spoiler=Prologue] Yeah, let's make things a little more lively, shall we? Well, our lord has swords, which is nice in the earlygame, has halfway decent stats, and a really nice HP pool. I think I could like this one. Only drawbacks are his low movement and strength, and that slim sword isn't helping his damage output. Our Jeigan is...holy crap, 19 speed? Sure, that's 17 speed with iron axes, but this gal is going to double pretty much everything in the earlygame. Great defense and HP; I don't care how bad her growths are, she's getting used. I'm really glad Eirika didn't become a revenant or something; O'Neill would rip her apart with his thunder tome. Fortunately, my guys can handle him. Saleh starts this run off with a bang. Tana nods approvingly in the background. Saleh goes on a forest to gain some evade. Tana runs off, just in case that fighter decides she's a more tempting target. And now I need her. Lovely. She can ORKO, but she'd get OHKO'd if she didn't crit, so I have her heal up as a precaution. She gets the kill, no big deal, no big fuss. End of Prologue [spoiler=Growths (Saleh, Tana)] Saleh: HP: 15 Strength: 70 Skill: 60 Speed: 5 Luck: 5 Defense: 35 Resistance: 55 He has a pretty high HP base, so I'm not terribly concerned about his low hp growth, but the speed is disheartening. He'll just have to whip out lots of crits. Defenses aren't terribly bad, either. Definitely not as bad as Terrador's revenant Eirika. Tana: HP: 20 Strength: 10 Skill: 60 Speed: 40 Luck: 60 Defense: 100 Resistance: 5 Her high speed base and ok growth compensate for the low strength growth. In fact, it's even better, so she function as a chipper and not steal so much xp. Can actually hit things with axes. Great defense and is guaranteed to cap before 20/20, but she'd better avoid mages like the plague. I actually had chapters 1 and 2 written up as well and accidentally backspaced. I'll rewrite them tomorrow.
  20. There's been a huge spate of people doing randomized FE8 LPs on Serenes' Forest after Klok started one, But I'm noticing a painful dearth of other games... So, I'm going to try one myself! I actually started this LP on imgur because I couldn't figure out how to insert the screenshots, so the first three updates are going to be transposed from there. I think I get it now, though - so without further ado, let me introduce: FIRE EMBLEM SEVEN : RANDOMIZED! I'm using the Universal GBA FE Randomizer by OtakuReborn; you can find it here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=55809&page=1 These are my settings. Seeing how characters would fare if they had been placed in different classes is one of the things I like most about randomizers, so I'm not randomizing anything except for classes, affinities, and recruitment. I'm actually not the biggest fan of random recruitment either, but I'm figuring it'll make for an interesting run. Anyways, the odds are in my favour that this'll mean getting Nino early! (I never really caught up with the tier-making fanbase's switch from growths-favouring to bases-favouring, so expect to see me babying weak units and neglecting prepromotes a lot .) I didn't randomize Thieves because I hate leaving resources un-plundered, and I didn't buff enemies because I'm not good enough at this game yet to need extra challenge. Let's jump right in! [spoiler=Prologue and Chapter One] I'm going from Lyn hard mode to either Eliwood hard or Hector normal. I've never played through Hector mode, so I kind of want to try it, but Eliwood mode is more proof against getting screwed by the randomizer in the first few chapters. Don't expect me to cover the story cutscenes. The point of a randomizer playthrough is extra gameplay for people who already know the game, and anyways, I find it jarring to have characters talking in cutscenes that don't exist in my party. Is... is that...? It is! Hector Lord Lyn! This is gonna be great, I can just feel it! Lyn's new palette seems pretty nice. Batta never stood a chance. Speed and defense... Could be better, but I'll take it. I'll also have to screenshot levels a bit later than I did here, it looks like... From what I've heard, Lyn mode characters don't get randomized recruitment, because they're actually different versions of themselves from the ones you get in Eliwood/Hector mode, so that's why nobody's been replaced by a different character so far. Annnd here are my new Kent and Sain! Funnily enough, I've had both of these versions of them before - in my first randomized run, which used Ephraim and Klok's randomizer and is currently stalled at BBD, had Troubadour Kent, and more recently I tried starting a run that got Female Archer Sain. At least this time Sain didn't spawn with a Ballista... I'm rather liking the utility of Kent's inventory here, it's a pity it'll get wiped at the end of Lyn mode. I had Lyn