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Found 105 results

  1. Hello! I'm new to the forums here, so if I mess up anything or do something wrong, please let me know. Anyways, I need help recreating this sprite: (This was the best quality I could get btw) It was made by Oracle_of_Fire on another forum, but the original has been deleted unfortunately. The video I found it in can be found here. I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you could recreate the talking and blinking sprites also. Thanks in advance.
  2. This here took me a while to cutout, but being able to finish it was great. Of course, there are some edits with the hair, as I had cut it out as well. Using Snipping Tool, I was able to capture the sprite, but of course, neighboring sprites got in the way with the picture. I had used Piskel, a sprite design website, to fix this by erasing them, and of course, the color surrounding the sprite. Anyways, I may create a character recolor from this sprite. I also have a lot of other recolors to share too. Hope you liked my cut out.
  3. I haven't been using using FERecolor in a while since I have been playing the FE6 Redux patch after watching Mangs playthrough. So my question is that the directory for the classes is missing a lot of the FE6 style animations and I was wondering is there a way to find them or in the event I have to do them myself, how could I go about doing it?
  4. Yeah, I'm going to post all of my (passable) battle sprites here because why the heck not. Maybe I'll be popular, I dunno. I generally consider them to be at least above-average.
  5. http://pastebin.com/YpStEa7C I used Fiddler to find out the hyperlinks as the game was downloading the necessary data into the cache. Feel free to use as necessary. Unpack the ZIP files, convert the CKB sounds to a playable audio form, whatever. Fair warning that, after unzipping the ZIP files, in order to open the images, I had to open them using a web browser. It involved local files rather than any https link. Anyway, go nuts. EDIT: I wasn't sure if it should've gone here or the hacking/resources forum. I'll leave the moderation to decide if it's appropriate to be here or there. Apologies.
  6. Here are some badly made portraits for my Ragefest tribute (if I ever get around to doing it) EclipseXIV (me): I think this one is my best. It's a recolored Sue/Karla splice. Lunacy (my friend): Not as great. It's a recolored Saul/Legault with Hector's hairstyle. Samuel L. Jackson (don't ask): Probably the worst one. It's a bald, recolored Karel from FE6. George W. Bush (don't ask): It looks alright, but not much like the actual guy. Ali (one of the main characters besides Marc): More to come soon! Hopefully I get better.
  7. I'm looking for feedback on my sprites. Names (Going from left to right to the bottom) Cruz (Priest) Zander (Cavalier) Noah (Mage) Tyler (Thief) Ben (Shaman) Max (Archer Lord) ? (?) Wheatley (Cavalier or Knight)
  8. Tuvy2


    As far as recolor can go, how did I do? (I know the first and third could be worked on a bit, as some colors don't go well together. Will fix :P)
  9. I have renamed this thread to better suit what I need from it/what it is used for. Welcome to my Sprite of Threads, before I get a thousand comments on the name I KNOW IT'S WRONG. I just like the joke XD. I used to call all thread of sprites this. Not sure why. First of is Red, to be used in my FE hack Draconic Unity with the following description "Kayla's recently recruited retainer. King, honest, and loyal." Though not mentioned, he is intended to be of the Lucius archetype- so he was intended to look feminine (and I used Lucius' face for it.) Next is Zev. Zev is the OTHER retainer to Kayla (who you shouldn't of seen yet), and has a description as follows. "A Wyvern rider from Solara serving as Kayla's retainer. Knowledgeable, but inexperienced." He is of the Red Knight archetype, but serves as a flier unit- rather than a cavalier. And finally is Naella. She is a fire-dragon Manakete, who's description isn't really confirmed yet. She is my newest sprite- so she probably will have the most critiques XD Any and all critiques are appreciated, and I'm looking forward to making more mugs (and some battle sprites) in the future. New one, this is Kayla who I'm not really going to describe too much, but she is intended to be a bow lord. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animations/Battle Sprites Here is where all my battle sprites and animations are. If any of them are obvious recolors of a preexisting one- then I obviously don't own the original sprite (unless it actually is a custom one I made, lol). If I borrow anyone's custom sprite, I will do my best to make sure I can cite them. If I fail to or cite them wrong, kindly let me know and I will fix it. Red (Sword) - Recruit (Base) The (partially) custom animation for Red's recruit class. Since this 'Recruit' class is horse back and uses swords, I decided to base it off of the Cavalier class. The sword is Eirika's recolored. If I happened to use too many colors, please let me know as I lack the program needed (and/or the knowledge to use one I have to find it) to find out- though I try to make sure to the best of my ability to not use too many.
