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Found 53 results

  1. I've found that I actually kinda like the way Heroes leveling works. RNG can be nice, but with fixed stats at max level, I don't feel bad if I get a really good level and have to reset for whatever reason. I also don't feel tempted to savescum if I get a bad level. In future Games, they could give us the option for "Fixed' growths or RNG as usual. And in this case, it would be real fixed growths, instead of PoR, where it depending on what weapon your unit had, what enemies they fought, and what they had for breakfast. Anyone else think this might be a nice thing to add for future FE titles as an option?
  2. So the first day of a new summoning focus has arrived. Up to this point my luck has been fair- 5 star Minerva and Lucina and numerous 4 stars. Today I was lucky enough to pull 5 star Ephraim, and so far I'm very pleased with his stats and abilities. Presently, at level 24, he has: HP: 34 ATK: 41 SPD: 16 DEF: 25 RES: 15 His speed and resistance are nothing special, but at this mid-level he seems to have 'above average' (comparable to some of my units nearing level 40) attack and HP. 25 Defense isn't to shabby either. Siegmund has an impressive 16 mt and confers +3 attack to adjacent allies at the start of your phase. I'd probably rank it just above the Pheraean's Durandal and Binding Blade. New Moon/Moonbow works well for him, but they work well for basically anyone. He has Seal Defense AND Threaten Defense up to the third rank, rounding out his skill set as a front line fighter that can put some hurt on red foes and make things very dangerous for anyone who survives combat with him. Anyway, I'm curious to hear about the other new units (Seliph, Julia, and Eirika). I sprung for another summon to see if I could get another, but unfortunately I got Gacha'd. (Also, first post. Hi, I'm Stopwatch.)
  3. Can someone give me the optimal pairings for good children in FEF: Birthright + the best skills to be equipped for each character ? ( My avatar is female and I don't have Kaze) Thankyou.
  4. Heya I'm looking for help on FEF: Birthright on how to create strong children but since skills matter also I'd appreciate some help on what skills to equip to pass onto the children also, or what I should reclass each character to to get the skills needed. (should mentioned my avatar is female and I don't have a Kaze but I'm going to create another save file to get him) Seals I have: Master Seals, Heart Seals, Partner Seals, Friendship Seals, Eternal Seals, Witch's Mark, Hero's Brand, Exalt's Brand. Avatar (F) - Lvl20- Hoshido Noble Str 36 Spd 31 Mag16 Lck 29 Skill 24 Def 22 Res 16 Skills: Nobility, Dragon Fang, Dragon Ward, Hoshidan Unity. Saizo- Lvl 18- Master Ninja Str 30 Spd 32 Mag15 Lck 22 Skill 40 Def 21 Res 18 Skills: Locktouch, Poison Strike, Lethality, Shrukenfaire. Hana- Lvl 15- Swordmaster Str 31 Spd 36 Mag 3 Lck 19 Skill 26 Def 11 Res 25 Skills: Dueslists Bow, Vantage, Astra, Swordfaire. Subaki- Lvl 18- Kinshi Knight Str 21 Spd 23 Mag 7 Lck 20 Skill 36 Def 26 Res 18 Skills: Darting Blow, Camaraderie, Air Superiority, Amaterasu. Silas- Lvl 14- Paladin Str 31 Spd 27 Mag 4 Lck25 Skill 29 Def 24 Res 15 Skills: Elbow Room, Shelter, Defender. Hayato- Lvl 17- Basara Str 18 Spd 29 Mag 27 Lck 37 Skill 23 Def 21 Res 13 Skills: Magic +2, Future Sight, Rend Heaven, Quixotic. Scarlett- Lvl 16- Wyvern Lord Str 32 Spd 30 Mag 10 Lck 24 Skill 28 Def 30 Res 7 Skills: Strength +2, Lunge, Rally Defence, Swordbreaker. Kagero- Lvl 16- Master Ninja Str 31 Spd 30 Mag 0 Lck 19 Skill 17 Def 18 Res 33 Skills: Posion Strike, Locktouch, Lethality, Shrurikenfaire. Hinata- Lvl 