weaken the bandit so that Sain could finish it, and this is the thanks I get? Kent doesn't look too bad as a troubadour. That's better. It's good to know that first miss was just a fluke, and now Sain's gonna be his (her?) usual awesome self... right? ...Of course not. Operation Feed Sain Kills is not going as planned, thanks to her (his?) stupid poison bow and its terrible accuracy... At least I have an earlygame healer to make up for it. That's right, Lyn, keep luring them in... -sigh- S/he can't even kill this one if s/he hits! Sain, why would you do this to me? Annnd EXP is lost to Sain's poison bow... blast. Alright, Sain, you get one more chance... Screw it, I'm giving Lyn the kill instead. Here are our stats against the Nino-boss. Guess I'll give Sain one more shot at redemption... Huh, Zugu's palette isn't half bad. Sain, you're not supposed to be this disappointing! ...At least this might do something about that hit-rate... [spoiler=Premonition: A Glimpse of Friends to Come] I decided to make a little mini-update to show off our other two Lords so that you can select which route I'll be taking! Let's take a sneak peek at our first option, Eliwood Hard Mode. So we have a thief, a mage, an assassin, and a soldier. You're only going to learn about the thief for now, though, as everyone on this screen will join in chapter two of Hector's route, making all but our new Lord unimportant to the big decision. Besides, I have to keep up /some/ suspense, don't I? It's Jaffar! And he's looking awfully tough, too. I mean, just look at that! Only level 1, and four out of six stats are already in the double digits! While having a thief lord could be interesting, and chapter one on this route is less likely to potentially screw me over, it obviously means less chapters. Now for the other possibility, Hector Normal Mode. Sorry, HHM fans, but I like my sanity. ...Somehow I have a feeling that I won't be worrying for a lack of thieves this playthrough. It's none other than the legendary Sword Demon, here to bathe his blade in the blood of our... uh... our... banes? Nah, I can't think of a way to keep that alliteration going. Anyways, if you thought Jaffar was strong, well... it appears Karel isn't one to be outclassed. Maybe I should have buffed the enemies a little, after all... Ah, well. Karel will definitely be able to promote earlier than Jaffar could, and he's got a nifty 60-use weapon for us! He also has 10s or better across the board. He might have a bit of trouble with those pesky lance-users, though... Which route will I be going? you decide! Should I go Jaffar Hard at the expense of a few chapters and two characters, or should I go Karel Normal and hope like heck that I can get my hands on some dough? (...get it? Since one of the Hector mode exclusive characters is Fari-never mind, it was dumb.) Just vote at the poll here: http://strawpoll.me/5105764 I /would/ make it a poll on this thread, but I already have upwards of 20 votes on this one, and I'm afraid things would just get mixed up if I tried to use both. Don't get too worried about taking a while to decide, though - I won't be counting up the results until the end of Lyn Mode. Of course, constructive criticism and feedback are appreciated! There's just one more update to transpose from imgur, but it's the longest one yet, so it may take a little while.
  21. HI FRIENDS I'm Breezy and we're doing a Pokemon Randomizer I was planning on doing an Emerald one but it wouldn't work and LeafGreen is also green so they are totally the same game right? RULES AND STUFF Standard Nuzlocke rules If it dies it's dead Nickname it all RANDOMIZER SETTINGS Random starters and wilds (No legends though because I am a wimp) Random TM's AND compatibility Gyms are random too [spoiler=CHAPTER 1: Totally Random] Hey look it's the best Gen 1 Starter Pokemon I'm not Honestly my favorite part about GBA Pokemon randomizers is the random Pokemon at the start I like her hat okay? I probably should have thought this through I'm fairy certain my thought process here was that Vayne players in League almost always go against the entire world and since this is a Nuzlocke that is likely to happen to me Hmmmmmm As we all know Vayne-s hate teamwork wait you don't all know that dammit HERE WE GO No random items because reasons YOU CAN'T MAKE ME :< That's a lie *insert obvious 911 joke here* I have eyes Is one of them Entei Please let me pick Entei SETTINGS Well I made it so starters have 2 evolutions and at this point I was worried it didn't randomize But no need to worry That was Dawn's thing Breezy this isn't Gen 4 Shut up I mean I think it was obvious which one I went with WHO'S THAT POKEMON?? [spoiler=IT'S] Scrub I can 1v5 you any day Ayyyy lmao Also I randomized moves because YOLO Leaf Blade is OP Oh yeah That happened Didn't lose to the Rival Already doing better than Dusk Encounters don't count until I get Pokeballs BTW WHO'S THAT POKEMON??? No NEXT TIME: NEW FRIENDS DEAD FRIENDS And stuff
