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Found 105 results

  1. Even though people say I'm actually capable of pulling off splices of various FE mugshots, I'm still not quite convinced with it. So yeah, I decided to call my Spriting Thread a "Graveyard" because I still think I stink and suck horribly. Anyways, time to burn and bleed everyone's eyes out with my stuff because it seems that is my talent. NOTE: These are my stuff way back in the past; I'm still trying to get my splicing skills back and I'm a sucky and rusty knife already. In FE6/FE7 Colors: In FE8 Colors: I hope your eyes have burnt and bled out... Oh, and you may suggest me a set of characters to work out with. I'm really a rusted knife.
  2. Luchi

    RD Edits dump

    I did this for a non-FE related project of mine ( I make RPGs as a hobby ). Used to hack RD until I got bored. No, she is in NO way related to Ike. -_- Ellie+Laura obviously. I always thought Tibarn would make a cool Pirate/Berserker. I wouldn't really consider Mia/recoloured Lucy edits though. But since they form the basis/Expies for some of the characters in my game, why not. Will probably post the emotion-sets later on. Said project can be found at an off-site link over here. http://rpgmaker.net/games/5537/ Maybe I'll make a topic for it. Since it is FE-inspired.
  3. Strix

    Strix's Portfolio

    This topic will consist only of my spritework. I'm open to any advice/ constructive criticisms. 1st Showcase I thought Garcia's claw beard was a little strange, so I did one of two things: Fix it to be an actual beard, or add a mustache for completion. I couldn't get over how far Dorothy's eyes were when playing FE6; It was uncomfortable. With this she looks a lot better now. Using Usenti, I've begun making a GBA version of Marth's portrait from Shadow Dragon. I haven't put it in action yet; It still needs work.
  4. Hi there! I'm a software developer who has a passion for games, and I'd like to start develop my own personal game. I'm not really experienced in making sprites, so looking for some help here. The game will be similar to some of my favourite games of all time, Final Fantasy tactics Advance and Tactics Ogre KoL on the gameboy advance, Final Fantasy tactics A2 on NDS and XCOM:enemy within on PC. So, this game will be an isometric turn-based strategy game following the theme of a fantasy setting similar to that of final fantasy. Fire emblem is another one of my favourites, so I'd love to add fire emblem-like strategic elements to the game. (terrain bonusess, weapon triangle etc). Obviously there will be RPG elements such as levelling and attributes, skills and abilities you can learn equipments etc. You will have a big input on the direction of the game :) I will be the main programmer, and I'd really like it if I worked with one or more sprite designers. You need no coding or programming knowledge whatsoever, just the talent of making good looking sprites. To put this bluntly so there are no mistakes later, this is NOT a paid project and the motive behind this project is NOT money. It is personal satisfaction of creating a game similar to those we love. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested. P.S. if you must know, the game will be developed in Java, with the possibility of porting it over to Android and iOS.
  5. Sorry if it sounds stupid but. how can i replace the face, and battle sprites from characters in a fe rom with custom sprites? i kinda wanted to just change it to a custom character sprites i found because i got a retarded idea in mind.
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