  10. Heyo. Me and a group of others are embarking on a hack project we're (at least temporarily) calling Draconic Unity. This hack is intended to feel like your usual GBA fire emblem shenanigans, but with some unusual additions such as new classes, animations, and a strange godly theme to it. We have people working on music, sprites, battle sprites, everything of that sort. The one thing we're missing, is someone with the ability to put it all into place. Basically we need someone with knowledge of event hacking, and the normal type of hacking that puts it into place. Whether or not these qualities are help by one or more people doesn't really matter. Why should you help us? Well that's not for me to decide. We're not offering money, or anything special like that. I mean, you'll be credited for your work entirely, as well as potentially a character based off of you- but other than that there's really nothing. If you're willing to help us with these basic things- We'd really appreciate it. -The Draconic Unity Team. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So here's the idea of this hack. It takes place on the continent of Garyx, a land that was once ravaged by war between the humans and the Dragons. But just as the humans were pushed to the brink of extinction, the gods descended onto the land, blessing the humans with 6 sacred weapons that had the power to defeat these dragons. With the Dragons forced into defeat, the gods took these legendary weapons and sealed each of them away with a dragon in 6 different spots. These then spread to different parts of the continent and founded the 5 major countries. Agni, the goddess of Fire established the monarchy of Bolganova around a volcano in the western plains- along with the legendary sword- which the humans who followed her set up 5 estates before her return to the heavens. Aeolus, the god of wind, traveled to the north-western mountains- establishing the small, isolated monarchy of Excalbria. In the treacherous desert of the south, Chaac - the god of storms- created an oasis where the humans created the democratic sultanate of Thoron. In the large, snowy fields to the northeast, the goddess of light Belisama established a religious theocracy for the humans that followed her called Luminois before, reluctantly, returning to the Heavens. The dark twins, Erebos and Artemis, decided to travel to the dark forest of Shadonia that covered from the center of the continent east, blessing the land with extreme fertility and dark atmosphere. Those who were eventually kicked out of Luminois for not believing in a theocracy, moved south to this forest where they followed the teachings of the hunter and the gatherer. Thousands of years after the war against the dragons, Garyx is thrown into chaos as Luminois, the long held theocracy of the continent, decided it was time to purge the land of all heathens who no longer lived solely for their gods. Little do the citizens of this world know the dark shadow that works behind their backs- plotting the destruction of the world.
  11. Why hello there! You can never have enough sprite galleries, so I decided to make my own. [spoiler=Mugs!] 2013 2014 2015 2016 [spoiler=Battle Sprites] Griffon Knight Kentarch class Griffon Rider Swordfighter (scratch) Wicked Flier [spoiler=Maps] [spoiler=World Map]
  12. Hey everyone. I was gone for some time... Well, that's because quiet a few things happened. Lost my computer. Lost my work. Fell ill. Lost a father. Just a lot of things really and I lost my will to sprite. Now, I'm going to start again with a new unit that is a WIP now but I hope will be able to be put as any weapon unit not filled in a game or just mooks with a large variety of weapons to use. The Man at Arms is a unit ready to give life and limb to country and his unit has been specially trained to use a variety of weapons to make them a force to be reckoned with in the battle field. Equip to for almost every situation, all this unit will need to become a pain in the enemies side is the proper weapon at the proper time. The only downside of having the ability to have so much equipment is that the weight of his armor has been lowered to compensate the arsenal of weapons he carries.