14- Master of Arms Str 28 Spd 28 Mag 0 Lck 25 Skill 20 Def 23 Res 8 Skills: Vantage, Duelists Bow, Seal Strength. Orochi- Lvl 15- Basara Str 9 Spd 17 Mag 35 Lck 22 Skill 33 Def 17 Res 24 Skills: Magic +2, Future Sight, Rend Heaven, Quixotic. Oboro- Lvl 14- Spear Master Str 30 Spd 26 Mag 6 Lck 22 Skill 23 Def 24 Res 20 Skills: Seal Defence, Swap, Seal Speed. Azama- Lvl 2- Great Master Str 25 Spd20 Mag 13 Lck 19 Skill 17 Def 20 Res 18 Skills: Mirac;e, Rally Luck. Setsuna- Lvl 9- Sniper Str 18 Spd 35 Mag 0 Lck 14 Skill 27 Def 10 Res 13 Skills: Skill +2, Quick Draw, Certain Bow Azura: Lvl 30- Falcon Knight Str 28 Spd 38 Mag 18 Lck 39 Skill 35 Def 19 Res 31 Skills: Luck +4, Voice of Peace, Foreign Princess, Darting Blow, Camaraderie, Inspiring Song. Felicia- Lvl 40- Maid Str 8 Spd 30 Mag 24 Lck 34 Skill 27 Def 15 Res 29 Skills: Resistance +2, Demoiselle, Live to Serve, Tomebreaker. Sakura- Lvl 20- Priestess Str 20 Spd 31 Mag 35 Lck 33 Skill 23 Def 22 Res 30 Skills: Miracle, Rally Luck, Renewal, Countermagic. Hinoka- Lvl 20- Falcon Knight Str 27 Spd 35 Mag 15 Lck 31 Skill 31 Def 23 Res 39 Skills: Darting Blow, Camaraderie, Rally Speed, Warding Blow. Rinkah- Lvl 20- Blacksmith Str 28 Spd 30 Mag 13 Lck 21 Skill 32 Def 34 Res 9 Skills: Seal Resistance, Shove, Salvage Bow, Lancebreaker. Kaden- Lvl 20- Nine-Tails Str 30 Spd 40 Mag 3 Lck 29 Skill 28 Def 17 Res 32 Skills: Beastbane, Evenhanded, Even Better, Grisly Wound. Ryoma- Lvk 20- Swordmaster Str 34 Spd 37 Mag 2 Lck 30 Skill 29 Def 19 Res 16 Skills: Vantage, Duelists Bow, Astra, Swordfaire. Takumi- Lvl 20- Sniper Str 26 Spd 28 Mag 0 Lck 31 Skill 43 Def 21 Res 10 Skills: Skill +2, Quick Draw, Certain Blow, Bowfaire. Jakob- Lvl 40- Butler Str 26 Spd 30 Mag 22 Lck 29 Skill 32 Def 22 Res 24 Skills: Resistance +2, Gentilhomme, Live to Serve, Tomebreaker. Mozu- Lvl 20- Merchant Str 32 Spd 29 Mag 5 Lck 28 Skill 33 Def 30 Res 29 Skills: Aptitude, Underdog, Profiteer, Spendthrift. Reina- Lvl 20- Kinshi Knight Str 29, Spd 30, Mag 6 Lck 20 Skill 19 Def 16 Res 21 Skills: Darting Blow, Camaraderie, Air Superiority, Amaterasu. Shura- Lvl 10- Adventurer Str 20 Spd 27 Mag 11 Lck 15 Skill 23 Def 14 Res 26 Skills: Movement +1, Lucky Seven, Locktouch. Izana- Lvl 5- Onmyoji Str 8 Spd 18 Mag 23 Lck 17 Skill 25 Def 14 Res 24 Skills: Rally Magic, Rally Luck, Miracle. Yukimura- Lvl 10- Mechanist Str 25 Spd 23 Mag 3 Lck 18 Skill 29 Def 21 Res 22 Skills: Golembane, Potent Potion, Quick Salve. Ren (Prisoner) - Lvl 1- Mechanist Str 12 Spd 17 Mag 0 Lck 7 Skill 19 Def 8 Res 10 Skills: Locktouch, Poison Strike. I know this is alot of work but I'd really appreciate the help because I'd like to create the best children possible with skills also :) Thankyou very much for your time. <3
  5. I'm trying to give weapons various stat bonuses, including negative ones, the only problem is that instead of displaying say a -1, the game displays a +9, but the bonus is a -1. This clearly seems to be a problem with the graphics display in the game. So does anyone know how I can change this so the game displays negative stat bonuses?
  6. Hey, I'm building some fangame stuff mainly just for fun and I would like to get some answers on what exactly an ordinary FE7-style stat layout looks like. So basically I want to know: Average base stats at level 1 Average growths Average promotion gains Average stats at level 20/20 Average stat caps And lastly, how much give-or-take I have on these to avoid making a character who is OP or just plain sucks. I know I can figure this out on my own and I have mostly, but I wanted to double-check here. I'm creating some new classes, and I don't want them to not fit in. Thanks for the help!
