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Found 75 results

  1. What DLC has been confirmed for the NA release of Fates? Does anyone know the release schedule for them? Is anyone planning on buying the DLC? The only DLC I got in Awakening were the Scrambles, but this time I'm thinking about getting a more combat oriented pack for the Nohr route. I rely on grinding a lot because I don't usually play for optimum pairings or classes or children. I just like to play how I want the story to be or whatever matching I want based on character personalities. Which is the best map for grinding? Is the DLC map pack a good value or should I just buy 1 or 2? Suggestions?
  2. SImiliar to it's Fates counterpart, this topic is for fun and is here to allow you to post what you think the marriage options of a character would be if there was a limited supports system. Here are some of my ideas. I didnt bother with the 2nd gen, donnel or avatar only characters. And yes avatar would be able to marry everyone. I didn't think of any friendship supports, but ideas on those are welcome as well. Chrom: Sumia, Sully, Maribelle, Olivia Lissa: Frederick, Vaike, Lon'qu, Ricken Frederick: Lissa, Cordelia, Cherche, Sumia Sully: Virion, Kellam, Stahl, Chrom Virion: Sully, Cherche, Olivia, Tharja Stahl: Sully, Panne, Miriel, Cordelia Vaike: Lissa, Miriel, Maribelle, Nowi Miriel: Vaike, Stahl, Ricken, Kellam Sumia: Chrom, Frederick, Gaius, Henry Kellam: Miriel, Sully Lon'qu: Lissa, Cherche, Olivia, Tharja Ricken: Maribelle, Lissa, Miriel, Nowi Maribelle: Ricken, Vaike, Gaius, Chrom Gaius: Panne: Sumia, Maribelle, Nowi Panne: Gaius, Stahl, Gregeor, Henry Cordelia: Frederick, Stahl, Gregor Gregor: Nowi, Panne, Cordelia, Cherche Nowi: Gregor, Ricken, Gaius, Vaike Tharja: Libra, Virion, Lon'qu, Henry Libra: Tharja Olivia: Chrom, Lon'qu, Virion, Henry Cherche: Virion, Lon'qu, Gregor, Frederick Henry: Tharja, Panne, Sumia, Olivia
  3. So I was just wondering if its possible to have certain units start at certain support levels with other units, like Pent and Louise, for example, who start with a A Support with eachother. And, if it is possible, how do you do it? This is an important part of the hack I'm working on. Thanks in advance.
  4. I was bored so I made a support planning sheet for FE8. It automatically correlates data to duplicate cells (ie Rennac/Dozla to Dozla/Rennac), so you should only edit what's above the black boxes. It also sums the values of each row on the right side so you can make sure no unit has more than 5 support conversations planned. I'll link the version in my google drive, so you'll have to save a copy to your own before you can edit. Doesn't support the "A B C" system that FE uses, so just pretend 1 = C, 2 = B, 3 = A. Hope it's of some use to someone. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15_NpGXOYhPkKw6-vpBJNJQVdIdOEE85fdnxQj1R3K8s/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Just a fun idea I thought about while looking through various topics. People dislike that anyone can marry everyone and that you can make couples that seem completely incompatible with each other( subject to opinion), so why not list down your ideas for what you think the marriage options of characters should be. No specific criteria, just what you think they should be. Some that I thought of: Takumi- Oboro, Setsusna, Camilla Hinata- Oboro,Hana,Pieri Luna- Odin,Lazwald,Tsubaki Sakura- Tsukuyomi,Saizou, Marx Charlotte- Benoit, Marx, Nishki Harold- Effie, Belka, Setsuna Tsubaki- Hinoka,Hana,Luna Zero- Belka,Camilla,Oboro Tsukuyomi- Sakura,Orochi,Nyx Silas- Aqua,Felicia,Mozume Suzukaze- Aqua,Felicia,Mozume
  6. Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to the forum and I'm making a FE8 hack. It's not too ambitious, just basically vanilla FE8 with some new and rebalanced classes, extra weapons, extra supports, much harder difficultly, and eventually (if I can figure out how) a few more chapters. I don't want to go down in ROM history, just create a better alternative to regular FE8. Re-Balanced difficulty and class changes. AKA, the bulk of what I'm doing. Things done already are highlighted in Green New Content AKA Stuff I largely don't know how to do yet. As you can see this is a huge undertaking, and I don't expect to finish it all. I'm going to use available animations for all I can, and maybe beg help for the animations that don't exist yet. There are animations for the halbardier class I want to use, but the link in the animation resourse thread is dead. I also once saw a video of a swordwoman attacking with a mauth dog that I want to use for Velour, but I don't know what the deal is. I hope to be able to work out a deal with people who can help me. I can write smut for you perverts if you give me what I want Right now I've increased the difficulty of the presplit and about four Erika route chapters, but that part is the easiest thing I have to do. Any feedback you folks can provide is much appreciated.
