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Found 49 results

  1. I did another 0% growths warpless low turn count playthrough of FE5. The tactics are much improved from my previous run and it should be much easier to watch due to less wasted time. "0% growths" means I play on a ROM edited so characters do not gain stats on level-up (both character and scroll growths set to zero). I like playing 0% growths because it eliminates the randomness that growths cause and improves the game's balance by reducing player strength relative to the enemy; in a normal run, I find that characters become too powerful and diminish the need for tactical maneuvers. Also, movement stars are also not used when they activate. By "warpless" I mean that I do not use the warp staff (rescue staves and the self-targeting rewarp staff are permitted). I've done runs with the warp staff before and they're plenty of fun, but this warpless route involves a lot of varied and interesting tactics in chapters that the warp staff would trivialize. "Low turn count" means that I aim to complete chapters as quickly as possible. In Fire Emblem games, there are often boring and time-consuming tactics than lead to victory with little effort, but it is far more fun and entertaining to use complex tactics that lead to a faster completion. Furthermore, the game ranks you based upon the number of turns you take, so a lower turncount can be considered a better result. However, in some cases I will sacrifice speed for reliability. This is a segmented run but in the future I hope to complete a SS rank warpless ironman run; I think it is more fun to consider contingency plans and adapt tactics during a playthrough than it is to map out a singular path through the game and reset until the RNG rolls in your favour. My idea of a good tactic is as follows: if all goes well a very low turncount will be achieved, if some things go wrong a fairly low turncount will still be achieved, and in the case of extreme bad luck several turns may be lost but a game over would be avoided. However there are several chapters in this playthrough where this ideal is not achieved. One day I will improve upon this run so please suggest any improvements that come to mind. I do not attempt to recruit all characters in this playthrough. This run is played on normal mode (without increased exp gain), so EXP distribution must be considered. This does not affect turncounts. There are several chapters for which I don't have a really good plan and I could really use some suggestions. I probably won't redo this anytime soon but someday I will. Here is the youtube playlist:
  2. HELLOOOO Serenes Forest! Welcome to the Serenes Forest Smash & Gaming Discord Server's THIRD (3rd) FIRE EMBLEM TAGTEAM EVENT! Four tagteams this is not, neither is this only two. Five is right out. Following on the heels of our massive success with Blazing Sword, and our amazing randomized Binding Blade tag-team (Roy is so bad that when he promoted the game crashed irretrievably), we decided to move onto the most beloved Fire Emblem in the series, and @Jedi's personal favorite, Fire Emblem: Awankening. Unfortunately, we can't transfer save data for 3DS games very easily, so we agreed that it would be the best to the second best game in the series: Berwick Saga. Which of course is why we're not doing any such thing, and instead settled on Thracia 776, which half of us have never played before. We have a record-breaking NINE players signed up for this, which was almost going to be an issue until @Batter the Beast started talking shit about fruity cocktails and extolling the virtues of rum instead. Of course, I, a gentleman, could never stomach playing on the same tagteam as such a philistine, so I cast him out of the group entirely. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that @Terrador, @Lord Raven, @ίce, and @Carmine Sword were also entirely lacking in moral fiber, and they left along with him to form a team of degenerates. On the side of justice, sugar, and delicious mixed drinks, I, @Euklyd, am joined by @Jedi, @General Horace, and the leading man, @Refa. The rules are as follows: Screw over your own team as much as you like, but do try to actually finish the run. The other team is full of soulless heathens, and as such must be fucked over as best you can manage. To facilitate this, each team's players will be matched with chapters by the opposing team (details below). Don't fuck this up and break the ROM this time, you nerds. This is a serious competition, and as such should be taken completely seriously. No fun allowed. Each player can declare one (1) safe unit, which shall be safe from death at the hands of their teammates. You can only declare units that have already been recruited as safe. Chapter picking process: There are 33 chapters to select from. All gaidens are forced. Chapters 16A/16B and 17A/17B are drafted together; you don't get to choose which route the other team does. The selection order for each team is as follows: TEAM RUM: Carmine, Batter, Raven, Terrador, Ice TEAM COCKTAIL: Jedi, Refa, Horace, Euklyd The way this will work is that Carmine will pick a chapter for Jedi, then Batter for Refa, then Raven for Horace, then Terrador for Euklyd, then Ice for Jedi again, etc. etc., and vise versa for how Team Cocktail picks for Team Rum. LET THE ODDS MAY BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR disclaimer: i may or may not have written this post last night while drunk i blame jedi for everything EDIT: Refa points out that the scientific name for "team cocktail" is actually #TEAM SEXY BITCH, however we must be eSports about this and so will continue referring to ourselves as #TEAM COCKTAIL
  3. So I've been looking at some of the characters from Thracia 776 and I've noticed some characters look oddly familiar. And looking at their designs, backgrounds, and personalities, there are quite a few parallels. So here we go. Creidne/Radney & Machyua Laylea & Lara Hermina & Karin Tristan & Carrion Linda & Miranda Bonus: Jeanne and Tanya have similar facial features and accessories. And Shannam is literally a Shannan impersonator.