  7. Heya, I notice that I don't really have a favourite class in the series. It changes depending on what game I'm playing, as certain games seem to favour certain classes and give them cooler niches and stuff. That being said, what is your favourite class from each of the games you've played? You can give reasons, although I suppose it isn't required. (Design, gameplay, animations, etc.) I've only played overseas releases so far so I can't speak for FE1-6. FE7: I'd say I really like the Nomad line because it was my first introduction to horseback bow users, and I think Rath is pretty great statistically. FE8: Something about the Cavalier line really stands out to me, you get a fair few and Seth as your Paladin makes a pretty boss impact in this game. FE9: Fighter line. Boyd oh Boyd. Need I say more. Also his design really stood out to me. FE10: Soldier line. Moreso than FE9 due to the differences that Aran and Neph present statistically, but they're both pretty useful. FE11/12: The myrmidon line looks absolutely badass here. Their animations are pretty cool imo, and the design looks regal and deadly. FE13: I really like the Wyvern Rider line here. Cherche/Gerome are both pretty cool in their base class, and I like the promotion options. Yes even Griffons. FE14: This is a hard choice between Ninja line and Archer line. On one hand I love the design and aesthetic of Ninjas, and the gameplay choices they bring with hidden weapons. On the other, Archers are f***king great in this game! So yeah, would love to hear everyone's thoughts and such ESD
  8. The character statues that you can build in My Castle are certainly interesting, indeed. I find them very useful for making my army as powerful as possible. That being said, however, I'm sure you're aware that not all of the characters' statues actually correspond to their #1 best stat, unlike the avatar's. That's why I decided to put together a project/study of sorts, on what their actual "boons" are/should be. I looked at every non-avatar/capturable unit's growth rates and stats to make my decisions (for the children, I looked at their pre-inheritance growth rates because that made the most sense to me. In truth, their stats can greatly vary and their stats with the highest growth rates may or may not be that of their represented statues). I hope you find it interesting. Here is my project Here you can find the game's character/statue combos for comparison Overall, I suppose I've concluded that with very few units having an "actual boon" of magic, defense, or resistance, that it makes sense why the developers shuffled the units around. That being said, however, some of the choices they did make were still questionable in my opinion (Keaton speed? Subaki speed? Rinkah strength? Azura magic? Come on!).
  9. so i second sealed nowi earlier into a manakete again after she got to level 30 since none of her stats capped but im wondering, is this a good thing to do or is there something better? do i keep them at one class till all their stats cap, then once they do just go to another class and get all those stats capped too(not just with nowi, i mean with anyone)? i always use to just stop after level 20 then maybe second seal them, and if theyre a manakete i would just keep them at 30, but obviously that doesnt get you as far as you could go with stats. so what should i do?
  10. Do you have to edit enemy stats or do they go up on their own as you increase their level?
  11. I'm playing Birthright, and I decided to put Ryoma's Raijinto into the Convey, as I was curious as to what his actual strength stat was. Without the Raijinto, Ryoma has 24 strength. He is a level 14 Swordmaster. Sakura, a level 11 Priestess, has 25 strength. That is the joint second highest strength total in the entire army. I did not use a single energy drop on her. I promoted her when she hit level 20 in her unpromoted class. And no, I haven't reclassed Sakura either. She has just been a Priestess and her unpromoted class. Is this normal? Edit: Pictures, to show that I am not making this up:
  12. I'm currently writing an FE story, with an interesting twist on a large quantity of units. Basically, the villain has summoned Magvel and Elibe to join Tellius, and as a result, units from Magvel and Elibe join the party to help defeat the villain. Shortly before the final battle, however, the villain destroys all of his summons, including the playable roster. Of course, in an actual game, this would be a massive slap in the face (the first unit like this joins in Chapter 5, and the loss happens in Chapter 24), so I've developed a compromise that fits all right into the plot: The units add a flat bonus to characters that don't disappear, plus whatever stats they've gained since recruitment. Would this be considered a fair compromise, in terms of gameplay? Most characters give bonuses to characters of the same or similar class (Lyn gives her bonus to the Lord, Hector gives his to Ike, and so on in such a fashion), and I believe that the army you'd get out of this would be serviceable, even if you had used nothing but these units as soon as possible (and even then, you'd get a lot of experience out of the early levels), and there are a handful of good units near the end... I'm just fishing for thought, really. Would this kind of final chapter be all right in gameplay form?
  13. So I've heard about Bond Units, and I'm working on getting some. They're pretty much randomly customized Avatars with Personal Skills depending on what versions the two players they're created from have. They inherit Nohr Prince(ss) and the secondaries of their parents. What I want to know is: -How do their max stat modifiers work? Do they inherit them like child units do, or do they have randomized assets/flaws depending on the parents? -Can they use Dragon Vein? -How many accessories do you need to share with another player to get one?