  7. Hey. I'm just passing the time while waiting for FE: Fates to be released here. This is purely for fun and not intended for using online. My intentions are to decide who has the most interesting/cute/funny supports and use them in-game. So far I have decided on getting Nishiki/Felicia, Kamui(M)/Oboro, and Asama/Hinoka together. (These pairings are mostly Birthright based.) Other people's thoughts are appreciated. Edit: Thank you guys for participating in the poll.
  8. Please limit your choices to 3 PER QUESTION To be honest, I'm pretty disappointed that same-sex options are only available for Zero and Shara... [i want Nishiki x Flannel]
  9. Since the last thread about the supports became a mess: I decide to rewrite the supports between Soleil and Kamui. Remember: This is fan made (aka, not the original supports) which means it's maybe not that good. Also, if I posted in the wrong section or I made some mistakes. Feel free to tell me. Note 1. I read that Soleil never really fainted in front of girls except in the Kamui's supports so I will remove this. 2. I will use the magic powder BUT it will NOT be a drug this time. 3. They never really talked about the girl who greeted Soleil. Let's get started then! Support C Soleil: *sigh* Kamui: Soleil. Are you sighing like that because something's on your mind? Soleil: Kinda. But I don't think it's something you could even hope to undertand. Kamui: Something even I couldn't undertand? What could it possibly be, I wonder... Soleil: ... If you're going to be that full of yourself, I guess I'll tell you. I'm aiming to become a strong, cool woman loved by everyone. I plan to work to reach that goal. But, recenly, I got a crush on someone. Kamui: Oh yea? Who is he... or she? Soleil: Do you remember after the last mission? On our way to the camp? A cute girl greeted me. I blushed so hard I didn't manage to talk: I had to say hi with my hand. Kamui: Oh! I remember now. Your face turned red in a single second. Soleil: Yes and now, I want to talk her but I can't say a single word when she's around. Oh! What am I going to do now? Kamui: Soleil! Wait!... She's gone now. There must be a way to help her... Support B Kamui: Hey Soleil! Soleil: Hi Kamui. What bring you here? What is in your bag? Kamui: This is the solution to your little problem. Soleil: About my... crush? But how a bag will help me to overcome my shyness? Kamui: The bag is not the solution. It's what is inside. Look Soleil: Wh.. What is that? Kamui: It's called ''Illusion Magic powder'' Soleil: What the... Is this some kind of... drugs!? Kamui: No, no, no! Where did you get this idea?? Anyway, it's just a powder that make you see illusions. It's very safe, trust me. Soleil: Ans how does it work? Kamui: Very simple. First, you need to think of the person you want to see. After, take a pinch of the powder and put it on your eyelids. Finally, throw another pinch at me. This way, only you will be able see me as your crush. Soleil: But why would you want to look like my crush? Kamui: Because I want to help you to overcome your shyness. You would be able to pratice by talking to '' your crush- me'' and then later, you will able to talk to real one. Do you accept my idea? Soleil: I accept... thank you. I do it then ... Kamui: So? Soleil: It's... working I... see you as... h-her. Kamui: Great, let's get to work! Support A Kamui: Ok, I come a little closer now. Soleil: ... Kamui: All good, a little more closer again Soleil: ... Kamui: Your hands no longer shake now. Soleil: Is... that so? Kamui: Wow, you manage to talk. Good, let's see what happen if I sit right next to you. Soleil: *gulp* Kamui: Impressive, I'm right next to you and your face no longer turn red and you're not hiding your face in your hands. Soleil: It's... good. Kamui: Can you look at me now? Soleil: Sure. ... Kamui: See? I think you manage to overcome your shyness, Soleil. Soleil: You... You are right! I can't believe