  4. I was curious to see some opinions of fire emblem 5. I never liked it due to the fact that some characters were almost unusable, and for me, the game is just boring. No character except for the main characters had any characterization, the map design was bad, (in my opinion) and the game was really unbalanced. I liked the crusader scrolls, and this game gets some credit for adding fog of war, but that's all I liked. So why do you like or dislike this game?
  5. Welcome to Fala Scans' work on the FE5 manga! This manga gets to around chapter nine character + event wise, give or take, with a lot of things excluded and replaced or simply left out due to the low volume count. These books are slightly short of 200 pages per book. Please enjoy! Edit: I do need to include the cover and stuff still. Forgot about that. As usual. Volume One: Chapter 0
  6. So, that's it. The other day I was asking help to start FE4( I finished, and loved it) and now I want it for FE5. First of all, what's the best translation for FE5? And where can I get it? I am asking this because I played FE4 and it wasn't project Naga...ended up with a untranslated ending and bad translated weapon names. Any tips for someone who just beat Geneology of the Holy war to get into this game? I have read a lot about it already, the inifinite range staffs are scaring me... Anyway, I have already beaten Radiant Dawn, wich is probably the most complex game of the series( and probably the second hardest, Thracia 776 considered the first one), so I am not too scared. Any tips to get into, what should I do, when should I save, what I should NEVER do, would be apreciated.
  7. Since there are three Fire Emblem games got remakes that are Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem, and the upcoming Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. I think the next one that we might get a remake next is Genealogy of the Holy War and the next one after Genealogy of the Holy will be Thracia 776 since it's a mid equal to Genealogy of the Holy War, but since there is going to be a new upcoming Switch title that is going to be brand new story, do you guys think that Intelligence System will might make a Genealogy of the Holy War remake sometime after the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title that gets released in 2018 or do you guys think it will might going to be later than that?
  8. I'm just curious (and expecting to see a lot of FE4 votes...), the NES/SNES games were cool and interesting and had their own old-school charm that makes (most of them) them so easy to go back to (except FE1, that broken, broken mess). EDIT: I accidentally hit enter... Is there any way to edit polls? Help? ...this is embarrasing
  9. Hello everyone! New LPer here, bringing you all the joy (and pain) of Thracia 776! Come see why I stole the numbers from this game for my stupid username! Part 1: And part 2:
  10. So how do you feel about the plot twist of Evyel's true identity? Personally I feel like it adds very little to her character and only really serves to cheapen the Barhara Massacre. I think Evyel would be a perfectly good character without any connection to Briggid. Though I do appreciate the irony of the pirate princess growing up to make it her mission in life to fight pirates.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXjyJdUVlG8 Xator Nova/Ronaldo Villanueva decided to talk about one of his favorite games, Thracia 776 in probably his most ambicious project nowadays. He wants to defend the position of Thracia as one of the best Strategical Games in the Story of the Videogames. Note: The video is in spanish (his native languaje), but has notes with english subtitules.
  12. I wanna play Thracia 776 without the reaaallllllllllly shitty translation... So, just curious if anyone made a GBA remake of it, like FE4 Gen 2?
  13. As of current this is me just starting to do this but I am gonna make my best attempt at a Fire Emblem Thracia 776 version on the GBA system similar to the Roman Numeral 4 that is going on by Pi. Although as people hope I will gladly add my own flair as well as bring back as much as I can from FE 5. With hope I can get a first look out soon but I thought I would post the concept although people are against opening up a thread without content I know that alone it will take forever but I am gonna put the work in
  14. I understand that there are 9 sets of growths that the game uses in FE5 to determine random enemy stats and I have found them, but I wonder if there is a way to alter the pointers so that certain classes only pull from certain growths. I've checked the data via nightmare and windhex to try and see patterns, but no luck. I'd like to take those 9 growths, like with physical 1&2 and fighter 1&2 and change them to be more speed or defense oriented and assign swordmasters or generals to the appropriate growths. Does anyone know where this data can be found?