  14. Hello everyone! Are you planning on optimizing your team on revelations? Are you tired of having to manually calculate the maximum stats modifier for the children characters? So fear no more! Because i've dedicated a few hours to bring everyone: The Fire Emblem Fates: Maximum Stats Modifier Calculator! So, basically i decided that i wanted to make the best out of my pairings in revelations. That meant i had to look into the pairing bonuses, the skills i would pass down and... *sigh* Their child modifiers. What that meant was that i was having to calculate the sum of the parents modifiers and add "1" to each stat. It may sound simple, but i had to do this so many times that i thought "hey, maybe excel can help me with this!" and then i remembered i don't know excel. But what i DO know is Construct 2. So hey, why not give it a shot? And well, this is the first time i'm posting on this forum, so i apologize in advance for anything that i might have done wrong related to it. (For instance, the image that for some reason is too small). Also, i'm no programmer, i just happened to know basics of construct 2. So if anyone finds any mistakes in the program let me know. Oh, and i must warn you that Corrin/Kamui ISN'T included in the calculator. That would mean having to deal with boons/banes and i would have to add any character who can only have children with Corrin (Yukumura, Izana, Gunter, Flora, Shura, Fuga, Reina, Scarlet and of course: All the children characters) So that's it, i hope you enjoy this tool. Graek Tarmikos Download: https://www.4shared.com/rar/Z_0NTN4Fba/FEcalculator.html
  15. Hello! For as much as I like simple text-only roleplay, I really, really enjoy games that use a battle system of some sort. It adds a level of competition to the game and removes power play replacing it with min-maxing. Anyway, I made this system and I'm searching for someone to try it with. First of all, let's explain it! Mechanics: We can talk about stats and character sheets later, let's look at the important stuff first. The problem with roleplays by forum is the impossibility to roll dices (unless you create some intricate scripts or something), but I think I got this. Hitting and evading: By defauls, each attack with more than 0% chance to hit, hits. The chance of hitting is calculated with skill, weapon accuracy and all that stuff, more on that later. In order to avoid an attack, a player must spend a number of "evade points" equal to his opponent's hit chance, provided that this is lower than 100%. What are these evade points? Each character has a gauge for basically every thing that, in the games, involved randomness. The evade gauge starts at 30 + unit SPD*2 points and goes up by the same amount each turn, for a max of 150 (so that you can't have someone making almost-impossible evades one after another). Critical hits: Each character has a critical gauge and an anticritical gauge. The critical gauge starts at 20 + unit SKL*2 points and goes up by the same amount each turn, for a max of 150. The anticritical gauge starts at 10 + unit LCK points and goes up by the same amount each turn, for a max of 150. In order to make a critical hit, a player must spend 75 critical points. In order to negate a critical, a player must spend a number of anticritical points equal to twice his opponent's crit chance. A critical hit can still be normally avoided, but the hitrate is boosted by 20% (if the hitrate goes over 100% this way, it's still possible to avoid). Fighting skills: Each character has a skill gauge for every fighting skill he has. Every skill has a main stat and a secondary stat. Every skill gauge starts at 0 and goes up by main stat + secondary stat/2 (rounded up) each turn. In order to activate a skill, a player must spend 75 skill points. An offensive skill can still be normally avoided, but the hitrate is boosted by 20% (if the hitrate goes over 100% this way, it's still possible to avoid). Base sheet: Now that we covered the essential parts, let's see the stat-related part. Class and Skills: First of all, the player chooses a class for his unit. These are the classes currently aviable: [spoiler=Classes]Unpromoted: Sword Cavalier: C Swords, Canto. Promotes to Paladin, Great Knight, Dark Knight Lance Cavalier: C Lances, Canto. Promotes to Paladin, Great Knight, Mage Knight Lance Knight: C Lances, Armor. Promotes to General, Great Knight, Wyvern Master Axe Knight: C Axes, Armor. Promotes to General, Great Knight, Wyvern Lord Archer: B Bows, Marksman. Promotes to Sniper, Bow Knight, Assassin Myrmidon: B Swords, Way of the Warrior. Promotes to Swordmaster, Weapon Master, Hero Soldier: B Lances. Promotes to Spearmaster, Weapon Master, Paladin Mercenary: B Swords, Tough Body. Promotes to Hero, Bow Knight, General Cleric: C Staves, Enchanted Robe. Promotes to Bishop, Valkyrie, War Cleric Priest: C Staves, Enchanted Robe. Promotes to Bishop, Sage, War Priest Monk: C Light, Enchanted Robe. Promotes to Bishop, Sage, War Monk Bandit: B Axes, Unrestrainable. Promotes to Berserker, Warrior, Weapon Master Fighter: C Axes, Tough