it! Now I can finally go talk to her! Kamui: And me, I can finally stop receiving powder. Everyone was asking why I had plenty on my armor... Soleil: Maybe after talking to her, we will have tea together! Kamui: Woah! Easy there, casanova. Start first by talking to her then you can try for having tea. Soleil: Maybe we can even try to have lunch after that too! Kamui: Hey! Don't be reckless! You have no idea who she is. What if that cute girl is a thief? You will end up being robbed with nothing left in your wallet! Soleil: Ughh... You're right maybe I will pass lunch for now. But I will be careful. I promise. Kamui: Great. Good luck! Support S Soleil: Kamui... Kamui: Hi Soleil! So, how was you first date with your crush? Soleil: ... Kamui: Soleil. What's wrong? Soleil: She... She had a boyfriend. *sob* Kamui: Oh Soleil... Don't cry. It's life you know. Sometimes, things like that happens. Soleil: *Sob* I'm not crying because of that. I'm crying because you worked so hard to help me overcome my shyness over that girl and now it's all wasted. Kamui: Not it's not wasted. One day, you will meet another cute girl and this time, you will be able to talk to her easily. Soleil: No, now I love someone else now. It's someone that I know very well. I'm very close to him. Kamui: Oh good... who is he? Soleil: You maybe know him. His name is Kamui. Kamui: Oh very nic- WAIT WHAT!? B-But I...I though y-you only love girls. Soleil: I love both boys and girls. Wait Kamui... are you blushing? Kamui: N-no. I-I'm not... Soleil: Hehe, now you are the one who need help to overcome your shyness. Don't worry I will help you and no need to find another magic powder. I got the perfect cure, hehehe. Support S done but that doesn't mean I'm done. I just need to get my hands on Fkamui and Soleil's supports convos.
  10. So initially i assumed the 3rd route would recycle supports, but recently ive been hearing that the two royal families can support with one another, so it seems like there will be some new supports. Does anyone know if these are the only new supports? Or do characters like Oboro and Zero get new supports with characters from the other nation? If anyone has access to 3rd route support rosters that would be really helpful, especially odins :)
  11. I haven't finished the game yet, but I've noticed quite a few characters have A+ supports, and was wondering what exactly these mean. I understand they are the platonic version of an S rank, and that it allows them to use "buddy seals" and what not and do not result in children, but do they result in a paired ending, and are they limited to only one like S ranks? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. So has there been any indication that Yuugiri will be a playable unit with marriage capabilities? So far in most threads I have read about character supports I haven't seen a mention of her or Crimson.
  13. See Title. We now know that there are two same-sex supports in Fire Emblem If/Fates, one for Nohr in the form of Zero, and one for Hoshido in the form of Shana. However these are S supports, and limited to the player avatar and these characters. Also, as we already know from leaks and Nintendo themselves though, there are also A+ support levels between certain pairs of characters, all of which are the same gender. Thing is, we cannot find any supports labeled A+ in the leaked text dump for the game, even though we've seen leaked screenshots showing the option. At this point, I'd like to ask those who are brave enough to watch the streams for the game to keep an eye out for the A+ option in the support menus and to report any instance of it's use here. I'd also like to ask those who are brave and smart enough to decode and look through the text dump and audio dump of the game to report anything that may have to do with the A+ supports here. Thank you all in advance for your help in figuring out the nature of this new support level.
