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  1. This is a game in which you. Must find a word that rhymes with the following word a person puts. For example. I put Frog Other puts Dog Other puts Bat Other 2 puts Cat. So on so forth. Repeating a word in any way means you fail the game. No exceptions. First Word: Oath Edit: Put Orange and you mega fail. Please actually try.
  2. Here's how it works. Make an empire and the next person who posts takes it over. Give a valid reason why the empire has failed and don't give overly long descriptions. Rules 1. Don't be Salty 2. Don't let it be too long 3. No saying it is invincible or anything else that makes taking it over I possible. I shall start. I have the empire of Weegeelandia where everyone spends all day sleeping.
  3. Share your funny exploits. Pretty self explanatory. Or your bowel movements Also yes I am bored. Edit: I recycle this
  4. I could use a laugh. Seriously I feel down in the dumps, but maybe a laugh will help me out of it.
  5. Frankly I need something fresh. Franchises I have played Pokemon Golden Sun (first 20 minutes) I will get back to it. Fire Emblem (obviously) Mario (everything) Zelda (Though I never beat one) Kirby Smash Bros Wario ware/land Crappy Crash Bandicoot GBA game Advance Wars. Metroid Castlevania Ninja Gaiden I may have missed some but recommend something I should play first. I have no idea.
  6. So basically this is a thread to get opinions off that you feel are "bad" or "funny". They can be you, or anyone else. Rule 1: Don't insult others. Constructive criticism only (a few questions) Rule 2: Don't be a jerk. Rule 3: Try not to post opinions which are good I'll start. I found some person who doesn't want to play Fire Emblem because of smash.
  7. Be aware. I'm only talking about RNG screwed Hectors such as mine. I want to know how many people here have gotten a bad Hector. Mine is cursed in many ways with the main being his strength. I don't want this to turn into another _______ sucks thread. Here you go Rule 1: Insult anyone who is actually bad Rule 2: Use stuff from your experience and averages. Rule 3: No Marcus talk or Devil Axe to you. But this doesn't go in Fire Emblem because it wouldn't end well I can see it now.
  8. Essentially this is an experiment. To communicate with gifs. We can also use pictures. Use one sentence then a gif. I will begin. I feel well today. Also don't use too big of a picture or use the same one over and over. Let's begin.
  9. Frankly there are some games or other things which have creepy things you would not expect. Like this for example. Like that. So nothing from the horror genre and no other undesired images. Find anything and post it here.
  10. My dog is extremely weird. She randomly barks at windows, eats toilet paper or any kind paper. And she is angry around certain people. And she also eats anything off the floor. What do I do? [Luckily it was worse a few years ago and not now]. And yes I am asking for LEGIT advice, because discipline isn't working.
  11. Seriously I'm not funny at all. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong.
  12. I've seen this happen far to often. Someone talks about something they know nothing about. It makes no sense to me. Please relate to subject. Edit: Yes this has gone to far off. Not yet.
  13. Anyone ever have a concept that doesn't really go anywhere or someone else did it first? That stinks when you think of a concept which has little purpose but very interesting.
  14. Frankly I suspect foul play. Barth won due to a Buzz cut and not a chin. Therefore we shall judge them on everything. And yes I mean everything. I will put up their pictures as I did last time. Bors Barth/Bath Also post why if you want to.
  15. Someone similar in habits, personality, etc. so yeah. Say who it is unless you don't. Mine is extremely obvious.
  16. Edit: I changed the topic to save space. Yeah Hannibal won the beards. These are not all my nominations. Dont rage at me please. I'm not sure which because there are so many. Next nine people after me get to nominate someone. I for one nominate Duessel. (Please put a picture as well) Nominees Gonzales (though I like him) Gheb Oliver Excellus Demon goat Lyn Izuka Tharja Valtome Bantu Tana
  17. And I don't see the resemblance. As Waluigi I am skinny while he has Heavy in the name.
  18. Frankly these two knights have really humorous chins but I can't decide which is better. What do you guys think? And yes this goes into FFtF for obvious reasons. Bors: Binding Blade/Sword of Seals Valbo: Gaiden Edit: I have decided to end the the poll at 40 votes. Unless a tie occurs.
  19. This isn't an arena. We must calm ourselves and look in our mirrors.
  20. This is a game about Fire Emblem pun making. Rate the above persons pun /10 with anything, but it has to have some type of pun or wordplay. They can be sad just please have them make sense. I'll start with this pun. I wish I had a car... Especially a Forde.
  21. Are you sick of being ninja'd even when you know you are going to be ninja'd? Then I have the perfect thing for you called.... Reverse ninjaing. This is a legitimate problem plaguing the masses causing them to slam their heads on their keyboards or walls or keyboards glued to walls. Tell me how reverse ninjaing works for you! It's basically see a ninja coming and act accordingly in a nutshell if the point has not been gotten. Yes this is a concept I had to share. Try to fend of the oblivious ninjas today!
  22. Well today is not my day. I feel terrible, stomachache, headache, and I didn't sleep well. Not only that but nothing is helping me feel less bored and I'm slugging through today. Today just stinks. Anyone else feel that way today?
  23. It's true. WALUIGI is NUMBAH one and I agree with my self so spread the will of WEH. There are also many Waluigis ready to spread my will. The will of Waluigi will never die. Yes I was very bored and tired when this was made.
  24. This is for Gen 3 pokemon disscussion. Here are the rules. I was bored so yeah. Abide these or smell like MUK. 1. I am good at iders 2. Anything OFFICIAL is our religion in this gen. 3. Lurkers gotta be called out to join. 4. TTP jokes are allowed 5. No insulting me or people I feel shouldn't 6. You MAY be off topic sometimes 7. Have fun or Perish Song
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