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Found 24 results

  1. I am a massive Flayn fan and I love seeing romantic art or fanfics of her and Byleth together, but this is sadly a pairing that either goes ignored or is openly vilified by much of the FE fanbase*. Mind you, this same fanbase has no issues with romantic Flayn pairings in general (Flayn x Dimitri seems to be wildly popular for some reason) but only is it when Byleth is involved that people seem to get up in arms. Yes, there are people who hate characters like Edelgard and Rhea, but nonetheless there are tons of art and stories of Byleth with them. Flayn by herself doesn't attract nearly as much vitriol (that I'm aware of), yet she's one of the characters least represented in Byleth ships (and yes, I know there are others, no need to bring it up). Flayn fans are also routinely mocked and insulted, and whenever Flayn x Byleth content IS created, it's always met with the same derision and backlash, often couched as "memeing". This is grossly unfair to Flayn and her fans, and both deserve better treatment. I know what many peoples' first objection is going to be to these points: "Flayn is a young child! Loving her or wanting her to be with Byleth is wrong and you are sick for it!" While this amounts to nothing but an empty and unwarranted personal attack, there are three reasons why it's completely invalid: Flayn is not a child or "loli" as people often label her. She has a teenage physique and is literally coded as being of 17 years of age (I'm not going to bother going deeper on this point because detractors will accuse me of "fixating on her body") Even disregarding the first point, no one is ever given hate for pairing Flayn with other characters as I've mentioned multiple times now. If Flayn is "too young" to be romantically involved at all, why is it still acceptable to pair her with Dimitri, Ferdinand, Linhardt, etc? Why is it ONLY with Byleth that it's a problem? People say they don't like pairing her because she "looks too young", but that doesn't stop the plethora of Bernadetta or Lysithea x Byleth content being produced, as well as the majority positive reception it gets in contrast (and yes, I do mean pre-timeskip). In summation, I am one among many passionate Flayn fans and we will continue to be her fans no matter how many insults and memes people bombard us with. Flayn is a kind, sweet and wonderful girl, and she deserves way more love and respect than this fanbase gives her, and so do we. *To be clear, I'm not referring to NSFW content of any kind, so don't even try to throw that argument out. If you have to make this about sex, that's on you.
  2. New to the fourms and heard that Byleth x Edlegard is the most popular ship, I was wondering why everyone ships it?
  3. Not going to lie, I really love pairing Edelgard and Dimitri, probably my favourite ship with Edelgard after both versions of Byleth. I don't know if this is a controversial opinion or not, but given their role in the game, I would have expected Dimitri and Edelgard romantic art to be more prevalent. I think what makes this pairing appealing to me is because I know it could never be in any of the established timelines. But it is something the both of them might have wanted by one point or another. They are likely Romeo and Juliet type of tragedy if Romeo became convinced that Juliet killed his father and his love turn into absolute hatred, and if Juliet started a war because she got sick of the family feud. Dimitri and Edelgard, the pair that could never be. I have also seen it mentioned in another topic that Byleth and Flayn is controversial for whatever reason, don't really understand why, it isn't really that much different from Byleth and Lysithea except Flayn is likely much older than any non-green haired character in the game. I also wonder if there is anyone who is shipping Edelgard and Rhea, because that is the most insane pairing I could think of and would be neat just because it is so ironic. So does anyone else support any pairings of characters that are unconventional or unpopular?
  4. Sooo, despite FE11 lacking actual conversations, there were support bonuses. Anyone who gives or receives a bonus from Marth counts. Me... I'm oddly fond of Marth/Tiki. Please tell me I missed no one.
  5. Title speaks for itself. For me, though... Fire Emblem: M!Robin x Tiki: This might be obvious for those who know me. I like like Tiki, but I do like the support between these two and the romance from it. F!Robin x Stahl: If I had to pick a dude, it would be Stahl. Guy is just a nice guy. M!Morgan x Lucina (Non-sibling, of course)/Nah : Both of these are just so good. The Lucina one was one I discovered more recently. Camilla x Benny/Kaze: Two practically interchangeable guys that are just nice. Special thanks to @ghast and his Support Science for inspiring me to follow these. Laslow x Azura: These two have much in common, and I like how they bond over them. Erk x Priscilla: AKA the better Erk x Serra. And Priscilla can be happy. Touhou: Mokou x Keine Remilia x Patchouli I saw the descriptions for both ships and liked what I read. Helps I read some good fanworks for the former. That’s all for now, will come with more. No wars, please.
