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Found 3 results

  1. Alright, where to start. I've been contemplating in school today about how to do this thread while my precalculus homework sat abandoned on my desk. I was thinking about going in-depth about the series, but if you want that, then go here: http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Touhou_Wiki Instead I'm going to talk about misconceptions I've been seeing about the series here on SF, since what I usually see being reactions to Touhou here are: "ew lolis", "2hu sux", "weeb bait", etc. Now, I don't think that some members of fanbase here do it any justice and only dig a deeper grave for themselves, but I might delve into that later. Anyway, Touhou Project is a series owned by ZUN with games created by Shanghai Alice. The vast majority of the official games (14 in total) are vertical shooters. They are popular shumps, and it isn't uncommon to see people say "omg i can't do that shit you must be god" when they see something like this: [spoiler=PCB Lunatic Stage 6] There are four difficulties in total: Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic. The higher you climb, the harder things will be. There are also difficulties such as Extra, Phantasm (PCB only), Last Word (IN only), and Overdrive (TD only), but the main four that I listed are the ones I'm mainly referring to. The series is also quite well known due to the fact that most of the cast are female. Cool beans, huh? I guess so. So how did something as simple as this get so popular? Well, the music played a huge role and it isn't hard to find various music remixes on YouTube. As said before, the large cast of females (currently 130) also plays a role. Though due to ZUN's drawing style not being the greatest: [spoiler=Remilia's OA from EoSD] Fans have taken the liberty to draw the characters with how they perceive them: [spoiler=Remilia fan art] Over the years, the designs have been pretty much accepted as a whole (and it helps that the fighters + GFW have had some characters with pretty rad designs via Alphes). Now, the Touhou fandom is quite infamous for things relating to the things I listed above. A lot of those who play on Lunatic tend to be rather elitist, viewing anyone that plays on the lower difficulties as inferior. That sure doesn't make them look good. Then there are people who are just in the series for the girls, which I've seen piss off many fans. IMO, if you're going to join the series just to gawk at fan art, then you better also play the games or do something else related. That right there is probably my biggest pet peeve regarding Touhou and most of the reason why I'm even making this thread. Seriously, the series isn't that hard to get into. There are official doujin works you can read, hundreds of fangames created you can play, the fighters you can play, the music remixes you can enjoy, lore you can research, etc. tl;dr: Touhou Project is great. I wish that the fanbase didn't make it as infamous as it is. There are tons of things to do in the series, so find something and stick with it instead of just being in it for the 'waifu business'. I guess that's that. EDIT: there's also this: [spoiler=video of stuff] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7lHJXPKoX0
  2. If you have anything Touhou-related in your avatar and/or sig, please post. I want to do a census. If you don't and still post, I don't give a shit. :P
  3. Simply because we can. And a Touhou subforum would be freaking amazing. I particularly like Touhou MMD videos, and this one is among my favorite series of them.
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