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Found 7 results

  1. Pupspider


    So, you may be wondering why i went straight to posting without introducing myself! Probably because I need to pay more attention to what sections there are in the forums. Anyways, I'm Pupspider, some guy that doesn't really like sharing information to the public straight out so... The first time I witnessed fire emblem was my oldest brother who has now moved out playing Fire emblem 9 [Path of Radiance] at Chapter 18 [Crimea Marches]. As a kid, I wasn't interested in the game. But once I was thirteen, I played Radiant dawn [for some reason skipped the first one] and once I beat the game, moved on to Awakening. It was one of my favorite franchises once i played through the first few chapters of Radiant dawn, along with playing through awakening for the first time. Currently I'm planning to get Revelations [Fates] for myself. I am currently playing through Path of Radiance after the few years i didn't. Currently close to beating it.
  2. Um... so I was posting in HHH and kept getting the replied too fast error, I was very confused, since I had been on Youtube browsing Touhou remixes a moment before and I had not done anything. I tried refreashing to see if my post posted and I didn't see, but... it didn't. I couldn't take a better pic b/c Wii U, but... huh?
  3. I feel like I need a roast for some reason. Whoever roasts the best is the winner. The prize is a prize. Starting....... NOW! To participate know what a roast is.
  4. I have always wondered what kitchen appliance anyone would be if they had the chance. I would be a a toaster, but tell me what you would be and why. Be sure it's not A food or you fail.
  5. So like, i was reading a thread in Awakening board (scary, i know) and was talking to another member here about it. Theres like, this weird thing with Japanese games/stories and age. 30 seems to be considered rather ancient in JRPG Worlds. In FE13, we have Cherche declare she is too old for marriage but shes not really older than 25. Gregor appears to be almost 50 but theres a solid argument for him being closer to 30. Then theres Nowi... This just happens a lot in games. 17 year old protagonist is pretty much a norm. In quazi-medieval settings, this actually does work. Due to how lifespans worked in medieval society, a 17 year old is basically a grown-up. So Chrom in FE13 as a 19 year old (estimate) would be like, right at an ideal. But when we get to more modern settings like some FF games and Ace Attorney, and this is applied, it gets weird. Is this whole thing relative to Japanese culture perhaps? Cuz Western culture paints the prime as around 30. Weebs, help a god out here.
  6. Hahahahahahah, you really just came in here, didn't you? Well, I suppose... since you're here... You looked at this topic, how gullible does that make you? 1. Pretty gullible 2. Not-so-gullible 3. Joke's on you, I didn't even see 4. So gullible that I could trick you into doing anything On a scale of 1-3, how would you rate this? 1. 42 2. 666 3. 13 4. 4 5. Bro, we're only one(two)question(s)in. What time do I live in? 1. The 90's 2. In your time 3. Somewhere out of time 4. The actual right time How many life choices have you regretted about now? 1. None 2. All 3. I haven't even made any 4. 79 How many lives do I have left? 1. 0 2. Zero 3. None 4. Nothing 5. 14 If I left SF, would you care? 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. YES 4. YES Did you answer that last question? 1. What question? 2. Yes 3. There was a question? 4. SERIOUSLY!?! WHERE'S THIS QUESTION?!?! 5. No How famous am I? 1. Nowhere If you loved me, would you love me? 1. Yes 2. No 3. bby, i luv u <3 4. No, I don't Am I even doing this right? 1. Yes 2. No 3. Doing what right? 4. I haven't noticed 5. Everywhere... This is the last question. 1. What? 2. Wat? 3. Wut? 4. Huh? 5. I don't even... 6. No, it's not How do you pronounce my name? 1. Miralizmis 2. Miralizmis 3. Miralizmis 4. Meow 5. Miralizmis Answers... If you answered mostly right, you're right. If you answered mostly wrong, you're wrong. If you answered everything, I love you. So, uh, yeah. What did I just do?
  7. Hey SF. I was recording all of the hidden events from FE4 and got them all except for the one in chapter 2 where you have to make a male character talk to a secluded Mackily soldier. It was all gibberish in the translation patch(both old and new). [spoiler=Original Japanese Text] Anyone know what he is saying/ could someone translate this? AFAIK the on-site script only has Arden`s pursuit ring hidden conversation and not this one. Thanks in advance, I suppose.
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