  6. Saw similar topics, but none specifically for this (at least not locked), though I'm sure there have been some in the past. I'm curious about who you got to S rank with whom and why you chose to pair them. Everyone has their own reasons/themes they go with, so I'm curious to hear yours. To start us off, here's mine: F!Robin x Stahl: Just seemed right. I got the sense that my particular Robin was really into him and vise-versa, but in a calm, shy sort of way. It was cute. Chrom x Sumia: Seemed canon, though I actually wanted to marry Chrom off to Cordelia. Lissa x Donnel: They're both spunky and seemed like good compliments for each other. I could just see her helping Donnel on a farm somewhere, and being all cheerful and excited when friends arrived for a home-cooked meal. Frederick x Cordelia: Loyal and skilled Ylissian knights. I wound up loving their S support too. Poor Frederick. Sully x Vaike: Seems like they'd have a fun-filled marriage with a lot of wrestling matches, kill-count competition, and general roughhousing. Virion x Miriel: Honestly, these guys were kind of leftovers. It was between shipping Miriel with Virion or Kellam, and Kellam needed to stay true to never being noticed. Virion can fund Miriel's experiments or something, and he probably needed an heir. So, political/practical marriage, I guess? Lon'qu x Florina from FE7 (I would actually love to ship this) Cherche: So, she can cook and he's the best vegetable-peeler in the army. But really, I think it was because they seemed best for one another. Neither are that excitable *as in spunky or whatever), and even though she's pretty calm, Cherche also has some humor which seems to go with Lon'qu well. Plus, Minerva likes him. Ricken x Maribelle: This one's pretty obvious. He's so devoted, and from a noble house, too. It seems to fit both of them very well, and the story behind it is so sweet. Gaius x Olivia: Gypsy couple. They have similar lifestyles and the way they interact is cute. I think they really compliment each other. Panne x Gregor: They're among the most mature (behavior-wise) of the group, and seem like they enjoy each other on a calm, mature level. This was an easy ship, since they just naturally paired so well. Nowi x Libra: "These people worship dragons right? He's a priest... Okay, here: have a dragon." That was basically my reasoning. Tharja x Henry: Again, pretty obvious. They can handle each other okay, I think, and they actually (or, at least Hendry does) seem to enjoy each other. They have a lot of stuff in common too. Everyone else from Gen 1 stayed single, though I really really wanted to get Emmeryn and Gangrel to S and was disappointed when I saw they couldn't support. Now, onto gen 2! Lucina x Gerome: Masks! Owain x Noire: They were both so dramatic that they wound up helping each other be more normal while still accepting each other's eccentric sides. It was great. Inigo x Severa: Their supports were actually very sweet and while he's head-over-heels for her (and he's quite acrobatic, himself, so that's saying something), she actually becomes a much nicer person as a result! I was surprised to see how nice she was being. Good relationships bring out the best in both people. Yarne x Nah: Dragon-bunnies! I...don't actually remember who else I shipped with who. It's been a long time since I opened my Awakening file. Man, who did Laurent, Cynthia, Kjelle, and M!Morgan marry...? Eh. I'll leave this post as-is and maybe make a separate one if I care to remember. Anyway, show me your ships! And don't forget to explain your reasoning!
  7. If y'all know anything about me is that I love Severa(probably more than I reasonably should) I feel this video along with the song itself does a good job of explaining why. This song("Rolling Girl" by Wowaka) at its core is about a girl who constantly fails to achieve her goals and as a result falls into depression and eventually commits suicide. Which fits Severa’s character almost perfectly as she is a character that constantly fails to live up to the expectations set on her by others which creates an inferiority complex. Combine that with all the trauma she’s had to live through and it's no wonder She acts the way she does. I mean that's just a recipe for depression just waiting to happen. And as much as she tries to cover it up by acting cold and arrogant those aren’t her true feelings which she’s afraid to truly express because of perceived weakness or fear of pain. Due to all this all she thinks she can really do is keep silently rolling along and bear that pain alone. I sympathize with her and that's why I like her a lot. Now I'd much prefer the pairing in this video to be RobinxCordelia cause that makes more sense to me personally on thematic level but hey I still liked it.
  8. I decided to create a survey out of spite to see what first-generation pairs in Awakening are peoples' favorites. I know the hype for this game has died down, but I'm still very curious. You can take it here: https://goo.gl/forms/wVO8FrU1ew1avT6E2 Posting comments on why you voted a certain character is optional, but encouraged. Notice how I word the questions as well; you can vote for non-canon ships homo or heterosexual if you select "other."