Body. Promotes to Warrior, Hero, War Monk Thief: Knives, Steal. Promotes to Rogue, Assassin, Trickster Mage: B Anima, Scholar. Promotes to Sage, Mage Knight, Mage Fighter Dark Mage: C Dark. Promotes to Druid, Dark Knight, Dark Flier Troubadour: C Staves. Promotes to Valkyrie, Mage Knight, Seraph Knight Pegasus Rider: C Lances, Fly. Promotes to Falcon Knight, Seraph Knight, Dark Flier Wyvern Rider: C Axes, Fly. Promotes to Wyvern Lord, Wyvern Master, Sky King/Queen Dancer: Knives, Dance, Civilian. Promotes to Blade Dancer, Entertainer, Trickster Bard: D Light, Rally, Civilian. Promotes to Entertainer, Charlatan, Sage Promoted: Paladin: B Swords, B Lances, +2. Canto, Sacrifice, Aegis. Low MAG. Great Knight: A Swords, A Lances, A Axes. Armor, Canto. High STR, Low MAG, DEF, RES. General: A Swords, A Lances, A Axes. Armor, Tough Body, Pavise. High STR, SKL, Low MAG, SPD, RES. Dark Knight: A Swords, A Dark, +1. Canto, Essence Stealer. Mage Knight: A Lances, A Anima, +1. Canto, Ignis. Bow Knight: A Bows, A Swords. Canto, Never Off-guard. High SKL, Low MAG, RES. Sniper: S Bows. Marksman, Crit+10. High SKL, SPD, Low MAG, RES. Wyvern Master: A Lances, A Axes, +1. Fly, Armor. High STR, Low MAG, RES. Wyvern Lord: A Axes, A Swords, +1. Fly, Armor, Luna. High STR, Low MAG, DEF, RES. Sky King/Queen: A Axes, A Bows, +1. Fly, Armor. High SPD Low MAG, DEF. Valkyrie: A Light, A Staves. Canto, Enchanted Robe, Miracle. Low STR. Seraph Knight: S Lances, A Staves. Fly, Enchanted Robe. High SKL, SPD, Low DEF. Falcon Knight: A Swords, A Lances. Fly, Enchanted Robe, Sacrifice. High SKL, SPD, Low MAG. Dark Flier: A Lances, A Dark +1 Fly, Enchanted Robe. High SKL, SPD. Sorcerer: S Dark, A Staves. Essence Stealer, Dark Arts. High MAG, RES, Low SPD. Assassin: A Bows, Knives. Shadow, Crit+10. High SKL, SPD, Low STR, MAG, RES. Swordmaster: S Swords. Way of the Warrior, Crit+15. High SKL, SPD, Low DEF. Hero: A Swords, A Axes, +1. Tough Body, Sol. High SKL, Low MAG, RES. Weapon Master: A Swords, A Lances, A Axes. Way of the Warrior, Focus. Low MAG. Spearmaster: S Lances. Way of the Warrior, Crit+15. High SKL, Low MAG, RES. Bishop: S Light, A Staves. Enchanted Robe, Exorcist. High RES, SKL, Low STR, DEF. War Cleric/Priest: A Axes, A Staves. Enchanted Robe, Renewal. War Monk: B Axes, B Light, +1. Enchanted Robe, Renewal. Berserker: S Axes. Unrestrainable, Crit+10, Wrath. High STR, Low RES. Warrior: A Axes, A Bows +1. Tough Body, Colossus. High STR, DEF, Low SPD, RES Rogue: A Swords, Knives. Steal, Shadow. High SPD, Low STR, MAG, RES. Trickster: A Staves, Knives. Steal, Miracle. High SPD, Low STR. Sage: A Anima, B Light, B Staves, +2. Scholar, Enchanted Robe. High MAG, Low STR. Mage Fighter: A Anima, Knives. Flare. High SPD. Blade Dancer: B Swords, Knives. Dance, Way of the Warrior. High SPD, Low STR, DEF. Entertainer: C Light, C Staves, Knives. Dance, Rally, Civilian. High SPD. Low DEF, RES. Charlatan: B Light. Rally, Steal. High SKL, Low MAG, RES. Unpromoted classes have fixed weapon ranks, some promoted classes have a base weapon rank, plus 1 or 2 ranks. High and Low stats refer to promoted caps: Low stats cap at 22, High stats cap at 28, other stats cap at 25. Promoted caps are affected by skills, while unpromoted caps are always 20, regardless of unit's skills. HP and LCK are exceptions, always capping at 60 and 30, respectively, regardles of unit's class. At this point, the player chooses one skill as the unit's personal skill. These are the skills currently aviable. [spoiler=Skills]Special skills (can't be selected as personal): Way of the Warrior: +1 SKL, +1 SPD, can use exotic weapons Marksman: +2 SKL, can use longbows and ballistas Tough Body: +5 HP, +2 CON Steal: +2 SPD, can steal items if faster than the enemy, can open locks Unrestrainable: +3 HP, +1 SPD, can cross mountains and water Armor: -2 SPD, +5 DEF, lower movement (weakness) Enchanted Robe: +2 RES (weakness) Canto: can change location and attack in the same turn, in any order, higher movement. (weakness) Fly: +1 SPD, gain Canto, ignore weaknesses caused by other skills (weakness) Shadow: +2 SPD, -1 DEF, -1 RES, can't be attacked until next turn Scholar: +2 MAG, -1 DEF Crit+15: enhances critical rate by 15% Crit+10: enhances critical rate by 10% Knives: can use knives Dark Arts: can't use healing staves, can use staves on enemies Essence Stealer: when defeating an enemy, heals equal to enemy's level/2 (rounded down) Dance: refresh up to 2 allies in your area. You can change area before refreshing. Rally: lowers damage received and boosts damage dealt for allies in your area by 2 until next turn Civilian: -2 Damage dealt Exorcist: effective damage against enemies with a Dark rank. Fighting skills: Luna - halves enemy DEF, ignores enemy RES. Main: STR, Secondary: SKL Flare - halves enemy RES, ignores enemy DEF. Main: MAG, Secondary: SKL Adept - attack twice, both attacks can miss or be critical. Main: SPD, Secondary: SKL Astra - attack 5 times for halved damage (rounded up), each attack can miss or be critical. Main: SKL, Secondary: SPD Sol - heals fol half the damage done (rounded