  14. Punny title intended. I'm not sorry. I'd like to know what the general consensus is among those here on Serenes Forest regarding this issue. Regarding the poll, I have not included an "Undecided Option" as it serves little purpose for a question like this. You're either fine with the inclusion or against it. If you're fine with it, please vote yes, If you are not, please vote no. For clarification, the generally agreed on implementation of LGBT characters in if would be the following:
  15. So... Fire Emblem If is officially out in the wild now, thanks to a Chinese store that broke street date on the game. There's even a stream up on a Chinese website with the player using a female avatar. (Ask for the current link in the chatroom) What I'm posting about however isn't to talk about isn't the leak or the story, it's the supports, and a big addition to them. Yep, I'm bringing up those again. But why you ask? [spoiler=Introduction of "A+" Supports]This It's all fine and dandy that the avatar can S-rank with their Nohrian family (and even their Hoshido family, apparently) but what I'd like to draw people's attention to are the supports. Not only do previous support ranks C through A and S appear - as they did in Fire Emblem Awakening - but now there are also "A+" supports. Just another level of supports right? Nope. They are all limited to characters of the same gender. This may be a new system to show the player which couples can have children and which can't, but it could also simply be a cop-out where same sex partners get passed off as "best friends" or "comrades." I'm hoping for the former rather than the latter, but either way it's a step in the right direction. What are your thoughts? Since so little is known at the moment, anyone who can read Chinese/Japanese and doesn't mind spoilers is urged to watch the stream and explain what they mean. Discuss!
  16. I am planning on creating a mod for Fire Emblem 7 that adds a few more recruitable characters. Though, I do not want to remove any of the other recruitable characters. I was thinking of the following options for starter: Create a chapter/secret chapter that allows the player to prevent Leila death; therefore, recruiting Lelia. Allow the player to recruit either Lloyd or Linus in the Cog of Destiny. In order to integrate these characters into the company, I need to write support conversations. However, Leila is not listed in Nightmare support editor. Is there a way to add her here without messing everything up or removing another character? Anyone have any suggestions? In general, is there a way to add new characters without replacing old ones? Thanks!
  17. I would love to know the opinions you guys have of my families that I have on Fire Emblem: Awakening. Both romance and tactical wise. Please no spoilers for anything after chapter 13 D: MyUnit is called a female called Sabine. What is your unit called? Chrom x Sumia = Lucina + Brady Chrom x Sumia = Cynthia + Stahl x Sully = Kjelle + Owain Gaius x Cordelia = Severa + Donnel x Nowi = Nah + Libra x Tharja = Noire + Vaike x Lissa = Owain + Kjelle Ricken x Maribelle = Brady + Lucina Gregor x Olivia = Inigo + Frederick x Sabine = Morgan + Virion x Cherche = Gerome + Lon’qu x Miriel = Laurent + Kellam x Panne = Yarne + (Note: I've only got Owain, Brady, Inigo, Morgan, for boys and Lucina and Kjelle for girls so far children wise. Therefore their isn't many children pairings yet.) :) Thanks
  18. I want to try playing through the game on Hard with no Pair-Up, no Second Seals since I heard that makes for a much more reasonable challenge than Lunatic. I'm not sure how to go about getting the parents to S though. Does anyone who has done this before have any tips?
  19. This topic should hopefully be pretty self-explanatory: Who do you think is the best match for Robin? This can count for either (or both) the male and the female Robin, and "best match" can include chemistry, battle strategy, or something else entirely. I personally think, for m!Robin, Lissa and Olivia have supports with the best chemistry. Lissa brings out the complete ridiculousness in Robin ("Risen! Wolves! Risen riding wolves!!" and the rubbery thing he does with his face), and Olivia just seems very at ease and fun around him (which is rare in and of itself). I really like Cherche and Cordelia as characters too, but the former's support conversations are so boring as far as I'm concerned ("Wait...you want me to be a chaperone on a wyvern date?!!? But I don't know anything about wyverns!!....I think I'm in love with you, Cherche."), and the latter always seems like she's settling whenever she pairs up with someone other than Chrom (plus, her monologues relating to Chrom in the barracks and on the event tiles never change, leading you to believe she never does get over her love for Chrom). Severa's aren't bad either, as she demonstrates to Robin that she has an eye for strategy, giving them something really important in common. For f!Robin, I liked the supports with Chrom and Priam. Obviously Chrom and Robin make a good match regardless of gender, and I did like the Robin proposal conversation at the end of Chapter 11 (rather than their regular S-Support conversation where Chrom seems like he's ready to have a heart attack); more sappy, but also more romantic and in-line with their characterizations. Priam is just a really cool warrior with a spiritual side, and his conversations with Robin seem quite natural. Lon'qu's supports were just....weird. Two words: fig bruises.