  13. I thought I had made a topic before, huh, maybe another forum. Anyway, you're not here for my rambling, but for sprites. So here's some sprites I've made: First up we have, well, me. I decided to restart my mug from scratch as the one in my Avatar is like 2 years old by now. Posting it to get some constructive criticisim before making it my new avatar. Then there's this guy, he's called Daniel and he's an OC lord guy I made, well the updated version of him there was an old version of him I made a few years ago and looking at it made my eyes hurt. Enter the Vaike. I also made Vaike from Awakening in FE8 style, he's my favourite character in Awakening, just for his amazing quotes. I tried doing something cool with his pose although the result is a pose, that doesn't really fit his personality that much... Oh well. I also made a sprite of this girl, imagine a cookie in your hand if you recognise her. And the there's these two battle sprites I made for the biweekly BS competition. That's all I'm posting for now. Still have some left over, I'll probably post those later after some fine-tuning.
  14. Welcome one and all ( at least I hope it's more than one) to the my art thread. I'm pretty much new to this so if I screw up at all sorry. Anyway, I figured I should take some of my art from my DA of the same name *cough*checkitout*cough* and post it here, particullarly my FE art of course. I mainly do Sonic stuff but I'm gonna try and limit that the amount I post here to few if any and leave it that for if people actually wanna check out my DA, don't wanna bore people with the same thing. Otherwise I do FE art (though not much) and some spriting, mainly for Sonic, though I do have one or two for other games. Anyway, onto the art. FE stuff: Misc: and just a bit of Sonic stuff If your noticing a difference in style in the human stuff that's because some of this stuff was before I actually figured my own out. Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you like what you see.
  15. Copy Paste... engage! Hello and welcome to the fifth ever Mug Description Contest: Mug Shots! Back after a little hiatus... a big thanks again to Yoshi, our original host! In this contest, the host will provide a short description, vague or detailed, describing what kind of mug the competitors will make. Today's descriptive word brought to you by our last winner, Merc: "Filthy" Here is your mug's description: Filthy Bounty Hunter Scum! Has an unusual physical trait or a scar. Has something RED in color. Actual cleanliness or dirtiness up to your discretion. ;) Deadline: Wednesday, June 15, 2016... 2 weeks! Have fun. :D Edit: tweaked description to include a color... and dammit Yoshi you copy pasted from comp three for comp four! Fixed that now. XD
  16. Hey there. Whilst I'm not working on anything major just right now, I don't want my skills to dwindle too much. So in the meantime I'm gonna do some stuff. It'll mostly be maps, but I might do some OK-ish sprites sometime later as well. It'll be a slow roll, but here's what I have so far: [spoiler=Maps] [spoiler=Sprites]
  17. Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, I'm not sure how to ask so I'll just be blunt. I've been working on my hack for the past year or so and I'm looking for some additional help in my hack. You can find out more about my hack in the Fan Projects section, it's called FE: Book of Eden. Below are the categories that I'm looking for help in. Beta Testers: I'm looking for about 1-2 more testers. Tasks would include feedback on the story, things like consistency, plotholes, and your general thoughts. Extra people to bounce ideas off of. I already have grammar checkers but one more wouldn't hurt. Sprites: Spriters would be nice, though you do not have to be an expert. Mostly just touch ups and chibi portraits (90% of my portraits don't have a proper chibi portrait and the other 10 are missing one.) I'll admit chibi are not one of my favorite areas to work on. I'm willing to exchange favors/help. My hack has a sort of cross-over theme so we can also exchange portraits too. Script writers: Anyone experienced in writing animation scripts and converting FE8 monster animations to call the proper sound effects and run properly on FE7? That's pretty much what I need help in. I have no background in writing code or programming. I'm willing to provide compensation, either through exchanging favors/help or payment. Music: I'm currently using the default FE7 soundtrack but it would be nice to have help in this area. Inserting some songs from FE6 and FE8 and some other midi I found. I have even less knowledge in music than I do in programming. I hope I'm not being too confusing in my explanation. If you have any questions, you can either PM me or ask them here. If you feel that the questions are sensitive, you can just straight up PM me. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  18. SirReginaldXII

    A Gallery

    So, I haven't sprited in, like, over two years, but I restarted, so yay! Well, I have mostly been doing battle sprites but also some face sprites. It goes: Tamer face and battle sprite, Satyr/Faun thing, and a special WIP That's all. Thanks!!