up). Main: SKL, Secondary: HP/2 (rounded up) Ether - attack twice, the first attack heals for half the damage done (rounded down) and the second halves enemy DEF/RES. Both attacks can miss, but they can't be critical. Main: SKL, Secondary: LCK Ignis - adds half your MAG to your physical attack and half your STR to your magical attack. Main: SKL, Secondary: lower between STR and MAG Vengeance - adds half your damage to your attack. Main: HP/2 (rounded up), Secondary: SKL Aegis - halves magical damage received (rounded up). Main: RES, Secondary: LEVEL/2 (rounded down) Pavise - halves physical damage received (rounded up). Main: DEF, Secondary: LEVEL/2 (rounded down) Miracle - if the attack would kill you and you have more than 1 HP, it brings you to 1 HP. Main: LCK, Secondary: LEVEL/2 (rounded down) Other skills: Focus: unit gauges go up to 175, gain 5 more skill points for every skill gauge each turn Colossus: when your CON is higher than the enemy's, +1 damage, +15% hit rate Never off-guard: When attacked, switch to the first weapon in the inventory you can counterattack with Sacrifice: heal ally by sacrificing your HP by half the amount (rounded up), or heals poison for 5 HP Renewal: heals for HP/5 each turn Wrath: enhances critical rate by 10% when low on HP Awareness: negates the effect of enemy's active combat skills (the enemy can still use them for the 20% bonus hit) Parity: negates the effect of both yours and your enemy's active combat skills (they can still be used for the 20% bonus hit) and terrain bonus Elite: gains double exp, all growths over 10% are decreased by 5% Blossom: gains 2/3 exp (rounded down), all growths are increased by 10% Shadow gift: can use dark magic. Dark rank is equal to the higher rank between Anima and Light Vantage: always attacks first when low on HP Gamble: lowers hit rate by 20%, enhance critical rate by 10% Charisma: enhance hit and avoid rate for allies in your area by 10% Proximity Shot: can attack enemies at 1 range with a Bow (except longbows), but the attack can't be critical and fighting skills can't be activated. Stats: The player distributes 30* points in the various stats (HP, STR, MAG, SKL, SPD, LCK, DEF, RES, CON). You can't put more than 10 points in a stat. Note that classes have no bases of their own, but some classes have class skills that affect stats. After this, the unit has 1 bonus point for every 3 points spent in HP, LCK or CON. These points are to be distributed in those same stats. Then, 15 more points are added to HP and 5 more points are added to CON. *This assumes unit starts at level 1 unpromoted. Growths: The player distributer 300* points in the unit's growths, in multiples of 5. HP growth gets doubled and, if both STR and MAG growth are 25% or more, they get 5% bonus growths. *This assumes unit starts at level 1 unpromoted. Equipment: Each unit starts with an equippable weapon/staff and either a vulnerary or an usable E rank weapon. This is the list of current items and weapons: [spoiler=Items and weapons]Items: Delphi Shield: Negates enemy's effective bonus towards flying units. Iron Rune: Negates enemy critical attacks. 1x Universal key: Opens a door or chest. 5x Vulnerary: Restores 10 HP. 3x Potion: Restores 20 HP. 2x Elixir: Restores all HP. 3x Pure Water: Raises Resistance by 7. Effect decreases by 1 each turn. 1x Angelic Robe: Permanently increases HP by 7. 1x Energy Ring: Permanently increases STR by 2. 1x Spirit Dust: Permanently increases MAG by 2. 1x Secret Book: Permanently increases SKL by 2 1x Speedwing: Permanently increases SPD by 2. 1x Goddess Icon: Permanently increases LCK by 2. 1x Dracoshield: Permanently increases DEF by 2. 1x Talisman: Permanently increases RES by 2. 1x Body Ring: Permanently increases CON by 2. Swords: Name - Rank - Range - Weight - Might - Accuracy - Crit. Bonus - Uses - Worth - Special Iron sword D 1 5 5 90 0 46 460 Slim sword D 1 2 3 100 10 30 480 Poison sword D 1 6 4 75 0 40 480 Applies 5 turns of poison Steel sword D 1 10 8 75 0 30 600 Iron blade D 1 12 9 70 0 35 980 Armorslayer C 1 11 8 80 0 18 1260 Effective against classes with the "Armor" skill Longsword C 1 11 6 85 0 18 1260 Effective against classes with the "Canto" skill Wo dao C 1 5 8 75 40 20 1320 Only usable by classes with the "Way of the Warrior" skill Steel blade C 1 14 11 65 0 25 1250 Killing edge C 1 7 9 75 30 20 1300 Wing clipper sword C 1 5 7 75 0 20 1400 Effective against classes with the "Fly" skill Light brand C 1~2 9 9 70 5 30 1500 Casts Light magic "Divine"ù Lancereaver C 1 9 9 75 5 15 1800 Reverses the weapon triangleù Brave sword B 1 12 9 75 0 30 3000 Allows 2 consecutive hitsù Wind sword B 1~2 ]9 9 ]70 5 30 3000 Casts Anima magic "Wind" Silver sword A 1 8 13 80 0 20 1500 Silver blade A 1 13 14 60 0 15 1800 Rune sword A 1~2 9 9 70 5 30 4500 Casts Dark magic "Nosferatu" Regal Blade S 1 9 20 85 5 25 7500 I'm going to edit later, adding other weapons and talking about reclassing and status ailments. Anyway, what do you think? I'm honestly not sure about the critical hit system, maybe it should be exactly like normal hits instead?