  15. In the page here on Thracia 776's unused classes, Dragon Master (M, D), meaning male and dismounted, is listed as having access to Lances and Swords. However, when I hack the Dismounted Dragon Master class into the game with action replay, it can only use Swords. Is there something I'm missing here, or is this an error? I will say Male Dismounted Dragon Lords being able to use Lances is similar to Raffin in Kaga's next game, Tear Ring Saga. On a related subject, was no one being able to uses Lance indoors in Thracia 776 an intentional decision? Like did they plan Lance, and Duke Knights to dismount to Swords all along, or was it a time saving measure by making the majority of dismounted classes re-use the same animations? If they did plan Non Sword mounted classes dismounting to Swords, why?
  16. Now as discussed in my previous topic, Thracia had a more unique sense of what difficulty was. I've been toying with the idea since then (thanks for the input btw). About a FE5 Hard Mode patch of sorts. What elements would make the game more difficult without making it stupid and or making it like say.. Super Thracia? Like would a hard mode go against what made Thracia a good game in the first place? All input is welcome!
  17. Over the years I've heard the term "Such and such game may be harder then Thracia!" When in reality Thracia isn't even that hard of an FE game, sure it blindsides a first time player and has several odd mechanics, but at its core is a pretty simple FE overall that places its difficulty more in gimmicks and the AI being somewhat smart with their weaker units. The game gives you several gamebreaking possibilities and the fact that pretty much the entire cast can become godly thanks to scrolls. I'd easily rank FE6 HM, FE10 HM heck maybe even FE10 Normal Mode, FE11 H2-5, FE12 Maniac/Lunatic and heck even FE13's easily abuseable lunatic mode above it in terms of difficulty. Thats only mentioning a few games and modes! So why do people keep insisting that Thracia is the hardest game ever? I'm beginning to think alot of people who say this, simply haven't played the game or they are confusing difficulty for BS moves that can be negated on replaying the game. Or maybe simply its older reputation just became too infamous because we all sucked at FE back in the day. I will give the Manster chapters a bit of difficulty cred though, among a few other chapters.
  18. So I was thinking, with Lucas back in smash, and the announcement of the Mother 1 translation being released worldwide as Earthbound Beginnings, many are predicting Mother 3 to follow suit. And since Roy has been added back in as well, at the same time no less, could this mean that FE6, or even the whole japanese exclusive Fire Emblem library, will receive the same treatment? Itoi's himself mentioned that Mother 1 was being translated and re-released as part of the 20th anniversary of Earthbound's release, and with it being the 25th anniversary of FE as a series, and the music concert on the way I could think of worse times to make such an announcement. Of course I may be looking into this too much, and as someone who's accustomed to the fan translations (the use of memes aside) I'd rather see these games remade rather than translated and redistributed, FE6 in particular due to its sameness and lack of polish, but I'd be excited if this turned out to be true. Penny for you thoughts, anyone?
  19. Is there a proper Thracia 776 translation? One where the menus are actually readable? The one I have is called FE5_Patch_0006. Is there any complete translation patch? Is there at least a way I can fix it myself?
  20. I'm sitting on chapter 14x on my first run, and I'm planning on giving the elite scroll to either Linoan or Mareeta, and I've already given wrath to Olwen, so now I basically just have the charge manuel left. I'm undecided as to which unit would be benefiting the most from it, as I find the skill to be fairly situational in that someone like Dagda was pretty cool with it early on with capturing and Selphina gets screwed over by it by ballista. I'm thinking someone like Halvan, Brighton, or Fin could benefit from it, in that they have the health and just enough speed, but there are also people like Shiva and Machua. They have the speed to proc it and benefit from being able to get the kills in one round, and potential access to the fire sword so they're not locked to a particualr range either, but they're squishier in that they don't have the hp and avoid can't be solely relied upon in FE5. Anyways, maybe hearing what people you guys used them on would help narrow down what kind of units would benefit the most from the charge skill. Or perhaps it would be better to just sell it and get, like, an iron sword or something haha
  21. Well, I started playing FE5 the other day, and I have to say that Leif is loathed by the RNG Here's his stats at level 13 unpremoted I'm playing on elite mode btw, not sure if that matters. I think he only procced STR once out of 12 level ups, and defense is just as badly off. Bear in mind that Leif is practically your ONLY heavy hitter upon reaching chapter 4. It's growths like these that make me miss Roy, at least he had decent growths.