  20. Now from a gameplay standpoint, Radiant Dawn had a fun support system. Support whomever you wanted! But from a story standpoint it was incredibly lackluster. But what if. A future FE game with a small enough group (or groups to fulfill the massive character quota) Had Radiant Dawns support system but the writing for each character to chat to each character in the game (or their groups)? I think it would be quite great. My favorite games in terms of their support systems have been 9, 12 and 13 because they were done at the base. If we could have a possible merge with 10's on that. I think it would work Discuss
  21. I want to know if anyone else is trying. I'm not bothering to get the individual parent/child supports because they're all repeats with very slight changes in how things are worded. Sadly, I'm at a point where it seems as though all the girls need to support with the same few guys (namely Libra, Ricken, and Henry). I'm just about to finish with Lissa and Cherche though, and another playthrough will finish off Olivia and Tharja.
  22. I am well aware this may start a ship war, but what the hell. What're your favourite supports, both romantic and otherwise. Personally I love Yarne's support with his dad, and CherchexLon'qu.
  23. Welcome to the supports. ^^ I'll be taking over for Carter, so here goes. Template: Black - you are currently at a [X] support with this person, but there is no support conversation linked Blue - This is a C support with a link Green - This is a B support with a link Red - This is an A support with a link Orange - This is an S support with a link Light Grey - This is your potential S support partner, but you haven't unlocked it yet. Please send compiled supports in script format to me when you're done. If you have a request for a new support, PM me so that I can see if it can be worked out. I want to try and keep support numbers as balanced as possible. Updated - 1/5, 12:47 PM EST Last 5 supports Posted: Cassandra and Dusk - C support Glaedyr and Dusk - A support Nathaniel and Dusk - B support Cassandra and Dan - A support Alicia and Marth - C support Supports: [spoiler=Sorin]S Support: Alison A Supports: Kat, Dusk, HK B Supports: Dodgedusk, Kat, Hero-King, Duck, Bravelord, Dan, Yuffie C Supports: Dodgedusk, Kat, Duck, Vashiane, Anon, Carter, Hero-King, Dandragon, bravelord, Poly, Alison, Cassandra, Yuffie N/A: [spoiler=Carter]A Supports: Alvitazi B Supports: Dodgedusk, Kat, C Supports: Sorin, Dodgedusk, Kat, N/A: [spoiler=Dodgedusk] SS Support: Kat S Support: Kat A Supports: Kat, Poly, Yuffie, Sorin, Silvia, Glaedyr B Supports: Kat, Polydeuces, Crizix, Sorin, YayForYuffie, Carter, Glaedyr, Silvia, Samson, Phoibus, Dan, Klotho, Wizard, Hero-King C Supports: Sorin, Polydeuces, Glaedyr, Kat, YayForYuffie, Crizix, WarpedWizard, Hero-King, Dandragon, Bravelord, Silvia, Carter, Duck, Alison, Klotho, Phoibus, Cassandra N/A: [spoiler=Kat] SS Support: Dusk S Support: Dodgedusk A Supports: Dodgedusk, Dandragon, Ace, Poly, Sorin, Yuffie, Silvia B Supports: Dodgedusk, Alvitazi, Vashiane, Ace Tactician, Anon, Polydeuces, Dandragon, YayForYuffie, Glaedyr, Breezy, Hero-King, Sorin, Carter, Phoibus, Klotho C Supports: Sorin, Alvitazi, Shadowfrost, Vashiane, Ace Tactician, Hero-King, Dodgedusk, YayForYuffie, Crizix, Anon, Breezy, Polydeuces, Glaedyr, Dandragon, Dark Huntress, WarpedWizard, Carter, Duck, Phoibus, Klotho, Alicia [spoiler=Duck]B Supports: Polydeuces, Sorin, C Supports: Sorin, Shadowfrost, Vashiane, Hero-King, Dark_huntress, Poly, Dusk, Kat, Klotho [spoiler=Ace Tactician]S Support: Silvia, Hero-King A Supports: Hero-King, Silvia, Yuffie, Poly, Kat, Alicia