  22. Due to large amounts of peer pressure, I've decided to join in the bandwagon and make a FE8 playthrough as well! But this is no ordinary playthrough...in my epic suicidalness, I have randomized EVERYTHING!!!! Here are my insane settings :3 The chances of me being heavily RNG screwed are incredibly high, but screw it, I'M INSANE! (part 1 coming tomorrow) COMING SOON: INCREDIBLY BROKEN WEAPONS! POSSIBLY GOOD OR BAD GROWTHS! INSANITY IN GENERAL! this is my first ever LP so I'm probably going to fail a lot at many things :c​
  23. LET'S PLAY Rondo of Swords is a DS SRPG that has unique mechanics and great difficulty. It boasts many skill types, a diverse character cast, a pretty Fire Emblem-esque story with a twist, and in-battle conversations akin to supports. It also has errands you can run between chapters. There's... a lot to cover, so I'd rather just start the LP. [spoiler=Prologue: Escape from Egvard, Overview] Here we are, at the title screen! Nothing special. I'll start a new game now... Stitched together the pre-chapter exposition. It seems a small kingdom that houses the sword/bloodline which vanquished the "Darkness," is getting attacked by a large empire! Oh boy! I sure haven't seen this before! I'm leaving the top screen on for a while for demonstrative purposes, but after that while, I'll cut it off when nothing's happening up there. Soldiers! From the front and behind! If you haven't noticed, the dudes in the middle of the screen with nicer designs are the party. Here are Kay and Margus, the resident Cain and Abel of this game. Margus decides to let you know the chapter goal, which... I will actually be ignoring him because reasons! Margus: I'll stay here and hold them off. Now go! If that were only the case! Kay: Of course, but... Suddenly, this Serdic guy butts in! Oh, he's THAT Serdic. He doesn't take shit from anyone and he's a TOTAL tactical genius! Kay: Yes, your Highness! Leave it to me! Margus: ... I understand, your Highness. Margus: We'll show the Empire what it is to challenge Bretwaldean might. There's a soldier guy informing this Alberich, who happens to probably be a big-shot general of the Empire, about the situation. Alberich's like, dude, we're gonna get 'em. Also they're literally only several squares behind us. Overview of victory/defeat conditions. On the top screen, you can see a small amount of stats, and... We're all level 1. Whee! That's why we're escaping and not fighting, although it is technically possible to win this map by defeating every unit. I dunno how, but some guy did it. First, we're gonna go over our units. I'm moused over Serdic, who has his little "look at me, you selected me!" animation going on. Double-tapping brings up that menu, but first we're gonna go over his stats on the top screen. Level 1: Exp 0/100 Obvious. HP: 192/192, MP: 39/39 Obvious. Also, MP is used to cast spells and use skills, which will be covered when we actually get MP expending skills/spells. Atk: 22+38 Base attack + weapon attack. That's not actually how much damage he ends up doing, and honestly, I don't know the damage formula. Def: 30 + 8 Base defense + accessory defense. Mag: 21 Attack, but for magic! Mov: 6 The amount of tiles you can move in one go. Momentum Counter: 38 How much you've got going. Literally momentum. A higher number means you do more damage or something, but at the same time, enemies are more likely to target you. OverBreak: 0 This fills up and allows you to use OverBreak, which will be covered in the next screen. I double-tapped Info and brought up the Info screen. This is the Gear section. Spanta has its summary there. Akasha Juice restores some HP, the Moon Amulet adds Defense, and the Silver Ring increases FoW sight. This is the Skills section. Serdic currently just has this one. OB is the OverBreak I mentioned earlier. It's basically an ultimate attack, as described here. Here's his bio! Oh, he's 18? Oh my. The "Cond" tab is a Condition tab and basically lists debuffs/buffs. Here's Kay! He's your standard cavalier in that he has a ridiculous amount of Mov, but he's rather fragile and deals mostly in... dealing damage! Is the skill "Will of War" confusing you? Passing through is actually part of the main mechanics of the game! You can pass through allies for buffs, and pass through enemies to attack them - but you have to actually go through them on your movement path! It's a little difficult to explain, so you'll see it in action later. This is Margus. His Bio makes him look like literally Sain. As you can see, he has high physical stats, decent supportive options, and low movement. Basically a tank. Enough of that, though. We're getting started! Next post!