  9. Title says it all what fire emblem fan pairings have you seen that make absolutely no sense to you. Like for me I have no clue why xander and laslow are shipped together so much. I mean from what I gather from their supports their relationship is purely platonic and more like liege and servant than potential lovers. I don't know am I missing something or what? I mean I get inigo x gerome but I dunno.
  10. O-kaaaaaaaaaaaaaay So, Ike and Micaiah, the Tellian lords. Normally, I ship Ike with Lethe, and Micaiah with one of Pelleas or Edward. OKAY NOW YOU CAN VOTE
  11. Let's talk about some impossible pairings in the FE series just for fun! FE1/3/11/12: Doga/Point FE4: Sigurd/Valflame FE6: Roy/Guinevere, Lillina/Wolt, Roy/Idoun (actually, there is a Roy/Idoun story on fanfiction.net made by the excellent author COOKIECHEESEMAN, I highly recommend it.) FE7: Lyn/Nils (lol why not), Eliwood/Isadora, Eliwood/Farina, Eliwood/Farina, Eliwood/Rebecca, Erk/Lyn (lol), Jaffar/Ursula (hey, they're both Disney villains) Elibe in General: Roy/Lyn, Roy/Rebecca, Roy/FE7 Pegasus Sisters (props to a certain user for her funny story with those pairings...) FE13: Lon'qu/Say'ri (I can actually see this work.), Chrom/Tiki (eh, why not) FE15: Kliff/Faye (lol) Crossover: Roy/Caeda (well, I had to choose...) That's all I have for now...
  12. Since I made a FE6 thread yesterday, figured maybe it'd be fun to go through the games with supports and do different polls for their lords. So, today we have FE7. Eliwood, Hector, and Lyndis. I'm normally for Eliwood and Fiora or Ninian, Hector with Lyn or Florina, and Lyn with Hector.
  13. Moving on, I suppose~ For me, I'd say I prefer shipping Eirika/Lyon, Tana or Innes and Ephraim/Tana or L'Arachel or Myrrh as a joke.
  14. It's been a while since there was a FE6 Shipping thread, so why not? Decided to include the Roy supports without endings as well, simply because Roy/Wolt has its fans and I thought "might as well throw in all of them for fairness sake." My preference tends to vary a lot, since I like most of these besides Marcus/Alen/Lance. I guess if I were to give a #1 it'd be one of Shanna or Larum. Probably Shanna, since while Larum's support is really funny, Shanna's is just really sweet. I like it more than the Lilina support, truth be told.
  15. http://shipping.bulbagarden.net/listaz.html I'll start with the name of Looker x Platinum Berlitz: IWantABabyShipping
  16. Howdy everyone, so I'm playing Revelations and now I've gotten to know like all of the characters because of Conquest and Birthright. But there is one little problem... I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHO I SHOULD PAIR UP!?!? In Awakening it was so much easier, I knew exactly who would be good with who, and I personally think my Awakening match ups were dead on (humblebrag). But with Fates, I just have no idea. Very few people are married in my game so I am turning the tables to you fellow Fire Emblem fans! Please, sell me your Fire Emblem Fates ships that can be achieved in Revelations. I don't really care about what kids can get what skill from whatever parent or anything technical like that. I'm all about personality and story! So please, help a guy out and sell me on your personal preferred pairings. With some excepts. These are the pairings that I already have... MaleCorrin x Niles Felicia x Inigo Owain x Severa Kagero x Saizo That's all I got. Their "Fates" are in your hands.
  17. Since this isn't fates exclusive (it supports FE4, FE13, and FE14) I thought posting here is more appropriate than in the Fates subforum. ANYWAY I'll just paste what I have from my Tumblr post: FIRE EMBLEM PAIRINGS OPTIMIZER tumblr post here tl;dr have a weekend project because some nerd (cough) wanted to implement some search algos with FE and this happened praise github I'm thinking of adding randomized pairings and customized sets at some point
  18. Whether it be for Love or for Stats, most of us have a favorite pairing for certain characters. I made this poll to find which ones are the most popular in terms of supports and mods. Whichever you prefer, please vote and contribute your thoughts! Thanks and I hope this will be a fun series! :)
  19. 1: Say you like a pairing, say Mario x Peach. 2: Wait for someone to hate on your pairing. "marioxpeach sux, luigixpeach rulz! gt said so!!!1" 3: Get annoyed and try to be reasonable to them. "No, Game Theory was wrong. Mario and Peach have more ship-teasing." 4: Have your bad pairing of choice flame you. "i am right, you are rong. luigixpeach 4ever, only idiots ship marioxpeach, noob." 5: Get very annoyed and yell at the guy. "STOP INSULTING MY PAIRING! MARIO AND PEACH FOREVER!!!" 6: Someone clicks the report button and calls in a mod. 7: The mod locks the thread and bans both of you. "locked, banned. no shipping wars allowed." 8: Whine in bed as you wait out your ban. Take your salt to the internet wasteland. PS: I ship Mario and Peach, regardless of GT. PPS: In Tomodachi Life, I got with Peach. 3PS: Do not take this seriously. But it's FftF, what did you expect?