B Supports: Hero-King, Kat, Crizix, Yuffie, Vashiane, Poly, Dan, Alicia, Anon, Klotho C Supports: Vashiane, Kat, Hero-King, Glaedyr, YayForYuffie, Crizix, Anon, Dandragon, Poly, Breezy Alicia, Alison, Klotho N/A: ZM [spoiler=Polydeuces]S Support: Alicia A Supports: Dodgedusk, Kat, Alicia, Ace B Supports: Duck, Dodgdedusk, Alison, Ace, Alicia, Dandragon, Breezy, Silvia, Kat C Supports: Dodgedusk, Alvitazi, Duck, Vashiane, Crizix, Dandragon, Kat, Ace, Hero-King, Sorin, Alicia, Breezy, Alison N/A: [spoiler=Alvitazi]A Supports: Carter B Supports: Kat, C Supports: Polydeuces, Kat, YayForYuffie [spoiler=Shadowfrost]Kat, Duck, Hero-King [spoiler=Jxemas] Hero-King [spoiler=Gulasca] C Supports: Silvia, Poly, Samson [spoiler=Angie] C Supports: Anon [spoiler=Silvia]S Support: Ace, Hero-King A Supports: Hero-King, Ace, Dusk, Kat B Supports: Kat, Ace Tactician, Yuffie, Hero-King, Poly, Dan, Phoibus, Dusk C Supports: Duck, Kat, Ace Tactician, Hero-King, Sorin, Bravelord, Alicia, Cassandra, Phoibus, Yuffie, Dusk, Breezy, Dandragon, Nathaniel, Gulasca, Klotho, Poly N/A: Crizix, Alison [spoiler=YayForYuffie]S Support: A Supports: Dusk, Kat, Ace B Supports: Glaedyr, Dodgedusk, Kat, Breezy, Ace, Silvia, Sorin C Supports: Alvitazi, Ace Tactician, Dodgedusk, Glaedyr, Kat, Silvia, Sorin, Wizard, Dark_Huntress, Klotho, Angie, Breezy N/A: Alison [spoiler=Glaedyr]S Support: Wizard/Nathaniel A Supports: Wizard, Dusk, B Supports: YayForYuffie, Kat, Dusk, Wizard, Breezy C Supports: Dodgedusk, Kat, Ace Tactician, Crizix, YayForYuffie, Warped Wizard, Dandragon, Bravelord, Breezy, Dark_huntress, Alison N/A: [spoiler=ZM]Breezy, [spoiler=Dandragon]S Support: Cassandra A Supports: Kat, Cassandra B Supports: Kat, Poly, Silvia, Ace, Sorin, Cassandra, Dusk C Supports: Sorin, Silvia, Polydeuces, Cassandra, Klotho, bravelord, Glaedyr, Ace Tactician, Kat, Dusk N/A: Dark_huntress [spoiler=Hero-King]S Support: Ace, Silvia A Supports: Ace, Silvia, Sorin B Supports: Ace Tactician, Vashiane, Kat, Sorin, Dusk C Supports: Vashiane, Ace Tactician, Kat, Crizix, Sorin, Dodgedusk, Jxemas, Duck, Poly, Phoibus, Alicia N/A: bravelord, Alison [spoiler=Dark Huntress]S Support: A Supports: B Supports: Breezy C Supports: Kat, Breezy, Duck, Yuffie, bravelord, Anon, Glaedyr N/A: Vashiane, Shelie, Crizix, Garland, Dandragon [spoiler=Anonymous Speed]B Supports: Breezy, Ace Tactician, Kat, C Supports: Crizix, Breezy, Ace Tactician, Kat, Sorin, Angie, Dark_huntress [spoiler=Breezy]B Supports: Crizix, Anon, Kat, Yuffie, Poly, Glaedyr, Dark_Huntress, C Supports: Crizix, Anon, ZM, Glaedyr, Yuffie, Silvia, Kat, Dark Huntress, Poly, Wizard, Ace [spoiler=Crizix]S Support: A Supports: B Supports: Breezy, Ace Tactician, Dodgedusk C Supports: Breezy, Dodgedusk, Glaedyr, Polydeuces, Kat, Hero-King, Ace Tactician, Anon N/A: Bravura [spoiler=Bravelord]S Support: A Supports: B Supports: Dusk, Sorin, Dan C Supports: Wizard,Silvia, Dark_huntress, Sorin, Cassandra, Dandragon, Glaedyr, Dusk N/A: Hero-King, Crizix [spoiler=TheWarpedWizard]S Support: Glaedyr A Supports: Glaedyr B Supports: Glaedyr, Alicia, Dusk, Breezy C Supports: Glaedyr, Alicia, Yuffie, Breezy, Silvia, Dusk, Kat, Bravelord N/A: Cassandra, Angie, [spoiler=Alison/Luigiandshadowgirl] S support: Sorin A Supports: B Supports: Poly, Sorin C Supports: Sorin, Ace, Poly, Dusk, Alicia, Glaedyr N/A: Yuffie, Silvia, Hero-king [spoiler=Alicia] S support: Poly A Supports: Ace, Poly B Supports: Ace, Poly, Wizard C Supports: Ace, Kat, Poly, Wizard, Alison, Silvia, Hero-King N/A: [spoiler=Klotho] S support: Phoibus B Supports: Dusk, Kat, Phoibus C Supports: Dusk, Kat, Silvia, Yuffie, Ace, Dan, Duck, Phoibus [spoiler=Cassandra] S Support: Dan A Supports: Dan B Supports: Dan C Supports: Dan, Sorin, Samson, Silvia, Dusk N/A: [spoiler=Phoibus] S Support: Klotho B Supports: Silvia, Dusk, Kat, Klotho C Supports: Kat, Dusk, Silvia, Klotho