  16. Hi, guys I'm back! I'm sorry I wasn't able to post polls which Riku actually started. But I'm not gonna be able to do that in a while, things are getting busy in college. Anyway to our new topic: If you've been reading the main site, you know that a unit's rating is calculated in game with this formula [spoiler=Formula] Rating = Str + Mag + Skl + Spd + Lck + Def + Res . However, as you all know, not all stats are created equal. Even units with the same in-game rating may have a lopsided outcome due to that one stat. Now, let's expand the formula [spoiler= formula] Rating = 0*Max HP + 1*Str + 1*Mag + 1*Skl + 1*Spd + 1*Lck + 1*Def + 1*Res . As you may see, the coefficients (the numbers that multiply the stat) are 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 respectively. And now, what if we change the coefficients and call it the "TRUE" rating. For example, I will make the coefficients like this: .5, 1.2, 1.0, 0.8, 1.2, 0.8, 1.0, 1.0. It would translate to [spoiler= formula] "True" Rating = 0.5*Max HP + 1.2*Str + 1.0*Mag + 0.8*Skl + 1.2*Spd + 0.8*Lck + 1*Def + 1*Res Let's compare: Let's use Ryoma and Xander as our examples With the in game rating, Ryoma = 113 Xander = 114 Xander won by a small margin there With the Example "TRUE" rating Ryoma = 132.2 Xander = 133 Well, Xander still won by a smaller margin. How about you guys, WHAT WOULD THE COEFFICIENTS YOU WOULD USE TO MAKE YOUR "TRUE" RATING FORMULA PS. Your formula is True from a certain point of view.
  17. I've been having this issue for a while in my hack, but I've had no luck seeing where it's coming from, unfortunately. So, basically, upon a certain few characters joining the party, their stats will sometimes be raised to a number well above what it should be. [spoiler=Example] These two images are from different playthroughs. As of now, this issue only occurs on four of my characters, the ones in the slots for the non-tutorial versions of Lyn, Wil, Sain and Kent. On the point that they rejoin in the Eliwood mode, their stats may look like this. Apart from the broken ones, their stats, levels and experience have been perfectly translated over from their stats at the end of the Lyn mode. If I'm remembering correctly, when Lyn mode characters who've survived return in the Eliwood mode, they shouldn't actually get any extra stats anyway. It seems to be fairly random what stats of characters are affected by this. For example, (See picture above) I've seen Kane's strength be raised, or Andrei's skill and speed be raised. The most common stat that has been affected by this to my knowledge is resistance, but it's not always the case. I have also had playthroughs in which this issue will not occur on any of the characters, but it seems to be most common in affecting at least one of the four characters. At one point I thought that it might be something in Nightmare that was affecting this. [spoiler=Nightmare Screens] The stats in the image above are for the characters in Lyn and Wil's slots. There's nothing particularly strange about the values here that should be doing this, I think. It should also be noted that none of the four characters are autolevelled, so they have no reason to be gaining extra stats. One thing I've noticed as well is that if I were to load straight in Eliwood mode, these nightmare base stat bonuses will worked out for the four units just fine and they will never encounter any issues. I also thought that this might be some kind of Hex issue. [spoiler=Hex Screen] So the above screen shows the hex from a part of the Nightmare Character Editor. The highlighted values are those corresponding to Andrei/Wil's (from Level to Constitution bonus) listed numbers in the said editor. The hex image is taken directly from the ROM file after seeing this glitch, so nothing has been altered yet. His base resistance is the 02 byte. But there's nothing here that seems out of place to me. Some other things to note: These characters do all rejoin together on the same chapter as each other, like they do in the original FE7, although i'm not using the same chapter to do this. As a result I have tried seeing if changing the chapter in which they rejoin would solve the issue, but it didn't. This issue can be fixed mid-game, either through editing the nightmare stats of the characters again, or by using codes to change your characters stats, but obviously this isn't ideal and the first solution may actually cause another stat bug later into the game. The bug is raising their stats by 31, which is the limit on stats or something, right? I don't really know what I can do about that though. So, can anyone think of something that might point me in the right direction to seeing where the issue really lies here, or did I just screw my ROM up a long, long time ago and should have realised it back then? Thanks in advance for any answers. And please tell me if if I need to provide anymore information or make something more clear.