  20. Though Ana said to put it in the General section, I thought it would be a bit better off in FftF. "Serious" pairing discussion is A-okay here. As is mocking shipping. So long as we don't flame (I think eveveryone besides my anti-Hector/Farina and Eliwood/Lyn can be civil). Have at it. [spoiler=poll results][spoiler=Roy] [spoiler=Marth] [spoiler=Ike] [spoiler=Chrom] [spoiler=Eliwood]
  21. Everyone has that one support that no matter what difficulty you're playing, no matter how many times you've beaten the game, no matter how close you are to 100%, no matter how much you want to see the other supports you always do. What's that one support for you? And it doesn't have to be your OTP. It's just that pairing that feels... right. For me, its Virion and Cherche. I don't care what modifiers or skills Virion gives Gerome, he has to marry Cherche. He has to. Who else is he going to reclaim his lands in Rossane with? Nowi?
  22. So, in Awakening, just about anyone can support with just about anyone else. But what about those cases where you would think that two characters can support, but they actually can't. Well. This is the thread to fix that! I have some set supports I want to do, but you guys are free to request some supports if you want. Currently planned supports: Chrom supports with all girls recruited before Chapter 11 (Miriel, Panne, Cordelia, Nowi, Tharja, and maybe Anna) Sumia supports with all the men in the usual pairing pool (Virion, Vaike, Stahl, Kellam, Lon'qu, Ricken, Gregor, Libra, and Donnel) More non-romantic supports to round it out so that every character has 3. Some already planned ones are: Sumia/Olivia Lucina/F!Morgan I would do supports for the Spotpass crew, but there's already at least one other person doing that. A note on format. Dialogue is plain text, the text within the asterisks is the sprite that would be used in that situation. If someone could point me to a place where I could get the actual ripped sprites, that would be wonderful. Let's get started, shall we. I now present: CHROM/THARJA SUPPORTS Just a side note, since these supports would have to be earned in the space between Tharja's recruitment in Chapter 9 and the end of Chapter 11, Chrom is currently in super revenge mode, which is why he's so angry in these supports. Support C Chrom: *neutral* Hey, Tharja was it? Tharja: *neutral* What do you want? Chrom: I want to ask you something. Tharja: What? Chrom: *glare* Why did he do it? Why did Gangrel want my sister dead? You're Plegian, you must have some idea. Tharja: You expect me to understand the inner workings of a madman's mind just because we share the same homeland? *smiling* How typical of someone from Ylisse. Chrom: And what is that supposed to mean? Tharja: *neutral* Only that what I've always been taught about Ylisseans was true. You're all conceited fools who only think of us Plegians as worthless barbarians. Chrom: Is that what it is, then: prejudice? Tharja: You could say that. It's kind of hard to forgive the people who ravaged your homeland for years. Chrom: *shouting* EMMERYN WASN'T MY FATHER! Tharja: *cringing* Well, just like you thought that me and Gangrel were the same because we're Plegian, there's some of us who find it hard to distinguish one Exalt from another. *neutral* And you aren't helping me see a difference either. *leaves* Chrom: ... *worried* Gods, what's happening to me?
  23. I was hoping to get some feedback on how people are responding to my "Lost Supports of Awakening" project. Do you think I'm getting the characters right? Do these feel like actual supports? Do you have some requests for future support conversations? Please direct all that here. Project is here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=47570
  24. The object is simple, being forth a romantic ship that you don't like, list a reason why you don't like or why it wouldn't happen, and then BAM! Fire! Brimstone! Sunk! One can also suggest a ship for other people to sink, and a ship can be sunk infinitely. With that, man the BAM and start sinking!
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