  24. Okay, so I've been wanting to ask someone about the pairings I chose and how good they are (Both support/story/personality wise and optimization wise). I've played the game for a while now and wondered how good my pairings are. So I wanted to get a chance to ask other FE:A players about them. How good are my pairings good optimization wise and support wise? (I tried balancing them both out, not doing the worst optimization pairings or doing crack pairings) Alright so here are my pairings and the skills they passed down to their children: Chrom x Fem!MyUnit; This one just kind of...happened. At the end of Chapter 11, apparently my Avatar had the highest supports with Chrom, so they got married. I didn't reset it cause it's my first time playing, so now I want to say I don't regret it. Children: Lucina- Chrom passes down Aether and Fem!MyUnit passes down Ignis. Male!Morgan- Chrom passes down Rightful King and Fem!MyUnit passes down Galeforce Fredrick x Sumia; This one was sort of based on personal opinion. Since Fem!MyUnit was with Chrom, Sumia had a romantic option cut out, leaving Fredrick, Gaius, and Henry. For some reason I didn't like Gaius and Henry's hair colors on her so I went with Fredrick (And I had plans to pair Henry with someone else). Plus, imo, the supports were super adorable. Also, I couldn't find anyone better to pair Fredrick with at the time. I heard it's the worst pairing for Sumia stat wise; is that true? Children: Cynthia- Fredrick passed down Aegis and Sumia passed down Galeforce Virion x Sully; This one was truly based on my opinion. As soon as I saw them in Chapter 1 with their hilarious dialogue, I wanted to pair them up. I don't know if this is a good pairing or not stat wise for Kjelle. It's one of my favorite couples in Fire Emblem: Awakening, but is the optimization for Kjelle really bad? Children: Kjelle- Virion passed down Bowbreaker and Sully passed down Aegis Stahl x Cordelia; For some reason, when I saw the two together do so well in battle, I wanted to pair them up. That wasn't a bad choice; I later found out Stahl is one of Severa's best fathers. I might keep this pairing, unless you guys think there are better couples for Stahl and Coredlia respectively. Children: Severa- Stahl passed down Aegis and Cordelia passed down Galeforce Vaike x Lissa; I had a hard time with this one. I found it super hard to find a good husband for Lissa. Her options were limited at the time, so I did some research. I found out Vaike was a pretty solid father for Owain, so I went with it. The supports helped with my decision as well. Are there better husbands for Lissa though? Children: Owain- Vaike passed down Counter and Lissa passed down Galeforce Donnel x Nowi; Found out this was one of the best pairings for Nowi since Donnel passes down Aptitude to make a super strong Nah. Plus, the two look cute together, and I found Nah's hair to match her red cloak quite nicely. Children: Nah- Donnel passed down Aptitude and Nowi passed down Swordbreaker (Nah also learned Lancebreaker once I made her a Griffon Rider) Lon'qu x Olivia; ...I seriously had no purpose with optimization for this pairing. I went with it because I thought it was super adorable. Both are quiet and quite awkward around other people (women for Lon'qu), so I thought it'd be cute if they both got married. Plus Inigo looked good with Lon'qu's hair