  18. Has anyone gone through making FeM!Morgan a Manakete? And if so what skills have you given her? And which Manakete mother passes on the best stats?
  19. I tried to look for this on the main FE: Fates page, but it doesn't show the formula for calculating the maximum stat modifiers for the children characters. Is the formula the same from Awakening: Mother's modifier + Father's modifier + 1?
  20. Hey Guys. I'm pretty new to the concept of 'breeding' children for optimal stats and skills and wanted to give it a go during my FEF: Invisible Kingdom run through. I have already calculated the max stats and growth rates for each child as the result of each pairing available to the father or mother in Azura's case. This is where things begin to get a little confusing for me. How do you determine which mother is the best for what child? Is it more preferable to balance the child units stats or polarise them towards having higher stats in some areas (i.e. a +6 in DEF or a +7 in STR, etc)? Then, going on from the stats, how do you determine which of their available class sets would complement them the best? I understand how skill inheritance, class inheritance and seals work and have not gotten around to considering the best options in depth for the child units yet. If anybody would like to use Shinonome as an example to explain how to determine who the best mother is l have provided all of the stats from each pairing below. (The stats next to Shinonome's name are Ryoma's stats). Ignore the colours, they are for my own reference. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Can anyone who's played the game and is experienced with the game mechanics help me with this question? Let's say I want to optimize my units in-game as much as possible. When would I begin to reclass, disregarding skills (because that just makes everything more complicated and I'd rather have this questions answered first). For example, let's say I want Sakura to end up as a War Priestess, but I want to make sure she maxes her stats as much as possible before reaching 20/20. Should I switch her class to Pegasus Warrior early on to help cap her speed/strength? What would be a general rule for reclassing in order to max stats? Or is there none, and am I just being overly simple? If you'd like to say something about reclassing for skills too, please do! Any information is appreciated :)
  22. Hello, recently I've been looking at stat modifiers and just been wondering what you guys think are some of the best Assets/Flaws for your Avatar/mu. I came up with at least one asset and flaw for each stat, and these are what I've made up so far. (The modifiers go in order by each stat listed in FE:A) i.e. HP, STR, MAG, SKILL, SPD, LCK, DEF, RES... and will be listed as the solo number. Those are a few (9) that I made to try to balance the stats for each type of asset as best as I could. I just made these for future MU's that I want to make, but I don't want them to have two big of gaps in their stats. Tell me what you think of these! And if you have any other combinations please do share~! Also, here is what each Asset and Flaw does to your modifiers :) All Assets that are 4, 2, and 2 will have flaws of themselves of 3, 1 and 1.
  23. Okay, so this is something that has been bothering me for a really long time, but when I finally went to go do some reasearch on it I couldn't find anything. Different classes/weapons deal damage depending on the on one of the specific units stats: tomes=magic, swords/lances/axes=strength, bows=skill. But how exactly does it work for dragonstones/manaketes? Specifically in FE13 but really any answers are appreciated.
  24. I've been playing through the GBA games, and something occurred to me that makes me curious: How do those promoted non-boss enemies get the stats they do? [spoiler=Examples] The base stats listed for the promoted classes don't really match for the levels shown (too much HP, for one), and as the second image shows, promotion gains aren't a factor either. So perhaps they gain a different amount of levels compared to their non-promoted counterparts. If that is indeed the case, does anyone know how many levels that is, exactly? Do they "promote" at Lv. 10 or the next-closest opportunity and grow from there? This isn't really crucial or anything. I'm just wondering if anyone on here knows of the inner workings on this.
  25. I have Fire Emblem 6 on the GBA. It's (of course) all in Japanese and though I've done okay enough considering I don't know a word of what they're saying, I've encountered a small problem. I just found out that I missed the divine weapon Armads and that I've sentenced myself to the so-called bad ending of the game. I really want to play it in full, including the last few chapters, but I don't want to start from scratch. Playing in Japanese was hard enough the first time around. I know I can look up translations, and try to restart the game but I was hoping there might be a better solution. Is there a way I can use an emulator to recreate my scenario from the GBA (but with Armads)? Is there a way to start from Chapter 14 and recreate my characters as I used them in the game? Or can I at the very least change the characters' levels to avoid grinding and arena abuse like I did in my current play-through? I know there are hacking programs that can edit stats, but they seem to only affect base stats and growth rates, which I don't want to alter. I also don't want to make my characters start at higher levels, because then they'll be too overpowered by the end. If I could change their levels/stats mid-game that would work, but it doesn't seem to be an option. Of course the ideal is a way to import or replicate the data directly but that doesn't seem possible. Any ideas? Thanks!
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