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Found 1 result

  1. I hope this doesn't come out as whiny, because it is more out of concern, but where is the Cipher news? I go to the sites and there isn't anything, which leads me to think that there really isn't anything to report on. If so, then Nintendo or IS or whoever needs to do something because interest is dying down from what I can tell. The last 24 hours, this sub forum say no new posts and the few days before that, it was just trading. People who play TCGs know what I mean here. Stuff like YGO and the Bushi games have a constant stream of news. In Buddyfight, we know of specific cards in a set that comes out after Cipher Series 2, along with specific cars in the set after that one. And yes, I am talking Japanese release dates. I'm not saying "show us all of Series 2", but rather "show us something from Series 2, over rehashing cards we already know". You know what I mean? Also, I would just bloody hate the idea of having to deal with mass translation and card page creating when the set releases. I'd hate to feel like we have our pants down again. Or maybe that was just me.
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