color, and the supports were pretty good. This pairing isn't bad stat wise, is it? Children: Inigo- Lon'qu passed down Vantage (because I did NOT want to go through the whole Myrimdon line) and Olivia passed down Galeforce Ricken x Miriel; One of my last pairings. Since both are magic users, I figured they would make Laurent an even powerful mage. The supports helped a bit too, although I did this one mainly because of the high magic stat. Children: Laurent- Ricken passed down Lifetaker and Miriel passed down Dual Support+ Gaius x Panne; ...This is seriously the last pairing I created. It was either Gaius or Kellam. I went with Gaius because I didn't want him to be forever alone'd he has good speed and skill stats, which Taguels excel in. Supports were freaking hilarious. Is Gaius better with someone else? I heard he's one of the best fathers. (Although I really don't care about the Galeforce thing with Gaius...as you can see, most of my characters already have Galeforce) Children: Yarne- Gaius passed down Astra and Panne passed down Lethality. Gregor x Cherche; This pairing I just went with the flow. Gregor's hair color looked good on Gerome, and both parents have really good stats. Plus I heard Gregor was a great father for Gerome, which was even a bigger reason why I went with it! Children: Gerome- Gregor passed down Armsthrift and Cherche passed down Deliverer (so I can avoid the whole Griffon Rider line) Libra x Maribelle; Both have high magic stats as well as being healers. That's why I ended up making Brady into a Sage. Supports also showed Maribelle's kind side that some people don't seem to notice. Children: Brady- Libra passed down Lifetaker and Maribelle passed down Galeforce Henry x Tharja; Both are magic users (although I found out later on that Noire is an archer). I found it kind of hilarious to pair both dark mages up; it makes sense to why Noire is bipolar. I felt like this pairing wasn't as good optimization wise as I thought, but it wasn't really bad. Children: Noire- Henry passed down Lifetaker and Tharja passed down Vengence. Kellam got forever alone'd cause I'm mean. /Brick'd Children pairings don't matter to me right now, I really want to focus on first gen pairings. If you comment, thanks for helping! I really appreciate it. (Also sorry for the long explanation; I get carried away sometimes )
  25. Hello! TheWarpedWizard here. It just so turns out that some people actually sort of like my writing, so... Firstly, the Nathaniel Supports. Nathaniel is the son of Ricken from Awakening, and he is quite the gloomy sort. His first mention was here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=39879&p=2458527 There are a bunch of supports across that thread, so keep an eye on it. I am also working on some supports that some think should've been in Awakening with The-Mage-King. Here is the first; EmmerynxGangrel: http://pastebin.com/HK7E4K3N I will also be showing you forumers The Tower, a story I am writing that is about a world where magic has been forgotten, and the only place where it is still practiced is in the prison-like Tower. The main character is named Nathaniel,(No connection to Natty from Ricken supports) the only practitioner of necromancy in the world. In The Tower, the people who live there are the only mages of their specific type. So only one Fire Mage, Necromancer, etc. They were raised there from birth. They have no clue what the world outside is like, and they do not know that they're the only magic-user's left. I'll post more soon! The actual chapters of The Tower will come later.
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