  19. So, I've been doing a little spriting lately, so I guess I'll be posting the first batch of them here. More will come soon.
  20. Hey people! Calling all spriters! I need YOUR help! I'm working on a collaborative FE hack on this forum, and I need some portraits for my characters! Please make sure you include the blinking and talking frames and also the chibi portrait. Portraits needed Mcdoga: Looks like Sain but with black hair and black armor Dominik: Looks like Canas but with blonde hair and without the monocle Christian: Looks like Joshua but with black hair and an eyepatch You can post the finished sprites directly in this thread.
  21. My game is nearing completion as all I have left are the sprites. My brother has been drawing them for a long time now (since June, I think), but has now hit a slump and is too focused on his own work to continue. So for one final time, I am asking for help on here. Conditions: This is a freely made game and will be downloaded for free, so no money. Sorry. Parameters and concepts for the sprites can be sent to whomever accepts this request. They are battle and over-world sprites with no animations, so it's a simple still sprite, unless otherwise needed. My brother has done a majority of the work so far with 57 battle sprites made and about 20 over-world sprite sheets. About 30 battle sprites are left with maybe 5-8 needing over-world representatives. If you want to see how much work we've put into this, you can view the sprites and other game information here: http://powermastergame.webs.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=15877642 It's almost done and I don't want to abandon the project. I've asked for help before back when the game was fairly new in development, but now that there's not much left to do, I'd figure I'd ask one last time. Please PM me or post here if you want to help!
  22. escotanner

    Ike sprite

    Does anyone know where I can get an Ike sprite. If so, how can I put it in my hack?
  23. So I was looking for a custom female berserker map sprite and, after searching for some time I noticed that there is no place in this forum where custom map sprites are posted. Not even the Resouces Directory has any map sprites that I could find. Shouldn't some sort of compilation of Open Source Custom Map Sprites exist, like the one we have for battle animations?
  24. Welcome to the SF Open Source Gallery! The purpose of this event is to build a very healthy amount of open source assets to project makers and the like, since there is so few available at the moment. All art assets directly go open to the public. This is completely non-competitive, there are no polls, votes or anything of the like. Just friendship! How it works 1. Pretty simple, you PM me your work. And at the end of the month, all works are showcased in a separate thread (or this one, or Spriter's Resource thread) and will immediately become open source upon reveal. 2. Said reveal happens near the end of each month. Giving a spriter around 3 or more weeks to send in something. Guidelines 1. The fourth Open Source Gallery (OSG) event starts now. 2. Submissions are to be PM'd to me through Serenes Forest. There is also an infinite number of submissions you can give, the more the merrier! 3. You can submit any type of art asset, that includes portraits, map sprites, maps, battle sprites, etc. 4. You must provide whether you want to remain anonymous when the time comes to present the gallery at the end of the month. 5. If you in fact provide your name, you must include whether you want to have the potential user of your work to give credit to you or not. Theme and important dates 1. The Fourth theme of the OSG is The Radiant Collection! Click here for Nickt's most updated portrait list. You are encouraged to use only these portraits to splice with. For mappers, you can make PoR and/or Radiant Dawn inspired maps. 2. The start date of submission begins now! 3. The end date of submission is December 1st. Good luck! And hopefully we get a lot of participants!!! Remember, you can submit as much art as you want! ----------------- Theme 1: Knights, Bandits and Villagers: Total Count: 13 maps. 1 class card, 24 portraits Theme 2: Nobles and Evil Doers: 15 maps, 30 portraits Theme 2: Lords and Evil Doers Total Count: 16 maps, 33 portraits
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