  22. Hey guys! As many of you know, a very important mechanic in FE5 and FE3 Book 2 is the ability to actively influence the growth rates of units by having them carry crusader scrolls (or star shards in FE3's case). If exploited, this mechanic can turn units with moderate or even bad growth rates to actually useful units. However, whenever I find myself playing either FE5 or FE3, I tend to forget the exact base growths of most of my units and/or the exact bonuses granted by items (especially some that influence multiple stat growths), therefore having to look them up. This is more evident in FE5's case where the inventory has 7 available slots, therefore allowing for more complex combinations of scrolls. Furthermore, the way that crusader scrolls function may not be immediately obvious to those new to the game. So this gave me the idea of building a tool that would automate these computations and would also allow any user to keep track of these computations easily, without having to lookup or even remember anything. It's nothing too fancy really, just some html, css and a bit of javascript coding that gets the job done. Please allow me to demonstrate. Let's pick Marty (the man whom Dagda loved) as our test subject: Upon selection, the calculator displays an output that consists of three parts: the character's modified growths, the character's chances to cap each stat and his average stats (many thanks to Sara. for suggesting this addition). Modified Growths: The first part details the unit's modified growth rates under the specified set of crusader scrolls. Of course, if you select no scrolls, what you'll see is simply the unit's base growths. Regarding the displayed data, the unit's starting class is also shown along with his growth rates, in case someone wants to compare between units of the same class. Now, as it becomes instantly obvious, his Str, Skl and Spd are downright horrible and should be tampered if we want him to have a fighting chance. Let's load his inventory with a bunch of scrolls: Whenever a new scroll is added or removed, the output table changes appropriately to reflect his current growth rates. In order to be able to instantly tell which growths have been modified and in what way, growth rates that have been increased are colored green, while growth rates that have been decreased are colored red. Additionally, you are able to view the bonus modifiers granted by each individual scroll by simply having your mouse cursor hover above it. That way, there's no need to remember the exact bonuses granted by each scroll when planning your strategy. If the user wishes to view a summary of the exact bonuses on any particular stat, he can again hover his mouse over the corresponding cell of the output table. Finally, if a growth rate becomes negative due to the effect of crusader scrolls, the calculator treats it as zero (please see: http://old.serenesforest.net/general/growth.html for details). This is shown below for Marty's Mag when he's equipped with the Noba scroll. Chances to Cap: The second part of the output details the character's likelihood to cap each of his respective stats. This is similar to the "Chance to Cap" data listed in the Path of Radiance section of serenesforest (see: http://serenesforest.net/path-of-radiance/characters/chance-to-cap/). Furthermore, as far as I'm aware, no such data are currently listed for Thracia 776, so this calculator might as well provide you with a fast way for computing those. What's more, these chances will automatically change as you change the equipped scrolls. Notice that since we're capable of instantly tracking how the "chances to cap" change for each stat, it is somewhat easier to determine which combination will benefit your units most (based on what scrolls you possess and what you aim to do). Average stats: The last part of the output consists of a series of tables containing estimates for the character's average stats, for a specified set of crusader scrolls. Of course, the very first row contains the selected character's base stats. Stats that have reached their respective caps, will be distinguished by flashing like this: Similarly to the previous tables, the average stats tables are also updated everytime you either select a different character or change scrolls in the inventory. For a different set of scrolls, Marty's predicted average stats become: Promotion gains can also be viewed instantly by hovering your mouse above a cell containing a stat name for each promotion (starting class is excluded). The next image shows this for Marty's Str when promoting to a Warrior. Of course, if the inventory doesn't contain any scrolls, the average stats displayed will be identical to the ones found here: http://serenesforest.net/thracia-776/characters/average-stats/ Here's an example of this using Evayle: What do you guys think? Would it be of any interest/use to the community? Any suggestions are welcome. The application can be downloaded from GitHub: https://github.com/Sharpshooter23/FE5-Growth-Rate-Calculator Feel free to play around with it or to read through its source code.
  23. An independent gaming journalism site that I frequent just published a comprehensive breakdown of the use of skills throughout the history of the Fire Emblem series, from "Holy War" to "Awakening", the latter of which the writer is very critical of, and it was very fascinating to read. Be sure to check it out if you're interested in the mechanics the series: http://www.gatheryou...-emblem-series/
  24. So, I've been playing through FE4, and I have to praise the translators. It's a good patch. I know/ have heard that the ending of the game causes some issues and that some of the conversations bewtween lovers when returning back to base are missing, but those are minor things. Now, I'm wondering about FE5. I've heard a lot of different opinions on this patch. The translation page says it's mostly complete, but I can't find a full list of just what isn't finished. Are there any parts of the game that are unplayable due to this, or should I be fine going through the game as it is?
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