  24. Hello evrybody, i'm Izhuark and you surely don't know anything about me (if it's the case i invite you to read the well named "about me" section of my profile). I'm actually in summer vacation and have too much time so i looked on Romhacking.net if i could find translation of an RPG on the DS since i'm an huge fan of RPG... And I found this game. I never heard about it and tried it yesterday (it is past midnight in my timezone) about 30 minute and then thinked it would be cool to do a blind run on this forum... So here whe are ! About the game : Like i said i only played 30 minute into the game to know what kind of RPG it was and it seem to be a classic RPG with menu based combat and a 4 character party. The game look a lot like Etrian odyssey in the way it represent enemies, the guild and mission system, party formation, the skill tree and an adrenaline system like in the first EO except that instead of having a jauge that fill with each action each character have 3 "exhaust" points and can spend one to enter in this "adrenaline mode" i just now it augment the overall damage of the next action and i think you can restore those point by sleeping at the inn. The main difference between this game and Etrian Odyssey is that instead of roaming in a dungeon the layout is like clasic rpg's with towns and world map to explore. i read in the translation patch's readme that the game is masochistic so i except something around Etrian Odyssey difficulty... Prologue : In a world whith good Hunters and bad Dragon... I planned to let the user of the forums make their character but since I had no response; I will continue the let's play with my own ... but anyway if you want to know how the other class and apparences look here they are !
  25. Hello there Serenes Forest! You might remember a while ago I tried a random Sacred Stones run... Well, I gave up on that, since doing most of the stuff I was doing was tedious, so I gave up. Instead, as you see here, I will be playing FE:Gaiden, since well... It's Gaiden. I've never really seen a run on it on SF, so I thought I might give the real black sheep(Besides, SS is probably more of a gray sheep than it would be a black sheep) of the Fire Emblem Series. Gaiden, as the word means, is a side story to Marth's first game, Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light(Or Shadow Dragon if you go by the remake). It features some characters from FE1, and takes place about a year after FE1(I think, I know it takes place between Marth's first and second games.) [spoiler=The Beginnining ] If you leave it on the title screen you get some backstory on the game's setting. So far, as it says, there's two sibling gods on the island of Valencia. Can't have love without hate. In half? Then doesn't that make it two islands now if that was done? We only have two main countries here in this game, so don't expect doing to different countries in this game. Make note of this. You won't need to make note of this, because you'll see. And our first thing Gaiden has different from other Fire Emblems, is that there are explorable towns. I'm not sure why other FEs didn't try this, as it doesn't seem like that bad of an idea. Maybe someday? Also, here we have two people here, whom will talk... Right now! And that was sword training? It looked more like Alm(The blue guy) was just running into you then twoards the house and running into you again over and over. So is Alm a kid or something? I don't think people would say exactly that to a teen or adult. Then why don't you take care of them? You look like you could if you could be rammed into over and over and not budge. Anyways, I guess we need to go do... Something... Hmm? What's this here? Some kind of meeting? Uhh... Ok? Is it the guy next to you? Three of these guys say the same thing, so I'll try talking to the red guy. A chicken coup? Oh, that kind of coup! Why? Well, I don't know yet, but problably "Grr I want power so that's why I did it!" I mean, its a NES game, would the plot be THAT complex? Then just grind on some stuff like the bandits outside. Mycen? Purple armor guy? He's a general? Then why doesn't he fight those bandits? K. K. I guess? Mycen? So your just going to let the bad guy come and attack this village? What a jerk. Unless you're playing on casual mode(No this game doesn't have it) Yea... SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED! *Cue airhorns* So Alm does have a portrait, and talks! I thought he would just be silent the whole game. Your welcome. And here we have the first ever playable soldier in FE. Yes, they are actually a class, not something to slaughter. Lets see what the other three have to say. You! Yes you! I have the feeling he might get into trouble. Also, dat face. YOUR NOT ROBIN! Unless... *Gasp* Possible ancestor? Glad to see someone realizes this unlike some OTHER people. Also, calm down, don't be so angry. Well, lets see what could be in these woods... Surprise! Those bandits Mycen talked about! What a twist! I'm right at the limit of images I can put into one update(What I use for uploading images only uploads 50 at a time, per hour) so, We'll see stats and our first battle next time! Edit:I should change that this LP is not exactly completely blind. I have played a little of this game before, seen LPs in other places, and I've read a summary of the story, so plot wise I know somewhat what is coming, but gameplay wise is a whole different story. Some advice would be helpful, but don't give away things like secrets and the like.
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